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Middle of Nowhere by zephyr_paws


Chapter 10: The Sheltered Land

Chapter 10: The Sheltered Land

As the group approaches the sheltered land, Tommy is stricken with an unknown bout of extreme tiredness. Waltz and Tango agree to let Jazz and Blues stay behind to watch Tommy while they explore the island in search of answers, putting Tango's pursuit of a psychic Pokemon on hold for the time being. However, what's to stop Jazz and Blues from having a little fun while standing guard? Two Kecleons seem to think so, or do they?

Warning: This document contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and sex between one, two, three... FOUR Pokemon! I know you're probably thinkin', "Holy sh**, sweet!" but I must warn you, a great portion of it is of a homosexual nature. The action is M/M/M/F, so if that in any way offends you, stop reading and go watch some Disney or something. You gotta be 18 or older (21 in some ridiculous locales) in order to legally read this story. I (probably) have to have this disclaimer here to legally display this story. I'm legal, so I've done my part, so it's just up to you to do your part. ...right? Bah, like these messages ever stop anyone anyway. Have fun, whoever you are.

DISCLAIMER: All characters and properties are copyright their respective owners. All writing and original characters are copyright 2008 Zephyr Paws. The author is in no way associated or affiliated with any third-party. This original fiction was created with no intention of any copyright infringement against any third-party, and is purely for fan enjoyment.

The group of Pokemon, along with Tommy, had been swimming for two or so hours towards their destination, the sheltered land. Tango's hopes were high, hoping to meet with a psychic Pokemon so she would at long last be able to speak with Tommy as she had always desired. However, her feelings for Waltz are still uncertain, giving her second thoughts over if Tommy really is the one for her.

But Tango wasn't the only one giving careful thought to their situation on their way towards the sheltered land. Waltz was also carefully contemplating the recent developments that were unfolding.

Waltz had a dreadful fear of water, so Jazz opted to transport him on their voyage, letting him ride on his back as to avoid getting wet. Unfortunately for Waltz, he was quite a bit larger than the Floatzel, causing Jazz to sink a bit even with the added resistance of his flotation ring. He ended up getting his paws wet, but he tolerated it, especially because he had no better option.

'What have I gotten myself into...' thought the Typhlosion, reflecting on his night with Tango up to his talk with her just that morning. 'She really doesn't see mating the way I do... oh... it's just not right.' Waltz glanced over at Tango, who was transporting Tommy and letting him hold on to her flotation sac.

'Is she thinking about me right now?' he thought. 'Is she thinking about him? Is she thinking about all three of us?' Waltz turned his eyes down to Tommy, still thinking to himself. 'Tommy... that kiss... I wish I could explain it. I did like the attention... it felt nice, after getting through the Beautiflies in my stomach, I think... But, then again, if it weren't for Tango... you wouldn't have done it.'

"You alright up there, Waltz?" asked Jazz from beneath the furry Typhlosion. "You seem kind of quiet."

"I'm just thinking, that's all," answered Waltz, sounding still a bit depressed.

"Holding up alright? You know, the water and all. I know you said you were afraid of it."

"Yes... I'll be fine. I just want to get there..."

"Well," Jazz started, "it shouldn't be much more than another hour 'til we get there. Not too long now. The tough part's over."

"Great..." said Waltz with a sigh. 'Then what? I need to talk to Tango. Actually... I need to talk to Tommy. I need to talk to both of them! I just don't feel right somehow. It's all rushing through my head so fast, all these feelings, all these thoughts...

'I think they just want to include me somehow... if I weren't here, or if I didn't -- err, if Tango didn't mate with me -- it wouldn't even be an issue. But she did... even when she had with Tommy... maybe she does like me for- no, stop. Stop, stop, stop. I have to talk to them. It's not right.'


For the rest of the trip, most of the travelers remained quiet. Jazz and Blues spent a lot of time talking with each other and trying to get Tango, Waltz, and even Tommy involved in the conversation, although without lasting luck.

As they saw the sheltered land appear from the horizon, Tommy quickly became extremely tired, yawning profusely until he eventually lost hold of Tango and passed out into the ocean.

"Tommy!" shouted both Tango, who turned around to try and pick him up, and Waltz, who was watching the two of them. Jazz and Blues also took attention when they heard the two scream, looking curiously at the predicament.

Tango had brought Tommy up back above the water and had hefted him over her shoulder and flotation sac, but he was out cold and completely unconscious. "Tommy!! What's the matter?! What's wrong with him?!" screamed the Buizel, worrying about his condition.

"Jazz!" called Waltz, preparing to give orders. "Tommy! I need to see if Tommy is alright!" he instructed, to which Jazz wasted no time in swimming over by Tango and Tommy.

"Sis," said Jazz, "what's up with Tommy?"

"I don't know! You think I'd know?!" she answered back in an angry, frustrated tone. Clearly she was very upset and frightened by whatever it was that took Tommy out of commission.

" 'ell, give 'im a good shakin' an' see wha' 'appens. Maybe 'e jus' needs some more salad an' foods!" said Blues.

Waltz looked carefully at the face of the human. What he saw reassured him that Tommy was alright; the human was snoring, sleeping and out like a light. He didn't appear to be choking, drowning, or suffocating. Just sleeping.

"It looks like he's just sleeping... I think he's alright," said Waltz.

"Well, what now?" asked Jazz, wondering what the group should do about it. "We can try and swim back or just keep going with a sleeping human aboard. He must have been tired or something."

"Yea' 'e musta been, 'cuz I mean it can 'appen y'know, gettin' tired an' jus' passin' out whenever, even out in the water!" said Blues.

"We can't leave him like this, though!" exclaimed Tango, still shaken up over it.

"Wake him up, then!" the Floatzel ordered his sister.

Tango nodded her head, used one of her paws to grab on to him tightly, and then dove into the water with Tommy, deflating her flotation sac on the way down. She swam around with him for a few seconds while underwater in an attempt to wake him, but when she surfaced again, she was disappointed in finding out that he was still asleep.

"Tango! He could have drowned!" exclaimed a frightened Waltz. "If he didn't even wake up after that, after being underwater, something is wrong with him. Something is definitely wrong with him."

"Well, what do you think we should do then?" asked Tango.

"Hey, just hold on. We're not too much further away from the sheltered land. Let's just take him there and then figure it out. Sis, will you be able to carry him that far while asleep, or would you like my help?" asked Jazz in response.

Waltz was hoping that Tango wouldn't need her brother's help, as otherwise he might need to get a bit wet without the Floatzel's support, but if that's what it took to help Tommy, he'd have to do it.

" 'un, is alright, ah'll 'elp 'ya with 'im, soun' good?" the Azumarill offered to Tango, to which she nodded her head and accepted Blues' help. The two then worked together to help carry Tommy to the sheltered land.


The group wasted little time in getting to the sheltered land, sighting its lush, green earth far sooner than expected. Tommy had remained sleeping the whole time, snoring like a baby and leaving everyone in the party concerned for him. Perhaps he was just too tired to go and needed rest or perhaps there was something more sinister at work. Whatever the issue was, Tango, Waltz, Jazz, and Blues were all determined to figure it out and make sure that Tommy was alright.

As the group arrived on the shore, Tango and Blues lugged Tommy onto the sand of the foreign beach. Tango pressed her paw against his chest to try and feel for a heartbeat. Although it wasn't the best way to do so, it was what she knew, so she tried it and with immediate avail -- Tommy's heart was beating just fine. It seemed to be beating quite slow, although she quickly realized it was just due to the different rate his heart beats at.

"Tommy... wake up!" shouted Tango, shaking him and trying to rouse him from his slumber. No luck. The human remained out of it.

"Here, let me try," offered Jazz. Tango reluctant agreed and stepped to the side, watching to see what her brother was going to do. The crafty Floatzel took the human's arm with his paws and then opened his mouth, showing off his teeth.

"What are you...?" asked Tango, starting to get worried about what her brother was planning.

"Don't worry and just trust me, alright?" he answered back, nervously licking his chops and lightly placing his jaw over Tommy's arm, appearing to softly bite it. Jazz took extreme caution to make sure that he wouldn't hurt Tommy too hard and was only hoping to stir a reaction from him.

He clamped his teeth down against the boy's flesh, not quite puncturing the skin but still providing a good deal of pressure. Both Tango and Waltz looked extremely uncomfortable about what Jazz was doing.

" 'ey, whadd're 'ya doin', Jazzy? Din'cha eat enough 'fore we went, 'uh?" said Blues, not quite realizing what Jazz was really up to and thinking he was just getting hungry, as he was famous for.

Jazz relinquished his grip on Tommy for a moment to answer her. "I'm just trying to see if he'll react to me biting him. I know that'd wake me up. I'm gonna try a little harder, because I want to make sure that there's nothing wrong with him."

"You- you think something's wrong with him?!" exclaimed Tango, worrying less about Tommy losing his arm and more about something being wrong with Tommy.

"Only one way to find out. Sorry Tommy, but you're giving me no other options here." The Floatzel brought the human's arm back up to his mouth and placed his teeth over it once more, but this time, he was a lot more rough with his gnawing and accidentally pierced through his flesh, causing a bit of blood to stain his teeth.

"Tommy!" "Tommy!!" exclaimed both Tango and Waltz, almost in unison.

"Oh shit," cursed Jazz, not meaning to bite him that hard. "Heh, guess I underestimated the power of my... powerful teeth!"

Tango didn't find that to be funny in the slightest. She ran over to her brother and pounded her paw against his chest, crying the whole time. "That's not funny! Not only is he bleeding now, but he's still not awake!"

"Tango..." said Waltz with a sigh, walking over to her and rubbing her back.

"Sis, it's not as bad as you're making it sound. I just forgot his skin isn't quite as tough as a Magikarp's. I'm more worried about him not reacting, screaming, or beating the daylights out of me from that bite. That kind of sleep is unnatural."

The four Pokemon looked at each other, as well as at Tommy, each trying to figure out what to say or do. Waltz finally spoke to try and figure out what their course of action should be. "Guys," he started, "what do we do? He isn't waking up. I have a bad feeling that something's wrong with him."

"I could try bite his other arm," said Jazz sarcastically. "Seriously, though, it might be good to ask around to see if anyone knows about any conditions where you suddenly fall asleep. I mean, we'd have to be very careful, because humans aren't welcome on the island, so saying that we've got a human would be a pretty bad idea."

Waltz began scratching his chin, clearly pondering something. "Do you think that might have something to do with it, Jazz?" asked the Typhlosion, shooting out a random idea.

"Eh? What might?" answered Jazz, who was a bit unclear about what Waltz meant.

"You said that humans aren't welcome on the island... do you think there's any connection? Humans are all over the place where I'm from, and I hear that they are always discovering new places filled with Pokemon. Do you know if they've found this place yet?"

"Beats me. But as far as I know, this place doesn't get bugged by humans, and that's what makes it a pretty popular spot for Pokemon to live. I never really thought of why it doesn't get bugged, though... even our little islands see human ships around from time to time."

Tango started to look interested in what was being discussed rather than staying focused on Tommy's condition. He didn't appear to be worsening, and the bleeding from Jazz's bite had subsided, so her top priority was getting him back to normal, even before finding the psychic Pokemon.

"Guys," she said, "maybe Waltz is right!"

" 'ell, maybe 'ya could ask aroun' 'ere an' see if any'un knows anythin' 'bout 'umans an' the islan'," suggested Blues, pointing around and waving her paws energetically.

"But... what about Tommy? We can't just leave him here..." said Tango in a worrisome tone.

"Sis, don't worry about Tommy." Jazz placed a paw on his hip and swished his tail around. "How about this: how about you and Waltz find some Pokemon and ask around to see if you can find out what keeps the humans away to see if Waltz is on the right track or if Tommy is just more of a sound sleeper than you thought."

"Wait, what about Tommy?" Waltz butted in.

"Blues and I will stay around the shore here and make sure that Tommy is safe and stays out of sight. We can also make sure that nothing bad happens to him and can keep watch in case he wakes up."

"Hey! I don't know how I'll be able to go around and ask for help while I'm worried about Tommy! What if something happens to hi-"

Before Tango could finish her sentence, Jazz interrupted her. "That kind of panicking isn't what'll help Tommy, you being here with him or not. I know you're worried, but don't you think I'd be able to more knowledgeable about helping Tommy if something was wrong with him than you would be? Think about how it'd be if Blues and I went to find some answers, leaving you and Waltz here alone, and then something happened to Tommy. Would you freak out like you're doing now, or would you actually be able to handle it without panicking?"

For a few seconds, there was silence. Tango eventually mustered up something to say in response. "...maybe you're right. I'm sorry..." The young Buizel had a sad look on her face as a result of her older brother's critical remarks.

"Hey, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I was just thinking of what would be in everyone's best interests. If you two go and look for help, I'm sure you'll both be less likely to lallygag around. Blues and I... well, lallygagging is what we live for."

"Aww Jazzy, yer too sweet!" said Blues out of flattery. She knew that she was a lot more simple than a lot of Pokemon, Tango and Jazz both included, but she also knew that it was right for her and Jazz accepted her for it, even settling down and relaxing more himself since meeting her.

"I think he might have a point." Although Waltz wanted to stay with Tommy to make sure he would be alright, he also believed the Floatzel and Azumarill couple would do a good job at keeping him safe and would probably be better suited staying than he would. Additionally, Waltz also needed to talk to Tango at some point, so having some time alone could work to his advantage, although he wished the timing could have been a bit better.

Jazz turned his head to his left, looking down parallel to the shoreline, then turned it to his right to look at the other direction of the shoreline. To his right, he saw a small alcove in a rock formation along the coast. That looked to be a good place to stay hidden. "There," he pointed, pointing directly at the alcove. "How about we hide out there?"

"Looks good to me," remarked Waltz, nodding his head in approval.

"Yeah, it looks good," said Tango, agreeing as well.

"Waltz, will you be able to scorch some fire on the ground or trees every so often, just to leave a mark? You'll want to make sure that you'll remember how to get back here, heh, otherwise it's kind of no good to send you off."

"I can do that," answered Waltz with little hesitation.

"Oh, and hey, can you help me carry Tommy over to that alcove before you go? No offense, Blues, but I think Waltz here might be a bit stronger," said Jazz, chuckling playfully at his mate.

"Aww Jazzy, you joker! 'ya think yer a funny 'un, do 'ya? I'm playin', yea', sure 'e can 'elp move 'im over. Saves me the work! Ha ha ha!" Blues laughed in response.

Waltz and Jazz worked together to carry Tommy over to the alcove and lay him safely inside of it. Waltz, thanks to his size and strength, could have done it himself if he needed to, but he appreciated Jazz being so willing to help his Trainer out.

After dropping the sleeping boy on the ground, the four Pokemon looked at each other, sizing up how their separate groups would be.

"Now sis, I know I don't have to tell you to be careful, but try not to think too hard about Tommy. I'm sure he'll be fine. Besides, Blues and I will be keeping a close eye on him," said Jazz to Tango.

"I know, I know... I just want him to be alright," said the Buizel in response.

" 'ya jus' gotta remember not 'ta mention 'e's an 'uman! Like if yer lookin' fer 'elp an' all, 'ya dun wanna be sayin' that, 'cuz y'know Jazz is prolly right 'bout this place bein' fer Pokemon only."

"Right, we have to remember that, Tango," Waltz said in agreement. "We can ask about humans and why it is there aren't -- at least, to our knowledge -- any humans here, and we can also ask about any sleeping conditions... we just can't bring up the fact that we are actually looking for help for a human, because, if Jazz makes it sound as anti-human as it really is, that might be bad, right?"

"Yep," said Jazz with a nod. "To my knowledge, this place is supposed to be free of humans. That's why Polka moved here. Oh, hey, sis, if you see Polka for some reason, be sure to tell her I said hi and we should all see each other while we're here."

"Yeah! I hope we'll run into her. It's been... wow, months since she moved away, right? I can barely remember her it's been so long."

"Something like that. Anyway, you two had better get going. We'll take care of Tommy, don't worry. And don't rush and wind up doing something foolish, either! He'll be fine. Just get the job done, then we can search for a psychic Pokemon for you, unless you find one along the way, of course."

Jazz walked over to Tango and gave her a firm hug, hugging her tightly. She hugged him close as well, feeling glad that she had such a caring brother.

After their hug, Jazz extended his paw up to Waltz's, offering to shake it. "Take good care of my sis, alright?" he asked, smiling.

Waltz grabbed Jazz's paw with his own and shook it, agreeing with him. "I will."

The two Pokemon then set out, leaving Jazz and Blues behind to tend to Tommy while they searched for help and information as to why he's asleep.


Both Tango and Waltz were quick to make their way through the forested area they were in. Almost an hour had passed since they left Tommy, and both were growing worried about his condition.

"I hope Tommy's okay..." mumbled Tango, sighing afterward.

"Me too..." answered Waltz, wanting to say something with a bit more reassurance, but being unable to due to his own worry. "Umm, so what are we looking for, anyway?" the fire Pokemon asked.

"I think there's a village or two in the sheltered land, so I guess we're looking for that, or really any Pokemon that can help."

"Ah. You've never been here before?"

"No," said Tango. The Buizel had only heard stories about the sheltered land from her parents and, after they left, her brother. Her brother admitted that most of the stories he told were just from what he remembered his parents saying, too, as he'd only been to the sheltered land once.

Waltz was starting to get restless. In his mind, he was battling with himself trying to decide on if now was the most opportune moment to talk to her about their relationship or if it would be later. Both he and Tango were worrisome now, which isn't usually the best time to talk about something important, but he didn't want it to go on too long, either.

In the end, the Typhlosion finally decided to crack and confront her about it, given there was an opening. "Tango... I need to talk to you..."

"About what?" the Buizel asked in response, looking back at the Typhlosion that had fallen a few paces behind her. Her tone seemed to lack sincerity.

"Uh... well, it's about Tommy... and us," started Waltz, getting more and more nervous. He wanted to love Tango, but it also felt more wrong and awkward than it did good to him, even after their 'agreement,' that he didn't even really agree to.

"Wait, hold on a second, did you hear that?" asked Tango, completely interrupting Waltz and coming to an abrupt stop. "I think I hear something!"

Waltz sighed and listened. He did hear some voices in the distance. The voices didn't sound too deep or threatening, but they were definitely in Pokemon tongue. "I hear it..." said Waltz with a sigh.

The two Pokemon looked at each other, then back at the source of the voices, which were just ahead of them. Waltz turned down to the ground and spewed a small Ember attack at the ground to singe it, and then the two Pokemon walked forward until they discovered the source of the voices.

"Well, I guess it is pretty neat," said one of the voices, which turned out to be a Mankey, playing with what appeared to be a steering wheel.

"Nah way, this is awesome is more like it!" said the other voice, a Nuzleaf, who was jumping around playfully and excitedly. "Here, give it!" The Nuzleaf took the steering wheel from the Mankey, and then put it on his head.

"It's not supposed to do that, stupid!" the Mankey yelled, swiping his paws at the Nuzleaf to reclaim the object. The Mankey took note of the two spectators, though, and quickly regained his composure. "Hey, we got company!"

The Nuzleaf looked over to the Buizel and Typhlosion, acknowledging their presence, yet keeping the wheel on his head. "Heya, what brings you round here?" he asked politely.

"We're, um, looking for the closest town," said Waltz.

"Oh, Leafbloom? Yeah, it's down that-a-way." The Nuzleaf pointed in a direction a bit to the right of their current trajectory.

"What's that goofy thing on your head?" asked Tango, giggling at the Nuzleaf's new headpiece.

"It's my new crown, yeah!" he answered smoothly, trying to convince the two Pokemon that it was something cool.

"Pay that nut nothin', it's just a human junk thing that we found," said the Mankey, jumping back and forth with vigor.

Tango looked at it more intently, then at the Mankey. "Human junk thing?" she asked, getting an idea of where to lead the conversation. "I thought humans come into the sheltered land."

"Nah way, they can't, but their stuff sure can! Those boats and boxes that wash ashore have a lot of neat stuff in 'em!" exclaimed the Nuzleaf, who proceeded to adjust his crown and give a cool smirk.

"Why can't they come in?" asked Waltz directly, not wanting to be sly and just wanting the answer.

"Because of the barrier!" answered the Mankey, who started jumping up and down instead.

"The barrier?" asked both Waltz and Tango in harmony.

"Yeah, the barrier! We dunno what it does or nothin', but that's what keeps the humans away! We can still get their stuff, though, sometimes! Although the Kecleon brothers usually end up with it all, anyway," said the Nuzleaf.

Waltz and Tango both looked at each other, thinking that the 'barrier' seemed like a pretty good keyword to ask about, although also figuring that the two Pokemon in front of them knew little more about it.

The two gave a look to each other that indicated they thought the same and that they should get going as not to waste any more time.

"Well, thanks for the info and the directions. We'd better get going," said Waltz.

"Aww alright, well get on goin' and have a good trip!" said the Nuzleaf, waving his arms and accidentally knocking off his crown.

"See 'ya next fall!" exclaimed the Mankey as it waved at the two leaving Pokemon.

Waltz and Tango made their way in the direction that the Nuzleaf pointed, following the path through the forest and continuing on their quest to find answers and help Tommy.


Meanwhile, back with Jazz, Blues, and Tommy...

"Ah! Ahhh yes, Jazzy, yer such a hot Fluzzle!"

"Mmmm... oh, Blues... ah, and you're one mighty fine Azumarill...!!" The Floatzel drove his shaft deeper into the Azumarill's tight ass.

"Only mighty fine, 'uh? Ain't I the best?!" said Blues in a loud voice as she slammed down onto Jazz. She was riding Jazz, sitting on top of him and slamming her ass up and down on his length.

"Mmmm, ah, you gotta prove it, babe!" answered Jazz as he grabbed her hips and took a deep thrust into her ass, causing a scream of delight to sing from the Azumarill's mouth.

"Well 'ow'm I doin'?" she asked, knowing fully well that she was doing just fine, but just playing along with Jazz to humor him. They would often talk to each other in jest while mating. It was something that they enjoyed doing.

"I'd say... hmm... ohhh... pretty good!" said Jazz confidently. "What about me? Am I up to expectations?"

"I dunno, Jazzy, I think 'ya might need more trainin' 'er somethin', 'cuz 'ya dun seem yerself!" teased Blues, trying fully well to try and coax him into taking control.

"Not up to myself, huh?" Jazz then gripped the Azumarill tightly with both of his paws and proceeded to sit upright, leaving Blues hilting his member while pressed against his chest. He gave her a lick across the forehead, then turned her around while still inside of her, standing on his two feet and pulling her in closer to her. The Floatzel then thrust rapidly in and out of the Azumarill's ass, able to do so thanks to his copious pre.

"Ah yesss!! Is so good, Jazzy! Take me, 'ya 'andsome devil!!" screamed Blues as she let Jazz thrust himself in and out of her rear opening. She could feel the fantastic feeling fill her entire body, the feeling being most intense inside of her girlhood. Her ass felt so numb yet so erotically sensitive as she enjoyed the feeling of Jazz's member pierce inside of her the way it was. One of the things that she loved the most about anal sex was how she felt such an intense feeling build in her pussy yet could leave it completely untouched, sort of like letting it do it itself.

As the two Pokemon's mating experienced ensued, they were both completely oblivious to something. They failed to notice, through all of their moaning and screaming, that they were being watched.

"Ahhh, brother! Zey ist mating!"

"Mating, ja! Mating! Good show, ja?"


Two Kecleons -- one of which colored purple with a green stripe, as opposed to the green colors normal Kecleon wear -- had been combing the beach for treasure and artifacts when they discovered the two Pokemon mating.

"Ish so hot...!" moaned the green Kecleon as he began to reach for his sheathed member.

"Boogie, no, not a good time!" ordered the purple Kecleon as he scolded his brother.

"But Woogie! Zis doesn't happen much often! Zer's no harm in eet, ja?" said the green Kecleon, Boogie, in defense.

"Ja, no harm, but I zink ve can use zis opportunity to our avantiáge!" said Woogie, the purple Kecleon brother.

"Avantiáge, dear brother? Vat ist ze avantiáge?"

Woogie pointed over behind the two mating Pokemon, directly at the sleeping human. "See zat? Eet ist a human! Zey ist by a human!"

"H-human?!" exclaimed Boogie, placing his lizard-like paws up by his face out of fear. "Zat ist not good! Why would zey be by a human?"

"A good question... A good question, indeed, ja?"


"Should we go ask, ja? See vat ist zer reason for a human by zem, ja?"

"Ja! Les' go ask!"

"Brother, zis might mean ve have certain... vays of, say, silencing zem? Or raz'er, silencing us, no?" asked Woogie in a way as if to suggest other plans.

"Vat?! Vat ist you mean, brother?!" Boogie seemed to be rather confused as to where his brother was going.

"Narr! Zis might mean ve can have some fun vis zem, ja? You see vat I mean, ja?" To clarify, the purple Kecleon gave a pelvic thrust to the air, which the green Kecleon immediately caught and understood.

"Oooooh! Jaaaa!! Ve can have fun!"

"Les' get go, brother!"


The two Kecleon brothers nodded at each other and then ran over to the alcove where they saw the Floatzel and Azumarill mating. What excited them both, upon closer inspection, was the fact that they were mating anally.

It was only about halfway to the mating couple, though, before Jazz noticed the two Kecleons heading their way, causing him to abruptly and embarrassedly pull out of Blues, trying to regain his composure. Jazz had only been caught mating once before, and that time wasn't as embarrassing as it was now, as he was only caught by an innocently curious Tango.

"Whad'ya pull out fer, Jazzy? Dun tell me yer done already, is 'ya?" asked Blues as she got up and looked at him with a small hint of anger. Jazz wasn't the type to leave a job unfinished, so to speak.

"We've got company, babe," said Jazz in a cautious way. Blues looked over to where Jazz was looking to see two Kecleons approach the couple. They both had wily grins on their faces and were making their advances toward them.

"Yaah! Whad'do they wan', 'uh? Imma go see whad'da 'ell they wan'," said Blues with a huff. The threatened Azumarill took the initiative and walked toward the approaching Kecleons with an angry expression on her face.

"Blues! Wait!" shouted Jazz over to Blues, but she paid him no mind. Wanting to make sure she was safe, or that he could at least protect her if they meant trouble, he quickly dashed over to catch up to her and see what it was that the Kecleons wanted.

Not more than a few seconds later, the two Kecleon brothers were only a few feet away from Jazz and Blues. They stopped and decided to initiate conversation, or rather, negotiations.

"So, ist zis ze human here, ja?" asked the purple Kecleon.

"What?" Jazz asked back, having a hard time understanding him.

" 'ey, whad'ya think yer doin' spyin' on us like that, 'ya freaks! The leas' 'ya could do is ask!" said Blues, telling them both off.

The two brothers looked at each other, then back at the Azumarill. "Ask, ja? Vell, ve vanted to, ja, but zen ve saw zat human over zer and figured ve could do better," explained the green Kecleon.

"Narr! Zat vas not good! Ve must make eet sound more... s'reatening!" the purple brother yelled, slapping his brother in the chest.

"What the hell are you two on about?" asked Jazz, who was starting to get rather pissed off at the brother's antics.

"Okay, okay, lemme explain," the purple Kecleon started. "You see, you ist by ze human, over zer, no?" Jazz nodded, figuring that it was already far from deniable. "Vell, zat human ist bound to have ze good stuff, like treasure and toys, ja?"

"Actually, no, that human has nothing. He doesn't even have human clothes. He washed ashore on an island and we're trying to take him back to the human lands."

"Brother! Vat about ze... ze... ze...!!" the green one motioned a pelvic thrust to try and remind his brother what they were really here for.

"You narr, I'm getting to zat!" yelled the purple one.

"Wha'?! Wha' are 'ya two goons thinkin'? Yer pervy, 'ya are, yep," said Blues, getting an idea of what it was that those two wanted.

"Listen, Miss Azumarill, you do not have ze choice here. Zat human zer is a bad sing. Human sings ist good, but ze humans zemselves ist bad sing. Zey cannot come on zis island!" exclaimed the purple Kecleon.

"Ja!" the green one shouted in agreement.

"Or else...? What, are you going to eat him or something?" asked Jazz, still trying to figure out the intent of the Kecleon brothers.

"No, no, ve not eat him, but ve bring him to ze council. Zey vill ei'ser remove his memory and sent him out into ze ocean, or zey vill kill him on ze spot," the purple Kecleon explained, developing an almost sinister tone near the end.

Both Jazz and Blues looked at each other with a mortified look on their faces. Kill?! They wouldn't kill Tommy, would they? Well, not the Kecleons, but the 'council,' whoever that may be. "Kill?!"

"Kill, ja!" the green Kecleon taunted.

"Yes, but zat ist only if a responsible Pokemon on ze island reports eet. Ve all hate ze humans, so any o'zer Pokemon zat saw him vould go and tell ze council immediately. But," the purple Kecleon closed his eyes and shook his finger, "ve might be persuaded to keep quiet about ze human... After all, ve not such bad Kecleon, Boogie and me. Ve good, reasonable, but in ze business to bargain."

"Vell said, Woogie! Ve shall bargain vis you, ja?" said Boogie, the green Kecleon.

"...what kind of bargain?" Jazz was almost afraid to ask.

"Ve vant some ass!" exclaimed Boogie, motioning a pelvic thrust in the air, gaining uncomfortable looks in return from Jazz and Blues.

"Vell, you see, ve like ze sex. Ze mating. Good time," said Woogie, grinning and smiling deviously.

"You're insane!" Jazz yelled, clenching his fists tight. "What kind of sick Pokemon do you think you are?!"

"You hurt our feelings... ve not bad Pokemon. Ve saw you two sexing and s'ought ve vould see if zer vas a vay ve could play, too. Eet ist not like ve vant to kill ze human. Ve make business of selling human items, so human ist fine for us, vis stuff or no. Ve just like ze sex, as ve sure you do, too, seeing as you like ze ass, ja?"

Jazz blushed a bit at hearing that last part. He knew that anal wasn't what's considered normal, but also knew that Blues enjoyed a lot, as did he, so saw little problem in it. That didn't change the fact that the two Kecleons, Boogie and Woogie, were essentially coercing he and Blues into sex.

Before Jazz could say anything, Blues jumped in with a response. " 'ell, if we mate with 'ya, wha's ta' say 'ya won' go tell that council of yers that we gotta 'uman?"

"Ve just say ve do not really vant to kill ze human. Ve just vant good time, ja," said Boogie, the green brother.

Blues walked over to the green brother and without warning began rubbing at the Kecleon's sheath, which housed a quickly-hardening member. "Vaaaaa!! Yes! Zat good!"

"B-Blues?! What are you doing?!" exclaimed Jazz in shock of his mate's actions.

The non-furred Kecleon's pink member was coaxed out into the open with thanks to Blues' handiwork. "Aww Jazzy, they ain't gonna 'urt us, 'specially if we're nice to 'em!" She proceeded to grip the lizard meat with both of her paws and stroke it up and down, pleasuring the Kecleon.

"They're threatening to kill Tommy and you're handing out handjobs?!" Jazz shouted, loosing his cool and getting more and more worried about the situation.

"Ohhhh...!! You not bad!" moaned Boogie, enjoying the feeling of being masturbated by the Azumarill, although thinking about something else.

"Ven do I get a turn?" the purple Kecleon, Woogie, asked impatiently.

" 'old yer 'orseas, bub, you'll get'cher turn soon enough!" Blues suddenly stopped jacking off Boogie, causing him to look at her with disappointment and need. "But first, I needa talk ta' Jazzy alone fer a sec, kay? You two jus' stay 'ere for a sec an' let us talk, an' then I'll make sure is even better 'en before, soun' good?"

The two Kecleon brothers, although eager for action, nodded their heads to allow her a minute to talk with Jazz. She walked over to him and then dragged him back closer to the alcove, where Tommy was still sleeping.

"What the hell are you doing, Blues?!" yelled Jazz.

"Jazzy, dun worry, is not as bad as 'ya think," she said in a calm tone.

"What do you mean it isn't bad? It's either we mate with these two Kecleons against our will, or they kill Tommy. I kind of find it hard to believe it's not as bad as I think it is."

"Nah, they ain't gonna kill Tommy. Did'ja even 'ear 'em? They mainly wanted ta' fuck anyway, not really kill Tommy or rape us."

"Wait, hold up, they mainly wanted to fuck, but not rape us?" asked Jazz, still unsure of what Blues seemed to see out of the situation that he didn't.

" 'zactly! 'ya see, if they wanted ta' rape us, they jus' woulda done it, or tried even. But instead, they wanted ta' talk an' bargain with us."

"I'd hardly call blackmail 'bargaining,' " Jazz stated.

"Nah, they jus' didn't know wha' else ta' say or do. I think they jus' saw us matin' an' wanted ta' get in on the fun, tha's all."

"You really think? Even after all the talk about taking Tommy away and killing him and how much they hate humans?"

" 'course I do, 'cuz they even said it themselves that they dun min' 'umans an' make a business outta 'em or somethin'. But Jazzy, yer missin' the big picture."

"The big picture?" asked Jazz. He was completely baffled at how Blues seemed to see so much more out of the situation than he did. Did she have some telepathic understanding of them or something, or did he just not hear the Kecleons straight?

"Okay, okay, 'ya see, they said somethin' 'bout a council, an' also 'bout makin' a business outta humans. Right?" asked the Azumarill, earning a curious nod in response from Jazz. "That means they gotta be important or somethin' 'round 'ere, an' not jus' that, but smart 'bout 'umans, too."

Jazz was still just staring at Blues, although starting to understand what she was talking about a bit better. "Go on..."

"They soun' a lot like us, Jazzy! Matin' fer fun an' stuff, 'specially 'cuz they were into booty-matin' an' 'cuz they're gay."

"Wa-wait, gay?"

" 'course, it was pretty obvious, 'uh? Is clear they're in ta' tha' kinda stuff. I think with each other. But I think they also dun min' me matin' or pleasin' 'em, even though imma femme, 'cuz the green one din't react er nothin', so maybe they're kinda both-likin', 'ya know?"

Jazz looked completely lost by the developments unfolding. Watching two Kecleons mate with his mate would have made him a bit uneasy, even after their agreement with each other to be fine with mating with other Pokemon, but being thrown into the mating spectrum as well? It certainly made him feel a bit uneasy, but at the same time, his curiosities were beginning to grow.

" 'ya know, Jazzy, I know 'ya said 'ya wouldn't min' matin' with a male sometime, ta' see 'ow booty-matin' feels... 'cuz I know 'ya never get it from me or nothin', 'cuz, 'ell, I can't do that. But 'ey, I tol' 'ya is not so bad at all 'unce 'ya get used to it!"

"Uhh... but still, I don't know, I wasn't really thinking of experimenting with these random Kecleons..." Jazz was lightly blushing, feeling a bit embarrassed about it, but starting to give in to the curiosities and see Blues' reasoning. She did have a very good point: pleasing those Kecleons would gain their support, and since they sounded rather important, it could be very helpful having them on their side.

"Aww Jazzy, ya'd prolly been experimentin' with some other random Pokemon anyway, right? Now's as good of'a time as any, 'uh? Unless wha', were 'ya waitin' fer like Waltz or Tommy or somethin'?"

Jazz began blushing even more, and not because of the outlandishness of her idea, but because he had actually thought about trying mating with either of them on a few occasions. He did feel guilty about it, especially because he didn't even tell Blues about it, but he couldn't help but be curious. After all, he was a sexual opportunist and was always looking for new pleasures. One thing he's never felt but often delivered was anal mating, and as such, he couldn't help but feel curious in return as to how it felt.

"P-perhaps. But that's not really an issue." He hung his head a bit, feeling a bit embarrassed for admitting it, but also knowing that he could always be completely honest about his feelings when talking to Blues. She was perhaps the most understanding Pokemon in the world, and that was just one of the many things he loved about her so much.

"Aww, I knew it! 'ell, maybe after we get off'a this sheltered lan' thing, 'ya can ask 'un of 'em. Bu' yea', like 'ya said, Jazzy, is not an issue now. 'ya can try it out first on them Kecleon! An' by doin' it, we can 'elp out Tommy an' yer sister."

"I'm still not sure if I trust them..." said Jazz.

"Nah, I trust 'em. They ain't gonna 'urt us jus' as long as 'ya can enjoy booty-matin'. I mean, like I said, it might be a bit hurtin' at first, but jus' put up with it an' 'ya'll enjoy it prolly. But yea', they ain't gonna 'urt us or Tommy or any'un else, 'specially if we please 'em. Then, they'll 'elp us out an' stuff! 'cuz they prolly a lot more smart 'bout 'umans than even you, Jazzy!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, but at least maybe how to wake him up, like if it's a sickness or something or if it really is related to the island."

"Oh an' Jazzy, when 'ya get the meat up yer ass first, an' when 'e pushes it in an' out them first ten er so pushes, try an' bite yerself if it 'urts. Oh! Er 'ey, maybe we can even figure a way ta' all four of us mate at 'unce! 'ya could be fuckin' me while gettin' fucked! Oooooh, er I could get mated in both my 'oles at 'unce with an' extra cock 'round, too! Wouln't tha' be 'ot, Jazzy?"

"Uhhh..." Hearing her talk like that made him a bit unsettled, although being able to mate with Blues while getting screwed in the rear would probably help take his mind off it if at all possible.

"Aww bu' dun worry Jazzy, since I know I can take wha'ever, I jus' wanna make sure 'ya can do a'ight. Is 'ya ready hun, or d'ya got anymore questions?"

Jazz thought about it for a few seconds, but couldn't really think of any that he felt like asking. He was rather amazed at how she managed to convince him to go ahead with it, though, but she was always good at seeing things on a different level and then convincing him to do something. He never regretted listening to her advice or going along with her plans, either, so he knew that, as unusual as it was, it was probably their best bet. Plus, he might actually have fun. He and Blues had talked about having threesomes from time to time, but never got around to it or found a third wheel.

The two Pokemon both walked back toward the Kecleons, who were both softly stroking their erect members to pass the time, not bothering to hold back after revealing their true intentions.

"Remember Jazzy, loosen up an' 'ave fun! I ain't gonna think any less of 'ya if 'ya act silly or somethin', so might as well 'ave as much fun as possible, 'mmm?" Blues told Jazz to help reassure him, tapping his back playfully as well. Again, she had a point. He wasn't usually so uptight about things, so why not do like he usually does and make the best out of the situation?

Jazz nodded and then playfully grabbed Blues, hugging her tightly and licking her face. "Right, I'll loosen up. You're right. But... just be ready to fight if it absolutely comes down to that, right?"

"Right, 'course! Bu' I dun really think they gonna be a problem er nothin'."

"Eet took you long enough, ja? Vat ver you doing back there?" asked Boogie impatiently.

"It's alright, boys. She was just telling me how to take it up the ass," said Jazz, laughing afterward to hide his embarrassment for 'loosening up.'

Both of the two Kecleon brothers seemed to perk up almost immediately after hearing that. Jazz was already able to see Blues' point about how they were just interested in the mating and could probably care less about Tommy. He wasn't absolutely certain, but he would be sure to find out soon enough.

Neither of the Kecleon brothers were able to speak, though, as each was too caught up on their tongue to come up with something to say.

"V-v-vait, did you just say... vat I thought you say? Or vas it d-dream?!" asked Woogie in disbelief. Blues was right about his alignment and the Kecleon was hoping that he actually heard the once-reluctant sea weasel say what he thought he heard.

Jazz walked over to the purple Kecleon, who was only a little bit shorter than he was, placed his paws on his face, and then kissed the Kecleon right on the lips, holding the kiss for several seconds. 'I can't believe I'm doing this,' thought Jazz, 'but it's actually kind of fun.'

The Floatzel was taken a bit off-guard, though, when he felt a long tongue enter his mouth, probing all over the inside of it. At first, he was a bit startled by it, but then simply remembered that Kecleons have long tongues. The tongue felt slimy and wet, but it didn't stop Jazz from trying to grab at it with his own tongue, although ultimately failing as his tongue wasn't quite as sturdy as the lizard's.

Eventually, Jazz broke the kiss and looked at Woogie seductively. "Hey, that was pretty good," he said, still feeling a bit awkward about it, but trying to remain as fun-spirited as possible.

"Zat vas fantastic! G-gaaaaoooooohh!! Mr. Floatzel, you ist most amazing male, ja! Vat ist you're name?" Woogie asked.

"It's Jazz. And that Azumarill over there is Blues, and although she's my mate, we both like to have fun. I'm sorry about earlier. I was just a bit cranky from getting interrupted, that's all!" Going out of his to act as appealing as possible, Jazz placed a paw up by his face and folded it slightly, followed by light giggling.

"Yer much better now, Jazzy! Now whad're yer twos names? I think I 'eard 'em, but dun remember fer sure," asked Blues.

"Ah, so rude ve are! I am Boogie," said Boogie, the green Kecleon, as a real introduction.

"Ohhh you hot Floatzel. I am Woogie, and ve are ze Kecleon brothers," Woogie, the purple Kecleon, introduced himself as. "Ve sell stuff in Leafbloom, Histenglow, Appleberry, and all over ze place in ze sheltered land. I also vant to apologize for our... previous bargainings. Ve just vanted to have fun, ja."

"Well good, Woogie, because now I'm in the mood for fun. We also need to help that human over there, but we can talk about that after some fucking, right?" Jazz winked at Woogie, causing his eyes to light up.

"J-j-ja!! After ze vacking!" exclaimed Woogie, getting very excited about things.

"Jaaa!! Vacking!!" exclaimed Boogie as well, who was also getting very excited.

"I 'ope you won' min' playin' with me at all, will 'ya? I was thinkin' that maybe while one of 'ya is fuckin' Jazzy there, I could 'ave 'is cock ta' play with an' let one'a you two booty-fuck me, soun' good? I know I'm not quite a guy, but ya'll prolly not even notice a difference, ha ha!" suggested the spunky Azumarill, laughing and jumping up and down enthusiastically.

"She's right; she's practically like a guy, except without the cock. So you can go ahead and have that ass and it'll feel just as good as mine," stated Jazz, hoping he wasn't going too far. Fortunately, if there was one thing he knew about Blues, it was that she loved mating, particularly anally, so he knew she could take it.

The two Kecleons looked at the Azumarill, then at each other with pondering looks on their faces. A few seconds later, they faced Jazz and Blues again, Boogie saying, "Ve'd ra'zer just have ze Floatzel."

"Ja, nein danke, Miss Azumarill. Ve vant that sexy Floatzel..." added Woogie. "But, you can play if you like. Ve do not must exclude you, no. Just... ve like ze Floatzel bit more."

"Whaaaa?! Whaddaya mean 'ya like 'im a bit more?! 'ya really are gay, aren't 'ya two? Bu' 'ya dunno wha' yer missin' out on!" Blues ran over to the two Kecleons and was looking upset with both of them. "We'll see 'ow 'ya like this, 'uh!" she said as she jumped and pinned Boogie down on the ground, on his belly, forcing him to struggle to try and escape from her clutches.

"G-get off of me!" exclaimed Boogie as he was struggling to get out from under her.

The zealous Azumarill, while keeping the Kecleon pinned down, turned around so she was facing his long, wrapped up tail. She then reached her paw across his tail hole and swatted it hardly, causing him to scream out.

"We'll see wha' 'ya think'a this!" she exclaimed as she extended just one digit of her paw and then, without notice, swiftly slammed it into the Kecleon's pucker. Both Jazz and Woogie were staring at her and her actions with complete shock, particularly Jazz, who was not just shocked, but intrigued.

"Uuuwaaaaahhhh!! Zaaatt issst- aaaahhh!! J-jaaaa!!" the Kecleon screamed as his ass was violated by the dominant female's digit. She rapidly jammed her digit in and out of his tail hole without rest or remorse, eventually bringing in a second digit somewhere in the mayhem.

Jazz could see that the Kecleon wasn't enjoying himself as much as Blues might have -- or might not have -- thought he was, so he figured he'd try and break them up. "Blues! I think he gets the point and right where you wanted him to. Come on and let's try figure out what to do for real."

Blues looked over at him and withdrew her fingers from the lizard's ass, licking them on her way over to Jazz, receiving an odd look in return from the sea weasel. "Wha? We was 'avin' a good time."

"I'm not sure if he was... but let's not worry about that now." He licked her on her forehead, between her two large rabbit-like ears, then turned over to the Kecleon brothers. "Hey guys, she said my cock is hers, so how about this... Woogie, you can have my ass, while I fuck Blues' pussy, and Boogie over there can mate with Blues' ass. Sound good?"

Boogie and Woogie looked at each other, Boogie appearing more disappointed with the arrangement than his brother, and then they looked back at the couple. "I got better idea, Mr. Floatzel. How about you suck me instead, ja? Ze girl can still have your cock, but zat vay, I still get Mr. Floatzel."

Jazz thought about it for a few seconds, trying to think about how much different it'd be sucking on a male than it would be lapping up at a female. 'Probably not too much different,' he thought, convincing himself to go along with it. "Sure, sounds fine. You fine with that, Blues?" he asked her.

"Yea', sounds good, Jazzy. Jus' as long as yer 'avin' a good time! An', I think 'ya will, cuz is not so bad suckin' 'ya off, so is prolly not gonna be so bad fer 'ya to suck off the Kecleon," Blues said, laughing and patting Jazz's back at the end.

"Well, then... let's see, how to do this..." said Jazz, thinking on how they could arrange themselves to make such a plan work. He thought about it in his mind for a bit, and after a bit of mental rearranging, he thought of a plan that could work. "Okay, how does this sound, everyone: I start off by mating with Blues, belly-to-belly. Then, Woogie, you get behind me and fuck my ass, either standing up or laying on top of me... I guess it's your call. And then, Boogie can sit or stand or something near my face and I'll get to work. You'll figure it out, bud, I'm sure."

"Eet sounds good, Mr. Floatzel! I can hardly vait!" exclaimed Boogie.

"Ja, sounds good! Oh, how I vant zat hot Floatzel ass...!" said Woogie with a moan.

"Alright then, let's get started! Oh, forgot, are we all set and slick, or do we need to bother with foreplay?" Jazz asked with a laugh and a smirk. He was fine and more than ready, at least physically, but figured it would be courteous to ask.

"I am ready, Mr. Floatzel!" "Boo, ze foreplay! Go straight to vack!" shouted the two brothers at the same time.

"What about you, Blues?" Jazz asked Blues.

" 'un, 'ya know 'ya never 'ave ta' bother with me! Jus' shuddup an' jam it in, already!" she exclaimed in response, grabbing him tight and falling onto her back, pulling him down on top of her. She spread her legs so her feet were touching and rubbing the Floatzel's rear.

Ready to plunge into her and finally resume their lovemaking, Jazz shifted his hips around, rubbing his gradually hardening member across the Azumarill's groin area, then bumping her clit. Realizing just where he was, Jazz lifted his hips back, then thrust down just a bit lower, sliding into Blues' damp pussy.

Jazz thrust himself in and out of her, moaning and earning moans in return as a boon for his efforts. The feeling of thrusting his length into his mate's soft, squishy vagina and having it squeezed firmly by her womanly walls was delightful. It made him almost forget what was going to happen next.

He was quick to remember, though, as he felt something grab his two tails. It was Woogie's purple paw grabbing it, and pulling it up to allow himself a good view of the Floatzel's ass.

"Ooooh, such a nice ass," the Kecleon remarked, grinning in anticipation and overtaken with arousal. Using his other paw, Woogie quickly stroked his malehood for thirty or so seconds, enough to coat it with a small amount of slick pre to add on to his preexisting slickness. Woogie then took a step or two forward and poked his member against Jazz's butt, missing the hole on several occasions, but finally getting lined up with it and resting his member against the Floatzel's sphincter.

Blues watched Jazz's looks of bliss and delight turn into looks of worry and nervousness. He raised an eyebrow and, out of caution, temporarily stopped his thrusting into Blues to make sure Woogie's penis 'went in right.'

"Dun worry 'un, 'ya'll do fine! Jus' tough it out an' mate me while 'e does 'is stuff, kay?" said Blues to help reassure her mate, who still looked to be rather uneasy about what was coming next. At least Jazz knew that he's given Blues anal on many, many occasions, so it couldn't be that bad.

Without asking for confirmation, the purple Kecleon slowly leaned forward and the tip of his length slid into Jazz's virgin tail hole. "Yaahh-tt-tt-ttt...!!" yelped Jazz as he felt the Kecleon's phallus penetrate his anal passage and slide into him.

It was rather painful going in, as Blues noticed by the clenching of his teeth and shutting of his eyes. To help keep his mind off the pain, she rocked her hips and slid herself around on Jazz's member, trying to give he and her both more pleasure.

Woogie slid about half of his length into the sea weasel's tail hole before stopping and sliding it back out. "Ja, you ist ze tight von, Mr. Floatzel! You not do zis often enough!" he said to Jazz, swatting him on the rump and then grabbing his hips once again to go in for another thrust.

'Not again...' thought Jazz, starting to regret getting suckered into such a predicament. As expected, he felt the member poke at his sphincter, sending an erotic sensation through his body, but also as expected, that familiar stinging, burning pain reemerged as the Kecleon pushed his cock back into his ass.

"Ven do I get to play?" asked Boogie, who was watching the three from the sidelines, pleasurably stroking his own member in anticipation of feeding it to 'Mr. Floatzel.'

"Come over here now, brother. Mr. Floatzel vill play. He look hungry for ze cock, ja?" Woogie pushed even further into Jazz, causing Jazz to release another painful yelp.

His problems were far from over, though, as the green Kecleon decided he was ready to step in. Boogie walked in front of Jazz and Blues and shook his erect pink member in front of the Floatzel's face.

Blues, who was on her back beneath Jazz, looked up to see the pink member as well, and produced a devious grin thinking about Jazz sucking on it. Rather than bothering her, like it would for most sane females, Blues quite enjoyed seeing Jazz in such a state, in pain and about to take a cock to the mouth. Not only was he getting fucked by two males, but he was getting fucked by two males while mating with her. She loved the thought and was so turned on by it happening.

As Woogie slid more of his length into the sea weasel ass, Jazz felt the gay Kecleon's malehood hit something inside of him. It sent a sharp, almost-painful pleasure through the Floatzel's body, causing him to scream out. However, unlike previous times of painful yelps, his scream was mixed with both pain and pleasure, which was a sharp improvement over the times of before.

While Jazz had his mouth open, panting and taking in the newfound feelings, Boogie took that opportunity to introduce Jazz's mouth to his cock, resting his pinkish meat on the tongue of the Floatzel. Jazz briefly opened his eyes and looked up to see Boogie looking down at him with a wanting smirk on his face.

"Be ze good Mr. Floatzel and suck ze cock now, ja?" he instructed him, to which Jazz was a bit hesitant to comply. He's never sucked a male before, so he was a bit skeptical about starting. Fortunately, Blues had given him plenty of head in the past, giving Jazz a basic idea of how to perform such on act on the Kecleon, but still feeling a bit nervous about it. Oh yeah, and still trying to remain levelheaded from getting his ass plowed and cock screwed.

"Go on, Jazzy, 'ya can do it!" said Blues in encouragement, trying to persuade Jazz to go ahead and do it. That was just what Jazz needed to take the member in, close his mouth, and begin stroking the member with his tongue.

Just as he started, Woogie pulled an inch or two out of the Floatzel, then slammed it back in, although now moving at a much faster and more relentless pace. It was considerably more painful than it was a moment or so ago, yet at the same time, each thrust across the Floatzel's sensitive prostate sent a powerful surge of arousal and pleasure through his own body. It felt as if he came each time the Kecleon did that, although he knew it to be just an illusion, but a pleasurable one nonetheless.

To Jazz's surprise, Boogie sat down on the ground, grabbing his head and directing it lower, though still keeping his warm mouth on the Kecleon meat. Then, Boogie alternated between bucking his hips forward the best he could while sitting down and motioning Jazz's head up and down on his length so it was bobbing on his cock.

As Boogie became more and more aroused, Jazz could taste the pre on his malehood. It was strong, salty, and had a very faint taste of melon, but it wasn't particularly pleasurable. It was slimy, more than anything, and accented the texture of his cock. Regardless, the sea weasel used his tongue the best he knew how, and slid it all across Boogie's boner.

A few thrusts later, Jazz seemed not to notice any of the pain that once taxed him upon Woogie's thrusting. Instead, he could feel only a strong pleasure coming from his ass, and more specifically, his groin. Woogie's thrusting subsequently picked up pace as well, facing less resistance and, with thanks to his pre, more lubrication.

Getting sexed by the two males almost made Jazz oblivious to the fact that he was still mating with Blues, his mate, right below him. He was no longer bucking and thrusting into her, but rather letting the Woogie, who was now leaning on his back and grabbing his chest, push him down into Blues with every thrust he made.

Jazz wasn't exactly in a position to talk or comment on how much he was now enjoying himself. The only sounds the delighted sea weasel could make were deep moans, as he now had Boogie's cock almost all the way to his threat, nearly choking but staying strong. It was a bit of a powerless feeling, having that salty length thrust back and forth into the depths of his mouth, leaving him wondering if he'd choke or gag on it.

Woogie now had slid his entire length deep into the Floatzel's ass, squeezing his member with the tight, pulsing walls, gripping like a fist. Jazz could feel Woogie's cock deep inside of his bowels, thrusting back and forth but never coming close to leaving his anal passage. He was thrusting in and out of him quite rapidly, which in turn meant Jazz was sliding in and out of Blues' vagina more and more rapidly, all while Boogie was rocking his hips and bobbing Jazz's head up and down on his member.

The unbelievable amount of pleasure Jazz was feeling from all the sexual experiences happening at one was quickly bringing the ecstatic sea weasel closer and closer to climax. He could usually use his willpower to restrain himself and prolong orgasm a bit further, but it was just too much for him to take now.

Fortunately for Jazz, and for herself, Blues knew that Jazz's orgasm was imminent, so she loosened up and readied herself for her own, trying to time it at the same time as her mate's to ensure they would cum at the same time, as they always strove for when mating vaginally as they were now. She was very good at timing their orgasm, and just as she was able in the past, the Azumarill hit the point of no return. Her vaginal walls squeezed and gripped Jazz's malehood tightly, coaxing it into climax, which she was only a few seconds away from herself.

Somewhere between the intense stimulation of his prostate, the feeling of Woogie's balls slamming against his rear, the tight, moist squeezing of Blues' pussy, and the overwhelming scent and sensation of nearly getting gagged by Boogie's cock, Jazz suddenly lost it. With a loud muffled scream into Boogie's cock, vibrating and pleasuring it greatly, the Floatzel felt the most intense orgasm he had ever felt in his life, firing his hot, steamy ejaculate into Blues at a breakneck speed. Jazz felt every ounce of his life-bearing seed shoot out of him in that single moment, which seemed to last forever. Blues, too, reached her orgasm at that very moment, squirting her female ejaculate onto the fur of Jazz and mixing with his own gooey seed.

While Jazz's orgasm was occurring, his anal passages tightened up and squeezed Woogie's cock tremendously tight, pulsing and milking the lizard cock to achieve its own triumphant climax. "Gyaaaah!! Zat ist eet, Mr. Floatzel, gods yes!! Ahhhhhhh!!" screamed Woogie as he, too, joined Jazz in orgasm, spewing spurt after spurt of his sticky liquid into the bowels of the tight sea weasel.

Consequentially, Jazz's muffled scream was just enough to bring Boogie over the edge as well. The vibrations sent wave after wave of pleasure to the Kecleon, and on top of that, Jazz's mouth opened up even wider to allow room for the scream, allowing Boogie to thrust all the way to Jazz's throat and choke the poor sea weasel with his length. "Ahhhhh yess, Mr. Floatzel, ahhhhh!! You so good! So good!!" yelled Boogie as he felt his orgasm begin. Fortunately for Jazz, though, the Kecleon had no delays in spraying his load down Jazz's throat and into his soon-to-be-confused belly, although temporarily suffocating Jazz by gagging him with his cock.

After sharing such an intense moment together, the four physically exhausted Pokemon collapsed to the ground. Woogie's member retreated out of Jazz's ass and returned to his sheath as the purple Kecleon fell backwards, landing on his back and panting heavily. Boogie fell on his back as well, his groin soaked with the cum and semen that Jazz had spilling out of his mouth. Jazz, who was too exhausted to even swallow the rest of the Kecleon ejaculate that remained in his mouth -- quite a sizable amount -- quickly lost consciousness and fell asleep right on top of his mate, Blues, who was a bit tuckered out, but could easily go another round if she wanted to.

"Aww Jazzy, see? Wasn' tha' a lotta fun?" Blues said softly to her sleeping mate, knowing fully well that he was asleep and couldn't hear her. It didn't stop her from taking pride in convincing him to go along with it, and for being anxious to see just how cooperative the Kecleon brothers would be when they woke up.

Deciding someone should do the responsible thing, she wriggled free from Jazz, letting him sleep on his belly in the cum-soaked sand, and sat down next to Tommy in the alcove to watch for any incoming Pokemon or other potential threats.

"Maybe you'll be able ta' play with us, some day, 'uh, Tommy? Aww, I knows yer already mated an' all with 'Tanga' er whatever 'ya call 'er an' even tha' 'an'some Typhlosion, too, 'uh, but y'know, 'ya can always play aroun' if 'ya wan'ta. 'course, with 'er permission, after all, 'cuz 'ya dun wan' 'er mad a'cha like 'ya were at 'er. Ha, aww, she's so cute when she's angry, too, yea', she is... aww... really adorable... yer lucky ta' 'ave 'er, an' that 'an'some Typhlosion, yep, 'ya are. Aww, an' I dun' even know why I'm talkin' to 'ya, 'specially 'bout yer mates! I'm 'orrible! Ha ha! Dun worry, Tommy, id'll all work out, dun worry..."

Running out of things to say, not that she really saw talking to herself as a problem, Blues grabbed Tommy's limp arm and held it close as she sat and remained on guard for the group. All she could do was wait until Jazz and the two Kecleons woke up from their euphoric slumber to see if her plan pulled off and she'd gain the support of the two brothers.


End of Chapter 10

Oh, those silly Pokemon, Jazz and Blues. Yeah, I know it seems like they were being a bit irresponsible, but when life hands you lemons, you read them. Plus, fortunately, it all worked out. Hopefully it gave 'em all some nice character building. Jazz and Blues needed more character building.

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