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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Ribbon and the others are running out of time, as the sun is setting on them and their chances to arriving to school on time. But each of the main characters must deal with their own problems and figure out what is weighing them down.

Learning to love yourself is never a easy thing.

Chapter Illustation:

Chapter 4 - Kindled Spirits

Chapter 4


Amber: Chip’s “older” twin sister. She is a shiny Eevee that is duo souled with the Zorua, they share Chip’s body though the process of Shifting. When both siblings are sleep, they can communicate with one another in the spiritual sleeping world. Amber wears pink ribbons on her tail and ears to match her pink colored eyes.


Chip: Amber’s “younger” twin brother. He is an alternative colored Zorua, he has yellow cream like fur with purple highlights and neck fur. Chip is afraid of that others see him for nothing more than being a hermaphrodite and as such pushes other Pokémon away from him, whether that is his close friends or even his sister.  


Ribbon: A beautiful Alona Vulpix who wears several ribbons on her body. She is best friends with Chip and Amber and often plays the role of big sister, best friend or even at times lover. She takes care of those who she is close to and will go out of her way to assist them the best that she can. This has led to the vixen getting into a few sticky situations.


Darious: A Rockruff from the Wild Plains Pack. He is the youngest of three male Rockruff and is the first in his pack to attend formal education. Darious can be a curious puppy who will stick his nose where it doesn’t belong without thinking about the outcome. He has an alpha male mentality and rarely backs down from a challenge.


Halvon: Shiny colored Oshawott. Halvon wears a Macho Brace around his waist to help himself grow stronger over time. Halvon loves to cosplay as a cat and wears cat ears on top of his head all the time. He hopes to join the battle team when he arrives at school and follow in his 5th year older brother’s footsteps. From time to time Halvon will say “osh”, “woi” or even “meow” in the beginning or end of a sentence.


Sir “Scruffy” McAllister the 4th: A 5th year Furfrou student from Woods’s Den. Scruffy can be an extremely proud Poke’dog who sometimes lets his pride blind him to the truth. He is best friends with Mina the Braixen.


Mina: 5th year Braixen student from Woods Den. Mina and Scruffy work together as mentors for some of the younger Pokemon. She tries hard to keep her friend in check.


Ruby: A beautiful Ninetales and Ribbon’s mother. She is a proud mother who will do anything to take care of her pups.




Ribbon yawned as she was growing bored waiting for Chip to come back from his little alone time trip. In truth if the Zorua wanted some time to think he could have done it inside of her den, it wasn’t like it was a terrible spot to get some thinking done. Ribbon lived by herself most of time, and only shared her home when she had family or company come over. Instead now she was relaxing by grooming herself like a cat, slowly licking her fur little by little in an attempt to clean up the caked on cum and sweat that had gotten on it. Amber had surprised the vixen with how much she could cum, so much that Ribbon thought that she could make an Vaporeon blush in envy. The snow Vulpix moved her tails in front of her like a cat and licked them back into order, if there was any part of her body she wanted cleaned up correctly it was her tails, they were her pride and joys. Delicately she licked each part of her tails gently, if she did it to hard she could pull unintended balls of fur out of them and then she would be in a real pickle.


<~ Ribbon…~> Ribbon heard a familiar voice speak to her. It felt like it was coming from far away but she knew just who it was.


<~I’m coming…~> The vixen giggled a little bit, her mind was in the gutter for sure.


Ribbon closed her eyes and pictured herself sitting in a snow-covered field, the feeling of cool northern icy wind blowing against her face while the chill of the frost covered ground excited the vixen. Ribbon always thought of the snow when she wanted a moment to be in her happy place, a spot that was as far away from the warmth of the world as possible. She opened her eyes to her icy sanctuary and saw that she was sitting in front of the same water bed as she was in the waking world, the water wasn’t frozen over but instead was as clear as crystal itself. Ribbon looked at herself in the water and smiled, she did look good.


“Hello Ribbon.” A voice spoke. Ribbon did not look for the source of the voice, it was coming from the very Pokémon that called her here. Peering into the water Ribbon noticed the image of a Ninetales appear beside her, the golden fur of the larger vixen made the smaller vixen feel a sense of eagerness.


“Mommy!” Ribbon cried happily. “I am so happy to see you again.”


“I wanted to be there to see you off Ribbon, but I am tied up dealing with your brother.” Ruby sighed, Ribbon could see the look of hurt on her mother’s face. Ruby lived up north with her brother Fenzura who is a tribal born Pokémon and as such it made it very hard for Ruby to be able to take him away from his birth tribe without going through tribal laws. Even someone as powerful as Ruby could not override laws, no matter if they were universal ones set by Arceus or ones set by a group like the tribes. So instead of taking her brother away she chooses to stay and raise him in the tribes until he was old enough to leave it on his own.


“I know mom but I can handle myself.” Ribbon sulked slightly.


“I know sweetie.” Ruby touched the surface of the water from her side and Ribbon did the same. Both foxes could for a moment touch noses. Ribbon murred happily as she felt like she was with her mother again.


“I miss you so much.” Ribbon couldn’t hide her emotions as she cried a little bit as she pulled away from the water. Ruby nods as she understood her daughter’s pain.


“I will try to come out to Bangam’s within your first few days, I will not be able to stay long, but I do want to see you.”

“How is my little brother, does he still like that Shinx?” Ribbon asked as she pushes away a few tears and smile for her mother. Ruby nods.


“I cannot break them apart. Fenzura does truly like Lightsoul a lot, if I cannot break them up then I will at least teach him to protect himself. Safeguard is works wonder when used right.” Ruby firmly said. “Ribbon…”

Ribbon chuckles and nods. “Yes Mother I will make sure I try to use Safe Guard the next time I have sex.”


“What do you mean, “the next time I have sex.” Ruby snapped as the Ninetale’s parent instincts were showing and Ribbon wondered if it was time to end her call. “You haven’t even gotten your temporary license from the school yet, and you are already messing around. Have both you and your brother forgotten what we are? Sex is not just sex for our kind.”


“I know. But I am not like Fenzura- “Ribbon was cut off.


“You are both my children Ribbon. Even if you were not born like me or your brother, you still can do nearly everything we can. Maybe even more…” Ribbon saw her mother tense as she seemed to be in deep though. Ruby, Fenzura and Ribbon were very special Pokémon, so much that they could nearly breed with anything. It happens when the blood of the Blue Mother runs in your veins.


“I am not done talking to you about this sex business.” Ruby said as her tails slapped the ground and Ribbon saw dust fly everywhere. “I told you that there is no sex until after you get to school.”


“Mom…” Ribbon groaned.


“Do not make me teleport over there!” Ruby’s eyes glowed blue for a moment and Ribbon knew the discussion was over for now. “I wasn’t paying attention to you before now. If I sense even a hint of arousal out of you…. I swear I will spay you, do you hear me!”


“Yes mother…” Ribbon groaned again. “But it was so much fun…”


“Sex is fun, so much that it can become addictive.” Ruby’s temper began to ease over, and her eyes returned to normal. “I am the mother of Pokémon after all. But like all wonderful things it has its consequences and this is the reason I want you to go to school. I worry about you more than your brother; girls can be even more sexual deviants than boys and…you are a lot like me when I was your age.”


“Getting creampied by Daddy Arceus?” Ribbon chuckled.


“Funny!” Ribbon watch her mother sigh heavily as if she was trying to accept a hard truth. “Oh Snow what am I to do with our daughter…” Ribbon noticed her mother was having a hard time wanting to speak. Ribbon could tell that even the Blue Mother had a hard time wanting to give out sexual advice to her daughter. “Just do not let them finish in you ok…Arceus this is so annoying to talk about. Just do what I say and do not have sex.” Ruby made the moment that said she was about to vanish.

“I can’t wait to see you again mom.” Ribbon giggled as she tried to end their conversation on a good note. It seemed to work as Ruby looked at her daughter with love in her eyes. “Love you.”


“Love you too sweetie…No having sex.” Ruby said as she was vanishing.


“I won’t let anyone finish in me, again…”


“What do you mean ‘again…?!” Ruby said before fully vanishing. Ribbon knew that her mother was going to bring this up again but she couldn’t help but give her a bit more to think about. Ribbon sometimes loved to give Ruby a hard time, every once in a blue moon. Besides every time she had sex she always used Safeguard…well at least until she did it with Amber. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to use it, she just got into the heat of the moment and threw caution to the wind. The move sometimes made it feel odd for her and she wanted to feel the pleasure of Amber’s hot seed spraying into her, the feeling of getting filled was almost as good as the release of one’s own orgasm. Plus, it wasn’t like she was letting some random Bulbasaur finish in her, it was Amber her best friend and the Poke’girl she liked a bit more than most. Her cutie of a best friend could turn her into a sperm bank if she wanted, Ribbon would never say no to her. Walking away from the pond the Alona Vulpix felt the world beginning to melt around her and before long she returned to the waking world where she had been sleeping along the pond’s edge. The sky was just starting to change colors up above; a little bit of orange was in the sky.


“I wonder how Chip’s little find Arceus walk is coming along.” Ribbon asked out loud as she got up. “Long as I run there, and then we run back we should get down to the docks with maybe…20 minutes to spare. More than enough time.”


Ribbon took off in the direction of her friend’s secret grotto.



Chip and Darious’s fight had begun with the Zorua already figuring out that he was out match by the wild puppy. From the start of their match Chip’s speed and cleverness had helped him get an early advantage but it was only a matter of time before the puppy’s experience would begin to show and he landed a blow that would shake the dark fox and make him think instead of act. Chip had been hit by Take Down once and had been sent flying into a bed of moss and leaves. The Zorua felt like his ribs had been bruised and he did not want to stand after the hit. Darious stood several feet away watching, the puppy could have finished his opponent but he did not.


“You are weak Chip.” Darious said from where he was sitting. Chip struggled to his paws and shook himself when he made it back up. He luckily did not have anything broken yet, but this was by Darious’s design. “For someone who goes around calling others names, you sure struggle to back it up.”


“What is it to you?” Chip began panting as he felt a sharp shot of pain course though his entire body. The Zorua’s legs buckled and he fell onto his face. “Oh Arceus, what did you do to me?”


“Nothing that you didn’t do yourself Chip.” Darious sighed and walks over to the Zorua and helps lift the fox up with his snout. Chip locked eyes with Darious.


“Just finish me off already.” Chip said as he was still in a lot of pain. Darious’s face reminded Chip of his own as the puppy looked unamused.


Instead of speaking Darious helps Chip onto his back, the puppy struggled a bit as the Zorua was just slightly larger than he was, but after a bit of work he had Chip on top of him. Together they headed over to the small pool of water that was in the back of the grotto and Darious bent himself over just enough so Chip could drink from the cool water.


“I would never think to seriously hurt you.” Chip heard Darious say under him. The Zorua laps up some of the water, it felt cool and very refreshing in his mouth and going doing down his throat. It didn’t help smooth the pain but it did make him forget about it.


“Try telling that to my ribs.”


“Sorry I got a bit carried away.” Darious joins Chip in drinking and for the first time today Chip felt like the puppy was being sincere. Darious out matched him easily enough and if the puppy wanted to do worst to him he could have already. “You will be ok though trust me. We still have more than enough time to get down to the docks too, the Lapras does not arrive until sundown.”


“We? Wait are you going to the Academy as well?” Chip asked with a bit of surprisement in his voice.


“If you learn to actually not try to push others away you could learn more.” Darious chuckles and he brushed his tail up under Chip. The Zorua’s face turned slightly red and he pulls himself up further on the Rockruff’s back so he could avoid his wandering tail.


“That is not funny.”


“Ok, ok, I’ll stop.” Darious chuckles, the puppy stays standing up. “I will keep standing, you do not need to be on your side. Anyway, yes I am going to Bangam’s Academy, I will be the first Rockruff of my pack to ever do so.”


“Is that like a big deal?” Chip asked not seeing the point. Darious barks happily, his tail was wagging again. Chip pushed himself back just enough so the tail was brushing up against his back side like before, the Zorua cursed himself for giving into the good feelings it gave him.


“Yes, yes, it is! Wild dogs like me do not get to have a formal education, but I want to change all that with myself.” Darious’s barks and he slightly bounced Chip up and down on his back, the Zorua felt himself enjoying it a lot.


“Darious can you stop…” Chip said as he was trying to keep himself from enjoying it too much, but already his member was sticking out. The puppy stops, he had a smirk on his face, and Chip figured that the puppy knew all along what he was doing.


“You still want to overcome your sexual anxiousness?”


“Not right now please…” Chip groaned, but he was slightly wanting to do so. Darious nods and bounced him again a few more times, the Zorua held onto him tighter.


“Well we have plenty of time for that anyway.” Darious wiggled his rear and Chip felt it grind against his crotch, his member slipped out and was pushing up against Dariou’s rump. “All it takes Chip is one little stick of the moment.”


“Wait…” Chip couldn’t figure out what was going on, did Darious want him to stick it into him. The puppy seemed like the dominate type. “Do you want me to stick it in you? I mean you do not seem like the…. getting taken type. I mean what dominate nature Pokémon wants to play the bitch role?”


Darious looked at Chip with a seductive smirk on his face. “Chip I can still be the dominate Pokémon and enjoy getting taken.” Darious wiggled his back end again, and Chip felt his tip nearly pressing up against the puppy’s entrance. Chip tried to look up at the hole in the ceiling to see what time it was, if the sun looked to be going down then maybe he could talk some sense into Darious and stop this before they did something he wouldn’t like. But when he looked up he saw that they did indeed have a lot of time on their plates. Chip saw Darious chuckle and winks at the fox. “This cute little puppy is not going to force you into doing anything.”


Chip did like the sound of that, although he also knew that if he did give into Darious’s advances he would have no one to blame but himself. But…he was enjoying how good it felt to feel the dog’s heat coming from out of his tail hole, so warm and welcoming. Maybe just a little taste would not hurt…besides they still had plenty of time and no one was watching. Chip could sense that his sister was sound to sleep, and besides why should she be the only one to have all the fun today anyway? Biting his lip the Zorua close his eyes, tightened his grip on Darious and began pushing himself up against the dog’s rear in an attempt to find the pup’s little pucker.


“Oh Chip…” Chip heard Darious chuckle. The Zorua opened one eye so he could see the dog’s face.


“Sh…shut up. None of that moaning stuff, I already feel uncomfortable doing this.” Chip said as he continued trying to find his way into Darious’s tail hole and as soon as he got a little snappy with the puppy he found himself pressing up against the outside of entrance. The feeling of the soft skin felt welcoming and Chip murred as he began pushing himself into Darious, the satisfaction that he was sticking it to him came to mind, a chance to finally get him back for the pair of loses he gave him pushed the Zorua to become a little rough and he ended up slamming himself into the puppy who lets out a loud howl of pain.


“WOW!!” Darious looked back at Chip. “Sheesh that hurts.”  Chip pants as he let the feeling of being inside of the puppy settle on him, the warmth and slight wetness from being inside of Darious felt smoothing to Chip for some odd reason. He couldn’t figure it out but he liked what he was inside of. “Did a pair of balls drop back there, that I cannot see?”


Chip blew a bit of air while giving Darious a good shove, he remembered what his dad would do to his mother and tried to mimic it. Just because Chip did not like having sex because he thought it was slightly discussing, didn’t mean he did not like watching it from time to time. “Maybe they did, how would I make you suck on them so we can find out.”


“Oh, don’t get so full of yourself.” Darious said as he watched Chip continue humping into him, the Zorua was having a tough time as he couldn’t reach the ground that easily and he was at a usual angle now. Unlike his sister he was slightly experienced with sex, he told another Pokémon that he didn’t like doing it and they assumed he never has done it. Amber maybe not but Chip has done one or two other Pokémon in his time, just never in his vag. He intended to keep it that way if he can help it. “Why not be full of me instead.”


“Tsk, your full of jokes.” Chip took a deep breath and tried to keep pushing himself in and out of Darious, the dog clinched and held the Zorua in place. Chip felt his rod slip a bit but he hadn’t put enough pre-into him just yet make the most of it.


“No just you.” Darious chuckled before shakes Chip repeatedly to get him off him. “That was a nice warm up, not how about I make our little partnership official.”


“Hey!!” Chip felt Darious relax and release the Zorua who fell off the puppy and onto the ground. Chip luckily did not fall on his bruised side, but he still felt a little something. “Ouch…” Chip feels a wet lick go across his face and up to his ears as Darious kept him on his side. The Zorua looked back to see the puppy’s hard rod pointing right at his box and the Zorua became cold in fear.


“Please do not put it into the slit…” Chip begged as he did not want that cherry popped.


“No that should be saved for when we want to be more than just fuck buddies.” Darious said with a big smile on his face. Chip wondered what strange world that would happen in, he might enjoy a bit of gay sex but didn’t mean he wanted to be in a relationship.


“What do you think I am, my sister?” Chip watched Darious shrug and lay next to him. The puppy licks Chip while he used his hind-leg to lift Chip’s. “Hey what are you doing?”

“Spooning position.” Darious snickered and keeps Chip’s hind leg and begins pushing his tip into Chip’s tail hole. Chip barks as his virgin tail hole wasn’t ready for the meaty rod puppy rod. “Or as I like to think of it as, “Side Puppy Style.” Darious snickered while rubbing Chip’s side, the puppy was enjoying his prize.


“Mon you are such a Tepig.” Chip said as he feels the pain from the penetration dying a bit. Darious licks Chip’s ears and gives him a good shove as he was making sure he was firmly inside of him. The Zorua had mixed emotions, on one paw he was slightly annoyed that he was in this situation to begin with, on the other he was enjoying himself, the feeling of something inside of me was fun and the pup’s rod was more than large enough to push up against all the right places. Just the Rockruff moving around some was causing Chip’s rod to squirt little bits of pre-onto the ground. Chip just hated to let Darious know that he was pleasing him.


“Oink, oink.” Darious pushes again and again into Chip, the sound of their crotches slamming against one another echoed throughout the grotto. Chip barked each time the pup pushed in and pulled back in, the puppy’s pre-cum was helping to make it easy for both. Chip panted repeatedly, the Zorua was trying to contain himself as he was felt a mixture of pain and pleasure. He thought that he starting to get over the pain when he feels the dog’s knot pushing up against him.


“Aww fuck…. you have…one of…those.” Chip growled.


“I’m…surprise you do…too.” Darious said while bracing himself, the dog them pushed his knot up against Chip’s rear, the semi-enlarged bulb organ was ready to enter the fox. Chip whimpered as he thought of what was about to happen.


“We…are not…that much…diffeRENT!!” The dark fox felt a rush of pain as his tail hole was expanded by the dog as he shoved his knot into him. Chip whined as he felt the pain of something larger than normal forced into him. The Zorua felt Darious release and his cum drained into him, the Zorua was happy that it wasn’t into his female side. A mixture of pain and pleasure washed over him like before, some was from the cum settling inside of him the warm sticky liquid strangely felt pleasurable to him, a bit of pain still from his virgin tail hole taking something so large, but he felt the most pleasure was from how Darious’s knot was pushing up against his prostate, the Zorua lets out a few moans of pleasure as he enjoyed how it felt.


“Having fun?” Darious asked and Chip felt him slowly stroking the Zorua’s oozing rod, Chip was dripping a constant stream thanks to what the puppy’s knot was doing for him.


“A little bit…” Chip lied, he was loving it right now, but he was too proud to admit it. Darious stopped stroking him and the Zorua whined, he was so close…


“Why…did…you stop?”

“You are not enjoying it Chip.” The puppy said with a fake yawn. “And I already filled that ass and got mine.”


“Such a Tepig.” Chip growled, and Darious chuckled from seeing his new friend become so needy, he began stroking Chip again and made the Zorua moan as he felt got the stimulation he needed. “Please don’t stop…” Chip begged and the puppy gave him a lick on his ears while letting out a murr.


Darious picked up the pace on his strokes, the puppy’s paw was covered in pre-cum and Chip felt how easy it was for him to slide his paw up and down his length. From time to time he felt the dog go all the way to the base of his rod and play with his growing knot, the puppy knew just how to play with it and worked on stimulation it and making it enlarge faster. Pushing up and down the base the dog was making Chip squirt string after string of pre-onto the ground and with a little bit of work and a good shove from behind the Zorua felt himself finally reach his own climax.


“Mon….so...good….”  Chip gasped as he sprayed his seed all over himself, a few of the first strings hitting him in the face. Chip felt the seed run down his cheeks and get stuck on some of his fur, from his other side he heard Darious giggling as the puppy was enjoying the sight of the cum covered Zorua. Chip blushed and looks back at the puppy, he couldn’t even try to get upset right now. “Happy?” He receives a lick on his cheeks as Darious helps clean him up a little bit, the puppy’s knot was still enlarged inside of him.


“So cute.” The pup chuckled as he keeps licking Chip, each lick leaving a large glob of drool behind. He murred and puts a paw around the Zorua as he wanted to cuddle with him. Chip did not return the affection and instead just seemed to pout. Though the Zorua didn’t get to look moody very long, Darious wouldn’t let him as he gives him another big lick around his ears, the Zorua couldn’t help but murr, he always became a big softy if you knew just where to touch him. His ears, under his chin and lower belly near his crotch were the Zorua’s favorite spots to be touched.


“Oh…just the way…I like it.” The fox blushed.


“You are not so bad Chip.” Darious lays his head down on Chip’s and holds onto him tightly. “You just need a friend.”


“He already has one.” The boys heard a very frustrated Ribbon say from the entrance to his grotto. The Zorua and Rockruff tried to look back to see the Vulpix but they couldn’t do so without a lot of working together. Darious’s erection was dying down luckily and before long he could pull out of Chip. They watched Ribbon walk in front them, a smirk on her face.

“Room for one more?” Ribbon giggled with a wink. She stops Chip from saying anything by putting her paw up to signal to not speak. “Is what I would say if we did not have to get a move on.” Ribbon looks at Darious who was pulling himself out of Chip, a feeling of emptiness and slight discomfort was all that the Zorua felt after the puppy left him. Chip surprised himself, he had enjoyed having Darious in him.

“Ah you are that adorable fox girl from before.” Chip watched Darious give Ribbon a bow and she returned the same, a sign of respect. “You know how to put on quite a show.”


“You must be the one who peaked in on me and Amber.” Ribbon had a slight annoyed look on her face, but it didn’t take long for it to go away, she always had been a sucker when it came to meeting admirers. “Are you going to the docks as well Rockruff?”


“My name is Darious, though you can call me Dario if you want.”

“Ribbon, and you can call me Ribbon.” Ribbon tried to joke, Darious laughed while Chip rolled his eyes. “It is faster to go down the trail than up, let’s get going.”


The boys get up and head out with Ribbon, but before Chip left he looks around his grotto. He knew he was going to return to it, but it will be awhile before he would see it again. His grotto had always been his escape, a place where he could go and not be bothered by anything or anyone…well if no one knew where it was. Which did not seem to be a thing since both Ribbon and Darious have been in it now. But Chip would miss it all the same and with a flick of his tail the dark fox walked out and back into the forest.


Walking outside Chip saw Darious and Ribbon preparing to run, the sky was completely orange now and the sun was setting. The Lapras were bound to be near the docks by now or possibly even there and the group would miss their ride over. Chip watch Ribbon signal for them to get a move on and together the three of them race down the hill towards the docks and their ride to their new home.



The trio did not reach the docks until near the end of sun down and were treated to the sight of the Lapras was already there, a large raft was being dragged along with a rope looped around its shell. Chip saw that an Furfrou with a La Reine trim was ushering the awaiting Pokémon onto the raft while doing roll call at the same time. Chip and the others walked over to the Furfrou in hopes that they were not too late.


“Late I see.” The Furfrou sounded disgusted after he listed to the trio say that they were sorry for being late. The poodle scoffed and points his nose up. “I already see what kind of students you three will be.”


“Four…!” Chip blurts out. He closed his eyes and when they opened again one eye was purple and the other was pink. Amber had woken up from her nap, the Eevee did not want to miss out on any of the excitement. The Furfrou looked at Chip like he was crazy.


“Four…? Now you do not know how to count either? What are they teaching you forest Pokémon?” The Furfrou asked in a slightly snobby voice.


“Lay off him.” Darious growled, he stepped in front of Chip and looks at him with a smile. “Or else you have to answer to me.”


“Hardly worth the effort.” The poodle smirked. “Why when I do not have to let such…. unsatisfying students onto the- “A fireball smacked the poodle on the side of his face and he angrily looked around to find its source, but he did not have to look hard as the caster was standing not too far away. A Braixen was standing by the Lapras, its hands were on its hips, its stick was smoking from being used just now.


“Fluffy!!” The Braixen growled. Chip heard Darious and Ribbon start laughing uncontrollably.


“Fluffy…?” Chip repeated and a long smile formed on his face and he began laughing with the other two. A few of the waiting students on the docks began laughing as well. Chip looked at the Furfrou glare at the Braixen who walked over to them.


“You did not need to say my real name Mina. You know that everyone calls me Scruffy.”


“Be lucky, that I am not calling you something worst, Scruffy.” Chip guessed that Mina was a girl from the tone of the Braixen’s voice, but one could never tell with Pokémon that looked so much like one gender. He got a sense from the way the Braixen carried herself that she was very confident.


“You wouldn’t.” Scruffy growled but then calms himself down. “I am sorry for my earlier actions.” He said looks from Mina to the group. “My name is Sir Fluffy McAllister the 4th. But I got by Scruffy…not Fluffy” growls but then stops. “I am a 5th year students who is tasked with ensuring that the 1st year students arrive on time to their big day. Standing next to me is Mina, she will also be assisting me in welcome you all to the island.”


“Do not mind Scruffy, he can be a bit assertive sometimes.” Mina puts her stick away into her tail and then pats the poodle on the back. Scruffy shakes his head.


“I need to do one last sweep before we leave, it is almost nightfall.” The poodle begins yelling, “Time to board the Lapras.” Students on the docks began trying to flood onto the raft as to not be left behind or end up with bad seats. Chip and the others get onto the raft near the end and had some of the roughest seats in there as they were near the Lapras’s fins and could be hit by water from time to time. Sitting by them was their Oshawott from Halvon who had spent the day doing other things till now. He was a Oshawott that wore a large belt around his waist that he says helps him get more out of his training, besides that he oddly wore a pair of gray cat ears that Chip could not figure out did anything for him. But Halvon said that they were something that he needed to wear and left it at that.



“Hey guys.” Halvon said as Chip, Ribbon and Darious sat down near him. Darious already seemed to fit into the group as him and Halvon began talking and getting to know one another. Ribbon pitched in a few times but she left the main talking to the boys who were chatting about battling, something Chip was not as into as Amber was. Instead he was trying to close his eyes and drown out all the sounds around them and focus on preparing himself mentally for what was coming up ahead.

Just as the Zorua found his peace he felt his sister’s mind bubble up. Opening his eyes Chip saw that his was back in the spiritual world that made up the twin’s mind. It reflected the current real world as both twins were sitting on the raft heading towards Bangam island.  Chip looked at the overly eager Eevee sitting next to him and he felt a small sense of…joy at seeing her look so excited. Was it his sister’s happiness he was happy to see or was it his own eagerness to see what will happen next?


“You ready for this Chip?” Amber’s voice spoke into his mind.


“Are we going to Shift before arriving? Or do you want me to go through everything?” Chip asked, he was tired from his fight with Darious…among other things. Chip and Amber were unable to see the other’s memories but they could feel how the other felt during their time they were sleep.


“Do you really want to switch brother?” Amber asked in a shocked voice. “I mean…I really did want to experience everything if possible.”


“It’s stupid anyway, something just right for you.” Chip said dismissively. Amber did not look convinced and nuzzled her brother. Chip slightly blushed, he was ok being touched in an affectionate way now. He couldn’t figure out why, normally he hated anything that involved showing affection.


“Thank you…little sis.” Amber giggled and Chip became slightly annoyed. “Ok I will stop.” She giggled a little more.


“You can take my body now, just do not Shift until you are able to find a spot where not too many other Pokémon are around.” Chip feels Amber press her nose against his, the moment she did the Zorua felt his mind beginning to grow weary.


“Night Chip…” Amber’s voice sounded to be coming from far away as the world grew dark around Chip as sleep over took him. At least he could go to sleep knowing that Amber wasn’t the only one who got lucky today. The image of his Rockruff friend came to his mind as the Zorua could peacefully pass out.

Chapter End Notes:

Reference Illustation was done by Revous, he has been a great help in me writing all of this and bring the characters and scenes to life. I am about to start the school scenes themselves, if you have characters ideas, or even want to get in on the illustration action please drop me a line. I am always in need of more characters ideas and I will listen to everything. No idea is a bad idea, just may not be one I want to use.

Also I am open to request, just remember that right now Bangam Academey and Plains of Light are my main stories, but a change of pace is always nice too.

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