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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Ruby and Neoral talk about the Jirachi's plans and Ruby reminds the naughty legendary who is boss once again as she doesn't mind making him talk whether he likes it or not...because she does enjoy it.

Mean while Meadow and Darious have something important to tell Chip, something that could affect their relation going forward. At the same time we learn a bit more about Meadow and what goes though her mind.

Chapter 27 - Shaymins can do H.S.O.W.A Too

Chapter 27

Ruby woke up the next morning feeling extremely refreshed, she scratched her side and looked around the tent. Light from outside was shining in through the windows and the sound of the birds chirping was smoothing to the ears. She lets out a bit yawn and the Mew gracefully floats into the air and over to Neoral’s little cooking area where she began a pot of coffee. Pokémon did drink things like coffee, they grinded up the grinds of Poke’ Beans and used them to flavor their water, for animals they were very smart and much like humans who did not exist in the world where Ruby and the others lived did not like to always drink pure unflavored water. Ruby noticed as she was heating up the water that she was still holding the dildo that she used to punish Neoral with wrapped around her tail. She must have slept with it on her last night, she lazily moves it up to her nose and sniffs it.

“Yuck Neoral…” She drops it onto the ground and lets out another yawn, the Mew was still trying to wake herself up. She might be feeling refreshed this morning but she still could use a cat nap later. She hadn’t noticed until now that she was still in her Mew form, wasn’t a bad thing since unlike last time she was using her bubble to keep conceal her Psychic energy and hide her power from those that could sense it. All of the generals had means of hiding their real powers, hers’ was in the form of her bubble while Neoral hid his by hiding it though his tags. Meadow had a very clever way of hiding her power, she would drop seeds all over the place that had small traces of her power and when she needed to regain her energy simply just absorb it into herself. Ruby always was impressed by the Shaymin and how she was so resourceful, something that she should learn to do. Ruby heard the sound of the water boiling and she quickly began adding the grounded Poke’ Beans and pours the heated water over the grounds into cups for herself and Neoral. The smell of the coffee aroma must have woken up Neoral as Ruby heard him groaning as he woke up. She smiled as she finished fixing their early morning drinks and happily floats them over to where the Jirachi was sitting up, his body will take some time to recover from what she did to him the night before.

“Oh…my head….” Neoral was holding onto his head. He was looking down at his lap and chest and noticed that he was covered in semen. “Oh Arceus…is that from…me?”

“Always was a bit of a whizzer.” Ruby chuckled as she hands him his cup. “Here this will help start the recovery process.” Neoral looked unsure if he should take it. “I didn’t drug it, you didn’t provide me with any this time around.”

“I hate you sometimes.” Neoral said as he took his cup from Ruby. “I can’t believe I let you get the better of me last night. One like change up and it would be you in this position right now and…aaahhhh….” Ruby noticed Neoral holding his head again, his headache must be a bit much to handle. She watched him start sipping on his coffee.

“True but it’s not me who is covered in their own seed this morning and instead is you. Hopefully next time you will think before trying to pull a fast one on me.” Ruby smirks and takes hold of the Jirachi’s cheeks with a paw and gives him a friendly lick. Neoral cringed.

“Please…not this morning…” Neoral begged and Ruby giggled. She liked seeing Neoral be a good boy for her, maybe she’ll reward him later for it.

“Aww don’t worry Neoral, one of these days I’ll play with your little pee, pee and it will be in good fun for the both of us.” She gives him a light slap to the cheek. “Now why did you steal my daughter’s ribbon. And no lying to me…I know your body is sore this morning, I made sure that it was last night. If you lie to me I am going to use that dildo that I found in your little private closet for more than just fucking you in the ass got it.” She slaps him again, this time harder as she was making sure her point was made clear. Neoral nods.

“I wanted to use it for a experiment, to see what kind of trace memories I could gain from it.” Neoral admitted, Ruby looked at him funny for a moment, she did not know if she should trust what he said. But the look of fear on the Jirachi’s face told her otherwise, he was being truthful. Ruby moves away from Neoral and floats back into the kitchen where she picked up the dildo from last night and takes it back into the other room. Neoral gulped at the site of the Mew with the rather large toy.

“I didn’t think you was so into Eon based toys, what is this modeled after Espeon?” Ruby asked him, the toy had small barbs along the tip, while the base of it had a small knot. Espeon’s were feline based eons, but they retained some of their fox like traits as well. Ruby wasn’t into Eeveevoltions like her brother in arms was. Neoral blushed.

“What does this have to do with anything?” Neoral asked and Ruby sticks the toy into the Jirachi’s face, he cringed as she made him smell it.

“That is what I got to wake up smelling today. It stinks just like your story.” Ruby growled, but Neoral shakes his head.

It’s the truth I swear…” Neoral whined, she was trying to shift himself back some so he could get away from Ruby, but she had him cornered.  “Come on Ruby you have to believe me. When have I ever tried to screw you’re over?”

“That is a stupid question Neoral.” The Mew gets on top of the Jirachi, she used her powers to move the dildo back to her tail which she wrapped around it. She was going to get rough if needed. “What about last night? Were you just going to help me sleep, was that why you were going to use that pill on me?”

“What that…ah…that is what all of the kids are into now and…HEY!” Ruby didn’t even try to aim and instead just slapped the tip of the toy onto Neoral’s back side, she missed his tail hole but hits his nuts. She tuned out the sound of the male’s cry of pain.

“The truth!” Ruby hissed and Neoral began crying, the Jirachi was sticking to his story and Ruby groaned as she hated hearing him whine. If he was lying, he was sticking to it until the end. Torturing him would only be for her own pleasure…which she didn’t mind as the Mew slapped the tip right into the Jirachi’s little tail hole.


Ruby had her fun with Neoral and after a good round of some fem-doming she decided to give the poor Jirachi a break. She had changed back into her Pachirisu form and was sitting on top of the Jirachi who was on his stomach, the dildo had been shoved all the way inside of him to its base and a trail of cum was behind them. Ruby was sipping on her third cup of coffee while Neoral was muttering something under his breath. Ruby was looking over some more of the Jirachi’s notes as she was still trying to figure out what Neoral was up to. She found herself looking at the notes on Silvally again.

“Neoral what is a Silvally?”

“Why are you looking in my books?” The Jirachi trying to get her off of him, but he was met with a shock that put him flat back on his stomach. Ruby smirked as she loved being in this form for moments like these. It was amazing how the cute little critters were not out trying to take over the world. “You are having…to much fun with this.” Neoral sighed.

“Maybe, you have to admit this is fun.” Ruby giggled.

“Depends on who is on top.” Neoral groaned and Ruby pokes the Jirachi’s butt, he shifted under her as she had put pressure on where the dildo was. “Can you please take that out of me? I think I have had enough.” That response was met with the Pachirisu pulling the toy just enough for her to shove it back in, the sound of Neoral’s cry of joy and slightly pain made Ruby giggle.

OH, I see why that Sylveon love being so naughty all the time. It’s fun to just stick it to everyone.” Ruby said as she remembered meeting a Sylveon who ran a brothel during her travels up north who was into fem-dom. She used to use her ribbons along with her assortment of sex toys to pleasure all her customers. Despite her hidden kinks, she surprisingly still receives a lot of customers and was the most asked for Pokémon in the brothel.

“Mon…did you really run into Madam Eliza?” Neoral groaned. “One psycho meeting another psycho…”

“Oh really…and when did you have a run in with the “psycho” fairy?” Ruby cheekily asked as she mentally was wiping her schedule clean for today. She didn’t plan on going anywhere for a while. Rubbing her paws the Pachi-Mew was thinking of all the different ways she could make the Jirachi talk. The image of the shiny Sylveon was in her mind as she was going to do a tribute to the fairy who taught her that sometimes it was fun to be a complete bitch.

“Pucker up Neoral…because it is going to be a long day…”


| A few weeks later |

As summer turned into fall, the students of Bangam Academy were hard at work learning everything that they needed to before going into the license exam. The exam was held the day before the Fall Festival which was done to celebrate the harvest and for the students passing their test. Each year the students had to retest, with the exam becoming harder to past as the students went up in grades. The first years always worried the most about passing the exam since they did not know what was on it, and unless they took the time to get extra tutoring in they rarely went into the exam feeling confident that they could pass it. Chip, Amber, Ribbon, Darious and Meadow were all hard at work studying for the test. Well Meadow wasn’t, the Shaymin told Chip that she passed her first-year exam long time ago.

“Its really easy I promise.” Meadow said as she watched the group in front of her hard at work looking up body parts. Professor Lita had given the students a mountain of notes going into the exam and told them that if they failed the exam she was going to keep them after class for the next month making them study for the retake. Meadow had known she wasn’t serious about the threat and it was something that she did every year just to make sure the students were studying before going into the exam.

“How about helping us study then Meadow?” Amber asked, Chip’s sister looked the most stressed about the test as she had her nose stuck into more than one book at once. Meadow could tell that the stress was affecting Chip as he was having a hard time keeping himself focused on any of his notes. Despite them being “split” from one another, it was easy to see that their emotions still had a powerful impact on the other. Meadow had been following Ruby’s request to keep an eye on the Eevee and she honestly did not see any reason to feel threatened by her. Ribbon and Amber loved to mate with the other, they did it at least four times a week and when they were not eating out the other they were spending as much time together. If Ruby believed that Amber was bad for her daughter, she was dead wrong. But Meadow didn’t care much for petty mother, daughter control and instead she was enjoying her time with Chip who strangely enough made her extremely happy. The Zorua was kind, gentle, he knew just how to make her smile and he saw her as more than a sex object. Don’t get it wrong, Meadow loved being a sex object, she was the General of Fertility and despite how much she hated Neoral calling her a whore, well…she loved getting laid a lot. But since she met Chip she has slowed down and she only did it once a day instead of 5 times a day. And she cut down her partners to just a lucky passing Pokémon that she found traveling though her garden. OH, and her and Chip haven’t done it yet, she was saving that for just after the exam. She planned on blowing his little mind away and making him feel better than he thought was possible, maybe she will even get a little kinky and add in a little friend.

“Hey it’s your exam not mine.” Meadow laid on her back and was happily dropping grapes into her mouth. She giggled as she felt the juice going down her throat. “How about taking a break you four and come over here and have some fruit with me.” She bites into another grape and moans happily. “Oh, that is so plump…so full of flavor and so…wet.” She stopped when she heard one of the other Pokémon slamming their book shut. Meadow looked over to see Darious had closed his book and walks over and sits next to the Shaymin.

“You want to just do it right now?” Darious asked, Meadow looked up at the Rockruff as he stared down at her. Meadow blushed and offers him some grapes, that was all she planned to give the puppy. Darious took a grape from Meadow and then leans down and kisses her, the Shaymin gasped as Darious had slipped the grape into her mouth. Meadow pushed him off her and the pair look at Chip whose jaw was wide open.

“What are you two doing?”

“Sorry Chip…I couldn’t help myself.” Darious scratched his ears with a hindleg.

“Yah…I have that power on others.” Meadow laughed and she did the same thing as Darious, the Shaymin had been practicing and she could almost do it just as well as the puppy. Meadow noticed that Chip wasn’t looking very happy, he seemed scared as if there was a big secret that was on his mind. She could almost guess what it was, he was scared that her and Darious would find out about one another and their relationships with Chip. Meadow honestly didn’t care if Darious and Chip were together, she figured that out almost the moment she first met Darious. They had fourth period history together and it only took a week for her to figure out what Darious and Chip’s relationship was like. It took a week since she skipped class a few times so she could relieve herself, hey a Shaymin that is getting her education had to get it in when she could. But as soon as she figured out what Chip meant to Darious she confronted him about it.

|A few weeks ago|

Darious and Meadow were sitting in Professor Bone’s History class. Meadow was falling asleep as she always found history to be a boring subject. Honestly why was this course being taught by someone who might have been alive for most of it, this Gengar was super old. She looked outside and wished that she was in Sky Form right now, today looked like a good day to go flying around. Meadow lets out a big yawn and she sleepily looks around the classroom. She wasn’t the only one who was being put to sleep as a couple of other students were asleep as well.

“Can’t punish me if everyone else is doing it…” Meadow snuggled up on top of her paws and began drifting off to sleep…that is what the plan was but she feels her side being poked. Without thinking she lifts her head and blows a raspberry as whoever was poking her and then turns around to go back to sleep. “Can’t you see I’m sleeping, wake me up when the old fart comes by.”

“The old fart is here Ms. Meadows.” Meadow eeps and wakes up suddenly.

“Ah…” Meadow gulps and feels herself lifted off her chair. Professor Bones was holding up the Shaymin. “Hello um…Old Bones…”

“Hello Ms. Meadow.”

Meadow was given detention and had to spend the next hour after class cleaning it up. She wasn’t alone as Darious for the third day of class in a row was hanging behind to clean the room. The pair were alone with just Professor Bones there, he was lecturing them about something that she did not remember. Meadows did not pay much mind to Darious, he was a talkative Pokémon that she always saw messing around with Chip, but she never knew that the two of them were a couple, at least until now.

“Only ten more minutes…” Meadow groaned, she wanted to head out so badly. Darious finished scrubbing his side of the room and came over to help Meadow finish hers’. The pair did not remember how they gotten on the subject of Chip but it came up.

“….so, you and Chip are roommates?” Meadow asked Darious while they were cleaning. Darious shrugged.

“We are a bit more than that. Why?” Darious asked, the seemed to be a bit suspicious of Meadow.

Oh, no real reason...I mean only that I am interested in him too.” Meadow casually said, she wanted to see what response she would get out of the puppy. Darious surprisingly shrugged again and went back to cleaning. Meadow couldn’t understand why he didn’t say or do anything that she expected him to.

“Hey? Why are you not fighting for Chip, don’t you care about him?”

“I come from a pack Meadow, it is common practice for Pokémon in my pack to have more than one lover. That is how we can keep our numbers high, and continue mixing our genes.” Darious stopped cleaning. “Besides I could tell some time ago that you and Chip are into one another, he gives you the same look that he gives me and you look at him the same way I look at him. Full of hope for what our futures can hold.” Darious wags his tail. “That and you just want to mount his maw and give it a good hump.”

Meadow heard the last part and giggles. “Oh, you are so adorable, I think I could just nuzzle you all day.” Meadow gives the Rockruff a friendly nuzzle and then happily goes back to cleaning. She did notice that Darious took a moment to let what happen sink in before he joins her. The pair had continued cleaning until the hour was over and then at the end of it could leave. Professor Bones has assigned them extra homework for “good measures” and told them that if they were back in detention again with him, that he would use the paddle next time. Darious told Professor Bones that he will see him tomorrow then and the puppy lived up to it. Meadow saw that the next time they had class Darious, purposely get in trouble just so he could come back and get spanked by the Gengar. She waited up for him and saw that Darious had left after 10 minutes, he was blushing from deeply and had a hard on that made Meadow want to blush.

“Darious did you actually enjoy yourself?” Meadow asked when she saw him after detention. Chip was running late that day. “I heard the spanking from the other side of the door, it sounded like it was painful.” Darious looked at Meadow and it was at that moment that she knew what kind of puppy he was.

“It hurt in all of the right ways.” Darious panted the puppy began leaking a bit of pre-as Meadow guessed he was thinking about what happened. She noticed that his rear had turned pinkish from the pattel hitting him. What would normally make any other sane Pokémon consider what they were doing with their life, Darious seemed to be happy with it. “Can you do me a favor, can you finish me off, I swear I do not want to let this woody go to waste. I normally would just blow myself, hurts for me to try to sit down.”

“I am not really sure if I should…” Meadow let the thought linger as she looks back at what the Rockruff was packing, it was impressive to say the least. Not the largest canine cock she has seen, but it wasn’t the smallest either or even could be called average. A nice 5.5 incher, easy to take for someone experienced, but wasn’t small enough to not at least enjoy the feeling of being full with. A fine Pokémon if you ask Meadow.

“Come on, it won’t take much time.” Darious begged, but Meadow shakes her head.

“No Darious, I feel uncomfortable doing this. I mean where can we do it without drawing attention.” Meadow asked, she really did want to get a taste of the Rockruff but she didn’t want to just drop and start doing it right in the middle of the hallway.

“The bathroom.” Darious whined.

Meadow shakes her head, the Shaymin wasn’t about to reduce herself to being “that” kind of girl. “Sorry Darious…I am not going to jerk you off in the bathroom. Now if you go near the gym, maybe you can find a glory hole or two.”

“Come on Meadow…” Darious’s tongue was out and the Rockruff was staring out the Shaymin with needy eyes, if she wasn’t so good at saying no the grass girl might have fallen for it. She instead bites her lip and pushed the puppy back into Professor Bones classroom. It was empty, being a ghost type meant that the old Pokémon could go through walls and travel differently than everyone else. Meadow knew this and was glad that and she waited it out to see if Professor Bones did just leave already. Meadow made sure the door was locked and as soon as she could do so pushed Darious over to the Gengar’s desk and sits him down in the chair. Meadow always did want to do it in a teacher’s chair, it was like a little throne of power and Meadow wanted to feel what it was like to be there. But she wasn’t going to sit down in it, instead she was going to have Darious do so, making it easier for her to blow him. Darious chuckled as he sat on his butt and spread his legs for Meadow, the Shaymin looked at his hard rod and licked her chops.

“Oh, I hope you taste good.” Meadow simply said before she started licking the puppies tip, a nice earthly flavor was what greeted her. Meadow loved that taste of rock types, it was dry but very pleasant, almost as if it was made just for her taste buds. But Meadow wasn’t doing this just to get a snack, she wanted a meal and little licks wasn’t going to get it done. Meadow wrapped her lips around Darious’s pulsing cock, the Shaymin closed her eyes as she wanted to picture everything in her mind. For some odd reason, it sometimes seemed more pleasing to just close the eyes and picture what you wanted. Meadow was no stranger to pleasuring others, she was a expert at it and was very proud of it. She once won a contest for who could blow the most Rattata’s in a single sitting, she won it by 5 Ratttata’s and did it the fastest as well. Afterwards when asked how she got so good…and why she was so good the Shaymin simply said, “Who said Skitty is the only one that can enjoy H.S.O.W.A? Amateurs.”

“Holy shit Meadow…” Darious moaned over the Shaymin’s head. Meadow was slowly sucking on the puppy’s rod, her tongue sliding up and down his tip from time to time as she lapped up what he was giving up. Meadow was impressed by how much he was already giving up, given that he is a rock type and they usually did not have to give. Meadow puts her paws on either side of Dariou’s lap and pushed herself further up on his cock, the Shaymin was bobbing her head eagerly.

“Wow…you are one hell of a little expert.” Darious said, his paws her on top of her grassy head, she feels the puppy stroking her as he was showing his affection. Meadow rolled her eyes as she didn’t care much for showing affection for the puppy now. Mostly since there wasn’t any to give, this was one friend helping another friend. She would tell him to not get to attached, she wasn’t planning on doing this again any time soon with him. “Shot…maybe you should be the one up here teaching.”

‘Maybe, but then I would have to be responsible.’ Meadow thought as she opened her throat and took all Darious’s cock into her mouth. The Shaymin was pleased to hear the puppy howl out, his voice echoed all over the room. Meadow bobbed her head faster, she was pushing her paw up against Darious’s crotch as she was going down on him so far and fast that she wondered if she needed to come up for air. The aroma of her flowers could be picked up, as Meadow normally always released a wonderful aroma when she was enjoying herself. She heard Darious begging for her to not stop, his chanting was pressing her on.

“Almost…” Darious said, his paws wrapped around Meadow’s head and she felt the tip inside of her throat throbbing as it began spilling the puppies warm seed the rest of its way down her throat and into her awaiting stomach. Meadow released a burst of her fresh fragrance in response, the Shaymin was enjoying herself more than enough to reward the puppy was her gratitude. Meadow felt the seed continue to be shot into her throat and stomach for a few more seconds, the feeling of the warm cum settling into her stomach made Meadow purr happily. Once done she pulled herself back and let’s go of the still throbbing cock, the puppy squirts a bit of his seed onto Meadow’s nose.

“Adorable…thanks…oh my…Arceus…that was…fucking amazing.” Darious chuckled and Meadow wipes her face clean, well she wiped the cum off and then licks it up. She wasn’t one to want to waste something so good.

“Not bad Darious…I can see why Chip likes you.” The Shaymin continues licking her paws, she was savoring the taste of the salt and earth that the puppy had given her. She really did like Darious’s flavor, and she has had a few good Rockruff’s and Lycorocks, and he was strangely enough the most enjoyable to blow.

“Thanks.” Darious happily said and Meadow noticed that he had on the trademark Rockruff expression, his mouth was wide open, eyes closed and he had the biggest grin she ever saw on anyone’s face. It was adorable.

“What did we want to talk about?” Meadow asked, the Shaymin had forgotten what she wanted to talk to Darious about.

“Chip.” Darious blushed and Meadow couldn’t help but do the same back. She helps the puppy out of the chair. The pair walked out of the classroom, feeling confident that they had gotten away. Once they were well enough away from the ghost Pokémon’s room the pair decided to finally speak. Meadow was happy that she learned to keep her body under control, she could walk around feeling aroused for a while and the only give away of her emotions was her powerful aroma that made lots of Pokémon they passed become just as aroused as the Shaymin was. Darious wasn’t affected since he was already pooped out.

So, talk to me, what does Chip mean to you?” Darious was on the offensive now. Meadow smirks, she liked this loud mouth puppy, he wasn’t as stupid as he made himself out to be. She could tell by just the tone of his voice, it was commanding, but she could sense his curiosity. He wasn’t looking to attack her, but instead find out what Chip meant to her and how they could find even grounds. All that from just one question.

“I like him, maybe even like him a lot.” Meadow answered, she was willing to play ball for a while. “We are both herms and that interests me a lot.” Meadow and Darious stopped by the path that led outside. Chip was supposed to meet Meadows near the fountains when she got out of class and he could finish whatever errant he had going on at the moment. “You like him too, I can tell. Maybe as much as I like him.”

“I might like to fight, but I am not going to fight someone as powerful as you.” Darious spoke, he wasn’t saying it as a means of backing down, but he was letting Meadow know that he wasn’t going to get into a fight he couldn’t win. She liked that about the puppy, he continued to prove to her that he had more in his skull than just air.

“Well how about we share him then?” Meadow suggested, she smiled as the fem was willing to play nice. “You come from the pack life, right? Sharing is caring.”

“We do not say sharing is caring. But I get what you mean.” Darious gives Meadow a friendly lick on her cheek. “Do I get to enjoy your company as well?”

“Umm…well…ok.” Meadow blushed and licks Darious back. “Try to not become clingy ok? Also, we need to find a good time to talk to Chip about this, I would hate to surprise him the wrong way.”

| Present Day |

“You two WHAT!!” Meadow and Darious explained their story to Chip. Everyone else in the room were quiet the entire time, the pairs story was more than entertaining enough to keep everyone’s attention.

“Yah…” Meadow rubs her head, she giggles happily. “Sorry for taking so long to say anything, we wanted to see if you would notice anything.”

“It was the only time we did anything like…’that.’” Darious sulks. “Understand if your pissed.”

“I…I am speechless.” Chip said and Meadow sighed. She wanted to avoid this. Closing her eyes the Shaymin thought of what she wanted to do for Chip, how she could show him that she cared. She knew that there was a chance that Chip may not trust her anymore, the Zorua was sensitive and it wasn’t hard to hurt his feelings or lose his trust. She nosed the Zorua and the sounds of everyone muttering about what was happening could be heard.

“Do you trust me?” Meadow asked, she smiled and kisses his on the lips.

Oh, do you two need a little privacy?” Amber asked.

“Come on Amber, you little tease.” Ribbon pushes the Eevee out of the room. Darious tried to follow them but Ribbon stops him. “Fix your girls.” Ribbon said as she continues taking Amber out of the room. Meadow saw Chip pout, he hated being called a girl.

“I am not a girl…” Meadow nuzzled the pouting Zorua as he was voicing his frustration. She rubs his head and Chip nuzzled her back.

Of course, not.” Meadow said in a soothing voice. Darious walks over.

“Yah, you take it like a champ.” Darious commented and Meadow looked at him angrily. “True, Chip loves anal and it’s easy to get him to do it both ways.”

“Shut up, just shut up.” Meadow snapped and she keeps stroking the Zorua’s fur. She had to admit…she was wanting to make Chip feel happy in so many intimate ways. “Either come over here and cuddle with use, or how about helping the girls do something.”

“I can think of a couple of things to do with the girls.” Darious snickers and Meadow rolled her eyes.

“Darious…go away for a little bit ok.” Meadow said. The puppy groans but does so. Once he was gone and Meadow was alone with Chip she gives him a kiss on his mouth. Chip’s eyes water up, the Zorua was nervous, joyful and slightly freaking out all at the same time. Meadow could sense this, but she didn’t stop as she wanted to help him fight his fears.

“You are doing well Chip, do not worry.” She said as she picks up a book. “Just like how you have got this exam, there is no need to study anymore. Instead…why not we do a paw on lesson?”

“Paws on?” Chip gulps. He was blushing as Meadow takes his paw and pulls him back in for deeper kisses, her tongue pressed into Chip’s mouth and the Shaymin was enjoying the feeling of them being so close together. She feels her friend’s warm breath blow up against her throat and she giggled as she helps Chip overcome his fears of being with others. Darious did a nice job so far, but Chip needed a female’s touch as well. Something that Darious could not give him, but Meadow was more than happy enough to do.

Yes, paws on Chippy.” Meadow giggled. “The exam is so close and…I am feeling like getting a little dirty before paw.” Meadow kisses the Zorua and presses her nose against his, Chip felt himself relax some and feels the Shaymin grind herself up against his crotch. Chip felt himself worry a bit again but Meadow was keeping him under control. “Now, now Chip…no need to become worked up.” Meadow sits herself up and takes hold of one of his paws and licks it. Chip found it to be somewhat relaxing.

“What is that for?” Chip asked and Meadow smiled. She began sucking on each of his little digits, the Shaymin taking the time to make sure each one of his individual claws was sucked on at least once. Chip felt himself come aroused as he oddly enough was getting a hard on from her actions. Meadow licks her mouth after she was done.

“I like to sometimes do that before performing oral. It helps me get into the mood and…” She giggled, the Shaymin turned around on Chip and presented her butt to his face. Chip noticed that she was just as aroused as him, her member was swinging from in between her legs, and the aroma of her arousal was intoxicating. Chip felt the Shaymin lick up and down his length, she wasn’t wasting any time in talking to him. Chip noticed Meadow was moving back a little bit, the Shaymin was rubbing her butt in his face, her slightly wet slip rubbed against his nose. He couldn’t figure out why she was doing it at first, but after getting rubbed up against a few more times the Zorua ended up pushing his paws up against her big rump.

“What are you…doing…hey!” Chip felt Meadow rubbing herself up against him again, despite his best efforts.

“I was hoping you would join me in the fun.” Meadow looked back at him, her tiny tail was raised high in the air. “Professor Meadow will teach you how to please a lady.” Meadow winks at Chip and then begins going down on him. The Zorua felt the Shaymin instantly taking his entire length into her mouth, the fem-herm was confident in her abilities. Chip wasn’t as large as Darious was, but he was even easier to take than the puppy was. She was more than already turned on enough and in truth she wanted badly to do this with Chip, a part of her felt a connection with him that she could not explain and the more she went down on him, the more she sucked on his length using her mouth and throat, and the longer she felt his warm pre-going down her throat, the closer she felt that she was becoming with him. Meadow did not know why she felt any of this, and she did not care. It made her happy.

Chip on the other paw laid back and just enjoyed the moment, he didn’t know if he should try to play with her back. Meadow had stopped rubbing herself up against him and instead she was focusing on giving him a blow job to remember. His first real one that wasn’t performed inside of the classroom.

“Wow…this is so cool…aaahhh…” The Zorua ended up popping a lot quicker than expect and Meadow was treated by a big surprise as she was given a throat full of Zorua seed. The Shaymin almost gagged for a moment, as unlike Darious who had less semen to give the Zorua had too much. She ended up having to stop sucking on him and pulled herself from Chip.

…. uh…. sorry Chip….didn’t expect…you to cum like that…” Meadow looked back at Chip who was panting happily, he didn’t seem to care that it ended fast. He noticed that Meadow looked a bit disappointed.

“Everything ok?”

“I feel like I underperformed.” Meadow said and she turns herself around on him, the pair were facing one another. Meadow touched her rod to Chip’s and the Zorua shivered. “I really wanted to make sure the moment lasted long enough for the both of us. Plus you didn’t event take my invitation…” Meadow lightly hits Chip. “Pussy is in your face and you do nothing…come on Chip.” Meadow hits Chip again, this time it was a bit harder.

“I’m sorry…it’s just that I have never done oral before. I mean…that looked like something that Amber would be more into.” Chip explained. Meadow sighed. “I mean it looks like girl stuff anyway.” Meadow hits Chip again.

“Males can perform oral too. Plus, if you didn’t want to eat me out, you could have at least blown me.” Meadow said in a frustrated voice. She had been left high and dry literally and the Shaymin was feeling a slight case of blue balls. “I still need to teach you more things about being a gentelmon.” Meadow sits up and crawls her lower body up so her cock was sitting right in front of Chip’s face. The Zorua leans his head away from her.

“Hey what are you trying to do with that?” Chip asked and Meadow smirks. Meadow puts a paw on his head and makes him lean upwards towards her waiting cock.

“Lesson 2 Chip, a gentlemon always leaves his lady satisfied. For when she is satisfied…” She shoves her cock into the Zorua’s mouth and hears his muffled voice groan. It brought a sense of satisfaction to the needy Shaymin. Meadow giggles and sticks her tongue out at Chip. “When she is satisfied, she will make sure he is satisfied as well. Now suck baby.”

Meadow feels the Zorua trying to not suck on her tiny throbbing cock that was in his mouth. Meadow wasn’t as large as the Zorua was, mostly because she was smaller than him and she did not have a canine built piece. But she did have something that Chip did not…that was experience and right now she was going to get hers. Meadow holds onto Chip’s face and begins hammering herself into the Zorua’s mouth, the fem was humping into the male as gently as she could. She knew Chip wasn’t use to anything like this yet, and it was up to her to gently, and maybe for the fun of  it, get a bit rough as she has fun popping the dark fox’s little cherry.

“Having fun…” Meadow asked, the Shaymin was having fun already, she always did find that Dark types has a natural gift for stuff like this. Every Dark type she ever met always seemed to have the natural ability to please her, even if they were a virgin before paw. Some were better than others and most thought that after they learned a thing or two that they were good enough to be the dom. Something that Meadow always enjoyed playing out and seeing just how much her partners could excite her with. She didn’t sense that Chip was like that but then again, he was so young and unexperienced that he wouldn’t dream of trying to top her without the Shaymin letting him. Pokémon like her Zorua partner were the perfect ones to be mates with, since someone like Meadows can guide them to what she saw was fit. A fun fact that Ruby taught her.

“No…” Meadow heard the Zorua saw, she wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t enjoying himself right away, but she was a little surprised that she could hear him clearly. Meadow taps Chip’s head as she was going to help guide him to giving good head.

“Try to relax, if you tense up I could hurt you.” She said as the Shaymin felt herself going down inside of the Zorua a bit more. She wasn’t forcing it, but she wasn’t just sitting there and waiting for Chip to do anything as well. She felt Chip giving in some and finally sucks on her. Wasn’t the best she has felt, but wasn’t anywhere near the worst. Now if he was something like a Golbat...which was her worst experience ever, never again will she goof around with something that had long enough fangs to bite through nearly anything. Only time Meadow actually threw in the towel and quiet. And Meadow was a proud Pokémon who did not believe in quieting or spitting.

“There you go…That is a good girl.” Meadow teased as she feels Chip open his throat some and helped to ease her deeper into him. She felt her rod pushing up against the back of his mouth and into his throat a little bit. The Zorua seemed like a natural at this, plenty of work still to be done, but it wasn’t impossible for the Shaymin to whip him into shape. The sly comment she made got the Shaymin a small bit from Chip, but she didn’t mind, it didn’t hurt that much and felt rather good. Licking her lips Meadow humped into the fox’s mouth faster, she felt his saliva dripping down her crotch while she feels her back side rubbing up against his hard cock. Meadow didn’t play to play with that just yet, but she plans to do so very soon. “Ok Chip…get ready for the finish…” Meadow warned the Zorua as she holds his head tightly and gives it all she had got. Meadow slammed herself again and again into Chip’s mouth until she came, the Shaymin lets out a big moan that could be heard just outside of the room, her back bloomed up as she drenched the inside of Chip’s mouth in her seed. His maw was coated in the white sticky liquid and all he could do was drink it down as Meadow gave him no other choice. “that feels good…” Meadow happily said as she gives Chip a few more humps, the sound of his groaning under her made the fem-herm very happy. So much that when she pulled out she whipped a bit of her seed all over his face, letting him know just how she felt.

“There you go…wouldn’t want anyone to think that you a untaken.” Meadow said as she tried to show her more dominate side. Chip gagged for a moment, the Zorua seemed to not have enjoyed being taken so roughly.

“Why does anyone do that…yuck it’s not fun nor taste good.” Chip looked a little upset, but Meadow saw that he was blushing a lot as well. She knew that he enjoyed it, maybe just didn’t like everything about it. She would have to watch the slight teasing and make sure that she comforted Chip and told him that he did good. She knew that he was a sensitive Pokémon and needed to be eased into things. Smiling she kissed Chip on the lips and tasted her own cum, she wasn’t afraid to snowballing and used her tongue to lick up some of what was left inside of his mouth.

“When you love someone Chip, you will find yourself doing some odd yet beautiful things with them.” Meadow believed her words. She happily laid beside him, the Zorua seemed to be lost in thought, but after a moment hugs her.

“Not sure…how much I want to believe that but…Ok.” Meadow did not expect to change his mind after one day, but she was excited to believe that Chip was open minded and could accept trying new things. Time will tell how right she was but…she already could sense that good things were on the horizon for the both of them.

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