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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


The day before

I decided to use a few of the classes CK22B had put on his story. Hope you don't mind CK.

Would had finished this a long time ago but got caught up in Eon Gems.

Shawn was silently eating his morning meal when three pokemon passed him by and sat down at the end with some dark colored pichu and a three tailed vuplix. He didn't care to much for the four of the pokemon there but he did take a special interest in the chikorita. For you see Shawn the bulbasaur had a nickname that he was quiet proud of, he was known as Shawn the heartbreaker. He had earned this name since last year he had sleep with over twenty different females all before they had taken their mating test which gave them the right to mate outside of class. It brought a smile to his muzzle thinking of all the females he had breed and they were never able to pin it on him.

"Well now what do we have here." He tried to stand on his hind legs so he could get a better look but it didn't work that well. He sat down and decided it was time to make himself known. Hey in a school of sex do you really think all the students were good natured. He got up and walked over.

Ember sat down with her group of first years and sighed happily. She was still a bit high from the mating she just had and the best part was it was oral. She had always heard from the older students that it was the best experience that one could have, but only 7th years were allowed to have oral mating. She grinned as she was chewing on a piece of meat. (I jus broke the rules.) Hear bushy tail began to wage. (I just got laid and I was breaking the rules.) She then noticed that her first years were looking at her funny.

"Why you so happy Ms. Ember?" the pichu asked between bites.

"She's happy because she just had a wrestling match with that growlithe." The nidoran said smiling. "But I think she won since he was worn out after they finished." Ember began to like the group she was watching over.

"Oh your right girl, I won alright." Ember said proudly. (And since its not mating season I'm safe from being breed.) She thought thinking of finding another male to mate with. (After I get rid of the first years, I thin it'll be time for round two.)

Ember and her first years finished their meals and were about to leave when a bulbasaur settled over to the one called Spring. He smiled at her and the chikorita blushed, which made Ember's eyes narrow. She knew who this was and if she could help it he wasn't about to ruin on of these girls before their time.

"Well hello there little ms. beautiful." The bulbasaur said to Spring. She giggled and her tiny tail began to wag. Ember snarled at the bulbasaur but he seemed not to care, in truth it got him turned on.

"So what shall I call you? Hot little cydaquil or a beautiful milotic." He leaned in closer to her and Spring followed suit until their muzzles were almost touching.

"My names Spring. She said giggling a little from the attention. "But you can call me what ever you want." She said. Ember couldn't allow the arousing chikorita to make a fool of herself any longer and she picked her up by her neck and carried her away.

"Hey where you going hot stuff?" The bulbasaur asked dashing after the group. Ember turned to look at him; she only glared at him before telling the young pokemon to start moving it. But the bulbasaur didn't give up and he grabbed her tail with his mouth causing Ember to yep in pain. She dropped Spring who then ran over to her friends and they eagerly waited to see what would happen next.

"What do you want you male slut?" Ember asked losing her patience with the grass pokemon. Some small flames escaped her mouth.

The bulbasaur sneered. "Haven't changed a bit huh Ember?" He walked around her and over to her rear, he grinned at what he saw. "Had to get some before the school year even started, huh my dear?" He looked confident. A few pokemon near by over heard them speaking and turned to see if anything was going to happen. Ember blushed from embarrassment and from her growing anger.

"What you talking about?" She asked as small flames began to shot from her mouth. The bulbasaur kept his calm.

"Oh nothing just wondering if this is your year you're going to strike out." He pushed her tail out the way and everyone saw her wet still wet pussy from what she had done. She moved away from him with her tail in between her legs.

"You have a lot of nerve to talk Shawn." She said snarling at the over confident grass pokemon. "Not to many males become sluts in their first year. But then again not to many run away when they find out that their so called "mate" is going to have his ken." All the pokemon turned to Shawn who was now doing the blushing from embarrassment.

"Ya well don't forget it only takes on time to make a ken my dear." He said turning around to leave before the tables completely turned on him. He left the grand hall a different way. But not before getting in the last word. "Hope you didn't forget that when two pokemon of the same type mate the chances of reproduction is just as high off season." He left the hall and Ember's face turned from anger to dread. (He's right.) She hated the idea that Shawn was right but he was. (He should know all the poor fems he ditched. Still can't believe that he got away with it every time.) She looked back at her first years.

"You ok Ms. Ember." Jill asked the worried flareon. Ember smiled weakly and licked the little pichu's cheek.

" let's go and get your schedules." Her voice still had a worried tone and the pichu still had a worried expression. They walked down the long hall that led to the grand hall. Jill slowed down and asked Katie to walk with her. The three tail vulpix bound over.

"What you want to talk about?" She asked excited. Jill had a concerned look on her muzzle.

"It's about Ms. Ember. Does she seem burdened?" She asked not really understanding what she just said. Katie shrugged.

"I don't know." She said feeling a bit useless since she didn't know what to say or do. "You could just ask her."

"I already have and it didn't get me anywhere."

"Maybe she's just off today that's all." Katie said hoping to lighten her best friend's feeling.

Jill sighed. "You right." She said. "Besides we should be focusing on the school." She said in high spirits. Katie nodded and they moved quicker to keep up with Ember and their roommates.

Prince arrived at the scheduling outside on time but unfortunally was over whelmed by the amount of students already there. He had a hard time standing in the long line that was all around him but it was the only way for him to get his classes, he only hoped that not all the good classes would be taken before he got there. But soon he grew bored and was beginning to day dream about that chikorita he had say yesterday when something new caught his eyes. The most beautiful togepi was three pokemon in front of him. A squirtle standing behind him saw what he was looking at and he tapped the zoned out nidoran male on his shoulder.

"You like what you see?" He asked him sneaking in a few looks. Prince looked back at him and blushed.

"Well...." He said feeling like his voice was stuck in his throat. The squirtle snuck another peek.

"Her names Charm and she is one of the most desired females in school." He said moving up with the rest of the line. Prince looked again and this time the togepi looked back and saw him, she smiled at him and then to his surprisement blew him a kiss. The squirtle snickered and Prince blushed again, he felt like he could just wet himself from the embarrassment. To be honest he felt like it would happen if these kept up.

"That's the first time Charm has ever delivered her sweet kiss like that." The squirtle said grinning. "She's the up type kind of females. Even now she is still a virgin." Prince was confused about how a female, no any pokemon could still have their "wings" in a school dedicated to mating.

"I don't follow." He said confused.

"Well if a pokemon really wants to save themselves for someone, they can not have their hymen broken until they choose to "if" and only "if" they know protect."

"And you think she might like me?" He asked a bit hopeful.

"You're the first, as much as I can remember." The squirtle said. "Look we're finally at the booth for the scheduling." Prince turned his attention to the line. Charm was already at the booth and when he walked over she perked up and looked at him.

"Well hello there handsome." She said leaning over to him. Prince felt embarrassed that a female was hitting on him and it made him feel even more unconformable down below. Charm looked back at the booth after looking at him for a bit and Prince looked down to see his "mini-self" was poking out a bit. (This is not good.) He thought moving his hind paws in front of the slowing moving out cock. It was hidden it but it wasn't perfect though.

"So what's your name?" Charm asked the now sweating nidoran male. Prince felt that if he spoke he would do say something stupid and offend the togepi. When he didn't speak the togepi laughed, she already knew why he was like this.

"Are you worried I'll see your little member back there." She said pointing between his hind legs. Prince laughed in embarrassment.

"So you noticed?" He asked. The togepi nodded and smiled sweetly at him.

"It's not uncommon to see males with their cocks out. You do remember this "is" the school of sex right?" she said moving out the way for him to get his schedule. Prince laughed out of embarrassment and stepped up and was given his schedule. He looked over his schedule which seemed not that bad, it had details about he classes.

Prince's first year schedule:

First period: Cum studies: A moderate sex class. Students will learn to cum properly and how it effects the mating course. (taught by Lita the clefairy)

Second period: History of mating: A more none sexual class where students learn about the history of the mating. (Bones the Gengar.)

Third period: Super effective class: Students will be mating most of the time in this class. Learn about other types and see for yourself if you like mating outside your own type. (Taught by Ayla the Espeon.)

Forth period: Health: Learn about the different health risk, and how your body works "if you know what I mean." Second semester is PE for those who are taking health. Heath is second semester is you take PE first.


Fifth period: Sexcape (Taught by Elga the Growlithe):
What if you're not in the mood, or face someone who won't take no for an answer? This class will show you some effective tactics to let them know you're not kidding around.
*A major recommendation for all student of any gender*

"And now will you please choose an elative." A chansey asked behind the booth. She handed him a paper and Prince began to go over the different classes.

The classes went from music, theater, human studies, and these was just the start. The choice ranged from just about anything under the sun. But there was one class that caught Prince's attention the most.

"What's study hall?" He asked out loud.

"It's a class where you just go in and well...mate." Charm said. Prince looked back at the classes and then pointed Dominance training. The chansey signed him up and she gave him the schedule. "Your classes are set and you may now tour the school."

"Thanks." Prince and Charm said and they walked off. After a few steps he noticed Charm wasn't heading back toward the cave where they we're staying but was heading over to some trail which lead into the mountains.

"Where are we going?" Prince asked the spike ball pokemon. They stayed silent for awhile until Prince decided to ask the togepi something.

"Charm can I ask something?" He asked her.

"Sure what is it?"

"Well why doesn't the Dominance class have a teacher?"

"Well for some reason for the last five years that class just can't seem to keep anyone for longer than a year." She rubs one of the spike on her head. "I have to say one thing though."

"What?" Prince asked a bit worried.

"Well it can get a bit "rough" in there." Charm says. "But if you can get over the material it can be a useful ability in the outside world."

Prince was a bit uneasy about the class now. "I don't know if forcing myself on someone-."

"Its not like that." Charm said climbing over a few rocks; her white shell was shining from the sun light. "Look so far what I've learned in the class is that sometimes a girl could use a bit of "force."

"Is that now?"

Charm smiled and touched Prince's chin with her tiny paws. "If you want to get me love..." Charm licked her tiny lips and lightly kissed Prince. "You'll need to use a bit of "force" I can be a of a tough shell to crack."

Prince began to think the little pokemon was crazy, but that was until he began to see a building coming up on the other side of the trail. When they cleared the trail he was standing before a large castle surrounded by a wide moat.

"This is the school?" Prince asked in disbelief. Charm nodded and began to walk toward the school.

"Come on I'll show you around the castle." Prince followed her into the castle.

Princess watched as her brother left and headed onto a mountain trail leading away from the cave where everyone was staying with some strange egg like pokemon. Ember noticed the concerned nidoran.

"He's going up to the school." She simply said. Princess looked up at her mentor.

"What you mean?" She asked.

"The school is hidden in the mountains so humans can't find it." Ember said moving to the front of the line. "Now lets get those classes so you girls can tour the school." Princess and her roommates moved up to join the fire eevee evolution. Ember didn't speak for the rest of the time they waited while the young poke ken talked about nothing much.

"Princess why not you tell us the rest of your story." Katie said her tails waging in anticipation. Princess blushed and was about to tell the rest of her story about her parents when Ember finally spoke.

"I think a story like yours should wait until after you get back to your den." She said smiling. Princess nodded and her roommates wined as they had to wait longer to her the rest of the story. After a few more minutes the line moved again and they were able to go to the sign up booth where a chansey was waiting for them.

"I have four first years." Ember said stepping over to the booth. "I will need their schedules along with mine, my name is Ember the Flareon." After that Princess stopped listening and she began to day dream about what she say that night when her parents were doing that strange thing with their bodies. She remembered the strange sounds her mother was making and then her mother just gave out this one last moan and this strange cream colored liquid began to ooze out of her. After that both her parents feel onto their stomachs and fell asleep in each other's arms. But the strangest thing was her father didn't pull that stick thing males had out of her mother's hole.

She looked over and saw a sandshrew at another booth that was there. He looked over and Princess's daydream changed. She was lying on a soft blue colored bed. It was night time and she was all alone in her den when all of a sudden the sandshrew that she saw walked into the den.

"Well how you doing sexy?" He asked moving closer to her. Princess grinned and she turned over onto her back and spread her legs apart showing her already wetting slit.

"Why not you come over here and show me what you can do sand mouse." She said turning toward him. The sandshrew crawled onto the bed and Princess got onto all four and turned around and then lean the upper part of her body forward and rose her back part up.

"Don't hold back." Princess said sexually.

"I'll show what mating is all about." The sandshrew mounted her and but before her dream could go on any further she heard a voice from afar speak to her.

"Princess wake up." The voice told her. "Wake up." The world flashed and she noticed she was back outside. "What...Where am I?" The confused nidoran asked.

"You blacked out there for a second." Spring told her. "You seemed to be quiet into that dream of yours."

"What you mean?" Princess asked confused.

"Well for one you were whispering words like "Don't hold back" and "Why not you come over here and -."

"Ok I get it Spring!" Princess yelled at her best friend. "Do you have to rub it in?"

Spring laughed and placed her paw onto the nidoran's head. "You know words were not the only thing that came out of you just now." She said tapping Princess's head. "Look." She pointed to Princess's rear where a small puddle of pre was dripping onto the ground.

"How did that happen?!" Princess cried.

"Looks like someone is starting to have the urges for someone to fill her up." Ember said after thanking the chansey. She approached the group of young pokemon and handed them their schedule with her teeth. She handed the papers to the young pokemon before going asking another question. "Was that your first wet dream?"

"What you mean?" Jill asked looking at her schedule. "Why did Princess just do that..." Katie asked looking at the puddle of cum on the ground. "But what is this strange liquid?" Katie asked sniffing the cum on the ground, Princess moved out the way.

"Oh I know what it is." Spring said excited. Everyone turned to her but Ember who was shuffling Princess of to the side.

"That was the stuff Ms. Ember had when she was with that growlithe earlier." Spring said moving behind the pichu and vulpix. "Ms. Ember was moaning just like how Princess was just know when she was day dreaming."

"Do tell." Katie said growing excited.

"Both Ms. Ember and the growlithe she was with were humping each other with such force and speed you would had thought they were one pokemon." Spring said enjoying the attention she was getting.

"What just happened back there?" the confused nidoran asked Ember. Ember smirked and licked the little poison pokemon.

"Your just going though that time of the month when your body seeks to be mated." The experienced fire pokemon told Princess. "All females go though it."

"What is mating Ms. Ember?" Princess asked feeling hopeless. "And what does it have to do with what just happened to me?" Ember smiled.

"Come with me." Ember said walking off toward the main school. Princess looked nervous but she followed and soon afterward was followed be her roommates. The group listened to every word the fire eve evolution had to say.

"Now I want to make sure you girls know everything there is to no about mating." Ember began, she took in a deep breath as she knew everything she was about to tell her first years she only wished she had listened to.

"Mating is a sacred act between a male and female. Where when done by two

"Really Ms. Ember?" Jill asked playfully. Ember nodded weakly. "So does that mean you and that growlithe are lovers who are going to have lots of pups and live happily ever after." These words hit home and Ember felt a tight knot form in her gut. How was she going to tell these females that what she did was only for fun? She worried the fact that right now she had a high chance of becoming a mother before she even got out of school. If anything was anything she wasn't about to let these girls follow down the same road.
"Ya we're madly in love girls." She lied.

"Look can we get off the subject." Ember pleaded. They stopped speaking until they arrived at a large castle deep in the mountains. It was large with lots of windows everywhere. It was so high that some of the castle was lost in the clouds. There was a large moat surrounding the castle and the draw bridge was down. In the background one could see even more mountains and the ocean; it was a beautiful sight to see.

"So you ready to see your teachers for this year?" Ember asked the first years. The group nodded and they went inside the school.

The inside of the school was even nicer than the outside. From the entrance there was a large portrait of the school and next to it there was a larger portrait of an old looking absol. "That is the head master Professor Bangam the founder of this school." Ember said walking past the picture. "Thanks to him thousands of pokemon have left Bangam's with knowledge of how to bet the best mate they can be." Ember was shaky with the last of her words.

"Look." Jill said getting onto her hind legs and pointing to a large door. The group walked over and found a note on the door.

"Dear Students,

Professor Bangam's has decided to not let students enter the school until tomorrow for reason unknown. Tomorrow classes will be starting so don't be late to class.

I have also posted a list of rules and consequences for everyone's so no one can say they didn't know the rules.

Trent Altaria the Bangam care taker."

Everyone lend in forward to read the list.

1) First Years are not allowed to mate outside the classes during their first month. This rule will be removed after they receive their mating license.
2)If one was to bear offspring during the year then both parents classes will be changed and their parents will be contacted. Students will have to take care of their offspring. As Professor Bangam always says "You make it you take care of it." Mate responsibly.
3)Students are not to be out after 11pm . If caught you will be punished with detention.
4)Fighting will only be done in the fight arena in the back of the castle or any other locations outside of school. If caught fighting detention and possibly more serios actions will be taken into effect.
5)No mating or sexual contact will be done in the halls or any location on the campas. Detention and license will be taken away.


1) Why get a license: There are special places on this island that can only be gotten to by showing your license. Plus whose one has a gold license that can only be gotten in the your 7th year. Students will be able to use it on the main land.
2) Can my license work outside of school: No. Only 6th and 7th years can mate outside of the island.
3) Why do we have go to school for seven years: You can't cram all the information need for survival in one or two years.
4) Any further questions can be asked and will be posted up when answered.

"So I guess we're not going in today are we?" Katie asked Ember.

"Ya well I'll take you girls back to the den and we can spend the rest of the day slacking off. Sound good?"

"Ya." The group said. They went back to dens and spent the rest of the day lying outside sun bathing. That night the thoughts of the up coming year ran though everyone's minds.

"Hey Spring you still up?" Spring heard Princess ask from her bed. Spring nodded.

"What's up?"

"Well its about what happened today." Princess said a bit embarrassed. "Its just that today I just made a mess on myself and...I don't know." She said sadly. Spring got off her bed and sat down on her friend's bed and comforted her.

"Your just growing up that's all." She said sounding like Ember. "Really it's a good thing you're having such dreams and..."reactions." Princess blushed and then hugged the chikorita as best as a four legged pokemon could.

"Thanks I needed that." Princess said lying down. Spring decided to change the subject.

"So you find your brother today?"

"I did see him but he wasn't alone." Princess said remembering her brother and some strange egg pokemon. Spring grinned and her vines came out and began to tickle her best friend. Princess laughed and pushed Spring off the bed causing their roommates to wake up.

"Hey you two go to sleep." Jill said rubbing her eyes before going back to sleep.

"Ya some of us need some sleep so we can stay attractive you know." Katie said before falling asleep. Princess and Spring laughed together before they two settled down in their own beds.

"Night." They said together and sleep soon over took them. Dreams of their school year flowed though their minds.
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