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Friends To Mates by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

If you haven't guessed it already, yes, this story is based off of Pokemon Colosseum! I used my two Eons from the game. They both ended up male, Espeon has a Quirky nature, and Umbreon has Careful. (which SUCKS in the game) I was easily able to make up a romance story, and get to writing it. Four chapters is all that was planned, so this series is marked as finished with the Epilogue. Thank you all for enjoying it. :)

Chapter 3: Bonding

Chapter 3: Bonding

Pokemon Fan Fic
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Computer troubles disabled and destroyed some request brainstorms, so during my early July computer troubles, I decided to work on this one here, Chapter 3 of Friends To Mates. Sorry to people who have given me requests, I don't know when I can get along to finishing a lot of them. :/

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: After a yiffing hiatus in Chapter 2, we're back to the sex, and it's between two males. So if you don't like it, or you're not supposed to see it, stop now.

"Fufufu... I have a feeling I may see you again somewhere." The strange man in purple states to Wesley.

Wesley looks at him weirdly, the figure of the man tall, with white hair, and oddly red eyes. Yuki appears slightly frightened at him, and what he just said. And, he just came walking out of the Mayor's residence. The man says no more, and walks out of Phenac via the exit right next to the three. Wesley and Yuki watch him go, and then look at each other. Wesley seems a bit concerned, Yuki still shaken. "Who... do you think that was?" She asks.

"I don't know. But, I don't like what he just said." Wesley replies, grabbing his two Pokeballs.

He maximizes and activates the balls, the resulting beams of light turning into his two Eons, whom decide to stretch their legs, Raniel yawning a bit. "Alright, guys. We're going to speak to the Mayor. Stand watch here at the door, trouble might come." Wesley states.

His two faithful Pokemon look at him as he speaks, and then both nod. Wesley nods in return, and he and Yuki head inside the Mayor's home, closing the door behind them. Ziro watches him go in and close the door, giving a little "hmm" of thought. Turning his head back to Raniel, he already sees the Espeon being his playful self and hopping around the little stream of water running through the pavement. Raniel presses his nose into the slightly-chilly water, and giggles, lapping his tongue over his nose. Ziro raises a brow, and gives a little shrug, staying where he is, his eyes glancing around the area slowly. Raniel giggles again and makes a few little kitty hops, before he glances up, and sees Ziro sitting astute and watchful. He plops on his bum and looks on at him. Ziro is looking over at some people around the PRE Gym not far away, but he gets a weird sense. His eyes glance over at the Espeon, and sure enough, he's being stared at. "... What is it, Raniel?" He asks.

Raniel headtilts. "I dunno. I think you look cool."

Ziro's head turns toward Raniel. "Sitting here like a statue?"

Raniel nods a few times. Ziro ear-twitches, and watches the Espeon stare for a moment. "Well... Quit staring at me, it's getting weird." He says.

Raniel blinks a few times, and gives a little shrug. "Okay, Guardian Ziro!" He says, giggling and going back to his water antics.

Ziro smirks at that comment, and shakes his head a bit, going back to glancing out at the populace. He gives a little sigh soon after. Raniel...

He then slides down to lie on his belly, placing his head on his forepaws. His eyes turn to glance at the Espeon, whom seems almost extra cheerful as he bounds around the water, stopping at one point to dip his paw inside and watch the water flow arc. Ziro feels a weird numb feeling come over him, making him shudder a bit. I haven't been able to get my mind off of last night...

His mind constantly flashes back to the events before. He's past when Raniel sucked him off at the outskirts, since they had discussed it. No, his mind his stuck on their moment that night. Their soft moment of friendship, then Raniel admitting a love for him, kissing him... Ziro blinks and shakes his head around, getting spaced for a moment. I still can't believe all this...

He notices now that Raniel has dipped his tailends into the water, the Espeon once again giggling cheerfully. Ziro just looks on for a moment, before his eyes turn away somewhere. We've known each other for all these years, and I thought we were just close friends...

As he glances out at some people walking around, his mind trailing back to old memories. Memories when they were Eevees, grown away from kithood, more attuned to battling and able to understand the world better. He and Raniel were constantly together, tackling and playing, running around the grassy plains of Wesley's old home. Raniel... He just couldn't stay away from me. Nor I him...

Wesley had no problem keeping them out of their balls to let them play and frolic. He treated them like kings, even after he fell into crime and became a member of Team Snagem. It was no wonder the two of them evolved into the Eons they are today: They were tamed as such. I remember... I evolved first...

Ziro did evolve first, during a calm night at the Snagem base after a sunset. A beautiful starry night was setting in. He remembered it happened after Raniel got playful, jumped on his back and started nibbling his ear. Suddenly, he started to glow the signature white light, and before he knew it, Raniel found himself on an Umbreon's head. Ziro can't help but giggle as he remembers that moment. Raniel blinks as he looks up from the water. He could have sworn he just heard the Umbreon giggle. Shrugging off the thought, he goes back to the water, looking to see if a fish will come by. Ziro looks over at him for a moment. ... He evolved the next morning... That's when things got a little weird.

Ziro can remember vividly how things changed. They were no longer Eevees, but now had become considerably stronger. Wesley had them test their powers a lot, and boy did Ziro love his new strength. But from that point, Raniel wasn't as playful as he used to be. Sure, he was always the same cheery Raniel, but he wasn't totally up for frolicking with Ziro. ... I don't know why this hurt me, but, it did...

Raniel was still nice to him, but seemed like he wanted to avoid Ziro sometimes. Like he felt something was wrong with Ziro. Ziro thought it had something to do with his new Dark-type, but he would never hurt Raniel. Not at all. He found himself wanting to be closer to Raniel again, wanting to go back to the times when they were such playful Eevees. Sure, they were still close, it seemed, but Raniel was distant. And then, Wesley had to keep the two Eons locked up in Pokeballs a lot, because he didn't want them involved in the Team Snagem business that he was going to try and get away from. ... That's when I... felt so hurt... I grew away from him...

Ziro felt he couldn't be so social with his wonderful friend anymore, and he didn't know why. What had happened to them? What did they have before that got swept away? Ziro himself even started to ignore Raniel finally being playful the day before at Outskirt Stand. But he did give into it. And then everything went down like it did... Once again, Ziro finds his thoughts slipping to the previous night. Again, he glances back at Raniel, and once again, the weird numbing feeling comes over him. Shuddering, he looks back toward the Gym. ... What is that...

And that's when... it hits him. This numbing feeling. He's gotten it before. Back in his Eevee days, when he and Raniel would be together. Back after they evolved, when he wanted to get what they had lost. The night before, when he was kissed, and didn't try and run. And now, it rushes over him again as he remembers that moment. The Umbreon's eyes are a bit wide as all of it rushes down at him, his eyes spaced out into the sky. ... Do... Do I love him?

Ziro's head shifts to look at the ground a bit, his eyes still slightly widened as many thoughts suddenly fly through his head. Tons of memories are coming to him now: Memories of totally different moments they shared as Eevees, growing up, becoming fighters, playing a lot. Ones he didn't remember until just now. The flood of memories leaves him frozen there. He can only sit still as the final memory comes to him: Last night's kiss, once again. His body loosens up somewhat as he just stares at a pebble on the ground. It's... It's true...

His train of thought is then suddenly interrupted by a push against him. He gasps loudly and almost jumps right out of his fur as he looks to the side, seeing Raniel there, taking his head away from the Umbreon's side after the nudge just given. Ziro releases a sigh and calms down, hearing a giggle escape the Espeon, Raniel knowing he just scared the Dark-type. Ziro gives him an annoyed look, which is ruined by a smile that slides over his muzzle amidst the glare. Raniel giggles again, quieter now, before he leans downward and rubs up against Ziro, his body bending diagonally before his legs slide and cause him to flop down. Both of them giggle, Raniel then adjusting his laying position to be side-to-side with the Umbreon, nosing at his cheek. Ziro smiles at him, before he starts to nuzzle against the snout end, Raniel quickly adjusting his head to make it cheek-to-cheek. At this point, the door behind them opens, the two of them glancing backwards and sideways to see Wesley and Yuki emerge. They immediately notice the two Eons. "... Aww! They're little cuddly things." She says.

Wesley chuckles, his two Eons blushing some, Raniel letting out a giggle. Ziro looks at him, and then gives his cheek a lick, which surprises the heck out of Raniel, who gives him a weird look. Before Ziro can respond in any way, Wesley lets out his Pokeballs. "Time to go on a mission, guys. Prepare to be busy soon." He says.

Ziro and Raniel can only nod before they're sent into their Pokeballs.

Busy day indeed. Ziro and Raniel get a fight with one of their former Team Snagem team members almost first thing, Yuki finding out just about Wesley's past. Yuki didn't mind, however, and got an idea. The two spent most of the day driving to Outskirt Stand to get Pokeballs, and then back again, when they hear that something is up with the Mayor. Upon investigation, they run into Folly and Trudly again, this time with their leader and his band of thugs, eager on getting Yuki back under their possession. They leave Folly and Trudly with the two, and that's when Ziro and Raniel's second battle came on.

"Damnit, Trudly, you idiot!" Folly says from just to the side.

Trudly groans, and brings back his Pokemon, Spinarak and Duskull. They were just annihilated by the two Eons, just like Folly's Pokemon from moments before. "Forgot about type weaknesses, huh? Fool." Wesley states, finding that amusing.

Trudly pulls out his third Pokeball. He, unlike Folly, has three Pokemon. "Damnit, it's not gonna stand, Trudly!" Folly states.

Trudly grrrs somewhat and ignores him, sending the ball out. And in a flash of light, a Makuhita appears. Wesley gives a nice chuckle, and Raniel smiles. "Your friend is right. This is over!"

And from the sideline as well, near a tree, Yuki goes a tad wide-eyed. She can see an ominous black aura surrounding the Makuhita. She gasps. "... Wesley! S-Something is wrong with that Pokemon!"

Wesley looks to her for a moment, and then to the Pokemon, wondering what is up. Trudly just stands ready, though a bit of a smile appears on his face. The Makuhita grunts a bit and sort of sways back and forth in its weird battle stance. "What do you mean, Yuki?" Wesley says.

Yuki shivers a bit, looking at the Pokemon. "I can see it... It's aura... Wes, you have to catch that one!"

Wes raises a brow, and sighs a bit. "Fine, I'll take your word for it. Espeon, get it!"

Espeon lets out his Confusion attack to blast the Fighting-type, whom he knows is weak to Psychic energy. The attack collides with a flash on the Makuhita, who shows almost no wear from the attack, even though he writhes slightly from the pain. Espeon meeps in surprise, and Umbreon's eyes perk up. "... What? That should take it down!" Wes states.

Trudly smiles. "Get on the attack, Makuhita! Shadow Rush that Espeon!"

Makuhita groans, and raises his fist, an array of ominous purple energy surrounding his body and to his fist. Everyone but Trudly and Folly wonder what the heck this move is, but whatever it is, Makuhita is intent on nailing Raniel, whom he's rushing toward. "Dodge it!" Wes yells.

Raniel leaps over the Makuhita and dodges this strange punch, which collides with the ground and makes a small quake. Raniel turns around quickly to perhaps try something, and barely dodges a swing as Makuhita spins around. He eeps and takes a few steps back, stumbling onto his backside, Makuhita staring at him and walking forward, beginning to Shadow Rush again. He's interrupted then by a dark blast of a Bite attack to his side, making him cut off the attack prematurely. He feels next to nothing from the attack, having a resistance, but he's still annoyed as he glances over at the snarling Umbreon. Ziro bears his fangs and glares evilly with his red pools at the Makuhita, daring him to come and fight. The Makuhita growls, and begins to head toward the Umbreon. Raniel gasps, his ears perking up. Ziro, what are you doing?! He says telepathically.

Ziro just growls again, and hops up to tackle the Makuhita, who doesn't move much. He hops back away after the tackle, spinning around to the see Makuhita just about on top of him, and he narrowly misses with a loud meep. He stumbles a bit, but otherwise remains on his feet, ready to sink his teeth into some Makuhita flesh, before WHAM - Makuhita comes up with an uppercut: Shadow Rush. Ziro cries out in pain as a blast of purple erupts from the fist as it hits him, sending him flying straight into a palm tree, which breaks in half from the impact. Raniel gasps and whimpers sadly. ZIRO!

He then growls, and arches his head back, his head jewel glowing. The Makuhita laughs, proud of itself, turning to see Raniel. Just in time, as Raniel lets out a loud "ESPEON!!!" and fires Confusion, which blasts the Makuhita right off his feet: Critical Hit. The Makuhita begins to groan in pain, finding it hard to move. "Now, Wes!" Yuki yells.

Wes gets off the sight of his Umbreon for a moment to break out a Pokeball in his left hand. The contraption on his hand - the Snag Machine - locks onto the Pokeball for a second and causes a glow to come over it. It then lets go, and Wes throws it at the Makuhita, who cannot dodge. It sucks him straight in and plops onto the ground. "What! You can't capture my Pokemon!" Trudly yells.

Wes ignores him and watches the ball closely. It jerks, it flops a bit, it almost jumps right off the ground. But in the end, it comes to a stop, and light in the middle fades to off. "CAUGHT!" He yells.

"WHAT?!" Trudly yells, falling to his knees in disbelief.

"That's impossible!" Folly adds.

Wes smiles, and walks over to the ball, picking it up, looking at it for a moment before turning a serious glance to the criminals. "Get out of town. NOW." He states assertively.

Folly and Trudly immediately cry out and run out of the town via the nearby exit. Wes smiles, minimizing the ball, as Yuki comes up, smiling. "Nice work!" She says.

Wes nods, and then turns around some, Yuki looking to where he looks. The dust has settled as they see Raniel over Ziro, whimpering. They walk over. The Umbreon is unconscious in the dirt where the palm tree was, looking rather beat up from the impact. Raniel licks at his face a few times, tears dropping onto the Dark-type's cheek afterward. Yuki lets out an 'aww' of sadness. Wes bends down and pets Espeon's head, reaching to his belt with the other hand. "Don't worry, buddy... He'll be okay. Just gotta get him to a Pokecenter."

He brandishes his two little Pokeballs with the other hand, and takes one in each hand, expanding them. Raniel looks up to him with saddened eyes as he recalls both Eons into the balls. He and Yuki look each other for a moment, and then to the sky, as they notice it's getting dark. "Come on. Let's go." Yuki states.

The two walk immediately down to the Pokecenter just a ways away, both of them kind of quiet. Yuki still doesn't know what to think about Wes being a former criminal. They get into the Pokecenter, where Wes immediately requests his 3 Pokeballs receive healing. The attendant does so, and hands them back over. "Well we got the same room key. Let's investigate this matter about Pyrite Town in the morning." Wes says.

Yuki nods, as Wes straps one ball to his belt and releases the Eons out of theirs. The two appear in seated position, and both turn to look at Wes. "You two can go get some recreation. We'll see you in the morning, or just come and paw at the door." Wesley states.

The two Pokemon nod, and head outside. Ziro immediately decides to go for the palm tree-laden spot that he and Raniel had gone to once before. Raniel watches him closely from behind, his eyes showing concern. When they reach inside of the area, Ziro meeps as Raniel latches onto him. "Hi Raniel..." He says.

"Are you okay, Ziro?" Raniel quickly says.

He nods. "I'm just fine..."

Raniel whimpers gently and nuzzles the side of the Umbreon's neck. "I saw you get hit, and.. and.. you were unconscious, and..."

Ziro puts a paw on the Espeon's mouth. "I'm fine. Really. We were healed in the machine."

Raniel blinks, and lets off a sigh, calming down as he lets go of his friend, nosing the paw away. "... Sorry. I was just so worried."

Ziro nods, and turns to face Raniel somewhat. "I know... And I'm sorry for that."

Raniel looks at him with a light smile, but then the smile kind of fades as his eyes grow with curiosity. "... Why did you do that?"


"Challenge him like that. With a disadvantage."

Ziro blinks slowly, and shrugs a shoulder lightly. "He was going to hurt you..."

Raniel blinks a few times. "... Hurt me?"

Ziro nods. "He was going to get you, I had to step in and distract him..."

"... Ziro... You didn't need to..."

The Umbreon moves his head forward and gently nuzzles the Espeon's cheek. "But I did."

Raniel smiles gently, and rubs back against the nuzzles. "You're sweet..."

Ziro snickers, and gives the Espeon's cheek a lick. Raniel pulls back then and looks at Ziro weirdly. Ziro blinks a few times. "... What is it?"

"You licked me again... You did that earlier."

"Yeah, so?"

"You haven't done that in years..."

Ziro giggles a bit, and bumps noses with Raniel. "Well maybe I'm just sweet today..."

Raniel smiles, and rubs noses softly. "It's a good change..."

Ziro closes his eyes softly and rubs his nose in return. "You think?" He says a bit softly.

Raniel's smile sort of fades into a puzzled look, as he stops moving his nose, just looking at Ziro. The Umbreon's throat rumbles softly as he himself rubs his nose against that of the cat Pokemon, his eyes staying closed. Raniel is essentially dumbfounded, but, deep down, he does like this, and he starts to purr gently. Ziro hears the purring, and seems to outwardly smile softly, his mind only further wandering away. Before either of them can expect it, Ziro's lips meet those of Raniel's. Raniel's eyes shoot open and his face lights up in blush. Frozen in utter surprise, he can only look at the Umbreon's face as he's kissed. The kiss is only gentle, but Ziro is the one doing it, which is what is getting to Raniel. His purrs have stopped, and he's too frozen to return the kiss. After a few moments, Ziro's mind processes that he's getting no reaction, and he slides out of the kiss, his eyes opening gently. And that's when his face lights up and his eyes perk open, as he realizes what he just did. He looks to Raniel's eyes, the Espeon looking just as shocked as he is. Raniel senses this shock, and is even more puzzled. "........ Ziro...." is all he can say, softly, above a whisper.

Ziro gulps a bit. "I..." He stammers out, unable to continue.

Neither of them can say anything, their gazes of surprise locked. But soon, those gazes begin to change. Feelings of warmth begin to flow through the bodies of the two Eons as they stare into each other's eyes. Raniel is overcome with love for the Eon before him, as he's felt for a long time, and even admitted the previous night. He's always loved those red pools he's now staring into, as well. Ziro has his own feeling. He's never actually stared into Raniel's eyes before like this. The Espeon's eyes, colored a nice smooth purple, are more beautiful than Ziro ever noticed before. The eyes seem to stare right into his soul, the love he feels for Raniel felt well more apparent now. Ziro lets out kind of a small huff, his eyelids going down to near the halfway mark between opened and closed. Raniel, acting as if on queue, lets off a little purr and taps noses with the Umbreon, his own eyelids drooping slightly in tow. Ziro returns the taps, until the two stop to continue staring unmoving. Then, neither can hold it anymore as the two Eons lock lips, their eyes closing, and Ziro's head tilting a bit to the side. Espeon's purrs shoot up in volume, his body soon scooting forward a bit to press closer to his love's. This causes him to push into the kiss harder, Ziro's head moving back a bit in the process. Acting off his desires, Espeon's forepaws come around the Umbreon as he begins to kiss more passionately, having wanted this for so long. Ziro churrls a bit in his throat as this happens, taking it for a few moments, before he subconsciously decides to add his part. His paws come up to rest on Raniel's shoulders as he thrusts his own measure of passion into the embrace. Raniel almost meeps, his head moving back a bit as he is immediately falling into a swoon. His side of the kiss weakens a lot, causing Ziro to take over most of it. And Raniel is loving it. He purrs continually and lets out some gentle whimpers as his mind swoons: He's always dreamed of Ziro doing this to him, and it's actually happening. It becomes quickly apparent of a scent that's rising into the air. Ziro catches this, his eyes opening a bit as he drops out of the kiss, which was nice timing, as he was lacking air to breathe. Lightly panting, his eyes catch the opening ones of the Espeon, who also has a light pant. Ziro's nose catches the smell, which he pretty much knows is the musk of his friend. His blush re-reddens a bit. "Raniel..." He says softly.

Raniel, breaking out of his swoon, can only stay crimson-faced, and he smiles funnily, sounding out a murr as his nose comes up to Ziro's neck. He licks there a few times, his tail snaking around his body, seeking inbetween both bodies and grabbing a hold of the Umbreon's sheath. Ziro meeps loudly and tenses up, before his body relaxes again, exclamated by a deep murr and a light lift of his chin. Raniel takes the opportunity and licks over the Umbreon's chin a few times slowly, his tailends tightening against the sheath and beginning to stroke it. "I want you, Ziro..." He whispers, loud enough for Ziro to hear.

Ziro murrs again, deep still, but now a bit louder. His sheath swells now and lets his scent out into the air, his head then moving back down to lock lips with Raniel again. Raniel, out of his swoon now, begins to kiss the Umbreon lustfully almost immediately. When he feels Ziro's tongue come into the mix, he sends his own out, the two pink muscles lacing around each other repeatedly. Ziro's lower body twitches a bit as his member begins to slide out of his sheath to the open air, and he growls gently, one his paws sliding off the Espeon's shoulder, down his body, where he soon meets Raniel's partially emerged member. He starts to rub it, and smiles as Raniel is quickly shivering and letting out gentle whimpers. He moves his own tailends to come up and down the Umbreon's emerging cock, the soft fur moving over him causing Ziro to go into his own shivers. But he doesn't let up on his kiss or his rubbing, noting soon that Raniel's throbbing maleness has come out all the way, so quickly. Raniel murrs loudly and goes a bit faster on Ziro's cock, making the Umbreon quiver and grow weak in the kiss, so Raniel just breaks it, opening his eyes and smiling. Ziro's own eyes open as he murrs loudly, twitching a bit, his now throbbing 4-1/2 inch maleness standing, but still getting stroked by the eager tailends. They quickly lead him to a drooling of his precum, which is quickly spread over the shaft by the tail. "R-Raniel..." He says, a bit quiet in the voice from the pleasure.

Raniel just purrs loudly and noses at Ziro a bit, licking at his lips and nose once. "Do you want me too, Ziro..." He asks gently, looking deep into the Umbreon's eyes.

Ziro cringes slightly and releases a gentle moan, more precum leaking out of his member to be spread around by the tails. "Y-Yes... I do..."

Raniel murrs and smiles again, giving another lick like the previous, before his tails unwrap from the Umbreon's endowment. He then pulls away from Ziro's body, the red eyes of the Umbreon watching curiously as Raniel turns himself around, looking back at Ziro, before he lifts his tail and lets it drape somewhat over his back, showcasing his virgin tailhole to the now crimson Umbreon. "Please... I'm yours, Ziro...." He says with slight lust in his voice.

Ziro rrphs, and just stares for a second. No wonder the tailplay kept up for that long: Raniel was lubing his member with his own pre. Awkwardly, he stands and walks toward the Espeon, his member bobbing underneath him. He gulps slightly as he looks at Raniel. "... Are you sure?"

Raniel lets out a gentle moan, his member actually drooling a line of pre onto the ground as he widens his stance a bit. "Yes... Ziro... Please... I want you so bad...." He says, so lustful and eager.

Ziro nods a bit, slightly nervous. He's never mated anyone before, let alone a male, and let alone his best friend. But thinking about it, he knows he loves Raniel. He knows Raniel wants this, and just maybe, he wants it too. One more way to seal what they have together. Overcoming his nervousness, he hops his forepaws onto Raniel's back and effectively mounts him. Raniel purrs loudly, feeling Ziro's forelegs clamp onto his body, the Umbreon's hindlegs scooting up a bit, the hot tip of his member touching Raniel's entrance. This causes both of them to gasp, and Raniel to moan slightly again. Ziro gathers up his nerve again, and begins to move his hips forward, the tapered end of his member going inside and giving way to his cock's actual thickness. Raniel lets out a loud gasp when his ring is spread open, Ziro tensing up and lifting his head. He goes in a bit deeper, beginning to open up more of the Espeon's passageway, and boy is it hard. Ziro feels as though he's being pushed out as he forces his way in, which thankfully is easy thanks to previous lubrication. Raniel, meanwhile, starts to gently whimper, a few tears falling from his eyes. Ziro stops as he hears this, looking down to the Espeon, and suddenly becoming worried. "Raniel... I can stop..."

Raniel quickly shakes his head. "No... Please... It always hurts... Just keep going..." He stays, with one sniffle.

Raniel closes his eyes and "looks" at the ground, his tailhole flexing a bit over Ziro's member as more pre drools out of his own. Ziro tenses up when the passageway flexes, before he shakes his head around, and decides to keeping going in. As soon as he starts, he lets out some of his own pre, which helps to further allow him passage. He starts to moan himself as he parts his friend, the feel of the Espeon's tailhole fastening on him so tightly is unlike anything. Raniel continues to shed some tears against his own will, taking short breaths and doing his best to ignore the pain he's feeling. It stops spreading soon as his body rocks a bit, and he looks back slightly to notice Ziro's hips touching his. The Umbreon is fully inside of him. Ziro lets out a sigh and starts to breath a bit himself, his body awash with pleasure from the feeling of his cock buried fully inside the intensely tight hole. He twitches a backleg as he drools a bit more pre inside Raniel, which Raniel immediately feels, clenching his hole out of reflex and dripping some pre of his own. The clench causes the two to moan in unison, and Raniel loosens himself up again, turning his head to look at Ziro with a watery-eyed gaze of passion. Ziro sees the gaze and lightly murrs, and then nods his head slightly as if he gets a hint. He starts to pull his hips back now, shuddering slightly and rrrring as Raniel's passageway now feels as if it's trying to keep the intruder in. Though not really as much, as Ziro has leaked a lot of liquids inside, and is even doing so again as he moves out. Raniel tenses up and tries to force himself to relax as the warm Umbreon member is leaving him, and he can almost feel his tailhole closing back up again. His member drools another drop of pre, and soon the Umbreon's member is out all the way up to the last inch. Ziro stops there, and adjusts his stance a bit, before he drops himself back down inside, loud moans immediately sounding from the both of them. Raniel's moan is slightly pained as his tailhole was forced to re-stretch again. But otherwise, it feels amazing to the Espeon, his member convulsing and firing a string of precum on impact with his prostate gland. "Ohhh gods Ziro..." Raniel says, his voice slightly high-pitched from the rush.

Ziro lets himself breathe, his body getting accustomed to such a wonderful feeling. But he can't hold back for long, and he lifts his hips back again to their previous position, and humps into the Espeon once more. He moans again, softer now, and does it again. He officially starts his mating pattern, going at a nice slow pace, and softly, his member basically sliding in and out rather than driven. Raniel whimpers out again, but now in pleasure, as he can now feel himself being mated. The pain he was once feeling has faded completely, replaced instead by a wonderful pleasure of Ziro's cock beginning pushed into him again and again. His voice constantly moans, his member drooling, before it begins to pulse moderately hard. Thoughts race through his head as he thinks of all the times he's dreamed of this moment, all the times he's looked at Ziro and wished they could be one, all the times he's even pawed off to the thought of this happening to him. The rush of memories coupled with the act are a bit too much for the Espeon, and he suddenly shoots his head up and fastens his tailhole like a vice, his member shooting a high powered load of Espeon seed onto the ground below. "ZIRO!!" He yells out at climax.

Ziro had just plunged his member down when Raniel climaxed, so all 4-1/2 inches of his member feel the hard clench. He freezes and lifts his head up, not even able to groan as his voice goes out on him. His member is squeezed of a nice amount of juices from the fastening tailhole, which feels even tighter than it did before it was penetrated. Raniel moans and whimpers as he fires his load, which slows to a drip, and he begins to pant, his forelegs giving out as he drops onto his chest and gives Ziro a bit of a tug. Ziro stays on him, though, panting slightly from a rush he just got. He lifts himself up on his forepaws a bit, for a better position, and lets out a groan. His cock is pulsing wantingly against the Espeon's insides, and his mind is not about to disappoint it. Ziro begins to hump into Raniel again, now going slightly faster than he was before, and his cock now jabbing inside a bit. Raniel perks his head and sounds out, turning his head and looking up at the eager Umbreon, whose head is up to the sky a bit. He moans out happily, dropping his head back to the ground. His body is slowly being rushed with pleasure again, and to help himself out, he slides his tail underneath his body and begins to stroke his member with the split-ends. Ziro moans out loud and happily into the air. "Ohhh Raniel... It's so good...."

Raniel only smiles to this, moaning happily in tow as the cock hits his prostate over and over. That and his tailends quickly work his member back to throbbing eagerness, but he does not cease his tailplay. Ziro smiles, his eyes closed, his mind completely submitted to the pleasure he's getting from the act. His cock soon shoots out some precum that had been held back, making the Umbreon shiver and convulse in pleasure, and begin to mate the Espeon faster. Raniel picks his head up a bit and rrrs amongst his moans, his member beginning to let out pre again over his purple-furred tailends. Ziro, lost as he is, just keeps getting at the Espeon harder, which Raniel notices, then out of nowhere, Ziro jabs himself inside, and moans loudly, his knot beginning to swell up. Raniel meeps loudly, feeling the bulb swelling up at the end of his hole, stretching it farther than it had been before, and giving him pain again. He cries out a bit and whimpers, those tears reappearing in his eyes and down his cheeks. Ziro holds down hard inside of him, his body going crazy at the feel of his knot tying someone. He's in a state of bliss as the knot is fully swollen, panting lightly and murring. But soon, he blinks, and snaps back to life, realizing what he's just done. He meeps and looks down at the crying Espeon, and feels his heart sink a bit. "Raniel! Oh no..."

Raniel lifts his head, and rrphs, his cock leaking some more pre in small gobs, making the Espeon clench down upon the knot a bit. He moans slightly as the clench sends a jolt of pain through him, coupled with a jolt of incredible pleasure. The clench makes Ziro murr against his will, and twitch against him. "I... Oh... I'm so sorry..." He says, fighting back the pleasure for a moment.

"It... It's okay... Ziro..." Raniel says, quivering a bit, and then purposely fastens his tailhole to feel that double jolt again, moaning out.

Ziro also moans at the next fastening down, his cock leaking again. "... Raniel..."

"Please... Don't stop... I like it..."

Ziro blinks, and thinks a second, before he nods. He lifts his cock up just a bit to where the knot is tugging at Raniel's entrance, though there's no way it's getting out. He then jabs back inside, his cock only going half an inch or so, but it's enough to feel very good to both of them, Raniel's cock shooting a string of pre into his fur on impact. Ziro starts to do more of these, slowly at first, but flowing into a bit crazier as his instincts and needs are flowing through his mind again. Raniel begins to moan out constantly again in a high voice, his tailends wrapping tighter and going a bit faster on his drooling cock. He's feeling the constant jabbing of Ziro's cock onto his prostate, moving through him in the quick fashion that it is. Ziro moans constantly himself, his voice deeper though, and soon his cock swells up a bit more, as he's growing ever closer. He whimpers out needingly and starts to hump his hips faster, driving the Espeon underneath him crazy. Raniel feels his body rock back and forth quickly with each drive the Umbreon does in his mindless ascent toward climax, his own tail going faster, faster. "Z-Ziro... Gods... Fill me...." He sounds out.

The Umbreon can only whimper to those words, wanting it so bad, his body so close to fully claiming the Espeon's virginity. What's holding it back he doesn't know, his body is just so stubborn. But he doesn't have to wait too much longer, as Raniel assists the effort. The Espeon's moans get noticeably louder as his cock goes crazy in his tail, his voice squeaking, and letting out a cry as he climaxes for the second time, fastening his tailhole very tight as his second load of the night comes spraying out onto his stomach and chest. That last clench was all Ziro needed as his eyes snap open, glazed over, and he buries his member as far as it can go. He grows quiet, and tense and still as he finally begins to blast his warm cum into the Espeon. Raniel's orgasm ends a bit sooner, since it was his second, and he can delight in the feeling of Ziro's cock pumping his sperm inside of him. He keeps his tailhole clenched for his friend, looking up at him with a smile of ultimate contentment. Ziro's body twitches, and soon his voice is sounding out almost quiet moans as he climaxes. And boy does he. So much build up for the orgasm causes a big flow of his liquid into the Espeon, Raniel relishing in the feel of every last shot, his head plopping down on the ground. After what seems like an eternity to both of them, Ziro stops cumming, and visibly relaxes, his paws sliding down Raniel with his upper body. To help, Raniel drops his belly and hindlegs to the ground, allowing the exhausted Umbreon to lay atop him. Both of them have fur damp with sweat, panting sounding out of both vocal chords, though Ziro's moreso. Ziro starts to lick at the back of Raniel's neck, a comforting motion done out of instinct, because he tied him with his knot. Raniel smiles, his chin rested on the ground as he accepts the licks, not wanting to move. "... Ziro..." He says in a whisper, so content after being mated by the one he loves.

His eyes close, as he just rests, Ziro slowing down his licks some in tow with his breath returning to him. As his wind is returning, his tiredness is setting in further. He stops his licking for a second, his chest lightly heaving as he looks at Raniel. It's soon obvious: The Espeon is out cold. Ziro only smiles, and slides his paws underneath Raniel's body, hugging himself to the cat. He rests his head atop that of the Espeon's, and lets out a nice sigh and closing his eyes. Consciousness quickly leaves him, the last sound he hears being the soothing melody of a Noctowl in the trees.


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