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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Sir Scruffy meets up with some old friends at his favorite cafe'. Experience a blast from the past as we find out what has been happening to Wooly, Din and Shawn Cheater since the end of the old series.

Chapter 23, Old School

Chapter 23


Bangam the Absol: Founder and Headmaster of Bangam Academy.

Nikcino the Cinccino: Gym and Contest Coach. She is mates with Bangam and best friends with Aurora.

Aurora the Clefairy: Bangam’s personal assistant, she is also the Literature teacher and head of the writing club.

Bones the Gengar: History teacher and the ambassador for Ghost Pokémon that attend.

Lita the Clefairy: Cum studies teacher. She is the director of the drama club.

Kia the Espeon: Chip and Amber’s father. He is a new Professor who has been tasked with being the Super Effective teacher. He is an Espeon and Umbreon mix.


Chip: A yellow, purple and black Zorua herm. He is a duosoul Pokémon who shares his body with his twin sister Amber the Eevee. His best friends are Ribbon, Darious, Halvon and Meadow.

Amber the Eevee: Silver and cream colored Eevee herm. She is Ribbon’s lover. Amber does not like Darious very much.

Darious the Rockruff: A Rockruff pup from the Wild Dog Pack up north. He has a special relationship with Chip, but doesn’t care much for Amber.

Halvon the Oshawott: Is the offspring of an Samurott and Purugly. Halvon has a few features of his feline heritage, from the way he sometimes speaks to the cat ears on top of his head.

Ribbon Moonstar Villier the Alona Vulpix: Is the offspring of Ruby the Blue Mother. She has untapped power that has the earned her the attention of Pokémon still unknown.

Mina the Braixen: 5th year student of Wood’s Den and mentor to Ribbon and Amber.

Sir Fluffy the Furfrou: 5ht year student of Wood’s Den, he is the mentor of Chip and Darious. He likes to go by Sir Scruffy.

Shawn Cheater the Bulbasaur: 5th year student of Wood’s Den. He is famous for various reasons.

Wooly the Flaafy: 5th year student of Wood’s Den. Best friends with Sir Fluffy and Shawn. He has a budding relationship with Din the Deerling.

Legendary Pokémon:

Rubyheart Villier aka Mother Blue the Mew: Is one of Arcues’s Six Generals and is often believed to be the leader of the group. She has decided to live her life as anything but a Mew since the fall of Arceus.

Neoral the Jirachi: One of Arcues’s Generals. Runs a Fortune telling/Wish making shop in Neon Central. His motto is, “All wishes come with a price.”

Meadow the Shaymin: One of Arcues’s Generals. She lives in Fertility Garden where she tends to the flowers and helps to promote population growth. She has taken a liking to Chip the Zorua.

Wooly the Flaaffy was set to meet with Sir Scruffy and Shawn Cheater at the café at the west end of Neon Central. It was in between classes so the sheep felt that they should be able to meet up like old times and get to their next a class without too many issues. He hadn’t seen his friends all summer, which he spent with his now girlfriend Din the Deerling. The two of them spent time with both of their herds before taking some time for the other and spending a week alone in the mountains, hiking and being alone with the other. Wooly had never spent so much time with one single girl and not feel a itching to break away from her and find something new and exciting. Din kept him well entertained and him focused on her and only her. He felt that he grew very close to Din and at the end of the summer he asked her to be his girlfriend, which she said.

“I thought we already were being exclusive, I mean sure I guess I accept then.”

Now they were back in school and the dangers of being around so many new females were making Wooly already itch for setting out on a new conquest and trying to meet a new female. But he promised Din he would be good and has been fighting all…two days they have been back in school to keep himself faithful. Easier said than done for someone who was used to being alone. Sir Scruffy walked into the café and sat across from Wooly who was sipping on some tea, the sheep was being taught to drink finer things. Something Din was trying to get him to do. He hated it.

“You look like shit.” The Furfrou said the moment he looked at Wooly. Wooly rolled his eyes and looked at the Furfrou who had his famous Heart Cut going on now.

“Least I do not look like someone who should be down at Tail Lifters.” Wooly smirked. “I would have said that you smell like shit but that would be giving you a compliment.”

“How have you been you bastard?” Sir Scruffy laughed and waves down a server girl. A cute Buneary comes over to them, she was wearing a waitress outfit, with a cut out around the back of her skirt so her tail can come through, but it was cut down enough that you could see her goods when she bent over. Wooly loved to come to this café since the coffee, tea and girls were all fine and worth admiring.

“Long summer, spent it with the girl.” Wooly smiled, he loved calling Din his girl. Sir Scruffy nods as he finished ordering his own drink, it was a special coffee they made here at the café called, Magearna’s Blessing.

So, you and Din are really hitting it off, that is wonderful news.” Sir Scruffy howled. “Maybe we can go on a double date sometime soon, Mina has been dying to meet the girl who sweep our Wooly off his hooves.”

Oh, I can still get the ladies if I want…” Wooly did not feel confident when he said that, Sir Scruffy seemed to notice.

It’s not as bad as it seems.” The dog said as he could sense his friend’s lack of confidence in the situation. “She is not going to steal your balls, nor is she going to make you her bitch.” Wooly remembered when Sir Scruffy and Mina became exclusive. The hound acted almost the same way Wooly was now. That was about 8 to 9 months ago, right around the time of the Winter Festival. That was the same time Wooly met Din and he got her to be his back up girlfriend for the big dance that night. Wooly and Din began by being just very good friends and would hook up with one another when neither could find a date, which happened very often. Before long they began dating one another without the “back” up clause and soon they met up for the summer and the rest is history. The entire time Wooly and Din dated without having sex, it was something Din wanted to happen. She told him that until they were exclusive she did not want to have sex with him. It was a hard 9 months and Wooly wanted to say that he might as well be a virgin again having to go that long.

“The sex must be good.” Sir Scruffy said as his drink was brought over. The Buneary waitress overheard them and gives a fake cough to get their attention.

“At least wait until I leave please.”

“Sorry.” Sir Scruffy said.

“You look good in that today, Cherry.” Wooly said with a smirk. “You want to go back to place for a drink.”

“You still dating the Deerling?” The bunny asked, she seemed interested in the offer. Wooly liked that about Cherry, she hated to just butt in on sex talk, but always was interested in doing some live action of it.

“Yep. Me and Din are going exclusive now.” Wooly shows off a special half gold heart tag on his collar with Din’s name on it. Din wore the other half on her collar. Cherry wiggles her finger in Wooly’s face.

“I am not a home wrecker.” She turned around to leave, Wooly walked her go. “Should things go south…give me a call sweetie. Be like old times.” With that Cherry left. Wooly laughed as he looked at Sir Scruffy, the poodle was impressed.

“Din must be 10 times better than her for you to decline an offer like that.” The Poodle says as he starts lapping up his drink. “Oh, my Arceus…how I have missed…this…”

“Truth have told me and Din haven’t done it yet.” Wooly watched Sir Scruffy nearly choke on his drink. The Poodle began coughing.

“What!” Sir Scruffy holds up a paw to stop Wooly from trying to assist him. “You mean…to tell me…that you and that…fine piece of…deer ass hasn’t even done it yet. Bruh are you gay? I mean…you know…that is fine now and days…I mean…I respect your life choices. I mean I am not going to ditch you as a friend…I mean I just hope that I do not find you on the other side of that glory hole stall down near the cum studies room.

“No, she did not make me gay…” Wooly sighed, he knew this would happen. “Din wants our relationship to not be based around se-“

“Not be based around sex?” Sir Scruffy finished his thoughts. “Three dates is the max for me. Honestly Wooly if she wants to wait THIS long before getting in the sake with you. There are two issues, either she has a side piece and you are just her token fall back boy. Or two and excuse my language, that bitch is into some odd shit and she wants to make sure that you really, really like her before she shows her true self. Word from the wise, ditch her now before you find something going up your ass.”

“That is my girlfriend Scruffy.” Wooly says, he had a slight anger mark on his head. “You may be a dog and “bitch” if your word, but can you please not say it about my girlfriend.”

“Oh…she has got you wrapped around her hooves. Your ass is getting plugged. I mean plugged by a Arcanine sized strap on, with a cum tube in it that will fill you up like a cream filled donut.” Sir Scruffy says as he drinks more of his coffee. “You know Flare the Growlithe?”

“The same one who got with Ember the Flareon. Yah he is the Growlithe who is super messy when he cums. Him and Ember are now parents and are the new special couple of Woods Den. Why did you bring him up?”

“Picture him busting a nut into you. Getting all over the place, because he goes so fast that he doesn’t have the best aim. But makes up with it with having Exggutor sized balls and hydro pump like orgasms.” Sir Scruffy chuckled.

“You know you smell like something brown, stinky and slightly mushy right now.” Wooly wanted to walk out of the café now. He stayed put and Sir Scruffy laughs.

“Fine I will stop. But if I am right, you are paying for a romantic evening between me and Mina, and I want the works, not just some scrub diner.” Sir Scruffy said.

“Fine but when I am right about Din, you are going to give me a blow job.” Wooly smirked and Sir Scruffy pretends to gag. “Take it or leave it.”

“Why does everything have to be turned into something gay. Fine I’ll take the challenge.”

“Well if it’s not my two old buddies.” The pair heard the voice of Shawn Cheater the Bulbasaur say as he approached. “What are you two talking about?” Shawn takes a seat near Wooly and calls over Cherry. The Buneary comes over and collects his order which was some Cheri Juice, shaken over ice and she was to add some liquor into it at the end. As Cherry left Shawn slapped her rear with a vine, which got him a nasty look from the bunny girl.

“What? Go get the drink sweet cheeks, and make it fast. Some of us have to get back to getting a education.” Shawn turned his attention back to the other boys. “So what did I miss?”

“You know you should treat her better. Cherry is getting a education just like the rest of us, she just works here so she can make some money on the side.” Wooly said, he had a personal relationship with Cherry since they were 2nd years. Cherry was in their class, but she took less classes during the week. She kept up with the other 5th years by going to school in the summer time.

“You and girl Pokémon Wooly, you treat them so well. I remember when you told me about how you introduced Candy that fine Shinx girl to your understudy Prince. You should have brought her over to see me.” Shawn smirked and Sir Scruffy rolled his eyes, Wooly felt the same way as his friend did. Shawn wasn’t the best mentor, boyfriend or well anything to female Pokémon. At least Eevees.

“Candy is the last Pokémon I would ever introduce you too. She is to nice of a girl to get caught up in your vines.” Wooly said. “Now why did you ask me and Sir Scruffy to come here?”

“Sheesh, so testy.” Shawn said and he looks around for Cherry, Wooly guessed he wanted his drink now. Cherry was taking her time to get back to him. “My father should buy out this place, and put in some girls who know how to serve a male. Anyway, I asked you guys here because it is time for us to do our yearly sex challenge. Same rules as always, the male to get the most ladies by the end of the year is the winner and takes home the Big Balls trophy. Last year was a mess, with me getting in trouble because of those mistakes of nature species that I will not mention.”

“The Eevevlotions?” Sir Scruffy corrected the Bulbasaur. Shawn pretended to gag.

“Spoiled species if you ask me. Only thing they are good for are fucking and they cannot even do that right.” Shawn looked around for Cherry again, he was becoming upset that she wasn’t back yet. “Oh, my Arceus, you have one job. I can teach a Rhyhorn to a server’s job.”

“You are not the only one here Shawn.” Wooly said as he was getting upset. Sir Scruffy was feeling the same way as he was growling.

“Fine. Anyway, rules are the same as always, any questions?”

“I can’t join in this year.” Sir Scruffy says. “I have Mina now, and I think that this game is no longer fun for either of us.” He looks at Wooly who nods.

“As much as I would like to do it, I no longer can do it because I have Din. She comes first.” Wooly could say that with confidence. “We are 5th years now Shawn…like it or not we are supposed to be finding our mates by now, or at least someone we want to be with more long term. I hope that you can grow up and see that during this year.”

“Kill joys. That is alright I will find new friends who want to play the game with me.” Shawn said as his drink was finally brought back to him. Cherry had the glass on a silver platter, the red drink looked light than it should be, almost cloudy. “About time, what did you do back there? Grow the damn thing?”

“It took a bit more time than expected to rub the ingredients out. Don’t worry about paying for it, this one is on the house.” Cherry said as she gives the drink to Shawn and stood there. “Mind if I watch? I want to see how you like it.”

Wooly watched Shawn look at the bunny, a cocky smile was on his face. “You think I am stupid? You did something to this drink you. But you know what…I’ll drink it, and then after that prove that no matter what stupid things you did to it will affect me…” Shawn lifts up the glass with a vine and then chugged it all in one gulp. Afterwards the Bulbasaur smacks his lips and looks at the glass, he looked very surprised.

“That was good, nice and flavorful. What did you put in this?”

“Oh…just the cum of our resident cook Sylveon, along with some feral Meowth cum, and I topped it off with a bit from myself. Don’t worry I am all girl. If you want to know, I only added some food coloring to it. Everything else is all natural just for you baby.” Shawn began gagging for real and Wooly watched Cherry flick him off as she walked away happily, the bunny had a bit of bounce in her step as the sound of Shawn Cheater throwing up all over the floor was heard. Wooly had to admit, he was impressed that Cherry had it in her to get revenge like that.

Wooly and Sir Scruffy moved out of the way as Shawn was still throwing up, the sounds of his sickness would stay with the sheep for a good while.

“And I said it…tasted…good…” Was the last words that Shawn heard the Bulbasaur say as he slipped out of the diner. Sir Scruffy could be heard giggling.

“Must have been the Sylveon cum, I hear fairies taste really good.”

“Nah I think the feral Meowth part; pussy goes good with everything.” The pair laugh as they head back to the castle to see if they could find their girls. There was still a hour left before the start of the next course, more than enough time for a good make out session if not more.

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