AGNPH Stories
Rated:PG-13 [Reviews: 1]


This is the story of a character I made up about a year ago. Hope you enjoy it. First chapter: Contains a bit of strong language.
Completed Chapters 1-13. Finished.

  1. So it begins... (506 words) [Reviews: 1]

  2. The promise (366 words)

  3. Firebreathing trouble (607 words)

  4. Un-natural power (723 words)

  5. Vengance is taking over me (767 words)

  6. The Rampaging Vulpix (713 words)

  7. The consequences of Revenge (958 words)

  8. The bitter aftertaste of revenge (582 words)

  9. Who wants to know a murderer (1050 words)

  10. Lies (585 words)

  11. My pretty flower... (1098 words)

  12. Murder strikes again (1553 words)

  13. The truth comes crashing down (1083 words)

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    Reviewer: daniel08
    Date:Jul 2 2014 Chapter:So it begins...
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