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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Ribbon and Ruby collide on the hillsides outside of Bangam Academy in between periods. Ruby tries to tell Ribbon that she is not a terrible mother, and Ruby listens to what her mother has to say. But Ribbon has ideas of her own as an old saying is practiced.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

How will Ruby respond when she is forced to watch her daughter do something that no mother ever wants to see their child do. And just when you think its all over, the Pachi-Mew makes a discovery that has her set her eyes on someone that she lets her daughter call...Uncle.

Chapter 24

Chapter 24


Bangam the Absol: Founder and Headmaster of Bangam Academy.

Nikcino the Cinccino: Gym and Contest Coach. She is mates with Bangam and best friends with Aurora.

Aurora the Clefairy: Bangam’s personal assistant, she is also the Literature teacher and head of the writing club.

Bones the Gengar: History teacher and the ambassador for Ghost Pokémon that attend.

Lita the Clefairy: Cum studies teacher. She is the director of the drama club.

Kia the Espeon: Chip and Amber’s father. He is a new Professor who has been tasked with being the Super Effective teacher. He is an Espeon and Umbreon mix.


Chip: A yellow, purple and black Zorua herm. He is a duosoul Pokémon who shares his body with his twin sister Amber the Eevee. His best friends are Ribbon, Darious, Halvon and Meadow.

Amber the Eevee: Silver and cream colored Eevee herm. She is Ribbon’s lover. Amber does not like Darious very much.

Darious the Rockruff: A Rockruff pup from the Wild Dog Pack up north. He has a special relationship with Chip, but doesn’t care much for Amber.

Halvon the Oshawott: Is the offspring of an Samurott and Purugly. Halvon has a few features of his feline heritage, from the way he sometimes speaks to the cat ears on top of his head.

Ribbon Moonstar Villier the Alona Vulpix: Is the offspring of Ruby the Blue Mother. She has untapped power that has the earned her the attention of Pokémon still unknown.

Mina the Braixen: 5th year student of Wood’s Den and mentor to Ribbon and Amber.

Sir Fluffy the Furfrou: 5ht year student of Wood’s Den, he is the mentor of Chip and Darious. He likes to go by Sir Scruffy.

Shawn Cheater the Bulbasaur: 5th year student of Wood’s Den. He is famous for various reasons.

Wooly the Flaafy: 5th year student of Wood’s Den. Best friends with Sir Fluffy and Shawn. He has a budding relationship with Din the Deerling.

Legendary Pokémon (All of Arceus’s Generals but Ace the Victini and shiny):

Rubyheart Bluestar Villier aka Mother Blue the Mew: Is one of Arcues’s Six Generals and is often believed to be the leader of the group. She has decided to live her life as anything but a Mew since the fall of Arceus. She switches between the form of a lovely Ninetales and an cute Pachirisu.

Neoral the Jirachi: One of Arcues’s Generals. Runs a Fortune telling/Wish making shop in Neon Central. His motto is, “All wishes come with a price.”

Meadow the Shaymin: One of Arcues’s Generals. She lives in Fertility Garden where she tends to the flowers and helps to promote population growth. She has taken a liking to Chip the Zorua.

There was about an hour left before the students were to return to the classrooms and attend their next course. It was hard to want to go back to class, it was lovely this midmorning. The wind was gently blowing across the island, the weather wasn’t too hot nor was it to cold. And the sun was out helping to warm up cool spots that were just a little colder than anyone would want them to be, unless you were an ice or water type that was. No Ribbon did not want to go back inside, she wanted to just lay here on this nice hill side and remain outside for the rest of the day, maybe even this evening if she could help it. Her first class had been Special Effects, the class is taught by Kia the Espeon and her best friend’s, no her mate’s father. Yah that was just the right thing to call Amber, her lover and mate. It was fun to play around with the title in her mind, the herm Eevee was downright adorable and she wanted to be with her forever. It wasn’t like they just started wanting to be with the other, they have known one another since they were little and already they have seen and done more with the other than some their age.

<~ Those are dangers thoughts to have. ~> Ribbon heard the voice of Ruby speak to her. Ribbon looked around for where her mother could be, but she did not see heads or tails of the Ninetales anywhere. Instead all she saw was a pink striped Pachirisu sitting on the backside of the hillside overlooking the castle. Ribbon did not pay the Pachi any mind and gets up to stretch, thinking that all of this could just be in her mind. <~ Wow Ribbon, do you always give up that easily? ~>

Ribbon puts a paw on the top of her head and feels the slight pressure from the day before, it came from her ability to sense the presence of powerful Pokémon. It was mild this time though, nowhere near strong enough to make her pass out like before. She looked down at the Pachirisu who was nibbling on a nut, the squirrel looked up at Ribbon and then turns back to nibbling away on the nut. Ribbon shakes off the feeling and found that she was fine afterwards, the presence had either left or no longer cared to project its influence on her. Ribbon sits down and looks down the hillside, she knew that Ruby must be nearby or watching her. <~ You would know how strong I am, if you cared to actually spend time or do something with me once in a blue moon. ~>

<~ Strength does not come from conviction Ribbon, if it did then there would be a lot of Pokémon who are as powerful as Arceus. I did not come here to be mean to you, or to start anything. I just want to see my little girl…~> Ruby spoke and Ribbon felt some of her anger boil over.

<~ You ditched me! You were supposed to come see me last night. ~> Ribbon spoke, she looks out at the castle and looked down at the students running about. She noticed the silver and cream colored Eevee racing through the crowd in her direction. Ribbon had run into Amber before coming up here and told her that if she wanted to have a make out session with a bit of sex on the side before going to the next class to meet her here. Ribbon felt her mother trying to read her thoughts, unlike before Ribbon was going to guard her thoughts. But she wasn’t going to let her mother be in the dark about them either. She wanted her to know what she was about to do.

<~ I suck at the job alright. ~> Ruby replied and Ribbon saw the Pachirisu stop eating her nut and look right up to where she was. Ribbon realized that her mother must have changed forms and had been spying on her. Ribbon wanted to get even more upset. That was until her mother said just the right thing. <~ I love you Ruby, and I want to be here for you, your brother and your big...~>

Ribbon blinked, did she hear her right? She runs down the hill a bit and slips and falls onto her nose and slides down until she was near the spot her mother was. The Vulpix shakes her head and felt like the world was spinning around, she really hated it when she fell, rare as it was, it still sucked. Ribbon feels the Pachirisu grab hold of her and hugged the Vulpix tightly. Ribbon felt her mother nuzzling her cheeks against hers and the Vulpix felt her body grow a little stiff, her electric pouches were draining their power into the fox.

<~ Mom your cheeks…~> Ribbon said and Ruby stopped with a little gasp.

<~ My baby! ~> Ruby pats Ribbon’s cheeks and kisses her. <~ Still getting use to the form. Adorable but very deadly. I modeled my looks from this very cute Pachirisu who beat Bangam a long time ago, I forgot what her name was…I think it was…Mitsuo… ~>

Ribbon had trouble shaking this one off and she tried to walk, but her body was still under the effects of the electricity and she had no choice but to sit down. Ruby rubbed her head. <~ Why can’t you just use your Ninetales form? ~> Ribbon asked with a groan. <~ At least you know how to control that form. ~>

Ribbon and Ruby heard the scampering of someone approaching. Ribbon noticed her mother was about to run away but Ribbon stopped her by using Freeze-Dry to freeze her tail to the ground. Ribbon could sense that it was Amber. <~ I want you to formally meet Amber. ~> Ribbon watched Ruby’s face go from nervous to annoyed, the Pachirisu’s cute face couldn’t hide the disuse that her mother had deep down. Ribbon knew that Ruby was a tough cookie, even if they did not have a chance to be together all that often she learned that Ruby Bluestar Villier was to not be messed with. But Ribbon didn’t care, she was Ribbon Moonstar Villier, daughter of the Blue Mother and Snow the Glaceon Villier. She thought of herself as, Mystic Daughter of Ice.

“Fine!” Ruby spoke out loud. “I will meet your little fuck buddy.”

“She means more to me than a one night stand.” The Vulpix’s tail ribbons glowed a bit and Ruby stopped speaking, as if she did not want to say or do anything to provoke a sleeping beast. The Pachirisu nods, but crossed her little arms.

“Ribbon only one of your ribbons is glowing…” Ruby asked, Ribbon shrugged. “Both should be glowing…” Ruby grew silent for a moment and Ribbon saw that her eyes glowed for a moment, she seemed to be trying to control her anger. Ribbon then saw Ruby’s eyes return to normal. “Honey can you release me. I think you made your point.” But Ribbon shakes her head. For the first time, ever Ribbon was the one in control and she was not about to let her mother go without getting some answers. First thing was first…

“Ribbon I came as fast as I could.” Amber panted, the Eevee was holding a small box of protection in her mouth. Ribbon smirked as she looked at the Pachirisu whose jaw was open. Ruby glared at her daughter who winked.

<~ Rebellious much? ~” Ruby asked.

<~ Oh I only learned it from the best. ~> Ribbon said as she rolled with the punches. <~ Should today be the day, I make you a little grandchild? ~>

Ruby grinded her teeth. She did not say anything else, but her glare seemed to be trying melt Ribbon where she stood. The Vulpix would admit, she was loving every minute of it. She saw Amber looked completely lost and finally Ribbon felt it was time for her to speak to her lover. She puts a paw on the Eevee’s face and gives her a kiss, her cool maw pressed up against the vee’s and together the girls began making out. Ribbon felt her tongue press its way into Amber’s mouth and Amber in a bit of a coy manner pulled back slightly.

“Ribbon…we have company.”

Ribbon looked back at the Pachi, her mother was glaring at the girls the entire time. She wiggled her tails at Ruby and raised them slightly, just so she could show her that she did not control her anymore. “Oh, she asked to be here. You want to meet her? Amber this is Rubyheart Bluestar Villier my mother, but she goes by simply Ruby.”

“Ruby!?” Amber gasped. “Someone told me about her, not that long ago.”

“Really?” Ribbon asked. Ribbon noticed that Ruby did not seem surprised, in fact she looked thrilled.

So, Meadow told you about me?” Ribbon saw her mother giggle a bit. She had a funny feeling that Ruby had planned one more step ahead than she did, she knew her mother all too well and she should have known that Ruby would never put herself in a position that she did not have an out of. “That is so cute.” Ruby bent down and taps the ice block that held her in place, she didn’t seem to care and instead of breaking free just used it as a chance for her to speak more. “So, you are Amber, the little freak of nature that stole my daughter away from me.”

“Mother be nice!” Ribbon growled, she didn’t dare look at Amber just yet, out of fear that she would not like what she saw. Amber was strong, but Ruby had a talent for cutting you where it hurt the most.

“I am being nice. There are worst things I can call your little fuck toy here.” Ruby puts a paw to her mouth and smirks. “Sorry…it slipped out.”

“Ribbon its ok…” Amber said to Ribbon’s surprise. Finally, she looked at her friend and saw her eyes were full of tears, but she was not taking her eyes away from Ruby. Ribbon had never seen her love look so strong, it was as if she refused to back down to even Rayqueza itself. “If my future mother in law wants to be a bitch, I will let her.” Amber keeps her eyes on Ruby the entire time, she laid herself down on her stomach and lifts her tail up. “I hope that ice can keep you cool, because this is going to be one hell of a show.” Ribbon blushed as she never felt more attracted to Amber, and she couldn’t help but catch the look on her mother’s face as the Pachirisu look horrified.

“OH, this is going to be so hot…” Ribbon snickered, the Vulpix couldn’t wait to dig her face into her lover. “Should have left when you had a chance, or at least not mess with my little Eevee.” Ribbon laughed. She licked her lips and goes down on Amber as she lays behind her and began digging her tongue and nose into her lover’s wet slit. Ribbon guessed that this was just as exciting for Amber as it was for her, the Eevee must have a few kinks that Ribbon did not know about yet. She must figure out what they were sometime in the future, that way she knew just how to keep things interesting for the both of them.

“That is a good girl…” Amber moaned back at Ribbon, the Eevee was acting anything but coy now. Ribbon liked the shy, blushing Amber, she thought that she looked cute when she just let Ribbon take charge. But Ribbon didn’t mind the slightly more forward version of her lover either, she just hoped that she did not make a habit of it. Ribbon took in her lover’s scent, it was a wonderful mixture of her male and female halves. A strong mixture that was hard for her to put her paw on, but it wasn’t impossible to notice. Ribbon’s nose was pressing up against her mate’s tail hole and Ribbon worked her tongue up to it and gives it a few licks for good measures. She knew that rimming was more of a m/m thing but there wasn’t any reason why two f/f couldn’t enjoy it either, even if one of them was a herm. Feeling her tongue slide up against the little pucker of her lover, Ribbon felt the slight ridges of Amber’s tail hole, the tight muscles clenched together the more she slides her tongue up and down it. Ribbon heard Amber moan slightly.

“Oh Ribbon…please do not stop, that feels really good.” Amber begged. Ribbon wasn’t going to tell her love no.

“Do us all a favor and hurry up and finish her off.” Ribbon heard Ruby say from the side. Ribbon murred happily, the sound of Ruby begging them to hurry up made her happy. Tough luck for her, she was only getting started. Ribbon did not know it at the time but Ruby was trapped by her block of ice, the Vulpix unknowingly had added a bit of mystic energy to her ice that made it almost impossible for even Ruby to break out of unless Ribbon wanted her to be released.

“All nice things in life take time, tender nurturing and a bit of saliva.” Ribbon worked her tongue along the Amber’s tail hole, the outsides of it glistened and Ribbon took a moment to stop and taste her love. She didn’t taste much of anything, maybe a good thing but she wasn’t going to complain. Ribbon looked over Amber’s butt at the angry Pachirisu and wondered why she hadn’t broken free yet. Or at the very least try to split them apart with her powers. Ribbon wondered if it had something to do with Ruby wanting to keep her true identity secret, she never did want anyone but those she picked to know that she really was an Mew. What Pachirisu had the power to use her mind to attack others, the moment she did that her cover would be blown. Ribbon just wanted to stick it to Ruby by making her watch as she made love to Amber, she did not want to cause her any real problems... “OH Amber…”

“Yes Ribbon…” Amber did not turn her gaze away from Ruby, her Pink and Purple eyes were keeping themselves on the Pachi. “Are you going to continue blowing me?”

Oh, I hadn’t even gotten down to doing that just yet love.” Ribbon goes down more on Amber and begins licking at her slit again, this time she wasn’t going to turn her attention away from it. Even if pleasuring her little tail hole was just as enjoyable. She worked her wet tongue all along the ridges of her mate’s entrance, the sensitive pink walls opened as she pressed herself tongue against them. Ribbon heard Amber’s breathing picking up, the Eevee was enjoying herself and she wasn’t going to let her done. Ribbon worked her tongue from top to bottom and slowly works her tongue around in a big circle, making her way slowly into Amber with each go around. Amber’s moans became longer and longer, the Eevee was dripping her wet nectar onto Ribbon’s maw and tongue. It had a bit of a plain taste to it, nothing special, nothing bad, and Ribbon noted that she wanted to feed her more berries. On the outside Ribbon’s tails were wagging about eagerly as the Vulpix was enjoying herself.

“Ribbon…Ribbon…. more…please…please…” Ribbon giggled and blew a cold wind into Amber’s slit, freezing the top layer of fem fluids and making it where Amber could last out a bit longer. Underneath the Vulpix she felt her love’s cock pressing up against her, the tip was leaking her warm cum all over her stomach. Ribbon reached under herself and gives the Eevee a few small rubs. “Yes, yes…yes…” Amber cried as Ribbon felt her paw grind up against her love’s cock. Ribbon was finding it slightly hard to focus on both spots and she decides to instead focus on eating her out and then save her love’s cock for the best part, the ride of a life time and a chance to really stick it to the pouting squirrel in her life.

“Oh gosh Ribbon I-“Amber groans as Ribbon was digging as deep as she could go inside of the Eevee without flat out trying to stuff her face inside of her. Ribbon knew a few things about making someone climax, both males and females, the best teacher in the world currently had her tail frozen to the ground and was watching. Ribbon decided that it was time to send her love over the tip and make her the happiest vee on the planet.

“Alright Ribbon...time to make Amber one hell of a happy girl…” Ribbon used the most mild version of Sheer Cold that she could muster and blow the knock out move into the deepest regions of the Eevee. Ribbon felt Amber’s body become refreshingly cold and then like the breaking of a dam Ribbon was met with a loud cry from Amber that made Ribbon and Ruby put their ears down. The screech was followed by a flood of Amber’s female cum splashing all over the Vulpix’s face and made Ribbon have to quickly swallow as much of the fluids as she could, her maw felt like it was frozen to Amber’s body as the ultra-cold knock out move had fused them together for the time being.

“RIBBON, RIBBON, RIBBON, AAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Amber had lifted herself up and was forcing out a second orgasm right after the first that made Ribbon have to drink down even more of the Eevee’s fluids. Ribbon never thought that she would want it to stop, or that Amber had that much in her but she gave her all that she could handle and the Vulpix felt her face thaw out enough for her to fall flat on it. Amber sat her butt down on top of Ribbon’s head, a bit of left over fem cum drips down onto her head fur, making it become sticky.

“Oh Ribbon…you are…amazing…” Ribbon looked up to see the Eevee’s cock in her face. The red member slapped her a few times leaving a slick streak across her face. “Sorry…I just really want to repay the favor…I mean…wow…I am so…giggly right now.”

“Please ssstttooopppp.” The girls heard Ruby groan. Ribbon looked at her mother who had to watch the entire thing. The Pachirisu was panting from her crying, and desire to get away. Ribbon sighed as she was considering doing it, the over protective and clingy mother must have had enough by now. Ribbon felt Amber pat her on the butt.

“Ribbon…look.” Amber pointed to Ruby and Ribbon rolled her eyes as she expected to Pachirisu to finally throw caution to the wind the try to use her powers to escape. Ribbon instead saw a wet spot in between Ruby’s legs, the Pachirisu looked to have been aroused a bit. Ribbon could laugh all the way back to her room after seeing that one.

“Oh wow…this is…better than my birthday and the Winter Festival happening at the same time.” Ribbon laughed. She got Amber off of her head and gives her a kiss on the maw as she walked by her and over to the angry Pachi.

“This is not funny.” Ruby snarled. Ribbon didn’t stop laughing.

“No this is hilarious.” Ribbon kissed her mother on the cheeks, she minded the sparks that crackled around her cheek poaches. “You want me to let you go…so you can join us.”

“Last thing I will do before I die is fuck my daughter, now let me go.” Ruby demanded.

“You mean your other daughter, right?” Ribbon asked, she still had the power to release her mother or keep her stuck longer. Ruby would have to use her Mew powers to escape, but that meant risking letting Amber know her true form. Granted it was strange that a Pachirisu gave birth to a Vulpix, Ribbon thought about how uncomfortable pushing that Egg out would have felt. Or did mammal Pokémon like them have live birth…this was why they were here at Bangam Academy.

“This is not the time for this!” Ruby was becoming more upset than she already was. The Pachirisu’s paw was starting glow purple. “Let me go…or else I will blast myself free, and then blast your little friend right in the brain…I’ll wipe her memories of you.” Ribbon felt colder than hit by a powered-up Blizzard in the middle of a hail storm.

“You wouldn’t…” Ribbon whispered, she lifted her paw and it began to glow light blue. She broke the ice block that held Ruby down and the Pachirisu smacked her daughter cross the face. Amber was about to attack but Ribbon held up a paw.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again. What is wrong with you?” Ruby sighed and then kissed her daughter on the side of her face and hugged her. Ribbon felt a tear run down her face, the Vulpix wanted to be hugged by her mother for a good while. Even if she could have had one yesterday, it didn’t feel as good as this one because she was experiencing it. Ruby waved over Amber and lets her join in the hug, the mother and daughter felt Amber’s rod push in between them.

“Sorry…” Amber blushed and Ruby giggled.

“We need to talk later Ribbon.” Amber said as she lets go of both girls. She was blushing still, the Pachirisu had both of her paws behind her back. “I am sorry for being really mean, I do not want to see you make a mistake and fall for someone who you may not be able to have a family with.”

“We can Ruby.” Amber spoke up. “I am a herm, and not just one who has an oversized clit. A real herm with working parts. Plus, I love your daughter, a lot…more than anything on this planet.” Ribbon heard her lover’s conviction show up. Ruby looked unsure but she had no choice but to go with it.

“We’ll see.” Ruby gets down on all four. “I want to taste for myself how real you are.”



Let’s hurry up and start, before I change my mind. A bit of mother and daughter training never hurts.” Ribbon saw the same look of determination she sometimes had in moments like this. Now she sees where she got it from. “Well don’t just look at me like that. Roll over, or do I have to get a little rough with you. And Ruby don’t just stand there looking like you got hit in the stomach. I am not doing all of the work you hear.”

Ribbon wasn’t about to complain about this turn of events, she wanted badly for her mother to accept hers’ and Amber’s relationship. But as the mother and daughter began working on the Eevee’s cock Ribbon couldn’t help but feel that Ruby wasn’t finished yet. Someone did not ascend to the ranks that she has without knowing how to get what she wants. But Ribbon might as well at least believe that at least for today, Ruby and her were having a…odd but enjoyed mother and daughter bonding experience.

“Amber watch it.” Ribbon giggled as a bit of cum squirted from the Eevee’s tip. She heard Ruby giggling as well, some of the warm string of her mate’s seed was on the Pachirisu’s nose.

“At least you know she has plenty to give.” Ruby giggled and together the pair continue going back down on Amber, the Eevee could be heard moaning happily from their combined effort.

“Even if it is for one day…I will cherish this moment always.” Ribbon thought happily. A simple wish of being able to have more moments fluttered deep in her heart.

Unknown to them, a neatly tucked away in the Wish Maker’s Tent, a neatly tucked away blue ribbon began to glow…

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