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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

The sorting is well underway and the new students of Bangam Academy are quickily being put into their new homes. Amber still walking around in her brother's image has to figure out how to handle being around so many new faces.

Meanwhile Darious is being seen by the Sorting Slowpoke. Everything is going least until the Slowpoke begins revealing old memories that Darious does not want revealed. What secrets does the young pup already hold?


Chapter 7 - The Future is not Certain

Chapter 7



Amber: Shiny silver colored Eevee with cream color chest and tail tip fur. Amber has pink eyes with matching pink ribbons on her ears and tail. She is Chip’s twin sister and is best friends with Ribbon.


Chip: Cream color Zorua with purple eyes and purple secondary fur color. Chip is Amber’s twin brother and is best friends with Ribbon. He has an odd friendship with Darious.


Ribbon: Alola Vulpix that wears icy blue ribbons on her ears and tail. Ribbon has a strong loyalty to her friends and often goes out of the way to help them. She is very fond of Chip and has deep feelings for Amber.


Darious: A Rockruff from the Wild Plains Dog Pack. He has a nose for digging up trouble, although he usually is usually good at creating it for himself. He hopes to get to know Chip in more ways than one. Amber does not care for him the same way her brother does. His real name is Dario but he goes by Darious.


“Let’s Begin.” Those words made all the first-year students either excited, nervous or a mixture of both. The thought that the next several moments would decide what den they would live in and possibly how the next several years of their lives will play out. Being part of a den was more than being part of a group, a Pokémon would be joined to a new family, be with those who shared the same goals and aspirations as them. Many Pokémon who left school still worn something that was a reminder of the den that they use to be a part of, their bond with their den mates showed when they walked in the streets of Unity City or in their home villages. Once a Bangam Academy student always a Bangam Academy student, everyone remembered who their brother and sister are. Blood wasn’t always everything and that fact was instilled into all those taught at the Academy. Whether they stayed the full 7 years or left only after 2 to 3, once part of Bangam Academy Den always part of that den no matter what.

Amber sat near the back of the hall, her back was to wall, and her heart was pounding rapidly in chest. She had never been around so many other Pokémon before, so many voices, so many eyes, so many judging eyes. Amber had already been asked by several other Pokémon what she was and when she told them that she was a Zorua the other Pokémon looked at her like she was crazy. What else could she be the girl wondered, how were these Pokémon so blind to not see that just she had a different color fur. Amber couldn’t stand this, being looked at so much, the very thought of being judged by others was becoming too much for her to bare. Her legs were trembling, her fur was matted to her body, the fem Zorua wished that she could just curl up into a ball and vanish into thin air.


Ribbon had been watching the upset fem the entire time and she was trying to shoulder as much of the burden possible. Amber wasn’t as emotionally sound as her brother was, the ‘Eevee’ folder under pressure faster than her brother did. Amber never knew how bad her brother had it, she always could Shift back into her Eevee form after they changed positions. As a Eevee she didn’t look all that different than any other of her kind, she just happens to have the rare silver coat with an oddly colored cream secondary on her chest and tail. Chip on the other paw almost didn’t have any color of his species outside of the black fur on his chest, making him stick out like a Pikachu on top of a bed of white rice.


 “Amber you have to keep it together.” Ribbon said as she pushes on her friend. Amber shook her head as she tried to keep her mind in one piece.


“Easier said than done, at least everyone is not staring at you because you look like a freak.” Amber was thankful that her brother was still mostly sleeping. She did not have to worry about Chip screaming at her for calling him a that. She was using his form after all.


“Come on let’s go to the bathroom Amber.” Ribbon said as the girls heard the first of the names being called to come forward. Amber wondered if she should stay just in case they were going to call her or Chip’s name, but Ribbon pushed her along with her nose pressed into her side.


“Ribbon what if they call our names?”


“I doubt they will call us that fast.” Ribbon said as she pushed her friend towards the door. Amber soon followed along and moved under her own power as they reached the door. A strange blue bird stood between the girls and the way out. Amber had never seen anything like it before, the bird was what seemed double or even triple the size of the them. It had a long neck that was attacked to a long body, but what truly was odd about this bird was the strange cotton like things on its wings, tail and under body. Amber thought that this bird had clouds attached to its body.


“And where are you young ladies going?” The bird chirped.


“We are going to the bathroom.” Ribbon answer calmly.


“What are your names so if your names are called I can tell them that you will be returning soon?” The bird chirped as another name was called. The sound of Open Water table erupted shortly afterwards. “They are going through them quickly tonight.”


“My mother told me that it was a quick process.” Ribbon said with a smile. “My name is Ribbon the Vulpix and this is Amber the um…Zorua…but she also goes by the name Chip. If any of our names are called, can you please tell them to hold off on us until we return.”


“I will.” The bird chirped.


“Come on Amber we need to go freshen up.” Ribbon said as she walked through the door out and Amber followed her. Walking along the corridor the Vulpix did not speak but instead the pair followed the small signed posted along the walls that lead towards the Poke’ bathrooms at the other end of the hall. Amber saw a pink sign with a female Meowstic on it, on the other wall was a male Meowstic, both cats were pointing to their respective rest rooms. Ribbon guided Amber inside of the bathroom and once in she looked around to make sure that no one was there the Vulpix decided to address her friend.

“Shift now.”


“Ribbon what was that-“ Amber was cut short.


“Its called a Alteria. For Arceus sake, SHIFT NOW!” Ribbon cried as she was taking hold of the situation. “You are not yourself right now Amber, literally you are not Amber. Now Shift already so we can get back in there.”


“Ok…” Amber said as she folded her ears and then thinks about the image of herself as a Eevee. Her silver coat, her cute pink ribbons on her tails and ears and a moment later the Zorua changed back into her Eevee self. Amber strangely enough felt calmer, as if she was normal again. Amber couldn’t figure it out right away but she felt good being back in her own fur again, even if that fur was just a illusion, but it was her fur regardless.


“Better?” Ribbon asked in a slightly relieved voice. Amber saw that the Alola Vulpix looked flustered, her fur was a mess and her ribbons were slightly undone. Amber nods.


“Yes, thank you Ribbon. I do not know what came over me…I couldn’t think straight anymore.” Amber said as she seemed a little upset with herself. Ribbon walks over to her and nuzzled her cheek.


“You are not use to not being yourself. Chip is used to being…odd looking. Back in the forest everyone knew what you two were so it was easy for you to Shift whenever you two switched spots. But here…you two are odd balls and that can be overwhelming. But I am here for you two always, even if you think I am not.” Ribbon kissed Amber on her cheek.


“Oh Ribbon I love you so much.” Amber said as she jumped onto the Vulpix and tried to take her to the ground. The Eevee’s tail was wagging as she felt as happy as a new born pup. Amber licked and nuzzled her friend’s cheeks and just when the Vulpix tried to get her off pressed her nose to her friend’s. “We are so made for each other.


“Amber…” Amber heard her friend groan a little bit but then she fixed her voice and spoke happily. “I love you to.” Amber’s eyes lit up brightly and the Eevee lets out a big gleeful cry.


“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!” Amber hugged Ribbon tightly. Ribbon tried to break free but Amber held on tightly, the Eevee was stronger than she looked. “Oh Ribbon I kind of wish you was a male or herm like me.”


“Huh, why Amber?” Ribbon asked. “I kind of like not having a dick to take care of. No offense but it looks like a lot of work.”


“It can be but I do not mind it.” Amber said with a bit of humor. “But I want to have your kits.” Amber said as she looked up at Ribbon who blushed and then looks away. She seemed to be flustered like before, as if she was lost for words.


“Amber we…we need to get back now.” Ribbon said and the Eevee lets her go. Amber looked at her friend strangely as Ribbon was moving quickly out of the bathroom. “If you need to go, do it before we get back.” Amber followed behind Ribbon who headed out of the bathroom and then cursed her luck and then goes back inside. “Um…I need to do…um…how about you go back without me and I will catch up to you.”


“I can wait, it’s not like you have anything I do not.” Amber said rubbing her head with a forepaw. Ribbon scratched the ground with a claw, the Vulpix looked at her friend angrily.


“Amber I need to go poop.” Ribbon barked and a few other Pokémon around them looked at the pair. “I really do not think our friendship has evolved to the point where we are watching the other do our business. Now please…go back inside and I will catch up to you.”


Amber’s ears drooped as she felt slightly hurt. As gross as it would be the Eevee would stand and watch her friend. She loved her and that meant having to do some unpleasant things for the other she was willing to do it. Amber felt that Ribbon did not trust her, why else would she angrily send her away like this. Amber wanted to show Ribbon her loyalty and prove to her that she cared about her…no that she loved her more than anything else on this planet. Amber wouldn’t do it now but she was determined to make Ribbon hers.



“Next up is…Darious the puppy from the Wild Plains Dog Pack.” Bangam called out from the front of the Great Hall. Darious heard his name called and eagerly ran to the front as quickly as he could. This was it, his big moment, no one else was here to ruin it for him. Once he reached the front he saw the amber eyes of Bangam looking down at him, the proud Absol was everything that Darious had heard. It was said that Bangam had visited his pack long time ago before he had been born and the old Absol taught his pack some of the formal ways of sexual survival, which was a concept unknown to his pack at the time and to some degree still was. This was why he was here; he was to bring back this formal education to his pack in the hopes of being able to in a strange way fix it. Although Darious didn’t think his pack needed any kind of fixing and instead of caring about bringing anything back he just wanted to have fun.


“Long ago I met your father Darious.” Bangam said as he looked down at the pup, a warm smile was on his face. “You look just like him.” Darious smiled back.


“It’s funny you should say that, considering my dad gets all of the bitches.” Darious saw Bangam chuckle. The Absol pets the pup’s head.

“Your father said something very similar when we first met. I believe it was something around the lines of, “I turn bitches into purring pussies.” Bangam chuckled as he remembered times long past. “You will make a fine student and possible an even better leader someday.” Darious liked the idea of being the leader of his pack. If he was the leader, then he can have as many female as he wanted. Boys were fun to dominate but girls at least didn’t require so much lubing up, nor did they want to shift positions and get to do the plowing. A Pokémon that only cared to lift their tail when he wanted, that was the perfect Pokémon for Darious.


“Thank you Headmaster Bangam.” Darious said and Bangam guided the puppy over to the Slowpoke who was laying on top of a mantle. Darious was told to sit just up under the Slowpoke and when instructed to close his eyes and let the Slowpoke do the rest. As soon as Darious closed his eyes he felt a presence entering his mind, at first he was wanting to freak out but soon he felt a calming aura enveloped around him and soon all was at peace.


< ~Relax little pup, there is nothing to fear here. ~> Darious heard something say in his mind. He saw an image of the Slowpoke float before him and he guess that this was who was speaking to him.

“I see what is happening.” Darious said. From the outside, it looked like the pup was talking in his sleep.


<~ My name is Slowpoke, my job at the Academy is to sort Pokémon like you into their den. You are sorted you into your den by the potential I see in you, this is not to say that one den is worse than the other. Each den promotes a certain part of a Pokémon’s abilities more than the others and it is up to me to figure out which is best for you. Would you like for me to tell you about each den? ~>


“A little bit, nothing to detailed. If I can get into the same den as Sir Fluffy I will be happy.” Darious said as he wanted to be trained by the dog badly. Something about him made the puppy become excited. He noticed the Slowpoke’s eyes were blue as he was staring at him intensely, it was as if he reading his thoughts or even possibly the pups very soul. “Ah…can I help you?”


< ~ Darious…the third son of Moongazer the current leader of the Wild Plains Dog Pack. From a young age, you began training with your peers, this helped to create your lust for battle. ~> The Slowpoke began, his eyes were still starting at Darious who wanted to back away but a mysterious force stopped him.


“What…what are you doing?”


<~ When you were old enough you went through your first right of passage test. You were forced to fight against a young Poochyena in your pack. To win your fight you had to take his innocence while losing yours at the same time. You won your fight and took your friend’s cherry. Ever since then you have fought with the intent to dominate your opponent. Anything less is not good enough for you. ~> The Slowpoke continue speaking as if Darious had said nothing to him at all. The puppy growled as he wanted to jump at the Slowpoke and stop him from speaking but his paws felt glued to the ground. <~ You cannot hurt me here. I am inside of your mind and I control everything about it right now. Relax wild dog, I am not here to hurt you nor to expose your secrets. But from what I see you would do well in Wood’s Den. More leaders and strong hearted Pokémon come out of Wood’s Den than any other. ~>


Darious felt weak, his mind felt on fire as he was forced to remember each of the events that the Slowpoke mentioned. He remembered his first fight, how he had fought his older siblings in a match that he clearly wasn’t ready for. He was barely able to walk and he was forced to fight dogs that were much bigger than him. He remembered each day being banged up and bruised by the other pups as they were being taught that size, skill, and ability did not matter and that there was more than one way to win a match. All of this led to his first domination match where he had to fight his best friend Darkfang in a winner rape the loser match. Darious at first did not like doing it, but when his father told him that he was not raising a daughter and that he had to do it or be banished from the pack, well what else was he to do and the Rockruff mounted his best friend. Darious after it was over found that he enjoyed it, he couldn’t figure out if it was before or after the knotting but when he was butt to butt with Darkfang and felt his seed filling him up the Rockruff knew that this was what being a pack dog was all about. A few days after that event was over Darkfang asked Darious if they could do it again, the Poochyena had enjoyed what they did, even if he was sore afterwards and it was from that moment on the pair had formed a strong kinship.


“Woods Den…that is Sir Fluffy’s den.” Darious said after hearing what the Slowpoke had said.


<~ I did not put you in that den because of your desire to be near Sir Fluffy. I put you there because I foresee a future where you will be leading your pack. And your pack despite what many including myself are far behind the times in terms of lifestyle need a strong leader. That leader is you and Wood’s Den will help mold you into the quality leader that will be able to lead them from the dark area. ~>


Darious listened to the Slowpoke and shook his head. “My pack is anything but living in the dark area as you put it. We understand brotherhood and how much it means to have someone’s ass. I like the idea of being my pack’s leader, but I will not stand for you to call us primal.”


<~ My job is to inform you, what you do with this information is up to your young pup. I bid you good-bye and good luck to you. ~>

In a flash Darious was returned to the waking world…


“WOODS DEN!!” Was the sound the Slowpoke yelled after a few moments of considering Darious’s mind. Amber watched from the back of the hall, she couldn’t stand Darious and hoped that for her sake she was not put into the same den as the mutt. She closed her eyes and felt her brother’s presence beginning to stir from within in. The next time she opened her eyes both were each of the siblings’ alternative colors.


<~ Its almost our time. ~> Chip said from within. Amber felt the same way as she watched Darious walk back their way and pass them by. The pup stopped and looked at the Eevee intensely, as if he was trying to see if it was Amber or Chip behind her eyes. He smiled and gives Amber a lick on the cheek.


“Hello lovely.” Darious said.


If Amber could become angry enough, to boil the saliva from her cheek, she would do so as the Eevee never felt like wanting to hurt someone as much as she did right now. How could this Rockruff be so bold, to lick her as if they were couple. Was he that confident that she would not try to hurt him again or was he just that dumb.


“I AM NOT YOUR LOVELY!” Amber screamed and everyone in the hall looked right at the pair as Amber was growling, her fur was standing up and her tail point pointing out straight instead of being raised up. Darious only laughed. “What is so funny?!” Amber asked.


<~ Amber don’t hurt him. ~> Chip said from within and the Eevee tried to push him out for now. She did not want her brother getting in her way in case she was going to try to give the dog two match black eyes. But as she stared down the puppy Amber felt her brother’s feeling, it reminded her of how she felt for Ribbon.


<~ Chip…you idiot. ~> Amber said back to her brother and she ended up feeling her fur lay flat. <~ Sometimes I hate you…~>


<~ Love you too dear sister. ~>


“I just cannot believe how both you and your brother feel so different about me.” Darious said and Amber looked around, she did not want the school knowing about her and Chip just yet. If Darious kept running his mouth like this, they will find out in just a matter of moments and then any hope of getting anyone to see her or Chip as more than a pair of freaks would be gone before it even started. “If what Ribbon told me is true I should be seeing my lovely Chip very soon. I hope you and your cutie of a brother end up in Wood’s Den with me.”


Amber blushed…well more of Chip was blushing as the Zorua from within was flattered. Amber had to get herself away from Darious, before she either tried to headbutt his bold mouth or tried to kiss him. The sweet sound of relief came just when she thought her mind would split.

“Amber the Eevee please come forward.” The sound of Bangam came from the front and the Eevee sighed happily.


“Thank you Arceus…you are so great sometimes.” Amber said a prayer and then looks at Darious who was still standing by her. He was smiling and it was then that the Eevee realized why her brother liked him so much. He had a very cute smile, at least when he wasn’t sticking his nose into her business.


“Good luck.” Darious said. The pup did not wait for a reply but instead walked over to the long table where the rest of his den was waiting for him. Amber felt her brother tugging at her to head up to the front, Bangam was waiting for them. As she walked forward the Eevee saw the Riolu from before, the one that couldn’t hold his stomach sitting with the Desert Den Pokémon, and Halvon was sitting with Open Water. Both Pokémon seemed to find suitable Dens to represent and she hoped that her and Chip will be as lucky.


<~ Can you stand the idea of being in the same Den as Darious? ~> Amber heard her brother ask as she walked up to the front. In her mind, she pictured her brother walking beside her, the yellow and purple Zorua walked with her on her right side, the Zorua looked a bit proud. Amber wondered if he truly was here, walking together as one up to their future. She wanted to believe so, the twins were stronger together.


<~ If I must be around him all the time…I will deal with it. ~> Amber answered back as her and her brother walked up the toward Headmaster Bangam. <~ Even if he is a bold, arrogant, ass of an Pokémon. ~> She wasn’t even getting into how she truly felt about Darious. <~ Since for some Arcues awful reason my little sister seems to be attracted to him. ~>


<~ I am not your sister. ~> Chip said and Amber had to suppress her laugher as she approached the Headmaster who was looking at her with great interest. The Eevee’s first impression of the Absol was that he looked older than any other Pokémon she had ever laid eyes on. The older Pokémon did not have wrinkles or anything that would suggest just what his age was, but his fur was slightly whiter than others of his kind. His horn looked extremely sharp, and if the myths were true about Absol’s it was that the older they were the sharper their horns became, and the Headmaster’s looked like it has seen many years and many battles to become as long and as sharp as it was. The strange thing was Amber was that the Headmaster did not look physically very old but it was his presence, his aura that gave away his age. He projected an image of great wisdom that only comes from years of being on their earth and experiencing many things. Amber gave the Absol a bow and Bangam returned it.


“Welcome young ones…” Bangam said and Amber felt her brother’s presence become stronger, the mental image she had of the Zorua seemed to become almost fully solid.


“What is going on?” The image of Chip spoke and Amber knew it right then and there that this was no image, Chip was standing next to her.


“Chip!” Amber cried


“Amber?” Chip said “Are we really…”


“We are split apart…?”


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