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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Meadow is an elegant and sassy Shaymin and she knows it. She wants to help teach Chip to be a Gentlemon and she is willing to go to great lengths to get the job done.

Chapter 25 - Gentlemon Training

Chapter 25


Bangam the Absol: Founder and Headmaster of Bangam Academy.

Nikcino the Cinccino: Gym and Contest Coach. She is mates with Bangam and best friends with Aurora.

Aurora the Clefairy: Bangam’s personal assistant, she is also the Literature teacher and head of the writing club.

Bones the Gengar: History teacher and the ambassador for Ghost Pokémon that attend.

Lita the Clefairy: Cum studies teacher. She is the director of the drama club.

Kia the Espeon: Chip and Amber’s father. He is a new Professor who has been tasked with being the Super Effective teacher. He is an Espeon and Umbreon mix.


Chip: A yellow, purple and black Zorua herm. He is a duosoul Pokémon who shares his body with his twin sister Amber the Eevee. His best friends are Ribbon, Darious, Halvon and Meadow.

Amber the Eevee: Silver and cream colored Eevee herm. She is Ribbon’s lover. Amber does not like Darious very much.

Darious the Rockruff: A Rockruff pup from the Wild Dog Pack up north. He has a special relationship with Chip, but doesn’t care much for Amber.

Halvon the Oshawott: Is the offspring of an Samurott and Purugly. Halvon has a few features of his feline heritage, from the way he sometimes speaks to the cat ears on top of his head.

Ribbon Moonstar Villier the Alona Vulpix: Is the offspring of Ruby the Blue Mother. She has untapped power that has the earned her the attention of Pokémon still unknown.

Mina the Braixen: 5th year student of Wood’s Den and mentor to Ribbon and Amber.

Sir Fluffy the Furfrou: 5ht year student of Wood’s Den, he is the mentor of Chip and Darious. He likes to go by Sir Scruffy.

Shawn Cheater the Bulbasaur: 5th year student of Wood’s Den. He is famous for various reasons.

Wooly the Flaafy: 5th year student of Wood’s Den. Best friends with Sir Fluffy and Shawn. He has a budding relationship with Din the Deerling.

Legendary Pokémon (All of Arceus’s Generals but Ace the Victini and shiny):

Rubyheart Bluestar Villier aka Mother Blue the Mew: Is one of Arcues’s Six Generals and is often believed to be the leader of the group. She has decided to live her life as anything but a Mew since the fall of Arceus. She switches between the form of a lovely Ninetales and an cute Pachirisu.

Neoral the Jirachi: One of Arcues’s Generals. Runs a Fortune telling/Wish making shop in Neon Central. His motto is, “All wishes come with a price.”

Meadow the Shaymin: One of Arcues’s Generals. She lives in Fertility Garden where she tends to the flowers and helps to promote population growth. She has taken a liking to Chip the Zorua.

Chip and Meadow were sitting together in the smoothie bar near Neon Arena, the pair were enjoying a shared drink between them as the Zorua was being treated out. Chip felt slightly uncomfortable being treated out by Meadow, the Zorua was told by his father that he should try to be a gentlemon if he could, and he should treat females like ladies. Chip wasn’t use to being around girls in a way that went above the friendship line, he didn’t think he should think of Meadow as anything more than a classmate at least, and a friend at most. He was just a Zorua and Meadow was a legendary Pokémon, a very cute one who he couldn’t stop looking at or falling all over himself over. The Zorua took a sip from their shared shake, Meadow had ordered them a strawberry shake. Chip had never had anything as tasty as it before and he wished that he could have more.

“Are you ok Chip?” Meadow asked him, the Shaymin was blushing as she spoke to him. Chip noticed that she had been eyeing him the entire time they have sat at the booth together. The Zorua was blushing back, he felt a bit uncomfortable, he was slightly fearful of saying or doing something to upset Meadow.

“Ah…no…” Chip swallowed to swallow some of his saliva, but his mouth was dry. He takes a sip of some more of the shake. “Why do you think…I am…you know…not ok…” He wanted to just crawl away and roll into a ball. He wanted to use Illusion to hide himself, but the only Pokémon he could think of now was Meadow. His mind was filled with her image, from her warm smile, to her green eyes that seemed as deep as the forest, to her snowy white underside. Everything about her was perfect.

“Well ok, Chippy.” Meadow giggled and Chip blinks.

Chippy?” Chip didn’t like the name, it seemed a bit annoying and childish. Why couldn’t Meadow come up with something a bit better, like Shadow? He could go by a name like Shadow the Zorua. It was edgy and if he had his species regular color he felt that it would be perfect. But Chippy…that didn’t even make a Wimpod run away in fear, and they were cowards.

“To pet like?” Meadow asked, she seemed a bit nervous that she had upset him. Chip smiled and shakes his head.

“No…Chippy is perfect.” Chip said despite how much he wanted to say no to it. “But don’t you think we are going a bit…fast?” Chip asked. Meadow touched her mouth.

“You think so? I mean I thought you like me?” It was Chip’s turn to put his paw to his mouth, the Zorua didn’t know what to say. Did Meadow like him? “I am sorry Chip…I know we just met. I kind of am not use to relationships, or meeting other Pokémon. I live all alone in my flower garden and I do not interact with other Pokémon that often anymore. I use to be leader in my village, there use to be a lot of other Shaymins and I was the other to a lot of them.” Meadow blushed and Chip’s mouth opened a little bit. He pictured Meadow mating with other Shaymins or just other Pokémon in general.

“Whoa…did you have you know…a lot of um…” Chip did not want to outright say sex and instead pushed his paw forward a few times. He got Meadow to giggle and she nods happily.

Yes, Chip I did a lot of…” Meadow copied his paw motion a few times and then touches her paw with his. She giggled and looks at their shared drink. She gives the Zorua a wink. “And a bit of this…” She licks the straw a couple of times, her red tongue licked up and down on the tip of the straw quickly a few times before she used her tongue to pull the draw closer to her mouth and she then begins sucking on the straw. The Shaymin purposely lets a few drops of milk run down her maw and she looks at Chip, giving him a seductive look before licking up the milk on her. Chip couldn’t hide how aroused he was becoming and his red cock had come out of its sheath and was standing at full attention.

Oh, my Arceus…” Chip said and Meadow giggled, her tiny tail was wagging.

“I made him say his name once or twice…” She sticks her milk covered tongue out. Chip groans and puts his paws in front of his rod. The Shaymin notice and she shifts herself so her paws here in front of Chip’s body and she pushed his forelegs out of the way and looks down at his rod. She turned red as the Shaymin was staring at his length. Chip hoped that he was good enough for her.

“Sorry if I am small…” Chip thought of who she says that she had been with, the thought that he was being compared to Pokémon like other Shaymins and Arceus himself. Tough crowd to be around. Meadow lightly pats Chip’s face, the Shaymin stared into his eyes.

“You are perfect Chip. “Meadow smiled. “You beautiful and don’t you ever forget it.” Chip feels Meadow shift herself a bit and lifts herself up enough so she was sitting on her hind legs. Chip felt Meadow’s rod touching his rod, the two Pokémon were blushing as they looked at the other. Chip gulps and tires to pull himself away from Meadow, but she holds onto him tightly. “I am not letting go of you…I will never give up on you Chip.”

“You barely know me.” Chip said, the Zorua did not believe that he could be good enough for Meadow. He feels Meadow push on him and make the Zorua fall back onto his back in their seat. He struggled a bit, but Meadow held onto him. She was hugging him; her face was rubbing up against his soft stomach. Chip watched Meadow’s back come into bloom, her flowers were reacting to the Shaymin’s positive emotions and her feelings for Chip.

“I believe in love at first sight.” Meadow said happily, the Shaymin was pressing her rod up against Chip’s underside. Chip felt himself choke up, the was speechless as he had been spending this entire time thinking that he wasn’t good enough for Meadow. When in fact she liked him anyway.

“Meadow- “Meadow puts her paw on top of Chip’s mouth, the Shaymin smiled and gives him a kiss on his maw. Chip felt his eyes widen, the feeling of his dream coming true made their first kiss become that much more special. Chip felt like he was being pulled into a wonderful world of pleasure and love, their kiss was something more just two friendly Pokémon showing their feelings. It felt like two Pokémon meeting one another again, that haven’t seen the other for a awhile. Chip just wondered if Meadow thought that he wasn’t being male enough, since she was the one pushing everything along.

“Meadow I am sorry…” Chip spoke after they stopped their kiss. He was blushing deeply and was panting slightly. The Shaymin looked at the Zorua with confusion on her face. Chip decided to come out with it. “I should be the one on top of you…”

“Aww…” Meadow giggles and nuzzles the Zorua’s face. “Don’t worry Chippy, I do not think less of you.” She kisses the Zorua again. “You are ‘male’ enough for me if that is what you are worried about. Also, if it makes you feel better…remember that you are a herm, and I am a herm…so if you really think about it…I am mounting my girl.”

“Hey!” But both giggle, Chip for once did not mind being called a girl. He just hoped that she did not make a habit of it. Meadow seemed to pick up on it and kisses the herm Zorua again, the pair had attracted a few admirers as a few other Pokémon were spying on them from time to time. Both of their slits were up against one another and their rods were touching from time to time. Chip blushes and he found himself having a similar expression that his sister had when her and Ribbon were together. He looked up at Meadow with an eager expression, the Zorua was at the Shaymin’s mercy and he couldn’t believe it but…he liked it.

“Funny for now…but don’t get to use to saying that.” Chip said, he wiggled around up under Meadow who giggled and took hold of his paws and rolled both onto their sides. The pair looked at one another, Chip’s big tail hide their exposed privates from wandering eyes.

“And what will you do to make me stop…hmmm?” Meadow gives the Zorua a cheeky grin and then nuzzles him, her nose pressed up against his cheek while she began kissing him along his neck, her warm breath blew up against his fur and down to his under skin. Chip murred.

“Haven’t thought of…it just yet.” Chip said as he licked Meadow, the Shaymin had the slightest taste of grass on her, it was strange that she had a flavor, but then again how many grass types did the Zorua know. None before now really. Darious had a slight earthy flavor to him, and Amber didn’t really taste like anything special, she was just…normal.

“Hey you kids need to take that elsewhere!” A Miltank said from the side of them. The pair looked up from their make out to see that the store owner a Miltank by the name of Gertrude was looking down at them. Chip couldn’t help but eye ball her utters, for some odd reason he felt thirsty suddenly. Gertrude had her hooves on her hips and her tail was tapping the ground, she seemed in a bad mood. “Last thing I need is more of you kids coming into my parlor and making a mess in here that is not milk related. I have a good mind to report you two, make you punished to the castle for a week. That will fix yah.”

“Ah…ah…” Chip couldn’t think of anything that would save him at this point. He noticed Meadow thinking for a moment and then the Shaymin looks at Chip, a bit smile was on her face.

“Don’t worry, everything will be ok.” She hops off Chip and stands before Gertrude, the Shaymin bows to her. “We’re sorry. It’s just that this is our first date and Chip and I just couldn’t help but celebrate. Your milk is so tasty, creamy and full of energy. Why who wouldn’t want to celebrate after every meal they have from here.”

“Well…I am impressed.” Gertrude smiled and Chip couldn’t believe how easily Meadow was talking her way out of this. Chip looks from Meadow’s rear end that was pointed right at his face, and Gertrude’s utters that were…pointed right at his face. The Zorua got up and rubbed his head, how was he supposed to focus on anything if he was being tempted by so much potential. It was almost unfair.

“Well most of the milk is from me and my sisters. We take turns giving milk for the ice cream, the suction machines are…” Gertrude blushes. “They feel so good.” She chuckles and Meadow joins her. The Shaymin looks back at Chip, she gives him a wink and sticks out her tongue.

“Silver tongue.” Chip said under his breath and he gets up out of his spot and joins Meadow. Gertrude seemed to already have forgotten about reporting them for nearly having sex in her parlor as the Miltank was talking to Meadow all about the milking process. A bit of it was hot to Chip as he pictured himself using the milker on himself, the idea that a machine could literally jack a Pokémon off for them was genius. Meadow spoke with Gertrude for another 10 minutes before the cow gave both a coupon for a month’s worth of free ice cream and promised to give them a tour of the place when they wanted it. By the end of it Chip felt his head hurting as Gertrude couldn’t stop talking the entire time. It was amazing that Meadow found a moment to stop their new “friend” and tell her that they had to leave.

Oh, you must simply come back you two.” Gertrude walked them outside and picked up both Pokémon and hugged them excitedly. Chip lets out a squeak while Meadow’s flower bloomed.

“We will, I simply have to try out some of your extra vanilla flavor.” Meadow giggled.

Ya…” Chip was trying to push himself free. “Can we be put down?”

“Alright.” Gertrude drops both Pokémon and the pair land on their paws. Gertrude holds onto her utters and squeezed her two of her nipples dripping some milk down on both Pokémon. Meadow eagerly drinks up while Chip stepped out of the way. “Little for the road. It’s how Miltanks show their affection, you two have been such a sweet pair. Please just do not try getting it on in my parlor again. At least come into the back, bit more private and I even leave a special room just for those hot moments.”

‘If that doesn’t sound creepy…I do not know what does.’ Chip thought to himself. Meadow nods happily and bows her head much like before. Her show of respect was a lot more than Chips as the Zorua shrugged. He didn’t think he owed Gertrude anything, that was until he gets a bump from Meadow who was telling him to follow her lead. He sighed and bows so, the Zorua rolled his eyes when he thought he was out of eye sight. Once down the pair could leave, the sounds of the happy cow were far behind them. Meadow guided Chip to a nice spot by the fountain and she shakes her head.

“Shame on you for rolling your eyes.” Meadow blurts out, Chip was taken by her words, but she wasn’t done yet. “I get us out of trouble, the least you can do is show a bit of respect. And to think I was going to let you get a little lucky tonight. Now I think I should teach you how to be a proper gentlemon than how to pleasure someone.” Meadow looked serious and Chip gulps in response. He then shakes his head and looks upset instead.

“I think after having to listen to that cow talk for 10 minutes straight I should be allowed to roll my eyes. Matter of fact I deserve to roll my eyes.” Chip said as he didn’t back down. Meadow was about to speak but she then stops, smiles and walks by Chip, she bumps his rear with hers. The Zorua gulps and feels himself getting aroused again, why did she have to do that. “Well I have to get to my next class and so do you. I hope it involves a bit of self-pleasure, because that is all your getting from me today. Choa.” Meadow didn’t say anymore, but instead lets her big rear do the talking as the Shaymin happily walks away, the entire time letting herself flaunt about as males that she passed have to stop and admire what she had. Chip stared at Meadow all the way until she was out of sight, and for a few moments he didn’t think of anything else but how perfect the Shaymin was. Finally, after a minute of letting the image of her perfect rear download into his mind did the Zorua realize what she had said and he groans as he just rolled himself right into getting blue balled by Meadow.

“Crap…” Chip groaned as even now he was still stone hard. For once he really hoped Darious would pass by, at least he had an excuse to get some relief. With a sigh the Zorua starts making his way back up to the castle, all the while he got eye balled by a few Pokes.

“Blue balls in the house.”

“Hey sweet cheeks, you need a ‘paw’”

“Savages.” Chip said outload, and despite the teasing the Zorua puts on his best Sir Scruffy impression, with his nose high in the air the Zorua proudly walks about. If he was going to be stuck with his hard on, he might as well be proud of it.

Chip didn’t see Meadow again until after he finished eating lunch. He was sitting next to Halvon and Darious, both who had spent the last class working together and now they were enjoying lunch with one another. Chip looked at Darious with curiosity in his eyes, although he couldn’t get rid of a strange feeling brewing up inside of him. He couldn’t figure out why he did not approve of Darious spending some much time with Halvon, what did that Oshawott have that he didn’t have.

“Darious, how is your day coming along?” Chip asked, he had been in Outdoor Survival the last hour and a half while Darious and Halvon were in Gym together. Chip had run into Amber on the way to lunch, she looked pretty worn out and smelled like she needed a bath badly. Chip tried to ask his sister what happened, but all she told him was that she needed to take a nap and would talk about it maybe later. He had never heard his sister tell him that she did not have time to gossip with him.

Why was everyone having so many issues with their personal lives?

“We and Halvon are gym buddies. First day and coach Nikcino already has us doing basic battle training. Now I see why Bangam loves her, she hits hard and looks sexy doing it. I do not think there was one boy in gym who did not have hard on after seeing Nikcino do the splits.” Darious grinned.

“I am so happy that I have my shell…” Halvon blushed and holds onto his shell as he was remembering their coach. “A few times I wanted to jump on top of her, she loves bending over a lot.”

“Like a lot, a lot. I swear Chip you will want to take a few extra moments after class for yourself.” Darious howls and a few of the girls at the other table look at the boys.

“Pigs!” The girls growled and they move away from them. Darious and Halvon snickered and high pawed one another and Chip groaned.

“Mon get a room you two.” Chip felt bad, he wanted to feel included. Halvon blushed and Chip saw him playing with his shell. Darious smiled at Chip and gets up from his spot and moves over to the Zorua. He did not even look to see if anyone was watching and he laid a long one onto the Zorua. Chip felt the Rockruff force his tongue into his mouth and Chip found himself pushing back against Darious. He wanted badly to feel like the pup wasn’t forgetting about him.

“If I am taking anyone to a room, it’s you.” Darious told the Zorua. “Your cute when your jealous.”

“I’m not jealous…” Chip pouted. He saw Halvon smiled.

“Don’t worry Chip, I am not interested in stealing Darious from you.”

“Besides Halvon is more into females than males anyway.” Darious pitches in. Darious pats Chip’s cheek and the Zorua blushes, he hated how even with Meadow in his life, he still couldn’t get over how the puppy made him feel. Darious sometimes said some stupid things, he wasn’t very nice to his sister at all and Chip wondered if he just used him for sex. But even with all those thoughts on his mind he still liked him a lot.

“How would you know that?” Chip asked, he wanted any reason to get angry at Darious.

“Because me and Darious mated and…it was fun but…it is not for me…at least all of the time.” Halvon said and Chip felt his body become cold. Did Halvon really just say that? But when, how…why? Chip wanted a reason to get angry and now he had it, but he felt sad and cold inside. Darious didn’t say anything but looked away from Chip.

“Sorry buddy…I wanted to tell you, but didn’t have a chance till now.” Darious did glare at Havlon who shrugged.

“Sorry.” Halvon spoke. Chip was still lost for words, he couldn’t believe that Darious had sex with Halvon. His mind wasn’t registering very many other things and he found himself wanting to get up and walk away. To go anywhere but stay here, to get away from Darious. But he did not and instead the Zorua began crying.

“You dirty…DOG!” Chip said, the Zorua’s eyes were turning red from his tears. Darious sighed and took Chip by the scruff and dragged him away to a much more private spot. Of all places why did it have to be the bathroom as the pair walked into it and locked the door behind them. Darious didn’t check the stalls but began speaking instead.

“First I am deeply sorry Chip.” Darious began, Chip say that he looked uncomfortable doing this. Chip never had heard Darious apologize for anything, it went against her code. For him to say it…meant something. “Halvon really wanted to see what gay sex felt like and I decided to give it to him. I came in him, he came on the ground. It wasn’t anything like what we do…did I enjoy it? Ya I did, but I enjoy having sex regardless.”

“Is that supposing, to make me feel better?” Chip asked, he wanted to hate the puppy so much. “You should be mad at me, because you love me.” Darious said and Chip growled.

“You are either super bold, or you are super stupid!” Chip bared his teeth. Darious looked at his paws, the puppy wasn’t speaking. He seemed to be trying to fight to say something, or possibly not say it. Chip didn’t care and moved to walk out of the bathroom. Nothing was going to make him stop…

“Chip I am in love with you.” Darious had said the one thing that would make the Zorua stop. Chip couldn’t stop himself from crying now, he looked the Rockruff right in his eyes. He did not know what inspired him to do it, but it did make the Zorua feel better. He slapped Darious right across the maw.

The Rockruff blinked and puts a paw to his cheek. Neither said anything for what felt like hours, but instead stared at the other, wondering what would happen next. Darious put all his cards on the table and Chip had him by the balls. He can do anything now and he wouldn’t be wrong. Finally, Chip gave into his better judgement and pressed his maw against Darious, the pair losing themselves to the moment. Chip didn’t know if this was the right thing to do, he had an out. But it wasn’t like he hated Darious, in fact he was starting to believe that he was in love with him too. He didn’t know why but he really did love Darious, even if he made him feel like a Psyduck sometimes. But as they stood there, in yet against another bathroom making out, Chip felt that he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else…at least until he saw the Mudkip from his first period watching them from one of the stalls. The Mudfish was chuckling and stoking himself off. Chip rolled his eyes and raised his tail so the Mudfish had something else to pleasure himself too. He didn’t see a problem in anything that was going on between them, well…maybe there was one thing.

Could Chip love both Darious…and Meadow?

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