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Well another harsh month of writting. I would had been done soon but i went to florida for the holidays and got caught up doing some other things in between. Well like last time read and review if you could since a month's worth of writing deserives it you know. Good stories that require blood, sweat and some smooth jazz music deserives them you know.

The rivalries of Bangam High

Chapter 08

The rivalries of Bangam High

December had brought a large change in the temperature to Bangam’s. The mornings were frosty and chilly causing students to walk or fly to school in the chilly morning air. But in the afternoons the weather picked up and everyone was sweating from the high temperatures of the high 70s to low 90s. After the sun went down the temperature dropped down to the high 60s to the low 50s. Then in the middle of the night it would turn chilly all over again.

It was only a week before the end of the first semester and most everyone was on the edge. But in all the mist of staying up late trying to study and getting in those extra little things to boost one’s grade in case it was lacking many did find time to do other things then studying. Whether they were student or a teacher……

Bangam was relaxing in his room on the highest tower of the school, because of the height of the tower he was able to see for miles around. He was gazing out at the plaza in the back of the castle when someone knocked at his door.

“Come in Bones.” Bangam said not turning around. He already knew he would be there since he came every weekend at about the same time. The gengar walked in with a glass chess set in one hand and a small pouch in the other.

“What you up to?” Bones asked the elder absol.

“Oh, just looking out at the scenery.” Bangam said without looking at Bones. “How’s life been treating you?”

“I’ve finished making the mid term for my class and just got done grading the last assignment for this semester.” Bones sat the chess set down and quickly set it up. “For the next week all I have to do is review everything I’ve taught this semester and then POW, BOOM easy week for Bones.” Bones said loudly kicking back in his chair.

“You haven’t changed a bit.” Bangam said walking over to the table where Bones had set the chess set up at. He sat down and looked over the pieces.
The pieces themselves were in the image of pokemon, the pawns were rattates, the knights were cubones, the bishops were alakazams, the rooks were zangooses, and the queen was a Nidoqueen while the King was the male version.

“Ah what is our score George, um……what was it now……9 to 9 since this year right?” Bones asked sitting on the opposite side of the board. Suddenly a glint appeared in both elder pokemon’s eyes. A challenge was a hand.

“Tie breaker.” Bangam said with a look that showed his competitive side and nature.

“Tie breaker.” Bones said moving his first piece up two spaces.

Bones and Bangam were always at competition with one another, but yet at the same time there were inseparable best friends, their battles were always works of arts as both pokemon would fight one another with deadly attacks that were powerful for both of their types. Bones would use moves like ‘Shadow Ball and Punch’ while Bangam used attacks like ‘Faint Attack and Crunch,’ while at the same time they made it look contest worthy. At their prime they were some of the strongest warriors in the world, taking on even the legendary pokemon. One legend says that the duo had fought their way to the bottom of the Pit of a Hundred Trials long ago before the school was built. It was said that the friends had fought Aruseusu the pokemon of creation said to only be in myths and legends.

Both pokemon made their moves in total silence. Until suddenly in the middle of the game after Bones moved one of his rooks to d5 they finally broke the silence.

“Tell me who are you rooting for in the up coming Maxi Tournament?” the gengar asked out of the blue. Bangam took his time answering the question giving it great thought.

“Interesting question…….why do you ask?” Bangam asked. “And here I thought we were having a nice silent game of chess.” Joked the old absol.

“Every year you always back someone. I was just wondering who it was this time. Just to know who not to put my money on George.” Bones laughed.

“And what is that suppose to mean?” Bangam asked with a confused look. While still keeping the pace of the game going.

“We’re rivals from time to time George.” Bones said making his move. “Every year we bet on who’s going to win the Maxi Tournament.”

“I’ve waited long enough and now I want to know. Who are you backing in this tournament?” Bangam laughed and made his next move before he spoke.
“You of all mons should know who I’m backing my old friend.” Bangam said while still laughing it up. Bones rolled his eyes and moved his queen over to C7.

“You still didn’t answer my question though George. Who are you backing?” Bones said a little displeased that his friend was beating around the bush.

“Ah if you must know.” The old absol said laughing at how his oldest friend was acting. “It would be young Flaymerar from the desert den.” Bangam then made his move which took one of Bone’s bishops. Bones’s eyes widened and he began to look at the board closely looking for anymore pieces in danger.

“COME ON!” Bones yelled as he moved his king since Bangam was close to putting it in check.

“And….” Bangam asked watching Bones franticly move his piece.

“And what George?” Bones said finally calming down.

“And who is in your book as being worth of putting your money on this time around?” Bangam asked quoting some of the things his friend liked to say from time to time.

“Oh you’ve got jokes don’t you George?” Bones said rolling his eyes again.

“I’ve got a million and one Garret.” Bangam said making his next move.

“Ya well I’ve got my money invested in someone of my own old chum.” The gengar said snapping his fingers and a gold coin appeared out of thin air. “I only have to wait for him to over come his fear of his power and Boom I win this little match George. Bones said confident of his judgment . He was surprised though to hear Bangam laughing again.

“Ah, you mean young Prince the other first year from the deserts right. The young lad who has zero confidence in everything he does.” Bangam said making his next move. ”You make this all to easy Garret.”

“Always the joker George always the joker. But I have to know did you choice Flay because he almost defeated you or did you choice him because you and him have similar battle strategy?” Bones asked continuing to keep the pace of the game going.

“And that would be………?” Bangam asked.

“The two of you openly jump to challenge with the determination of over coming it to the best of your abilities.” Bones said making his move. “That is why we made it as far as we did all those years ago back in the pit. I was ready to give up after our food supply and first aid kit was running low we were worn out to the point that at any moment the two of us was going to faint one the spot. But then you said something that I can’t remember. You jumped down into the next section without a second thought. I didn’t get inspired from that but I decided if we weren’t going to make it then we might as well do it together in the mist of combat.”

“Aw, that’s right and then after that we made it to level 90.” Bangam said reflecting on the past, he moved his remain rook and put Bones into check. “If I remember right levels 90 though 99 has simulation versions of several of the legendary pokemon.

90: Zapdos the warrior of lighting
91: Articuno the frozen assassin
92: Moltres the gladiator of the sun
93: Raikou the creator of lighting
94: Suicune the water of origin
95: Entei the volcano child
96: Groudon the creator of land
97: Kyogre the creator of the deep blue
98: Rayqueaza the ruler and guardian of the sky
99: Mew the young and innocent
100: Aruseusu the creator of life”

“They were quite the challengers were they not?” Bones said remembering their younger days.”

“Who would ever believe the two of us actually took on some of the strongest warriors on this planet and lived to tell about it.” Bangam said as they continued their game.

“Ah, but like the game of chess all one must do is find the perfect strategy and……..check George.” Bones said as he placed his one remaining bishop in range of Bangam’s king. “Which brings me to my boy Prince, he might not be to found of offensive attacks like Flay but instead boosts on the playing defensively and protecting himself while at the same time looking for a winning strategy.”

“You speak of this like it is a game that is plain and simple my friend.” Bangam said placing one of his remaining pawns in the way of Bone’s bishop. “Battling is as old as sex is.” Bangam looked proud of himself. “And believe me my friend I know a lot about mating.” The old absol laughed.

“You speak the truth but don’t forget that whether on the battle field or on chess board there is no substitute for a clear cut plan of action.” Bones said taking Bangam’s pawn with his bishop.

“You speak the truth but unlike chess you can’t just stop and think of a plan.” Bangam said using one of his rooks to take Bone’s bishop. “A battle is fast pace and requires you to thinking fast on your feet and using your environment as a weapon from time to time. And that is what Flay is good at thinking on his feet, even in the mist of combat he cleverly used his abilities to dodge, counter or attack me. You can’t beat that Garret.”

“True, true George you have all the right ideas in a fighter but……” Bones said using his queen to take Bangam’s last rook. “You forget Prince’s trump card.” Bones said feeling proud of himself, like he had just ended this conversation. But that ended when Bangam began to laugh once more. Bone’s face dropped like he just had lead weights placed on them. “What’s so funny George?”

“Oh nothing…..just how you speak of the valor gene like it’s ‘Sheer Cold’ or ‘Fissure.’” Bangam said moving a single pawn up a space. “Well I have news for you Garret its NOT the game ending move that they make it sound so cracked up to be.”

“Explain yourself George Bangam.” Bone’s said hating that Bangam was mocking him.

“Well like the moves ‘Sheer Cold’, ‘Fissure’ and ‘Horn Drill’ the valor gene is not as we can say reliable.” Bangam said moving his piece after watching Bone’s do so. “Much like those moves the gene as several flaws in it that makes it more trouble some. Now in most cases the gene kicks in when one has lost a large amount of energy and is in trouble the gene will kick in giving the user a large amount of energy and strength to continue the fight. This gene taps into the users evolution gene and absorbs its energy thus disabling the users ability to evolve in most cases. But allows the user to use moves that would normally only be performed in their evolved forms for a short amount of time.”

“Ok I see where you are coming from George.” Bones said understanding what Bangam had to say.

“Now the valor gene is easily mistaken with natural born abilities like ‘Blaze’ and ‘Overgrowth’ since these to increase a pokemon’s power when in a pinch. But the difference is that these abilities only increase that pokemon’s elemental attacks but not their statues.” Bangam moved a piece and took Bone’s queen. “Now don’t get me wrong that might not sound like much but it does have one major advantage over the valor.”

“Oh and what is that might I ask?”

“Those with the valor gene loss the power to evolve.” Bangam said sighing. “Although its not a problem for those who wish to remain the way they are but those who wish to evolve well………”

“It must be torture?” Bones said imaging what someone with the valor. “Not being able to grow up like the rest of your peers.”

“Sometimes to gain great power one must give up something in return.” Bangam moved a piece up and then he noticed something that made him laugh. “Well what do know Garret.” Bones looked at it and began to laugh himself. “Stale-mate.”

“It is funny isn’t it George.” Bones got up and went over to the window and looked out at the great landscape around him. He heard his old friend get up and join him at the window.

“Its funny how life is Garret.” Bangam said “Look at us, look at this school. Who would had thought a single absol like me could had made something like this possible. But then again…… would had remained a dream if not for the help of all pokemon that helped me build this place.” Bangam looked down at the plaza and saw students running around playing games, studying(and more then just reviewing notes) and catching a few Z’s in the afternoon sun. “It was all worth it.”

“Ya but you did it George.” Bones said looking at his old friend then back out to amazing afternoon world. “I mean look at everything you’ve done for the world. You’ve given children a place to learn how to mate the right way, at least their not running around out there getting raped or learning it the wrong way. You’ve given everyone a fighting chance to find love and better themselves in this crazy world of ours.” He looked at his friend and saw that his speech seemed to be very painful to for it. “What’s up man why you look so gloomy?”

“Oh, its hard to bear that I’m close to the end of my days.” Bangam said looking at the children playing around. “Hmm, its something when your looking back at your life and remembering all the good times.” Bangam sighed and walked back into the room. “I’m sorry Garret I’m not usually like this am I?”

“It happens to all great mons as they come in age.” Bones said trying to lighting the depressed absol up. “Even the toughest mons feel burdened as they come close to the end. You have nothing to feel ashamed of my old friend.” This seemed to cheer the old mon up some.

“Your right.” Bangam returned to the window and looked out to the world. “And besides just because I’ve turned a hundred doesn’t mean that my life is over. They say my species only lives to be the grand 1 0 0 but that is only the average right.”

“Ya sir who are they to say that you won’t live to be two-hundred or something right.” Bones said happily.

“My friend from this day forward shall live life to the fullest.” Bangam said taking his prideful stance.

“Ya just when Aurora isn’t on your case with everything you do.” Bones and Bangam both laughed.

“Now look who has the jokes.” Bangam said laughing it up with his oldest friend. After they finished laughing the two elders left the room and began to head down the hall. Since the day was still young they decided to head out and watch some of the young females that were relaxing on the beach like back during their youthful days…….or what they did only a few years ago some of the females teachers had to put a stop to the two old perverted elder pokemon. For Bangam it almost made him feel eighty again.

It was the night before the mid terms begin, everyone was busy studying for the challenging test that would for some decided whether they will pass the first semester or have to repeat a class during the summer. Much like the night before the license exam Spring was studying her butt off making sure she was ready for the challenging test while Princess was sitting on her bed her small tail waging with eagerness for what was on it reading some note that she had gotten in one of her classes.

“You know there is going to be a party in the lounge on the day the mid terms end.” Princess said reading the note lazily.

“Ya well we can worry about that later when we finish the mid terms Princess.” Spring said returning to her work.

“Or you can put those notes up and we can go get Katie and Jill and go on a sweat tooth run.” Princess showed Spring a picture of a large slice of coconut cake with a strawberry on the top. “Now how can you say no to something like-.”

“I can and I will! NO.” Spring said looking back at her notes. “And besides ever since they moved out of the den and Zeal moved in I haven’t seen head or tail of those two.”

“Ya well even though myself and Zeal don’t always get along at least she’s willing to go on a sweet tooth run with me.” Prince said flopping back on her bed. A few weeks ago Zeal had moved into their den after Princess and Zeal had gotten in fight after they had entered a contest………


It was the last contest for the day that was going to be held at the Battle Dome. Zeal, Princess and Spring had all entered the contest since the winner would get a spot in the up coming Maxi Tournament. All three of them had done their best to impress the judges and the crowd and as the contest was coming to a close there was only four contestants, left the three woods girls and a beautiful fifth year Milotic from the oceans.

“This is the final appeal folks so lets hear you cheer.” A ninetales said who was playing contest master for the event. The crowd roared in a great cheer for the finalist. “In this final match these beautiful ladies will show us their cute side as they will show us who can use their moves in a beautiful but yet cute and charming way.” The ninetales walked off stage and the lights dimmed as a single spot light shined down on the stage.
“You shall battle each other in two single matches while being judged. Don’t worry if your knocked out as this won’t count greatly against you since the point is to put on a good show instead of trying to knock the other out.” The light began to move quickly around the stage and when it stopped it broke into two separate beams of light that stopped at Spring and the female Milotic.

“Our first match is between Spring and Mary.” With that both females walked forward and faced one another.

“May the best one fem win.” Spring said getting ready for her appeal/match. The funny thing was the Milotic just groaned.

“If you want.” Mary said miserably. “Listen I’m only in this because my friends made me. I’ll fight you but I couldn’t care less who wins though.”

“And……appeal.” The ninetales said and both Spring and Mary faced off. In the back of the stage Princess and Zeal were watching the match with great eagerness for getting out to do so themselves.

“Who do you think is going to win?” the skitty asked Princess her tail twitching back and forth. Princess watched Zeal’s tail and knew that she only did that when she was interested in something. The more it wagged the more interested she.

“Its so going to be Spring.” Princess said watching her friend battle. “Not only is Spring tough, but she also has the type advantage to top it off. All she has to do is use a few good razor leafs or beat that giant worm like thing with her vines and this match is as good as over.” Zeal rolled her eyes but it was kind of hard to tale since they always looked closed.

“Preppy you don’t think from time to time do you.” Zeal asked while watching the match closely. She began to notice that Spring was getting tired since most of her attacks were lacking in the power that they began with. “Spring can’t keep doing the same attacks since they would bore the judges and if you look closely Mary barely looks hurt.” Princess looked at the large sea serpent and saw what Zeal meant. Mary’s scales had become shiny and most of Spring’s attacks didn’t seem to have any effect what so ever. “What’s going on? Why is she all shiny and what not?” Zeal just signed.

“You really need to study more Preppy.” Zeal said looking at Princess like she was annoyed of her lack of studying. “Because if you listen more in class and maybe just maybe looked at a book more often then you would know that Milotic’s use a special ability called ‘Marvel Scale’ which increases their defense when low on health. Right now Mary’s scales have become as tough as diamond and are nearly unbreakable.” Zeal then looked at Princess. “You’ve go that all down Preppy. Or should I translate that into your type of language? One filled with simple words like “the” and “ah.”

“Ah, no but you could stop calling me Preppy. My name is Princess and you should respect it.” Princess said turning red from her anger.

“Your right Preppy.” Zeal said bowing her head. “Do you want me to kiss your paw or fetch you some water.” Zeal then kissed the ground near Princess who began to grind her teeth.

“That’s quite enou-.” Princess was stopped by the sound of Spring yelling as she hit the ground from a powerful water pulse. “SPRING!” Princess yelled. She saw her friend was laying in a puddle of water.

“And the winner of the match is Mary the Milotic from Ocean’s.” the ninetales yelled out to the crowd she lifted one of her paws and pointed to the beautiful sea serpent.

“Guess its our turn Preppy.” Zeal said as she walked onto the stage. She walked down stage to the edge and meowed loud enough for everyone to hear, the crowd went wild. She then walked around the edge of the stage and turned with her tail raised as high as it could go and then walked back to center with her rear to the crowd she turned her head a little and winked with her tongue out a bit. This caused many of the males in the crowd to howl in praise for Zeal’s bold move while some of the females seemed to hiss seeing that their boyfriends or male friends would act in such a way for her showing off.

“Funny when have you ever become a tramp?” Princess asked irritated that Zeal would go to such links to win.” Zeal giggled and readied herself for battle. She lowered the her body and extended out her claws, her tail was twitching again.

“You have to do what you have to do to win Preppy.” Zeal said grinning. “I know that I a lot of male votes from my little show hey Preppy. All I have to do now is knock you out and I’m going to Maxi tournament.”

“I thought we all entered this contest just for fun? When did it get so personal?” Princess asked moving into her own fighting stance.

“I’ve always wanted to fight you Preppy. I just never found the time to do so….until now.” Zeal explained. “The tourney is no more but a bonus.”

“I understand.” Princess said as the crowd grew quite, although she could hear muttering from varies parts of the crowd. She turned her attention back to her rival/friend. “I won’t hold back.” Princess said as she dashed at Zeal and delivered her first attack.

After that they fought for a few minutes until the bell rung singling the end of the battle…..but the thing was neither of them did stop. Princess was covered in scratches and cuts, her left eye was bruised from one point in the match when Zeal had head butted her in the face. Where as Zeal had a large number of cuts and a few bite marks here and there, she wore two small red bows on her ears and her green bandana on her tail was now ripped while the bows were laying on the floor some where. Both of them were breathing heavily and sweat was hitting the floor from the two of them like rain water in April.

“Now lets finish this.” They said at the same time. They charged at each other with the intent of ending the match for the other but before they could reach one another a flash of white and brown fur ran in between the two and a they stopped when a furret was standing between them with his eyes closed, he was standing on his hind legs with his forelegs up in the stopping position the two woods girls from attacking one another again. He wore a light blue and white bandana which told he was in the artic den.

“What are you two doing?” The furret ask as he opened his slowly eyes and then looked from Princess to Zeal. “Zeal you better than to let your emotions get the best of you.” the furret said scolding the skitty in a serious voice. Zeal’s head lowered while her tail went in between her legs.

“Sorry cousin Chip.” Zeal said sulking. The furret shook his head and stopped trying to stop them from trying to reach one another and place his paw on Zeal’s head.

“No that was a great match and it shows that you are getting stronger.”

“Thanks.” Zeal said in a tone that reflected her being a skitty.

“You two out of here.” The ninetales contest master said returning to the stage. “When that bell rings it means it’s the end of the battle you hear.” Usually ninetales looked calm and harmless but this one was the…..opposite of that. This ninetales seemed to have a flame in her eyes that would scare even Ho-Ho himself. “I have worked night and day trying to make ladies out of girls like you. Never in all my years running this hall have I had mons like you two that can’t be controlled. This entire time all you two do is fight and ague, I still can’t believe that the judges actually let tom males like you get this far. Well it ends here oh yes does. There won’t be anymore flashing your goods. or acting like your suppose to have your way.” The ninetales said pointing out what Princess and Zeal had been doing during contest.

“Hey you could-.” Chip was cut off by the raging mystic fox.

“Silence! Not even the great Chip Schtauffen can get his cousin out of this one.” Chip remained silent. This brought a look of satiation to the contest master.

“Until you two learn to act more lady like get out and don’t come back.” The ninetales used one of her long ninetales to point to the exit. “Good day ladies.” With that two large machokes came out and escorted the pair out.

After that Spring went on to win the contest as for some reason Mary decided to drop out. She told everyone that she had no care in entering such “boring things.” After that Mary left leaving a confused crowd since in truth she was going to win.

“Oooook that was strange.” The contest master said after Mary slithered out of the contest hall. Everyone looked over to the ninetales searching for what they were going to do next.

“Well since Mary dropped out and we had to DQ our other contestants that mean Spring is the winner by default.” The crowd went wild by the sound of this. A small blue ribbon was brought out by a pichu and was given to the chikorita.

“And here is our contest winnerrrrr Spring of the Wood’s den.” The crowd cheered again causing the grass pokemon to blush.

After the crowd died down and a few last words were said Spring left the building and found her friends waiting outside. When they noticed her coming with her shiny new ribbon they ran over and crowded around her.

“So how does it feel to be the winner?” Princess asked seeming to bounce around her excitement.

“Its ok I guess.” Spring admitted. “Its not like I feel any different.”

“Ya Preppy its not like right after she wins she’s suppose to be some completely different mon or something.” Zeal said.

“What ever.” Princess blew the skitty off.

“Don’t you what ever me.” Zeal said moving closer to the nidoran.

“Guys didn’t getting DQed was enough for you?” Spring asked trying to calm the enraged females. Zeal and Princess looked at Spring and then to one another and then back at her again.

“NO!” they yelled before going back to arguing again. Spring tried to stop them but both fems insisted on going on about why they were the better of the two, and why it was the other’s fault for them getting kicked out. But the pair was arguing so much that they didn’t hear the approach of someone else.

“Congratulations on your win Spring.” They heard Ember say as she walked over to them. She stopped in front of the group. “Unfortunately some of you didn’t perform like they should today isn’t that right ladies?” Ember asked looking back and forth from the bruised up skitty and nidoran. “I know your parent’s taught you better than that and I know full well I was a better example than what I saw today.” Ember’s eyes had narrowed causing the two girls to flinch up in fear of her attacking.

“Sorry.” Both girls mumbled.

“Sorry won’t cut it this time.” Ember said sitting down. “You two lost control of yourself and made a mess in there. After you guys left they said I’ll have to find some way of punishing you two or else I’ll lose my job of being head of the Wood’s Den.”

“Oh no!” the group said after hearing that.

“We don’t want you to go.” Spring said stepping forward a bit.

“Oh trust me I won’t be going anywhere any time soon.” Ember then looked at Princess and Zeal and gave a smirk that said she had a plan. “Trust me we’re going to have this nipped in the rear right now……….”

After that Ember had Katie and Jill moved out and into another den with two other first years and Zeal took their place. The group came to know one another a bit better after that and formed a tight friendship that would take more than a simple feud over a male to break. It came to show that some great thing could come out of a something bad situation…….


“Where is Zeal anyway.” Spring asked as she finished reading her notes.

“Oh you know that skitty. Always off in the plaza sun or moon bathing.” Princess said as she watched Spring finally get up after a hour of studying. “What do you think?”

“Maybe she just likes to rest in the outdoors like normal pokemon do.” Spring answered she picked up her notes with her one vine while opening and placing it into a drawer with another.

“Or…….she might be out trying to impress someone.” Princess said jumping to conclusions. “Oh man I’ve got to know why she is out there so much.” Princess began to tremble with delight and she was about to run out the door when Spring used the vine she had used to place her things away and grabbed Princess by the her two hind legs causing the jumpy nidoran to fall on her stomach.

“Or……you might be getting into other’s business and should stick to doing your own. For everyone’s else’s good you need to calm down and just ask our little skitty friend when she gets back.” Spring said dragging Princess back over to her bed and lifted her on to it. Princess just stuck out her little red tongue as Spring released her.

“What you up to in here?” someone said at the entrance to the small den. When the pair looked they saw Zeal walk in with a small bag in her mouth.

“What you have there?” Princess asked jumping off her bed and running over to the kitten pokemon. “Is it something for me?”

Zeal dropped the bag and three cup cakes rolled out. “I got us some late evening snacks to celebrate making it though the semester.” Zeal then happily pushed two of the small cup cakes to her friends and then bent her head down to take her first bite.

“Hey wait one second Zeal.” Princess said hastily. Zeal stopped before she bit in and looked at Princess with concern.

“Is there something wrong Princess?” Zeal asked feeling confused that her best friend would object to enjoying her present. But when Princess smiled her fear faded away.

“I think we should also dedicate this treat in honor of or friendship and time together.” Princess said picking the small muffin like cake with the bottom of her paw and lifting it in the air, her friends followed suit. “To being best friends.”

“To being healthily, strong, and passing our mid-terms tomorrow.” Spring said lifting her own cut cake.”

“And to a healthy long friendship.” Zeal said lifting hers own cake.

After that they feasted on the small cakes and enjoyed chatting about what they were going to do over after the test since they were allowed to go home for a holiday they called Christmas which was celebrated by humans. But a while back pokemon began to celebrate it since for some reason everyone felt more together during this time.

It was said that some large man in a red coat traveled the world in one night giving presents to good boys and girls. Pokemon didn’t believe in such things like that but it did bring families together so Bangam decided that he would allow students to get out for two weeks to spend the holiday with their families. After chatting for a hour more the they decided to call it a night and rest up for the long testing week a head.

The long testing week of mid-terms began with 1st and 2nd period on Monday, 3rd and 4th on Tuesday, and 5th and 6th on Wednesday. For some the test was no more but just remembering everything they had done over the four months they had been coming to school and for others the test was their worst nightmare coming true. Spring had a easy time handing all her test since each night she would spend a hour studying over the class she had the next day. She noticed that Princess would slack off each night but when they were in 1st period she say the little nidoran had as simple time breezing thought the quiz. Sure she was glad that Princess could look at a test and pass it but it would help that she did act like she was studying from time to time.

“You know you could act like you give a dam about studying every once in a while Princess.” Spring asked as they were sitting in the beautiful plaza in the back of the school. Princess looked at Spring like she had just gotten bitten by a remoraid or something and was in a bad mood.

“What’s gotten into you Spring?” Princess asked. “You eat something bad breakfast or something?”

“No is just that you always slack off and don’t study but yet you seem to get high grades on all you test.” Spring said calming down. “It would be nice for you to study every whose in a while so I don’t feel so…….you know dumb.” Princess began to laugh and Spring looked at Princess like she had just lost it herself. Here she was trying to ask her best friend to show her some compassion and help her out by studying and here she was laughing at her. What a way to put insult to injury Princess.

“I’m sorry but do you really think I don’t study Spring.” Princess said as she calmed down from laughing.

“Well ya.”

“Sorry to bust your bubble but do study every once in a while.” Spring looked at Princess like she was mad.

“But I never-?”

“See me study.” Princess finished Spring’s question. “See I spend my time doing book work in the library after school. If I study the night before a test I don’t remember much and usually end up not doing well on the test the next day. So I look ahead of the game and read and study about two weeks before a test so that way I can know the material by the time the test comes and try to cram it all in the next night.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me about it?”

“I that when we study together I can’t focus since I tend to…….you know talk like a marill at a all water type convention in the middle of the raining season you know.” They laughed after that and stopped to notice Zeal had just walked out. She walked pass them and walked over onto a small island that was on the other side of small bridge in the corner of the plaza. When she reached the other side the small skitty sat down and began to fiddle around with her tail ribbon and then after that dipped her paw in the water and began to groom her fur with the water finally she used her tongue to finish the job.

“There she goes again sitting around trying to be the center of attention.” Princess said hating on how Zeal was sitting around outside all the time trying to show off to all the males.

“Maybe but no one can say that what she is doing is wrong.” Spring said remembering something from one of her classes. “Instead of going around searching for a mate she is just simply letting them come to her.”

“Yes it does!” Princess snapped. “It’s making us who work hard to find someone look bad.”

“One you haven’t found anyone yourself. Two I don’t remember the last time you’ve even flirted with someone. And three Zeal has all the right to let others come to her.” Spring pointed out to the jealous nidoran. “Why not you go over and ask her why she’s out here yourself.” Princess shook her.

“I have a better idea. Why not you ask her and just come back and tell me.”

“Fine I will then.” Spring then trotted away and over to Zeal who had since moved into a bright part of her little waiting ground. After she noticed the chikorita coming Zeal happily greeted her in the famous fashion her species was known for. Zeal’s tail beginnings to wag quickly, ears shot up and she puts on a face of joy like she hadn’t seen her friend for ages.

“Spring what you doing over here?” Zeal asked in a voice that said she didn’t expected her to come over to see her but yet was glad. Zeal noticed Princess on the other side of the bridge watching them and then her expression changed to one of confusement. “Why is Princ-.”

“Oh she’s just mad that you’re always spending your time out here.” Spring explained summing everything up in one sentence.

“Is that all.” Zeal said, her expression returned to that of a happy young skitty. “I’m out here looking for a mate. And this is how my mother did it along time ago.”

“I see.” Spring said still confused about a few things. Zeal noticed the confusion in her eyes.

“I can still see your confused so I’ll explain in more detail.” She said sitting down, her long sail was moving back and forth on the pavement. “My mother had a hard time looking for a mate when she came here to this very school about around her 7th year. She would try to go out with any males that would go on a date with her, but unfortunately she couldn’t find anyone that satisfied her. Some were boring, others had personality issues and some well lets just say they that when they touched her the wrong way had a hard time having any offspring after that.”

“Ouch.” Spring said squinting her eye lids like she had just tasted a sour lemon.

“Ya you get the picture.” Laughed the young skitty. “Well after a while of looking she came to this very spot one afternoon and just sat there moping over her bad luck. But just as she was getting up that evening a handsome Manectric my father walked over to her and asked why she was so down. Do you know what my mother said to answer his question?” Zeal asked beginning to giggle.

“I don’t think what was it?” Spring asked

“She told him to go ask all the guys who she had gone out with.” Zeal began to laugh. “And, and you know what he did?” Spring signed.

“No Zeal I don’t you know.”

“I know but…….I just couldn’t help asking.” Zeal then calmed down after laughing a bit longer.

“Hey you guys!” Spring and Zeal looked over to the bridge to see Princess waving at them with one of her paws high in the air while she was trying to balance on her other three legs.

“Hey!” The pair yelled back. Glad she finally deciding to come over. Princess came over and sat in between the pair a few feet away to form a triangle between them. Princess signed.

“Hey sorry Zeal that I’ve been acting a bit um…....jealous lately.” Princess said sincerely. “I’ve been letting my personal feeling get in the way of our friendship.”

“Its fine.” Zeal said in a voice told she wasn’t one to dwindle on the past.

“I know but we’re rivals and I guess I let my competitive side take over and make me distrust you.”

Yes but we’re friends first and that is all that matters……when we’re not on the battle field Princess.” Zeal said with a competitive look on her face.

“You know it at least.” Both fems looked ready to go right then and there but Spring finally spoke up to spot them. She couldn’t be having those two fighting out here. Detention was in order for anyone who go caught fighting. And what Spring had heard about it detention wasn’t a pleasant place to be going to.

“You to can fight all you want at Coliseum Circle and lay it down then. But I want to hear the rest of your tale first Zeal.” Spring said looking at her friends, one of her vines had come out and was hiding behind her back for incase she need to stop one of her friends. It wasn’t like she didn’t trust her friends. But one can’t always tell what others might do evening if they knew them.

“Sure thing Spring.” Zeal said before clearing her throat to contuie her tale. “Where was I…..oh ya, well after my mother told my father to go ask her old mates all he did was shrug and told her he would be right back. You know what he did? He actually went off and found a few of mother’s old mates and asked them why she was so down. The next night he found her back there and told her that he had asked around about her. Mother just laughed and told him that she enjoyed how he was looking out for her. And that night they made passionate love under the moon light.” After that they spent most of the year hanging out together. One day after a date they made love right here on this very spot.”

“Is it true or are you just pulling our legs?” Princess asked.

“Its what they told me Preppy. I don’t believe they would lie to me their own daughter.” Zeal said defending her story.

“That’s so cool.” Spring said a tear running down her cheek.

“You’ll have to tell me what happened before that.” Princess said a feeling a bit lost.

“Ya and that was how my parents met.” Zeal smiled and began to lick her left pawn and then groom her face. “Now if you don’t mind I need to get back to scouting for a mate of my own.”

“I have question for you before we leave you to scout.” Princess asked. Zeal nodded. “Ok I get that your parents was a delcatty and manectric so you should have a few other pokemon in your family then just skitty’s and delcatty’s. But that doesn’t explain why your cousin is a furret.” Princess asked remembering the furret that had stepped into the middle of their match about two to three weeks ago.

“Well… grandma became mates with a furret and then gave birth to several offspring including my mother and uncle. Then my uncle found a nice female raticate and they gave birth to several young including my cousin Chip.” Zeal answered bobbing her head slowly back and forth. Princess looked at Spring.

“Ok that explains one thing but I’ve got another question that had been on my mind for some time.” Princess said looking at Zeal’s light colored fur, it was a really light yellowish coat. “Why is your fur color so different from normal skittys’s?”
Zeal looked back at her fur and giggled.

“My father has a yellow mane and my mother has a tan colored coat.” Zeal said fiddling around with her bows on her ears, a bit of her tongue was sticking out. “The rest of my seven siblings have normal fur colors. They said I’m not a shiny colored pokemon.” She finished fixing her bows and settled down. “I really don’t know what I am but a unique colored pokemon. But then again there are shiny pokemon that have different colors from the ones that most normally see.” Zeal looked at herself in the water and her smile grew wide. “And besides I enjoy it that I picked up some rare traits from my parents.”

“That’s nice to hear.” Spring said smiling from seeing her friend so happy.

“It’s a honor to be able to be a bit different from others. Who knows I might even be able to start a new breed of alternative colored skitties or what not in my family.” Zeal said admiring her fur.

“I’ll catch up on you guys later then.” Zeal said stretching; her paw went forward while her rear went up. “I’ll catch up later and we can start planning what to do over the break while we stay here.”

“Why not you just come with us now?” Spring asked as she was about to leave.

“I can’t.” Zeal laid down and curled her tail around her ankles. “I want to see if someone will finally ask me out. All I want is for one male to come over to me and ask me out like a gentleman. So far all the candidates who have come over are just looking for a quick fling or what ever you want to call it.”

“O……k……. why not just stop and come with us since its not working out.” Princess suggested.

“I would but you see this is the first step in my plan for hopefully finding a descent male.”

“What are you talking about?” Spring asked taking interest on what the kitten had to say.

“Well to me a male must possess a few things that will make me even remotely like them beside on just looks alone. 1) He must possess guts. That is why I’m sitting here all the time so I can see if they will ask me out. There are only a few males so far that do like but haven’t even come over to ask me out. 2) He must be a gentleman since I won’t go out with a pig or idiot. So far everyone that has come over thinks I’m out here looking to get laid or something.” Zeal said hopelessly.

“Your little stunt at the contest a few weeks ago didn’t help.” Princess said. Zeal rolled her eyes at her friends.

“Ya, ya I know but I thought it would help me get ahead in the contest and win. I didn’t know that I’ll get disqualified afterward for disobeying the rules.” Zeal said blowing off her friends.

“But anyway getting back to my tale.” The kitten said after her friends quieted down. “The last thing a good male in my book should have is the will to do anything that it takes to win my heart. I want someone who is willing to go to the ends of the earth, cross the largest sea, and scale the largest mountain all just act to impress me. Now that is something” After that she to sigh happily which made Princess and Spring look at one another again.

“Your quite the dreamer Zeal.” Spring said respecting what the kitten had said. “You keep on looking for that perfect male.”

“Well you’re not going to find him sitting around here.” Princess said.

“Just give me to the start of the next semester and if I don’t at least me someone then I’ll stop ok.” Zeal said. “Then after that I’ll look else where.”

“Ok good luck with that .” Spring said leaving.

“Come don’t waste-.” Princess was cut off as Spring used the vine she had hidden earlier and wrapped it around the nidoran’s back legs and dragged her off.

“Don’t worry your sure to find Mr. Right if you keep looking.” Spring said over her as she dragged Princess over the small bridge that connected the main plaza to the small island.

“Oh come on don’t tell-. OUCH!” Princess was cut off as she had bumped her head onto one of the poles to the bridge. She placed her forepaws where the pain was. “You did that on purpose!” she yelled at Spring.

“Sorry.” Spring said before bursting out in tears from holding in her laughter which could be heard all over the plaza. Princess worked her way free of her bondage by loosing Spring’s hold on her legs and got up to chase the chikorita all across the plaza and finally into the halls of the school. Zeal watched her friends go and finally laid her head down and fell asleep…….

One more thing before i let you go. Never write a long chapter and then go back to profread it all at one time. Listen to this. I printed out the finished product and then went back to profread. After that i found myself at the my desk for quite some time going back and putting in the varies changes to the computer version. (laughs) Trust me I will never do that again. Heck when someone called i was all like "Why the hell did you call at a time like this" I'm amazed that i can control my anger the way i can.

Chapter End Notes:

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    Again there are still more spelling errors here and there. And I'm asuming you were using Arceus' japanese name towards the beginning, when Bones and Bangam were talking about their adventure.

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