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Middle of Nowhere by zephyr_paws


Chapter 11: Renewed Hope

Chapter 11: Renewed Hope

Tango and Waltz reach a dead end in their search for Leafbloom Town, but are then helped by a helpful Flaaffy. She gladly helps lead them to town while answering some of the questions that they had. Though there's more to that helpful Pokemon than either of them know at first, and perhaps their paths will intertwine again all too soon... though with an unexpected surprise.

WARNING: This document contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and sex between two female Pokemon! Yep, lesbians! Now I know you're thinking "Aww hell, frickin' rad! *fap fap*", but you need to know something first! If you're younger than 18 years old (or 21 in some locations), you can't legally read this! Bad news, right? Very right. Of course you can't legally download free MP3s of your favorite metal band either. Also, if you're offended by stories of sexual manner, well, let's just say you should go elsewhere. (But then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE IN THE FREAKING FIRST PLACE?!) Enough yappin', get to fappin'!

DISCLAIMER: All characters and properties are copyright their respective owners. All writing and original characters are copyright 2008 Zephyr Paws. The author is in no way associated or affiliated with any third-party. This original fiction was created with no intention of any copyright infringement against any third-party, and is purely for fan enjoyment.

As Tango and Waltz ran through the forested area, following the advice of the locals they ran into earlier, Waltz was torn as to whether or not he should confront Tango as he attempted to earlier. Was it really the time to talk to her about their current relationship? He couldn't help feeling like the third wheel.

"Tango... I really need to talk to you," said Waltz, still running just a bit behind the Buizel.

"Don't you think it can wait until after we get to the town?" Tango asked back, sounding a little unsettled.

Waltz sighed. She was right. It could wait. Tommy's safety was far more important than their relationship. "Alright..." answered Waltz. He could wait a bit longer, though he was growing more and more impatient.

As he continued running, thoughts of the last day or two flew through his mind, particularly back to their scene on the island again. He really had mated with Tango and kissed Tommy! It felt so wrong, so different from the glamorous views of matehood he'd fantasized about in his mind. Two mates... 'Tommy may be able to handle it, Tango definitely, but can I?' thought Waltz. 'I can't... I care too much about them both to keep this going on. But... it just feels so nice... feeling loved, even if it is merely an illusion.'

Yet again, Waltz gave a sigh as he ran along behind Tango. He truly was placed in a difficult spot.


The two Pokemon continued heading in the direction the Mankey and Nuzleaf directed them, yet to no avail. It felt like an hour or two of running. They finally wound up along the base of a mountain, far from any sign of civilization.

"Dammit!" shouted Tango, stopping and kicking the ground. "I'm so sick of running! I think those stupid monkeys tricked us or something, because we should have gotten there by now, right?" She looked very flustered.

"They might have... I sure hope not, though." Waltz crossed his arms and paced around a bit. "It's just too bad we don't have a map or anything. It would be a lot easier to find how to get to the town if we actually knew where we were..."

"Well no duh, Waltz," snapped Tango, putting her paws on her hips and causing Waltz to stop his pacing and sigh.

Deep down, Waltz was really disliking how he was being treated by Tango. Ever since the start of their little talk, it seemed like she was more focused on using him to get to Tommy. He felt more and more devalued to her, though part of him thought it was a good thing. He didn't really want to love Tango, but felt it was more of a duty, more of a consequence of them mating together.

"You don't have to snap back at me..." said Waltz in a depressed tone.

"Sorry," said Tango plainly. "We're just wasting too much time wandering around and not getting any closer. What were we even supposed to do at the town again?"

Waltz scratched his head and remembered what they were intending on doing at the town. "We were looking for the town so we could see if anyone there knew about how they keep humans away, just in case that has something to do with Tommy. If that fails, we look for medical help of some kind."

"Well that still doesn't solve how we get to the town in the first place!"

"I know..."

Tango turned around and looked up at the mountain behind her. "You don't suppose it could be up there, could it?" she asked.

Waltz gulped. He had an innate fear of heights. "N-no... I don't think so."

"They never said it wasn't on a mountain, though. It could be up there!"

"I think you're getting carried away... why would it be up on a mountain?"

"Because they said it was this way!"

"They might have been wrong... or intentionally mislead us..."

"Why would they do that?"

"Who knows! For some laughs?"

"Nah! They wouldn't do that!"

The conversation between Tango and Waltz went back and forth on similar notes, neither side really convincing the other. It wasn't until they heard a rustling in the nearby bushes that they ceased their bickering.

They both looked over at the rustling bushes in suspicion.

"Did you hear that?" asked Waltz quietly, stepping in front of Tango to be sure her safety came first.

"I think so..." she mumbled back. The Buizel placed a paw up by her mouth out of suspense.

"I'll... I'll go check it out," said Waltz, puffing his chest and walking over to the source of the disturbance. When he got to the bush, he spotted a pink-and-black ear poking out from it. Quickly, the Typhlosion grabbed what ever it was that was hiding, catching hold of some fluffy mane.

Waltz pulled the thing up by its scruff to reveal it was a Flaaffy, appearing rather frightened. It didn't look too much taller than Tango. "Aa-aa-aaah! Let me go!" it shrieked as it struggled to break free from the Typhlosion's grasp.

"Why were you spying on us?" asked Waltz, looking the terrified creature right in the eye. Between the tone of its cry and the look on its face, he guessed that the Flaaffy was a female.

The Flaaffy's struggling stopped, and she instead just looked right back at the Typhlosion. "I- I wasn't spying on you! Really! I was just hiding!"

Tango walked over to the Flaaffy that Waltz was holding, crossed her arms, and looked up to the Flaaffy. "Hiding? Hiding from what, us?"

"Yea-a-ah! I- I sa-a-aw you two coming a-and you two looked like you meant business," said the Flaaffy. "I just wanted to get out of the wa-a-y." The little Flaaffy's baaing was pretty cute, though sometimes made what she was saying slightly harder to understand. At least she was easier to understand than Blues.

Waltz looked at the Flaaffy intensely. He couldn't help but buy into her story. Besides, she didn't really look like she'd do that much harm anyway. "If I put you down, are you going to run away, or will you help us?" he asked.

"Help?" The Flaaffy's ears perked up. "Help with what?"

The Typhlosion saw that response as a good enough sign to let her down, so he lowered his arm and gently placed the pink sheep on the ground. He then looked down at her with a sincere look in his eyes. "We need to get to town..."

"Oh, to Leafbloom? Or Histenglow? Because Leafbloom isn't too far awa-a-ay. Tha-at's a-actually where I live! I was just out getting some berries because we were running low."

"We?" asked Tango out of curiosity.

"Yea-a-h, my... my Rescue Team partner," she said back to the Buizel. "You kind of look like her, a-actually. If you'd like, I could take you there!"

"Yes!" exclaimed Tango. "You have no idea how badly we need to get to town!"

"Right," said Waltz with several nods, agreeing with his Buizel partner. "We've been looking for hours..."

The Flaaffy gave a cute sheepish giggle, placing her pink paws up by her mouth. "Hehe, it's a-alright! I know! I was wa-atching you, a-a-fter a-a-all. So come on, let's not wa-a-aste a-any time?"

"What about your berries?" asked Waltz.

"Oh, right! Tha-a-nks for reminding me!" She smiled and ran over to the bushes she was hiding in, returning with a bunch of berries cradled in her arms. "You two can ha-a-ve one if you'd like!" she said with a smile.

Tango and Waltz definitely couldn't refuse that offer, so they each grabbed a berry and started munching on it along the way, following the Flaaffy, both with high hopes for finally reaching their destination.


After only about half an hour, they could see a little Pokemon house on the horizon, quickly followed by several more poking through the trees. They were also getting closer to the shore, as they could see by looking over to their side.

"Wait, you're telling me that the town is by the shore?!" exclaimed Tango.

"Yea-a-h, you really didn't know?"

"Those stupid pranksters..." mumbled Tango, clenching her fists together.

"It's alright, Tango," said Waltz, trying to calm her down.

The Flaaffy stopped and turned around at the other two Pokemon, causing them to stop as well. "Oh, hey," said the Flaaffy, "what are your two's na-a-mes? I'm Fa-a-rruca-a!" She smiled.

"Oh, right. I'm Waltz," said Waltz, "and this is Tango."

"So, a-are you going to tell me a-about this Tommy guy?" she asked, looking interested. "His na-a-me sounds funnier tha-a-n both of yours combined! Sounds like a-a huma-a-n na-a-me if you ask me!"

Waltz and Tango looked at each other nervously. "Well..." said Waltz. "He's... he's my... he's my Trainer."

"Aww, you poor thing, being ca-a-ught by a-a Tra-a-ainer! It's a-all better now, don't worry. We don't ha-ave a-any huma-a-ns on the whole island!" She tilted her head and smiled cutely.

"Wait, there aren't? Why not? I mean, how do you keep them off?" asked Tango, finally being able to talk to someone with some sense.

"It's beca-a-use of the ba-a-arrier, of course! You two must be new here if you don't know a-a-about tha-a-t," said Farruca.

"Yeah," said Tango, putting her paws on her hips, "we've heard that before. But what kind of barrier is it? Can't you be more specific?" She was getting desperate to know the answer and thought that this Flaaffy might actually know what's going on with Tommy.

Farruca faced Tango. "It's a-a psychic ba-a-arrier ma-a-de by some of the strongest psychic Pokemon on the island. Legend ha-a-s it that even Mew herself lent a-a pa-a-w into the crea-a-tion of the ba-a-rrier."

"Can't you just tell me what it actually does?!" she shouted, growing really impatient.

"According to the Mystic, the ba-a-rrier ma-a-kes any huma-a-n enter a-an unwa-a-keable sleep. Better yet, they dream tha-a-t they were a-a Pokemon a-and lose a-all recollection of ever fa-alling a-asleep in the first pla-a-ce when they wa-a-ke up."

Waltz and Tango listened to her story intently. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. It made them feel a bit more at ease, since that sounded exactly like what was happening to Tommy. It really helped explain things.

"Thank you!" exclaimed Tango, stepping forward and hugging the Flaaffy out of gratitude.

The Flaaffy reacted by smiling and patting the Buizel on the back. "You're welcome," she said, loving the feeling of the Buizel's fur colliding with her rubbery skin. She always loved that feeling... "So why does tha-a-t ma-a-tter anywa-a-y?"

"I... I don't know," said Tango, not knowing what to say.

"It's because, umm... our Trainer... he might follow us here... yeah, that's it," added Waltz, trying to cover for her.

"Well, oka-a-y, if you sa-a-y so. But now tha-a-t you're here, don't you wa-a-nt a-a tour of the town?" asked Farruca.

Tango and Waltz looked at each other, again, nervously, but now since they both had the information they were looking for, they were a lot less eager to visit the town.

"Not... really..." said Tango cautiously.

"Aww," said Farruca, "tha-at's too ba-a-ad. Don't you a-at least wa-ant to sta-a-ay for a-a meal? Please, it'd be my treat! Plus you'd get to meet my, um, partner."

"We really can't," said Waltz. "You see, we have somewhere else to be. But, um, thank you very much for the offer. Maybe if ever we see you again."

Tango had to side with Waltz. Though one berry was far from filling and she hadn't eaten anything else all day, she now knew what was wrong with Tommy and wanted to get back to try and help him.

"You sure? They're good berries!" Farruca walked over to them and displayed the berries she was carrying more prominently.

"No, it's alright. They were for you and your partner anyway. We do need to get going. But thanks for the information! It really helped!" said Tango, walking over to Waltz and tugging on his fur, trying to get him to come along.

"Well, oka-a-y. It was nice meeting you two a-and I hope you find what you're looking for!" exclaimed Farruca. "See ya-a-a!" She waved at the two Pokemon as they walked away towards the beach, waving back.


"Hey, Farruca..."

"Hi, I'm ba-a-ack! Sorry I ma-ade you wait. I got sidetracked by some Pokemon," said Farruca to her partner as she got back to their house. She dropped the berries in a little pile on the floor. "Any mail?"


Farruca smiled, then hugged her partner, following up with a tender kiss. "Well, tha-at leaves us alone, right?"

"I guess you're right..."

The Flaaffy felt that her partner wasn't fully there and was bothered by something. "Are you oka-a-ay?"

"I'm just... thinking... that's all."

"What a-about? You promised me you'd tell me a-anything, remember?" Farruca felt concerned for her friend, especially knowing everything that they went through together to get to where they were.

"Just... I- I'm sorry, I shouldn't mope. I'm just glad that whole nightmare is over..."

Farruca let out a sigh of relief. "Yea-a-ah, aren't we both..." She nodded and looked right into her friend's beautiful blue eyes, looking downward slightly to compensate for their slight height difference. "You know, your eyes are really pretty."

"T-thanks, Farruca."

"Do you think you'd like to, uh, you know...?" asked Farruca in a somewhat seductive tone. She had a good feeling that some intimate bonding with her friend would help, as it often washed away the pain from their memories together and reminded them both of the pleasure that came from it.

Her partner glanced downward and sighed. "Y-yeah... I'd like that... I... I really love you, Farruca."

"Aww, I love you too, Polka-a-a!" Farruca hugged her Buizel friend, squeezing her in her arms and licking her tongue across her furry cheeks. Polka's cheeks were slightly different from the cheeks of a normal Buizel, as rather than two long spots on each cheek, there were three small circular dots adorning them.

Farruca loved the feeling of the Buizel's fur rubbing across her rubbery body. The only fur she had was on her fluffy white mane and on top of her head.

Polka took her two paws, placed one on each side of Farruca's face, then forced her head forward and locked her into a deep kiss. She swirled her tongue inside of the mouth of the pink sheep, savoring its flavor and coaxing Farruca's own tongue to participate in the fun.

Of course, Farruca needed no further coaxing to get the message. Polka was indeed interested in playing in that special way they always did together. It'd always begin with a short lived kiss, followed by a more savory one, followed then by whatever course of action the couple wished to take.

One thing was certain, though: Farruca knew that Polka would be cheered up by the end of their time together.

The Buizel and Flaaffy continued sucking each other's faces off for several minutes. Each of them progressed to touching the other, running their paws up and down the other's body, steadily focusing more and more towards their hips and bellies.

Eventually, Farruca made the first move and slid her paw down Polka's belly, reaching just shy of her girlhood. She opened her eyes to see Polka staring back into hers with a look of want and desire on her face.

"Farruca..." moaned Polka, who was getting aroused by her teammate's actions. "Go on..." she ordered.

Farruca obliged and got down on her knees so she could reach her somewhat short paws all the way down to Polka's lower region. The Flaaffy ran her tongue down the chest, then down the belly of the Buizel, causing her to loose sensual giggles due to the ticklish, yet erotic, feeling it provided.

Her tongue reached farther down until it passed the cream-colored fur of the Buizel's underbelly and made its way down to the orange-colored fur beneath it. Her eyes gazed down and sighted Polka's slit, lightly moist and with her clitoris ever-so-slightly protruding from it.

The Flaaffy giggled in anticipation, then resumed her licking, running her tongue down, further, further... until it struck that sensitive little bump above the Buizel's slit, sending a shiver through her body and eliciting a light moan from her.

She then brought her two paws over and rubbed along the side of her furry folds while she used her tongue to continue pleasuring her clitoris. Each paw was rubbing in circles, providing an unusual, yet stimulating sensation.

Farruca started suckling lightly on the Buizel's clit, still using her tongue to strike it, though providing more of an arousing feeling to Polka. She greatly appreciated Farruca doing that to her.

"Uhhn... Farruca... I want to be in control... okay...?" asked Polka through moans, rubbing the fluffy head mane of the Flaaffy beneath her. She tickled behind the Flaaffy's ears, causing her to stop her suckling and giggle in reaction.

"Ha-a-a-a, sure," answered Farruca, looking up at Polka and smiling at her.

Polka returned the smile, pet her head a bit more, then walked over towards some of the boxes in their little house. She held her paw between her legs the whole time, trying desperately to avoid losing her arousal.

When she got to the boxes, she released her paw to be able to use both of her two paws. She located the key to the chest they used to store their goodies in and proceeded to open it up. The chest contained numerous artifacts that helped the two Pokemon bond in a special way.

She tossed aside the assorted toys until she found the one she was in the mood for. It was a special one crafted by the Kecleon brothers to replicate a human sex toy: a strap-on. This special strap-on fit both Polka and Farruca perfectly and made their time together particularly enjoyable.

The dark blue 'panties' were made of a particular rubbery material that was easy to clean and stayed on either of them just fine. On both the inside and the outside was a dildo, though positioned in just the right place to make sure that whichever of the two was wearing it would be able to brandish the squishy plastic -- or whatever the lightly malleable material was -- cock on the outside just like a real one, while keeping the inner one snugly inside of their vagina for maximum pleasure. They even installed a vibrator on the inside of the 'panties' to stimulate the wearer's clit.

It cost them through the nose to afford such a thing, especially knowing the Kecleon brothers' disinterest in females, but they'd do nearly anything for the right price and Polka and Farruca had become somewhat of friends with them after their many dealings together, both for personal business and Rescue Team related business.

Along with the strap-on, Polka grabbed a container of the 'Ditto Jelly Lube' that she'd purchased from the Kecleon brothers and walked back towards Farruca with both in tow. She gave a coy look towards her Flaaffy friend as she set both of the two items down, then undid the cap to the lube.

"Get me started," said Polka, handing the lube and the strap-on to Farruca. The sheep gladly accepted the two items, then began rubbing some of the lube on the inner cock, lubricating it and making it nice and slick.

Farruca proceeded to put some of the lube on her paws and knelt down to apply the cool goo to Polka's wanting pussy. Polka lay down on her back to allow her friend easier access to her girlhood. The Flaaffy applied some of the goo to Polka's folds, then got a bit more from the container and stuck her lubed-up paw into Polka's pussy, sliding it around inside.

Polka flinched as she was penetrated by her friend's paw, though quickly relaxed and let her arousal overtake her hesitations. Though she had bad memories from such actions, she always felt at ease when it was her friend doing the work. They have been through a lot together...

"You ready, Polka-a-a?" asked Farruca, reaching back for the strap-on and applying one final layer of lube to it since Polka's pussy felt moist enough.

"Yes, go ahead," answered Polka, taking a deep breath and preparing herself to be penetrated by her friend in the form of a dildo.

Getting the a-ok from Polka, Farruca withdrew her paw and stuck Polka's feet between the two holes for her legs to go through, then held onto the plastic cock with both of her paws. She rubbed it up and down along the length of Polka's slit before dipping it inside of her two folds, pressing it against her pink flesh.

The dildo slid effortlessly inside of Polka's eager folds until Farruca slid it into her vagina, pushing it in with no resistance at all. It practically slid itself in there! Farruca kept pushing until it was as far back as it'd go, then got Polka's strap-on all adjusted properly. She saw a red hue on the cheeks of the Buizel, indicating her arousal and excitement.

"Uhhn... turn it on, and let's do this..." moaned Polka, greatly enjoying the feeling of something thick and cool inside of her pussy. She wouldn't take it from just anyone -- Farruca was the only Pokemon she'd ever trust to treat her sensitive girl parts in such a way, by either a male or a female.

"Right!" exclaimed Farruca, reaching around near Polka's butt until she found the vibrating switch. The Flaaffy turned it on and immediately heard a delightful cry from her horny sea weasel friend.

Polka could feel a little vibration run back and forth against her clit. The pleasure brought her down on all fours; she couldn't bear to stand any longer with that kind of arousal coursing through her body.

"Think you can gel me up?" asked Farruca, lying down on her back and presenting her dripping snatch to her friend. Unlike Polka, Farruca had no fur down there, so her moistness had nothing to seep into; it always just ran down her legs and all over her groin whenever she was aroused. Polka could tell that she was very aroused right now.

"You don't need it, but sure," she said back to her, falling over to her side, reaching for the lube, and stroking a glob of it up and down the plastic dildo. She coated it with the cool and slick gel, then ran her paw across Farruca's wanting slit, pushing a digit inside to prime it for penetration.

"A-a-a-ah, Polka-a-a, I'm so ready! Ta-a-ke me!" moaned Farruca, who lay down on her back ready for the dominant female to do just as she asked: take her.

Polka was so ready to. She got back on all fours and crawled on top of her friend, licking her face while rubbing the gooey plastic phallus along her groin, pushing and probing in search of that opening.

Since she had no feeling in that fake penis, it was a little awkward finding that opening, but she liked the challenge and it made her feel more in control when she took Farruca like that instead of inserting it beforehand. Polka really enjoyed being in control, as so much of her life was either full of mistakes or out of her control. To finally be able to take life by the horns and be in charge was a satisfying feeling for her, though she did enjoy it as well when Farruca did the same, too. They had a good relationship together.

After several more probes, Polka heard Farruca scream in delight and felt her push her strapped-on phallus into the Flaaffy's eager pussy.

"Y-yess! A-a-a-aaahh!" moaned Farruca, crying out shortly afterwards. She held onto Polka's shoulders with her paws.

Polka felt the dildo inside of her adjust as she slammed into Farruca. The two cocks were intertwined pretty well. She always loved how when she pushed inside of Farruca, she felt like there was a cock pushing inside of her as well -- though not just any Pokemon's, but just Farruca's. Er, well, Farruca's when she was wearing the thing. She didn't have to explain it to herself; she just knew she enjoyed the feeling, as any female Pokemon in love would.

Polka wrapped her paws around Farruca's back, gripping her close and allowing her to thrust even deeper into the female Flaaffy. She moaned out, then followed up by locking her lips with Farruca to give her another one of those deep kisses that she enjoyed giving.

Their kiss lasted for several minutes while their passionate mating session continued. It brought them together in a special way that they always treasured. It was an irreplaceable bond forged through their hard times together. Mating once seemed like a torture to them, but after enduring its pains for so long, they discovered its pleasures through each other.

"Uhhn, Farruca... let me try you from the side," said Polka through her thrusting and moaning. She temporarily ceased her actions and rolled Farruca onto her side, all while keeping the dildo inside of her, and stood up straight. The Buizel grabbed Farruca's raised leg and hugged it tightly, then began pulling herself closer to the Flaaffy and inserting herself in and out of the pink sheep once more, but from a different angle.

"A-a-ah, good idea-a-a! Oh, it's even deeper now!" exclaimed Farruca. She felt the phallus penetrate even deeper into her girlhood, but, better yet, felt it run across her highly-sensitive g-spot even more.

Every thrust across that sensitive spot caused Farruca to squeal in ecstasy, in heaven over the intense pleasure that one little spot provided to her. The feeling of Polka's 'cock' taking her and plowing her insides drove her wild. She tolerated the days when they were both locked up a lot better than Polka did, though that may have been due to her rather optimistic nature. Though Polka's 'cock' felt far better than any other she was forced to handle from those dreaded days.

Farruca only lasted a few minutes more in that pose before she felt that burning sensation rise in her genitalia and spread all throughout her body. A strong heat flew through her body and she felt her muscles begin tensing up.

"A-a-a-a-ah, I'm cumming!!" exclaimed Farruca, crying out and banging her paws on the ground as she felt the orgasm strike her body with tremendous force. Her vaginal muscles squeezed tightly at the plastic penis as she spurted several squirts of a sticky, feminine liquid all over the floor and over Polka's groin fur.

Her pulsing eventually subsided, though Polka continued to plow into the sheep without relent. She knew that Farruca was far from done and didn't even have to ask. All she wanted to do was catch up to her friend.

It wasn't too difficult, though, as her pleasure had been building for longer. It was just the previous stress and depression from the day that was holding her back, but hearing her friend let go like that really struck a chord in the Buizel's mind and coaxed her into her own orgasm.

She felt the feeling building up in her groin in a fiery passion. It felt like her blood down there was on fire and that she was ready to gush all over those 'panties' she was wearing. Thank goodness they were easy to clean... 

"Mmmn, mmmm, uhhnn, a-aahhh!!" cried Polka as her climax hit her. She slammed her plastic cock as far into the Flaaffy as it would go, cramming the one inside of her own pussy to its limits. It slid across her g-spot, which was the first it'd been stimulated during the session so far, though the clitoral stimulation thanks to the vibrations made sure that she was far from lacking in pleasure.

Polka soaked her rubbery panties with her female ejaculate, soaking her fur and causing a little of her juices to drip down her legs and onto the ground. She rolled Farruca onto her back and then fell into her chest. The two Pokemon shared their afterglow together, panting in each other's arms.

"That really helped..." said Polka before licking the side of the Flaaffy's face.

"You're done?" asked Farruca in a disappointed-sounding tone.

"Not if you aren't," said Polka, sitting up on Farruca's chest, still with her strap-on strapped on and its member standing proudly -- always ready for another go.

"Mmmmn, Polka-a-a, do me up the a-a-ass!" baaed Farruca, pleading with the Buizel for another go. She stroked the dildo that Polka was brandishing to signify her enthusiasm to welcome it back into her.

"If you'd like..." said Polka. She got off of Farruca and stood at her side. "Get on all fours," she ordered, to which the Flaaffy immediately complied, getting on all fours exactly as instructed.

Farruca wagged her tail and presented her still moist opening along with Polka's target: the Flaaffy's tight pucker. "Ohhh, ta-a-ake me, Polka-a-a!"

Polka walked over to the container of Ditto Jelly Lube and brought it back over by them. She stuck her paw in it to coat it with a gooey coating of the bizarre gel, then rubbed Farruca's ass with it, running it along the rim of her anal opening.

The Buizel then stuck a digit inside of Farruca's sphincter and wiggled it around a bit, causing several baas of surprise and intrigue to emerge from the Flaaffy's mouth. Polka withdrew her digit after running it around for a few seconds, then took her other paw and dipped it in the lube. She stuck two of that paw's digits inside of Farruca's anal passage this time, lubing up her ass and priming it for penetration.

"Should be good," remarked Polka as she withdrew her second paw, then used a Water Gun on both of her paws to clean them up. She didn't particularly care for the odor of anal play, but knew that Farruca still enjoyed being dominated by her, so she'd put up with it. Fortunately her being a water type Pokemon made it easy for her to clean up her messes.

Polka gripped her plastic cock tightly, pulled it up and away from her, then pushed it back down towards her, causing the one on inside to slide in and out of her own vagina. The vibrator was still vibrating at Polka's clit -- she almost didn't notice due to how used to it she was, but after getting back into the groove for more sex, its presence became all too obvious.

Farruca shook her tail and prepared herself to take Polka's plastic cock as far up as it would go. She didn't want her to hold back at all, regardless of how painful it may be at first. The lubrication would help tremendously, though.

The Buizel placed her cleaned paws on the Flaaffy's hips, then positioned her strap-on up against Farruca's anal entrance. She positioned it just right and rested it against Farruca's sphincter, raising her anticipation tremendously. She could hardly wait for it to sink inside of her body and slam against her deep innards!

"Do you want it?" asked Polka in a stern voice.


"Tell me how much you want it."

Farruca both loved and hated when Polka teased her like she was now doing. "I- I want it bad!"

"Doesn't sound good enough." Polka started pulling her fake member away from Farruca's anal opening.

Now Farruca was getting really worried, because Polka wasn't usually one to actually pull away; she'd usually just make her beg for it more. "A-a-ah! Wa-a-it!" She looked back at Polka, still on all fours, and saw the sea weasel Pokemon staring at her, then turning her head to the side.

"Nope. You don't really want it."

"Polka-a-a, please! Plea-" Farruca's words were suddenly cut off by a screech as Polka quickly resumed her grip on Farruca's hips in a matter of seconds and thrust several inches of her plastic cock inside of Farruca's asshole, sliding in with limited resistance.

Polka remained perfectly still, though, after that initial thrust, causing a great deal of anticipation to build up in the Flaaffy's mind. Just as suddenly as she got herself inside, she withdrew her attached dildo from Farruca's anus. "Now beg for it!" she shouted.

"Please, pleeeease, don't stop! Please, I'm begging, Polka-a-a!" whined the Flaaffy, getting frustrated yet so highly turned on by how Polka was teasing her. She hasn't been as good as she was now in quite awhile.

"You don't call me Polka if you want me to take you seriously. Only equals call me Polka," said Polka in a very dominating tone. "What do you call me if you want me to listen? What do you call me?!" She squeezed Farruca's tight, pink ass cheeks with her two paws.

"M-maa-a-aa-ster! Ma-a-aster! Please, ma-a-aster! I'm begging you, ma-a-!!" Once again, Farruca's words were cut off by a swift thrust into her anus, causing her to cry out in both a bit of pain and enormous pleasure.

Polka was already back inside of Farruca, though rather than simply keeping her plastic cock nestled inside like she did last time, she gave a few light thrusts back and forth, though making sure never to leave the Flaaffy's ass.

"Sweet Mew! Pol- a-a-a, I mean, ma-a-aster! Tha-ank you!"

Polka ceased her thrusting after hearing Farruca say that, keeping her attached dildo a few inches inside of the Flaaffy. "What was that? I don't want to hear 'thank you,' I want to hear what you did to deserve this! What did you do? What did you do to deserve this?"

"I, a-a-a, I ma-a-de sweet, pa-a-asionate love with you, ma-a-ster," baaed the Flaaffy, dying to continue. The pleasure was just starting to begin for her and she didn't want to lose it.

"You're mine, I can do that when I want. Tell me what you did other than that to deserve what I'm giving you."

"Um, a-a-a, I don't know!"

"Well then, maybe you don't deserve this after all..." Polka proved she was serious by slowly sliding the strapped-on dildo outward.

"Wa-a-ait!" shouted Farruca, causing Polka to stop. "I'll tell you what I'm going to do to deserve it. Does tha-a-t work?"

Polka paused for a few seconds to think about it. She could tell that Farruca was desperate enough. "As long as it's good enough to deserve it, so make it good," she said.

"Ma-a-aster, a-as soon a-as we're done, I will sensua-ally run my tongue a-a-across your body a-and clean you up. Then, I will run that tongue down to your sweet, beautiful slit, pa-a-art your delicat- a-a-ah, ma-aster, I mean your powerful folds, a-a-and stick my tongue inside to give you the most wondrous oral pleasure you've ever ha-a-ad."

The Buizel slowly began pushing back inside of Farruca. "You'd better be right," she said. Suddenly, she gave a quick thrust forward, slamming the plastic cock far deeper into Farruca than it had gotten to before and causing her to cry out loudly.

Now that they were settled, Polka focused less on tormenting her partner and more on providing her the pleasurable sensation she got from getting her ass stuffed. She personally hated receiving anal and vowed she'd never again be put through that, but Farruca was a lot more submissive than she was and clearly enjoyed it from time to time.

Polka's thrusts were now forceful and deep, sliding in and out of Farruca's ass at a fair pace. The pleasure that Farruca felt intensified as the small amount of pain there was began to numb out and become completely overtaken by the pleasure. Every thrust inside of her ran across a sensitive spot and struck her groin with a hot spike of arousal.

The Flaaffy was already leaking her juices onto a puddle on the floor. She couldn't support her arms any longer, so brought them down to the ground and rested her head, arching her back and raising her hips up higher, causing Polka to grip onto the Flaaffy's belly just to maintain a steady hold on her.

That position actually worked well, as Polka was able to use the extra grip to pull herself deeper into the Flaaffy's hole, puncturing it at an even faster rate. She had to stand on her tiptoes though, but it was worth it.

Farruca was now drooling onto the ground her head was rested against, though was rocking back and forth as the dominant Buizel continued pushing her plastic cock deep into her ass. The feeling of being stuffed back there was really something for her. She felt it tickle her groin and coax it closer to orgasm with every thrust made, while providing an extremely satisfying sensation in the ass itself.

She knew that she wouldn't last too much longer, but had no clue how Polka was doing. She didn't want to ask, though, as not to ruin the moment. Polka would be fine, after all, especially if she decided to keep the promise she made to her.

Actually, Polka was doing more than fine. The tightness and angle of penetrating Farruca's ass was particularly satisfying to her and caused the dildo on the inside of the strap-on the wiggle around just right to run across her g-spot over and over after hilting her entirely. Not only that, but the vibrations she was feeling on her clitoris drove her wild.

"Uhnnn...!!" cried out Polka as she was the first to be brought to orgasm, feeling the burning feeling return to her body, surge through her groin, and finally erupt out of her girlhood and soak her 'panties' and fur even more. Her groin area was so soaked and sticky after her two orgasms that she knew it'd take a lot to clean it all up.

Polka didn't want to give up just yet, though; she still had to see her friend all the way through to her orgasm. She could tell it was near, but knew it'd take just a little bit more to send her over the top. Knowing what to do, she pulled out most of her attached dildo and kept it just barely on the inside of the Flaaffy's booty, stopping herself entirely.

"M-ma-a-aster? Pl-please, don't ma-a-ake me beg aga-a-in," whimpered Farruca. She was so close to a really powerful orgasm she could feel it! Already her groin was starting to become extremely hot-feeling, though stopping just shy of climax.

Polka remained silent, biding her time and waiting for just the right moment. She had no means of knowing just how close Farruca was and was merely guessing, but she hoped that she wouldn't screw it up for her friend. She deserved to have a great orgasm, even better than her own.

"M-a-aster?" baaed Farruca, sounding really disappointed and frustrated, though she was confident that Polka wouldn't really let her down.

A few seconds later, while Polka was still enjoying her afterglow, she took what energy she had left and thrust deep into Farruca, pounding her in and out at a rapid rate, causing the Flaaffy to cry out moans of delight.

That was just what it took to bring Farruca over the edge. She let loose a loud cry of ecstasy as she felt the full force of her second orgasm hit, sending shivers of pleasure through her body as she released several gushes of her steamy liquid onto the floor beneath her, drenching it with her female ejaculate.

Farruca was now almost entirely limp, though still had her butt raised up beyond her control since Polka was still inserted into her. As she withdrew, her legs collapsed and she wound up just laying on her belly, with her groin soaked in the puddle of fem-jizz she produced.

Polka sat down behind Farruca, then slid her two feet out of the 'panties' of the strap-on. She then pulled on the outer dildo to remove the one inserted into her, only to find both the dildo and the 'panties' keeping it in place drenched with two rounds of her own cum.

It took several seconds to fully slide the large dildo out of her, but when she managed, it felt relieving since it'd been in there for awhile. It also made her feel somewhat empty without it in there, as her walls had stretched out for over half an hour accommodating to it's girth.

She quickly washed off the entire strap-on with a Water Gun attack, hosing it down and rinsing it thoroughly. She then threw it off to the side and crawled over next to the panting pink sheep, wrapping one of her arms around her before lying down completely adjacent to her.

"Enjoy it okay?" asked Polka, smiling over at the Flaaffy.

Farruca looked over at Polka with a happy smile on her face. "Yea-a-ah!"

"Sorry if I was... a little difficult to you," said Polka, apologizing for her earlier actions. She and Farruca played that way from time to time, particularly while engaging in anal play, but she always wanted to make sure that she never crossed that line between fantasy and friendship.

"No, it was grea-a-at! 'Ma-a-aster,' hehe." Farruca licked Polka on the nose and smiled back at her. "You know how to do it just right."

"I like being in control... I just... I never want you to think of... those days... when we mate. I'd never want to do that to you, and part of me feels like I am when I'm tormenting you."

"You're different from Corda-a-ax a-and his goons a-and you know it. I never, ever feel like you're treating me like he treated me, a-and I never, ever enjoyed wha-a-t he did to either of us."

"Still," said Polka with a sigh, "I can't help but feel like that..."

"You know I like it when you're in control, though. I'm so submissive, hehe... a-a-nd just because I might ha-a-ave been a-a-able to stomach more from tha-a-at prick tha-a-n you doesn't mean it I liked it any more tha-a-n you did. I just ha-a-d some optimism left."

Polka sighed and rolled over onto her back, slipping her paws behind her head after she repositioned herself. "I had none... I just wanted to die. Then he came along and... ugh, it only got worse."

Farruca rolled over onto her back as well. "Well, you met me, right? If you ha-a-adn't left your fa-a-amily behind a-and ca-a-ame here, tha-a-at wouldn't ha-a-ave ha-a-appened. A-and you wouldn't be on a-a Rescue Team with me. A-and you wouldn't ha-a-ave helped so ma-any Pokemon out."

"And I probably wouldn't even know what it's like to really be happy, couped up on that island, just pretending everything's okay." Polka sighed, remembering the family that she left behind. She'd been gone for around nine months now, had been through hell and back, but finally felt she found her place in the world. "I wonder how Jazz is..."

"I'm sure he's fine," said Farruca. "You really should visit him sometime. I'm sure he misses you..."

Polka just sighed. She missed him, but didn't really want to be a part of the family anymore. She'd let them down by leaving and would feel so guilty and awkward if she were to stop by, especially knowing that she was the full reason they were alone. "Let's... let's just get cleaned up..." she suggested, changing the topic. "I believe you still owe me the best oral pleasure I've ever had."

"Yea-a-a-h! Tha-a-at's right!" exclaimed Farruca, who was getting excited to proceed with her promise. She started sitting up and scooting over closer to Polka's groin.

"I know what would make it even better," said Polka, causing Farruca to stop and look back at her. "How about you get on top of me and we do this together? I always love doing that."

"But me on top?" Farruca was a little uncertain about that, as Polka was usually on top of her when they engaged in sixty-nine together.

"Yeah, that's how I want to try it, got it?" The Buizel waved her paw over to Farruca in an inviting manner, coaxing her into obliging by her wishes.

Of course Farruca would oblige; she always did and always would. She stood up, reached one of her feet over to the other side of Polka's belly while keeping the other on the other side, then sat down on her belly.

The pink sheep slid her rump down closer to Polka's face, starting to lay down on the Buizel, until they were finally in position; Polka had Farruca's rump right in her face, juices dripping from her snatch and everything, while Farruca had her face right by the Buizel's soaked groin.

It was so wet and sweet-smelling that Farruca couldn't wait any longer to get to business. She licked her lips and dove into the soaked Buizel groin, licking at her cum-laden orange fur like it was a delectable treat. It was, of course, to her; the taste of Polka's liquid reminded her of some sort of melon, perhaps a cross between a honeydew and a cantaloupe -- mild in taste and far from burning sweet, but very delightful and satisfying indeed.

Her tongue, pink as her body, lapped up as much of the fluid on the Buizel's groin as she could muster before sliding its way down, right down to her open slit and touching that sensitive nub of flesh that rested above.

Polka had let out several light moans in response to Farruca's treatment, then began her own licking routine, starting by holding the Flaaffy's hips with her paws and guiding her rump closer down to her body. She was used to being on top during sixty-nine but was quickly adapting to being on the bottom.

The Buizel lapped her tongue around the rubbery pink skin of the Flaaffy, lapping up its moisture and delicious flavor. Farruca's flavor was a lot harder to describe, mixing somewhere between tangy and sour, but with a definite sweetness to it. Regardless of the exact taste, Polka knew one thing for certain: she enjoyed it.

After licking up the scattered remains of Farruca's juices that soaked her body, Polka decided to delve into the source, so she reached her tongue inside of Farruca's vulva and continued running her soft tongue inside of the Flaaffy's girlhood.

Both females knew where the other was going, so they just went ahead with it and spared no time waiting. As Polka slid her soft tongue inside of Farruca's still wet vagina, Farruca did the same, parting Polka's opening just a bit as she stuck her tongue inside of the Buizel to extract even more of the melony flavor.

Polka kept bucking her hips and twiddling her legs while Farruca ate her out. She enjoyed the feeling of Farruca's perfectly smooth body wriggling about on top of her own fur, ruffling it and really providing a nice, warm feeling of comfort. She eventually wrapped her legs around Farruca's head, forcing her to stick her tongue in deeper and to keep up the excellent work she was doing.

All of that pleasure almost distracted Polka from pleasuring Farruca. Even though it wasn't necessary, as Farruca was going to do it anyway, Polka did want to keep true to her offer. She didn't always have to be the merciless master, though she was already finished with the remnants of Farruca's juice. It didn't discourage her, though, as Farruca was producing plenty more of the delicious Flaaffy nectar.

Polka temporarily withdrew her tongue just long enough to ask her friend something. "Farruca, are you gonna have enough to go for a third? Or you just want to stop now?" she asked, inquiring as to whether or not Farruca wanted to try for a third orgasm. After all, they did need to still eat.

Farruca mumbled into Polka's pussy before realizing that her words were muffled by Polka's muff. She pulled her mouth away to give a response. "I'm fine if you're fine. It feels like I'm getting so wet!" shouted back Farruca.

"You are," replied Polka, licking her lips to wipe off some of the fluid that accumulated on her face. "Let's do it, then."


The two Pokemon immediately planted their mouths against the other's pussy. Polka was digging her tongue deep into the pink sheep's vagina while Farruca was focusing more on sucking at the Buizel's girlhood and tickling it with her tongue.

Farruca felt another orgasm drawing tantalizingly close. It was definitely almost time and she knew all it'd take would be another push. But that was all in Polka's paws for now. Farruca decided to do like Polka was doing and bury her face into the sea weasel's snatch, delving her tongue in as far as it would go and tickling her inner depths.

Though she couldn't quite reach Polka's g-spot with her tongue, the tickling sensation still felt really nice and was drawing Polka closer to cum as well. She let out a soft moan into Farruca's pussy before mimicking her friend, liking the feelings she felt, and tickling Farruca's vaginal walls with her tongue in a similar fashion.

That was just the push Farruca was looking for to bring her over the edge. She let out a loud baa as she felt, for the third time today, a powerful warm feeling sweep through her body and concentrate in her groin. The feeling struck her like a bolt of lightning, then, with a final cry, she released several gushes of her delicious fluid all over Polka's mouth and face, accidentally squirting some of the steaming liquid into her eye.

Polka flinched and muttered beneath her breath about how it stung, but was quick to wipe it away. She was too occupied with slurping up the new spoils of Flaaffy juice to get too bothered by much. Not only that, but she could feel her own orgasm approaching and wasn't about to let anything spoil it. She just continued licking the Flaaffy's soaked snatch and taking the last of her tangy fluid into her mouth as she awaited Farruca to finish up.

After taking a few seconds to catch her breath, Farruca regained her composure and went back to town on the Buizel's pussy, continuing to eat her out. She flicked her tongue all along the inside of her girlhood and used her paws to begin rubbing her clit. Polka reactively lifted her legs back as she started that, enjoying the additional sensation and feeling the feeling of orgasm begin sweeping through her body.

A powerful surge of pleasure raced through the Buizel's body as she let a cry out into the air, no longer being muffled by the Flaaffy's pussy. She flinched and gritted her teeth as she felt it sweep through her groin and expel out of her girlhood, squirting several times all over the Flaaffy's rubbery face and pouring down into her fluffy mane.

The Flaaffy lapped the melon-flavored liquid up, savoring it as the dessert she was looking for. It tasted so divine, plus she knew that it'd help cheer Polka up. She always did.

Farruca continued licking the Buizel's cum-soaked fur dry until every last drop that she could taste had been lapped up and cleaned up by her ravenous appetite for sex juice.

"I love ha-a-aving dessert before dinner!" exclaimed the delighted sheep.

Polka laughed. She felt so relaxed and subdued. "Yeah, tell me about it..." she said as she rolled over so she was on top of Farruca, then turned around so they were looking right at each other.

The two friends looked at each other in the eye, then both let out a hearty laugh together, enjoying their little afternoon excursion together. Being with Farruca really did cheer Polka up.

After a few minutes of laughing and cuddling, the two Pokemon got up. Polka washed them both off with a Water Gun before the two sat down and had a few berries together.

"Doesn't taste as good as dessert..." remarked Polka as she took a bite from the berry she was holding.

"Still good, right?" asked Farruca, wanting to make sure that her teammate was satisfied with her pick of berries. Polka nodded in response. "Tha-a-at's good. You know, it's kind of funny. I ra-a-an into some Pokemon I ha-a-aven't seen a-a-round before when getting these."

Polka finished her bite before replying. "Oh?"

"Yea-a-a-ah. A Typhlosion a-and a-another Buizel like you. I didn't think tha-a-at Buizels even lived here!"

The Buizel in front of her seemed quite interested in what she was saying. She just held the berry in her paws pensively while waiting for the Flaaffy to finish.

"They seemed nice enough, though, but I think they were new here, because they didn't even know where Leafbloom wa-a-s! So I led them here." Farruca smiled.

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" asked Polka.

Farruca grabbed another berry. "You looked kind of down, so I figured I'd tell you la-a-ater. They were a-a-asking a-about the ba-a-rrier, beca-ause their Tra-a-ainer wa-a-s cha-a-asing them. Or something like tha-a-at."

Polka sighed and seemed to be put to a bit more of ease. "Oh. I wonder if it could have been..." She then completely froze, realizing that perhaps Jazz was caught by a Trainer! He always was a curious one. "Wait! This Buizel -- was it Jazz? Was it a male, Farruca? Do you remember?"

Farruca shook her head. "Nope, her name was Tango, and the male Typhlosion she was with called himself Waltz."

"Tango... huh, guess it's not even little sis... must just be some random Buizel," said Polka, taking another bite of her berry. "Weird," she said through bites, "especially because I haven't seen any other Buizel on the whole island since I've been here..."

"They proba-a-ably were new, then. A-a-after a-all, it sounded like they were running from their Tra-a-ainer. You ca-a-ame here to get a-awa-ay from huma-a-ns too, didn't you?"

Polka nodded and took a gulp of her chewed berry. "I did... that and to get away from my family. It's because of me that they're without parents... I really did deserve all of-"

"Stop that, Polka-a-a!" exclaimed Farruca, looking at her friend with a look of anger on her face. "You sa-a-id you wouldn't beat yourself up over tha-a-at anymore. I'm sure that Ja-a-zz told her by now."

"Even though I asked him to never, ever tell her the truth? About our parents?"

"You think your brother could keep a secret tha-a-t long?"

Polka glanced downwards and pondered that. Jazz was very good at keeping secrets, but for nine months? Even then, part of her wanted him to tell her, just because she'd probably be old enough to handle it now. "...I do," she answered. "He'd keep it for me."

Farruca accepted that as an answer and continued eating her food, dropping the subject of the Buizel and Typhlosion altogether and instead focusing on finishing their dinner so they could enjoy the rest of their night together.

At least, that's what they thought.

Knock knock. Knock knock knock. Someone was knocking at their door!

"I'll get it..." offered Polka, walking over to the door and opening it. Before her stood two Kecleons -- one green and one purple.

"Ah, Polka! Just who ve vant to see!" said Boogie, the green one.

"Polka! Ve have favor to ask. May ve come een?" asked Woogie, the purple one, who started walking inside of their little house.

"Not like I had a choice..." muttered Polka under her breath, though not like she wasn't used to them barging in. "What brings you two here? Don't tell me you want dinner."

"No, no dinner. Ve have special favor to ask!" said Woogie.

"Ja, ja, special favor!" parroted Boogie. The two brothers had caught the attention of Farruca, who came over to greet them as well.

"You see, ve need you to help us vis repaying a favor. Ve sort of, eh, owe some friends somezing and ve can't pay for eet vis our money."

"No, no, zey not need our money."

"Wha-a-at do they need, then?" asked Farruca, chiming in.

"Zey need za Mystic. Zey need to talk vis za Mystic," said Woogie.

"Ja, ja, ve just got done, eh, making 'negoziations' vis zem, ja! Negoziations!"

"Very very productive negoziations, ja?"

"Ja!" The two Kecleons appeared to be having too fond of memories of their recent negotiations to realize that they were in the presence of their two friends and they still needed their help.

Polka tapped her feet. "Just come on, already, and tell us how we can help, and, more importantly, what do we get out of it?"

"Yea-a-ah," said Farruca, "we're not just ta-a-king a-anyone to the Mystic! You know how ha-a-rd it is to get there, right?"

"Ja, ja... ve know..." said the green Kecleon.

"But, zat ist vhy ve pay you! Sink of eet like a mission! But from us, ja! Ve're your friends... ja?" said the purple one.

"Ve make sure ve pay you very, very good, ja!"

"Very good." The two Kecleons glanced over at one another, blushed, and giggled, still remembering just how much their favor was worth.

Polka and Farruca looked at each other. The Kecleon brothers had helped them out in the past. In fact, the only reason they had the house they were living in was because of a favor they helped them with. Though the Kecleon brothers are ruthless merchants, when they need a favor, they usually pay through the roof to get it, and Polka and Farruca always knew how to monopolize on that.

"What can Team Hope do for you two?" asked Polka with a devious smile on her face.


It was nearly sunset along the beach that Waltz and Tango were walking down. They felt unaccomplished and let down that they were unable to do anything to help out Tommy other than figure out what the cause was. That was what they were looking for, after all, but it just seemed like they went through an unnecessary amount of trouble just to get that information.

Waltz was trying to find a time to confront Tango about his feelings, about why he felt that they should seriously reevaluate their situation together, but he didn't manage to find a chance for it thanks to all of the worry about Tommy.

'She really does care a lot about Tommy...' he thought to himself, hanging his head. He saw the sea weasel walking along on the sand in front of him. 'She's probably still thinking about him right now. She always is... it really makes me wonder why she mated with me in the first place if he was right there.'

Waltz wanted to try and say something, but found himself unable to bring himself to do it. The feeling of being loved -- again, even if it were just an illusion -- was too nice of a feeling to want to let go.

'Tango... I really was used, wasn't I? I know that I was... nothing can really change that, I guess... but I just wish I could get inside of your head. I just wish I could know why. Why? Was it something with Tommy? Was it something about me that you liked? Or just thought you liked? No... if it was something with me, you would at least say something to me right now.'

The Typhlosion continued to introspect his mind, thinking all of his problems through and trying to think now of exactly why it was in the first place that Tango mated with him rather than simply accepting the reality that they did. Perhaps there was more to it than he -- or even she -- thought.

Finally, Waltz had to speak up. He had to know why. He had to talk to her about it. "Tango," he said, stopping in his tracks. "I need to talk."

Tango stopped as well, though didn't turn back to look at him. "Can't this wait? We need to get back to Tommy and Jazz. And Blues."

Waltz sighed. He felt so ignored. "You really don't care about me at all, do you?" he said, holding nothing back. If he could have taken those words back, he would have, but it was too late. He felt ashamed for saying them out loud, particularly fearing what it might do with his relationship -- romantic or platonic -- with Tango.

She at least turned around, though. "What?" Now facing him, she took two steps toward the Typhlosion, who was hanging his hand.

"I... I mean... you don't really want to be-"

Yet again, Waltz was interrupted. "Sis! Waltz! Hey!" shouted the familiar voice of Jazz, who was seen running down the beach towards them. "Hey guys, we were worried about you! What was the hold up? Did Waltz forget to light his fires like I told him to?"

Waltz blushed. He forgot about that and felt pretty silly for it. Not like it would have mattered, since they got back to Jazz much quicker than they would have if he backtracked, thanks to all of the distractions.

The Floatzel caught up to the two Pokemon and gave his sister a hug. Afterwards, he gave Waltz a handshake, then pulled him in for a surprise hug, catching the Typhlosion off-guard entirely. 'Ooooh... he does have some soft fur...' He couldn't help but remember what Blues said to him in the alcove and snicker slightly, coupled with a blush. 'Get those thoughts outta there, Jazz...'

Tango looked over at Waltz, feeling a bit guilty now that she knew what was bothering him. She wanted to hear what he was going to say, but knew that now wasn't the time for it. After all, they had good news to tell Jazz. "Bro, I found out why Tommy is asleep! It's all because of the barrier on the sheltered land!"

'I?' Waltz thought to himself. 'Guess I was just another tool... like always...' The Typhlosion crossed his arms and just went along with it. "It turns out that-"

"Yep, we know all about the barrier, don't worry," said Jazz, displaying a proud smirk on his face. "In fact, your big bro here just, well..." Perhaps telling his younger sister about his little excursion wasn't such a good idea. "Let's just say we've got some help." He snickered.

"Help?" asked Tango. "How'd you get help? I thought you were supposed to be watching Tommy!" She stamped her foot.

"Yep, don't worry about it. It's all cool. In fact, they should be back in a little bit, with exactly what we need."

"They?" asked Waltz.

Jazz grinned. "The Kecleon brothers. They're getting the best Rescue Team they know to help us out: Team Hope! Sounds pretty good, huh?"

"That sounds familiar... the Kecleon brothers..." Waltz scratched his forehead. "Did Farruca say anything about them?"

"No, I don't think she did. I think it was those clowns we ran across!" exclaimed Tango.

"I want to hear all about it," said Jazz, giving a smile afterward. "Come on, Blues just made some salad while we wait, so we can fill each other in on what we know over dinner. Sound good?"

Tango and Waltz nodded their heads, then followed Jazz down the beach, back down to the little alcove that held Tommy, ready to tell the Floatzel and his mate what they learned during their frustrating travels.

Of course, those two had plenty of information to share with Tango and Waltz as well, thanks to their new associates. After their little pleasure fling together, Boogie and Woogie told Jazz and Blues all about the Mystic, the barrier, and Team Hope, and they agreed to help them out however they could. Blues just had to rub it in Jazz's face that she knew what she was doing all along.

At least one thing was for sure now, though: they all knew that Tommy was alright, which helped put their minds at ease. But they still needed to snap him out of his slumber and track down a suitable psychic Pokemon -- the reason they went to the sheltered land in the first place.


End of Chapter 11

Sorry it took so damn long for me to get this chapter done. I was having fun writing some of my other stories (which I recommend you read!) and kept suffering from writer's block on Middle of Nowhere. Her Biggest Fan really helped inspire the most recent direction and helps tie things together a bit better. Yay for F/F sex! (And I assure you I didn't just throw it in here for the hell of it; Polka's entire backstory will be covered in another story.)

Anyway, I know that this chapter barely featured any of the main characters, but looks like a reunion with the whole sea weasel family is finally going to happen, after much wait. Who knows how that'll go, especially since Polka seems to have a bit of an issue with her past. Guess you'll have to wait to find out. :3

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Chapter End Notes:
Also, hey, I don't know if you caught it or not, but the barrier of the sheltered land makes it so any humans fall into a deep sleep and have a dream about being a Pokemon, a la Mystery Dungeon style.

Though Tommy won't actually become a Pokemon, it'd be interesting to know which Pokemon you'd like to see him say he was when he eventually wakes up. So, go on, what Pokemon do you see Tommy as? (Preferably one that you can start as in either of the PMD games.) I'd like to hear what you come up with, as well as why, and you never know how I may use it. :
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