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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Chapter 26 - Ruby the Fem-Dom

Chapter 26

Neoral was at hard at work at making “wishes” come true as he was assisting a Marril boy with his wish of finding the courage to speak to a girl that he was interested in. Neoral could care less who the little water mouse was into, if he got paid he would assist the little guy in getting just about anything that would move. The Marril had been smart and brought more than enough Poke’ to avoid Neoral using other means of collecting on the debt to him, which was nice since he did not always like having to extracted life essence if he did not have to. Believe it or not Neoral preferred the company of female Pokémon that were not Eevees. When it came to the little fox, dog, cat…whatever Eevee and its many forms were he did not mind spending some time with either gender.

“Alright kid, that should about do it.” Neoral was working on creating a potion for the Marril, it involved using some grounded heart scale, a piece of Corsola horn, some Emolga life essence and a bit of his wish magic. For the potion to work he had to use some life essence of the Pokémon that you are trying to impress. Magic was an interesting thing, throw out all the rules of magic and just remember this. Nothing involving magic whether it came from the power of wishes, potions, wands or anything like comes without a price. Neoral could use his wish tags to flat out cause the Emolga to fall for the Marril, but that would break one of the laws that Arceus had put in place long ago to keep Neoral in check. Arcues’s laws were absolute and no one was affected by them more than the Generals who all had special laws put in place to keep them in check and nerf their power down to a level that made them demi-gods instead of gods. Neoral missed the days when his power was more than strong enough to challenge nearly any other Pokémon and make them respect what he could do. Now some Pokémon had the power to challenge him and win, what was the world coming to when an Purugly could beat him by using Last Resort in combination with Hone Claws and Hypnosis. The other Generals haven’t let him live it down or get to forget about it.

“I want you to go home, take a bath and then when your nice and comfortable, you need to think long and hard about your girl, and then cum into this potion. Mix it together and drink up.” Neoral said as he gives it to the Marril who looked grossed out.

“Why do I need to do that?” Marril asked him and Neoral taps the vial.

“Because you need to add your essence to it. This has the essence of a Emolga, along with some other ingredients that when combined with your essence will allow for you to become very attractive to Emolgas. Now most important thing, you will only have this power for 24 hours and during that time you must win over the girl of your dreams and kiss her. Only by doing that will you become tied to her, if you do not do that in time the potion’s affects will go away.” Neoral rubs the Marril’s head, the water mouse sticks out his tongue, most likely he was thinking about what he had to do, and drink. Neoral wiggles a finger.

“Take it or leave it, but if I am giving that to you I expect that you are going to use it.”

“Still…I do not want to drink my own cum…or the cum of a Emolga. I just win to win the heart of the girl of my dreams.” Marril said happily and Neoral decided to bust his bubble.

“Look kid, there are very few relationships that are love at first sight. Guess what, if you are coming to me then that means yours is not. Now in the game of love you may have to sometimes do a few nasty things to impress the ones you like, and I do not mean deeds. I am talking about going down on a girl, not all of them take care of themselves down there and it can get stinky. I’ve been there, and let me tell you kid…it doesn’t get better the more you do it. I have done dumb shit to impress Pokémon of both genders and let me tell you…it doesn’t get easier. I wish I had a potion like this to get the job done, it would mean having to cradle a few less balls on my road to learning that to say…fuck love.” Neoral saw that Marril was not looking all too happy and the Jirachi had to suppress his desire to grin.

Hello long term customer. I wonder just how personal you and I are going to get? Mmm…water types are so cool, they can be taught to use their water in a variety of ways and they can cum for days. I normally do not like mice Pokémon, but this one is cute and is so needy…and I bet I can make him my new toy before the Winter Festival.’ Neoral thought as he pets the Marril once again. He was about ready to send him on his way, but he needed to plant into his little mind to come back for more. Next time he will get his name, once he had that he can start the next part of making this Marril into his little boy toy.

“I want you to come back tomorrow and tell me what happens, whether you go through with it or not.” Neoral escorts the little mouse back to the front of his tent. Marril looked up at Neoral, a weak smile was on his face. Neoral wanted him to think of him as like a big brother, which works for getting them to come back and then you start moving things from support role to one who you want to go down on. Neoral loved his boy toys and this Marril could become one of his favorites if he does it right. He can already tell that once he won his trust enough he can start shifting his thoughts to wanting to ride on his cock if he wanted. The Jirachi loved how bad he was. He rubs the Marril’s back and he saw the little guy blush.

“Thank you Neoral for helping me. I really hope it works…even if I do not think I will like the taste.” Marril said.

“No one likes the taste promise…” Neoral said as he puts a hand behind his back and crossed his fingers. “But you will after I am done with you.” Neoral’s expression as he watched the Marril leave was one of great malevolence, he always loved it when he found his new toy, whether they knew it or not. Truth be told he hoped that they didn’t see it coming, the look when his new toy became just that always made the Jirachi must wipe a single tear of joy, just before he got to take away their innocence.

It was near nightfall when Ruby appeared at the Jirachi’s doorstep, she had taken on the form of a Pachirisu, which to Neoral was just asking for her to get slammed by him. He was still sore from the other night, she struck a major blow to his pride and made him feel like he was worthless and that he was her toy. No one does that to him and gets away with it, but then again this was Mother Blue he was dealing with, she wasn’t just some female that he ordered from out of the Love Vine magazine. Neoral felt anger coursing through his mind as he watched the Pachirisu casually walk into his tent, her tail swinging back and forth as the pink squirrel didn’t even ask if she could come in, the nerve. If he could sum up everything he wanted to say to Ruby now into one word, it would be a simple 5 letter one.

“Bitch.” Neoral said out loud. His hand tensed as he closed the entrance to his tent and the Pachirisu dead into her soul. “You have a lot of nerves coming back here, after the little stunt you pulled the other day. What do I owe the cheeky little bitch tonight?”

“Always nice to see that your trying to expand your limited vocabulary. It really shows how mature you are.” Ruby countered as she walks around Neoral’s tent slowly. She wasn’t changing her forms, but instead was casually waiting for him to offer her a drink. Neoral could sense that Ruby came here for more than getting a drink and throwing Neoral remarks about his life choices. The Jirachi pours Ruby a drink, but he did it while also getting a small red vial from his mixture collection, he did not know if he wanted to use it on Ruby, but if she pushed his buttons tonight he intended to give the Mew her just desserts. Along with the sore rear that he knew she deserved.

Neoral returns to Ruby with her drink, the Pachirisu was sitting on a large cushion he had on the ground, her tail was wagging as she eagerly sips her cup. Neoral didn’t do anything to it, he needed Ruby to have her full mind now, extracting information out of her was what he wanted most. He looked outside and saw that the sun was nearly gone and the first stars were coming out to play. Tonight, was a good night for him find an eager partner, Kia deserved the night off so he could be with his children or so he could catch up on some work. Even if Neoral loved to fraught it in the Espeon’s face that he owned him, he did like Kia and wanted to see him succeed. Which is rare since Neoral didn’t care much for anyone else and would rather see them struggle and come to him for solving their problems. Kia he actually helped out the kindness of his heart…and so he could have some Espeon ass when he wanted it. Neoral considered sex and helping someone out the kindness of your heart to be the same thing. And Kia had an ass that he loved to dig himself into.

So, what do I owe the pleasure of your company tonight, Ruby?” Neoral asked again after he left Ruby have her fill of her first cup. Ruby smirks and wiggles her cup.

“Fill me up.” Neoral heard her say and he used his powers to make the pitcher that held his extra strong berry concentrate float over and filled her cup up half way. Ruby taps the cup to the pitcher and Neoral filled it up some more.

“That comment can mean more than one thing.” Neoral said, unlike last time he was not turned on by her charm. He thought she was cute as a Pachirisu and he would do her in a heartbeat. He loved small Pokémon since they were very tight and matched him size wise. But after last time he wasn’t about to find himself wanting to fall back into her. “Can the charm Ruby, I would rather fuck a Trubbish right now than think of touching you.”

“Well…someone needs to get bent over and have their temperature checked.” Ruby licked her buck teeth and Neoral scratched the cushion he was sitting on. He could hate her all day, but it was making him want to screw her even more. “I never thought you was into such…dirty girls.” Ruby rubbed her body and Neoral cursed his luck as he was getting turned on. If he had any weaknesses, it was Eevee’s, needy Pokémon and Ruby’s charm. All three of those have ended up causing the Jirachi a headache at some point in his life. It also led to him getting mounted and dominated by his big doggie friend Minii a Stoutland. He wasn’t around now but when he was, Neoral couldn’t get enough of him. But the Jirachi composed himself, by patting his head.

“Compose yourself Neoral…”

“Talking to yourself again?” Ruby asked as she was sipping down more of her drink. It felt like Déjà vu suddenly as Neoral remembered what this led to last time. Only different would be this time he was going to be the one walking away with their head held high. He couldn’t wait to wipe the smug look off Ruby’s face.

“Nah, I am just thinking out loud.” Neoral said, he looked at the drink in front of him, he didn’t notice that Ruby had poured it for him. He guessed she didn’t want to drink alone. Neoral refused to take it, which prompted the Pachirisu to slide over to his side, the squirrel already looked a bit more “awakened” as she falls onto him and give him a hug. Neoral did not expect for Ruby to become this way, usually she was more composed than this. He wondered what happened to her. Neoral couldn’t believe it but he was concerned for the Pachi-Mew.

“Ruby compose yourself.” He pulled her away from him and pats her cheeks. He received a small shock, but nothing major enough to make him care. He might hate her actions and how she sometimes was with him, but she still was his sister in arms and one of the 6 Generals of Arceus. “Normally this stuff barely affects you, did you do anything to yourself?”

“Hmm…would giving a herm Eevee a blow job cause anything to happen?” Neoral gave Ruby an expression of wonder as he couldn’t believe the condition she was in. It made slipping something into her drink seem terrible now, she already was done in enough for his taste.

“No, it wouldn’t.” Neoral rolled his eyes, this was not how he envisioned his victory. Instead of feeling a sense of accomplishment, he felt nothing but shame for Ruby. He didn’t do anything to her, she did it all to herself. “What happened to you today Ruby?” The Pachi smiled, her adorable cheeks glowed as she was charging some of her electricity. Neoral didn’t have enough time to stop touching her before she released a burst of electricity using Discharge. The Jirachi was stunned from the release and was feeling some pain as his steel body had conducted some of the electricity making the shock even worse than normal. He falls onto his back and Ruby slides down with him, the Pachirisu was laying on top of him, her groins were grinding up against his. Neoral couldn’t move as Ruby had done a number on him with a single Discharge.

“What the-“Neoral began but Ruby stopped him, she puts a paw on his mouth.

“Shush.” Ruby said with a smirk on her face. “Now…I am planning on draining you tonight, that is happening…like it or not. I know how you light small tight girls, so you shouldn’t feel too bad me being a Pachirisu while I do this.” Neoral noticed the tail rings glowing a bit. “Oh, you notice that my tail rings are glowing…that is because the power they contain know what I am about to do…I am going to make a little cute Pachirisu tonight, using your essence to do it. For you see, I need a new child, my other three are…disappointing me. I think all three of them are into all of the wrong kinds of Pokémon…Fenzura is a girly boy.” Ruby didn’t sound like she was under the influence of the drinks anymore, but instead she seemed to be thinking very well…to well.

“Ruby I could care less how you treat your kids…well that is not true, they are my little nieces and nephew but still…you can’t do it with me. I hate you.” Neoral angrily said, but it was no use as he was still pinned down. Ruby puts a paw on his chest and the pair watched it glow, the Jirachi felt his energy being drained away, his power to fight back being taken from him. Ruby worst found the pill that Neoral was planning to use on her. She looked at it and smirks, it was then that Neoral realized that she had been playing him all along.

“What you thought that you were outsmarting me. Please I was three steps ahead of you, I did not become Arcues’s right paw without knowing how to play the game that got me there. So, easy…” Ruby said as she bends down and forced the pill into Neoral’s mouth, the Jirachi struggled to not swallow it but with a small jolt of electricity the pill went down his forcefully relaxed throat. It was only a matter of time before he really couldn’t fight back. “You want to know what happened to me today, the reason why I am here, sitting on your tiny, pathetic Jirachi dick, trying to think if I want to make you squirt some of your sorry excuse of a legendries seed into my womb and create a new child for me to hopefully not have to watch eat out another female.” Ruby sits herself down on Neoral’s stomach, the Jirachi hated being touched anywhere near his third eye, now he had someone sitting on it. He groaned as Ruby was stroking him off, the Pachirisu’s soft paw helping to keep him hard as she ran small shocks of electricity through it.

“I can’t believe I actually was worried about you.” Neoral said with a groan, his body was so badly paralyzed that all he could do was take whatever she gave him. He regretted letting his guard down as he thought that Ruby wasn’t playing him for a fool. The Pachirisu continued sitting on the Jirachi, she was thinking about what to do with him.

“I should use one of your transformation potions on you Neoral. Turn you into something fun to fuck. That is all your good for, out of all the Generals you were the one who I always thought was just so easy to fuck. And I mean to fuck over and to just lay out and just…use you. Just like right now…I can go put on a strap on and just fuck you until spill all over yourself. How does that sound, you want Ruby to show you how she fem-doms someone like you?”

“I swear…Ruby…one of these days…I am going to bend you’re over and….and…” It was becoming harder and harder for the Jirachi to think. His own medicine was kicking in. Ruby smiled and squeezes on Neoral’s rod making him cry out. She shakes her head.

“No not yet Neoral, not yet, I am not done telling my story. I need to talk about my little ones, and what I intend to do with you. So, do try to stay awake, at least until I finish.” Ruby giggled as she slides herself back onto Neoral’s rod, the Pachirisu moaned happily as Neoral felt his rod slipping into her. He hated how he liked the feeling of her warm, tight body, but hated how he was getting it. “Aaahhh…now…that feels nice.”

“Makes one of us…” Neoral groaned, Ruby sticks her tongue out at Neoral.

“Don’t worry…after I get done with you, I’ll send you back to your little boy toys after this. Least need to keep someone in my life…on the straight path.” Ruby gasped as she was rocking herself back on Neoral, her tail was twitching each time she went down on Neoral. “I mean…Fenzura…is basically a girl…without…the slit. Granted…his ass might as well be one. And Angelblade…I didn’t expect…to see her so…unlike her father.”

“Arceus do you…ever shut up? I mean fuck…if I have to be under you…like this…at least do it in peace. I really…could care less…that all of your kids…are not interest…in giving you…grandkids.” Neoral felt more tortured from listening to Ruby than being raped. Ruby gave him a nasty shock to his system as she sent a current of electricity though his body hurting him and reminding the Jirachi who was in charge. The worst spot he got it was not on his balls but she targeted his prostate, the Pachirisu knew just where to direct the current so it hit his most sensitive spot and make him spill some of his seed at her will. Ruby snickered and smacks Neoral’s face.

“You know it’s not nice to use Arceus’s name in vain. Just shut up and take it like a good bitch.” She smacks Neoral again on the other cheek and begins rocking back on his cock, the Pachirisu was using her short legs to help herself to all the Jirachi that she could take. Neoral couldn’t stop crying out as each time Ruby came down on top of him, a bit of their fluids spilled out of her and onto him, each filled with a small charge of electricity that shocked him. Ruby chirped happily as she was moaning out for something, but Neoral had stopped trying to pay attention and just hoped that it would be over soon enough, the Jirachi never thought that he could feel so low doing something that he loved so much. The pills were kicking in hard now, and the longer he denied passing out the more likely it became that he was starting to hallucinate. He thought the saw a purple looking creature float by. His mind was playing tricks on him. He did not even remember what happened next as no matter how hard he tried to remain awake the Jirachi ended up blacking out…

Ruby did not care much that Neoral had passed out on her, she got what she came for. The Mew had changed back into her regular self after she had her fun with the now passed out Jirachi. His stomach and face was covered in cum and Ruby had left a dildo shoved up his ass. She was holding onto her cup of concentrated berry juice with her paws while she was using her tail to pump the dildo into the wish maker’s tail hole. She was clean herself, minus the wet spot on her crotch from her cummings herself. She had her back turned to Neoral, she didn’t really care to keep looking at him. She had gotten what she came for, and it wasn’t his seed. That was all over his body, which in her mind she believed was where it belongs. She never had interest in breeding him, she only said that so she could scare the living day lights out of him. No, she wanted to get back at him for touching her daughter, there was no way she would not detect that someone had touched her. Worst was that Neoral removed one of her ribbons that helped to control her powers. They served as protection, both for her and everyone else around the icy vixen. Luckily she did not hurt anyone and it won’t be long before Ruby found the hidden item and return it to her daughter. But before she did that, Ruby wanted to find out what the ‘clever’ Jirachi planned to use it for.

“Hmm…now what do we have here?”

Ruby was looking though one of Neoral’s books about transformations and history, she was looking to see why he wanted to steal some of her daughter’s blood. Truth be told…if it hadn’t been for her meeting with Ribbon and Amber, there was a good chance Neoral would have gotten away with it. Ruby saw that Ribbon’s head ribbon was not one that she had given her, but instead was a fake the Mew wanted to fly back here and kill Neoral on the spot. But that would have been a bad idea, and besides draining the Jirachi until he didn’t have a drop left of his cum left in him was fun and shaming him. She was going to make him think that he knocked her up, and she was going to force him into revealing his dirty secrets. Or she was going to turn him into something like a Purrloin and be done with it. It wouldn’t unbalance things, he was still alive, just getting punished for fucking with her daughter. Even if Ribbon, Angelblade and Fenzura were not perfect didn’t mean she didn’t love them. And that meant that the only one who makes their lives a living headache was her. Ruby stopped on a page in one of Neoral’s books that had been marked by him. She scanned over the picture of a strange white looking Pokémon.

“What the hell is an…Silvally?”

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