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Chapter 6: And All That Jazz

Chapter 6: And All That Jazz

Tango introduces Jazz and Tommy to each other, which is a bit comical due to their language barrier and the misunderstandings that arise. Afterward, Tommy has something that he wishes to tell Tango in private, and we all know where that leads to.

Warning: This chapter contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual acts between a human and a Pokemon. If you are under 18 (or 21 where appropriate), you mustn't read this lemon, because it is apparently very bad for you and will inflict massive psychological damage that will scar you for the rest of your life. The moment you turn 18 (or 21), you can come back here and read it, because you then are invincible from such scarring. Silly youngins and their laws.

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"She's been gone for too long," complained the boy. Tommy was growing impatient and all the more worried. Tango had been gone for what felt like a few hours; possibly more, as that's just when he woke up and noticed she was missing.

He was having difficulty holding back his excitement in anticipation of seeing her again. Now that he'd come to grips with the beauty in Pokemon rather than cloaking himself in the dogma of tolerable social views towards the creatures, he felt a lot better about himself and more comfortable being with Tango. He would worry about the consequences later. For now, he just wanted to see Tango again and appreciate her beauty and cuteness even more, as unconventional as it may be to human standards.

"Tango, while you were gone, I was doing some thinking... I don't know if I said it or not, but you're very cute," rehearsed Tommy. "No, wait, that sounded too corny."

Finally, along the horizon, Tommy could see what appeared to be two orange objects approaching at a brisk pace. Tango! Wait, two...? Only one could be Tango, unless...

"Uh oh... what's going on?"

As the two objects drew in even closer, Tommy was able to identify them as a Buizel and a Floatzel. The Buizel was indeed Tango, but the Floatzel was entirely unfamiliar to him. Why would she bring back a Floatzel? 'Oh no,' he thought. 'That had better not be her dad... or her husband...!! Crap, screeewwwwweed!'

They landed on the beach and both shook their fur to wipe away the remains of the water that they carried on their furry bodies from the ocean. The Floatzel stood a bit taller than Tango, standing a good three-and-a-half feet tall -- over a foot taller than Tango.

"Buiiii!!" shouted Tango as she ran over to Tommy to give his leg a hug.

The Floatzel just stood there smiling. 'So this is Tommy,' he thought. Jazz approached Tommy and Tango, looked up at the human, and then extended his paw up towards him as if to offer a handshake. "Floa."

Well, at least it seemed peaceful. Tommy returned the handshake by reaching his hand to meet with Jazz's paw. The two instinctively knew that this was a proper greeting to each other and proceeded to lightly shake the other's hand or paw up and down. After a few shakes, they withdrew their grip on the other.

"Floa, floa-ozul, float. Ozul?" asked Jazz to Tommy, fully aware that the human couldn't understand a word he just said. Had Tommy been able to speak Pokemon, he would have been greeted by a friendly "Hello, I'm Jazz. And you are?"

"Uh, hey there..." Tommy felt rather intimidated by the Floatzel. He knew that Floatzel had surprisingly sharp fangs as well as some pretty wicked claws. Making a bad impression in front of the Floatzel could be a costly mistake. Of course, he wished he could understand what the sea weasel Pokemon was saying to him in the first place.

Jazz chuckled. "He sure is something else. I keep forgetting how tall humans are," he said to Tango in the Pokemon language. To Tommy, it just sounded like indistinguishable Floatzel sounds.

"You think he's tall?" questioned Tango comically, putting extra emphasis on 'you.' Jazz laughed in response.

"What's so funny?" asked Tommy, not having a clue what they were talking about. Of course, this only caused them both to laugh even harder at the irony of it all.

The Floatzel stopped his laughter, leaving only a grin on his face as he started to walk in circles around the human, surveying his body. It looked like he could use some more meat on his bones. Now Jazz felt a little guilty for Grumpigging out on that Magikarp earlier when he could have saved some for Tommy.

"So what do you think of Tommy?" asked Tango.

"He could use some meat on his bones. Let me guess, you've been feeding him nothing but berries, am I right?"

"Yeah..." she answered with a hint of guilt.

"I know they're good, but you have to eat more than just berries to live! We need to get him some real food. Not that I know what humans eat... but maybe Blues' food will do the trick."

"It sure fattens you up, bro," Tango mocked sarcastically. Jazz's physique was pretty good for a Floatzel.

"Who would have thought that seaweed could be so fattening!" remarked Jazz, sending he and Tango both into another fit of laughter.

This incessant laughter was really starting to confuse Tommy. On the bright side, at least it looked like the Floatzel seemed to prefer laughing over fighting.

"Tango, I have to know: why did you bring this Floatzel back?" he asked Tango.

A look of complete unrestrained hysteria broke out through the Floatzel's face. He looked downright blue from laughter. "Tango!! Whaa-ha-ha, is that what he calls you?! Ha, I never thought of the fact that he'd give you a name other than-"

Tango interrupted her hysterical brother. "Hey, it's a fine name! Don't give me a hard time. It's the name that Tommy wants to call me, so it's the name I'm going to go by if that's fine with you."

"Whatever, 'Tango!' " Jazz seriously could never remember laughing this hard in his life. He liked Tommy already. It was no wonder Tango showed such an interest in him.

"Hey, I'm serious now!" she insisted.

"Zul, zul," answered the Floatzel according to Tommy's ears. He could only wonder what the hell the two were quibbling about. It was rather amusing, although he was getting concerned that they were somehow laughing at him.

"Guys?" said Tommy in an attempt to get them back on track to his question.

"Okay, Tango... ha... why don't you tell me how you plan on telling him that I'm your brother?" asked Jazz.

"I could try a hug. That's pretty friendly, right? I mean, I wouldn't hug you if you were bad."

"Well, of course not. But we wouldn't be rolling on the sand laughing if I were bad, either."

"It's worth a shot, though!" exclaimed Tango as she leaned up against her brother's side and gave him a nice hug.

This confused Tommy, although also worried him. 'Oh no... maybe it is her husband...? What have I done? Wait, do Pokemon even get married?' he thought. "I'm really sorry there, Floatzel, uh, I didn't know she was your wife... she never told me or any-"

He couldn't even finish his sentence before both of the two sea weasels hit the sand again. They couldn't believe how funny that was. He really was completely clueless! Just like Tango described him to be. Although marriage was not a formal Pokemon concept, it was pretty well known that humans -- and sometimes other Pokemon -- get officially 'mated' and call it marriage.

Tango decided to take pity on him and held back her laughing long enough to stand up straight and shake her head as if to say, 'Nope, wrong!'

"Oh, so you aren't married or anything?"

Tango nodded her head up and down.

"So is this Floatzel your dad or something?"

Jazz crashed face first into the sand after that one while Tango tried her best to resist the laughing. She shook her head with a funny look on her face.

"Is it your mother?"

That was enough to send her to the floor, too. She really had forgotten just how clueless he was! Completely and utterly clueless!

"I'll take that as a no," spoke Tommy. "What about brother, maybe?"

Now he got it. Now he finally got it. Tango got up and quickly nodded her head with a smile. "Bui bui!"

"Okay, so he's your brother!"


"Floa-oa-oa!!" laughed the Floatzel in the background.

"Hey, well it's nice to meet you, then. You have a lovely sister. Hmm, I'll probably have to think of a name for you-"

"Floa!!" barked the Floatzel in protest. No way would he wind up being called anything weird like Tango. "Floa, floa, floa!!"

"Fine, fine... I'll just call you Floatzel, or Tango's brother, okay?"

The Floatzel nodded his head. Boy was he getting more and more anxious to meet up with a psychic Pokemon capable of sending telepathic messages to him. He had a few choice words for the boy, namely about names.

"Anyway, Floatzel, there's something that I wanted to tell your sister in private. Do you think you could let me do that?" he asked politely.

Jazz couldn't really complain. He'd seen Tommy like he wanted and knew that Tango probably had some things that she wanted to say to him, too. He looked over to Tango. "Go ahead. I'll just be in the area. Let me know when you're done talking... or whatever," he told her.

Tango smiled. "Thanks, bro," she answered, turning her sights toward Tommy and walking back over to his leg. She gave it a nice hug as Jazz nodded his head to Tommy and then walked off towards the ocean and swam off.


Tommy walked with Tango down the beach and around the island a little bit. He didn't say anything for a few minutes, mainly because he was trying to remember what he had planned on saying.

"Tango... I don't know if I ever told you that you really are very cute," he said to her, mentally kicking himself for saying 'the corny' line.

"Bui? Bu-bui...!" answered Tango, flattered by what he said. She was glad that he thought so, especially because he had never said that to her.

"I was doing a lot of thinking about it... and I never paid attention to just how beautiful and detailed your body is. Your gorgeous eyes... your sweet smile... your cute little belly that I want to rub!"

"Ibu! Buuuu...!" she nuzzled against his leg, eager to receive the belly rub that he spoke of.

"All of these things... I didn't pay them any mind before because I really didn't think that Pokemon and humans could ever be together as a couple. But I think I like you more than I could ever like any human girl... and I really stopped and thought about it. They always judge and complain about stuff; you like me for who I am. I don't have to win battles or buy you expensive things just to impress you. And even though I know I can't understand exactly what it is you're saying... I understand how you feel."

Again, another touching speech from Tommy. She never really thought about nor compared herself to human girls before. She didn't really even know what they looked like, so how could she make a comparison? The only human she knew was Tommy and that was fine by her.

Tango was quickly starting to get in the mood for sex. It hit her almost suddenly. She craved it. If they were going to travel to the sheltered land, their chances to mate would be a lot less plentiful. They wouldn't have as many opportunities, having to travel and being in the presence of at least one -- preferably two -- of her siblings.

Remembering the feeling of having Tommy inside of her was a powerful motivator. She skipped ahead of Tommy by a few paces and looked up at him with a sly look on her face. She then reached her paw up and fondled his balls with it, catching Tommy off-guard.

"Whoa Tango!" he said almost instinctively. However, it's not like this was a new thing to him now. Oh, no, she knew that behavior was perfectly within her limits. Her brother seemed to have left, so they're once again together and by themselves. "Well... I mean, you want to do this now?"

"Bui! Bui bui!" she chirped enthusiastically. She was getting more and more eager for this by the second. The comfort of being able to ask for it nearly whenever she wanted was a comfort that she wanted to have, so now might as well be a good starting time for it.

"Alright, then..." Tommy sat down on the sand and pulled Tango in closer to him, holding her against his shoulder. "You really are something, Tango... Heh, well let's see if we remember how to do this, huh?" said Tommy with a cheer.

"Buuu, bui!" Tango loosened Tommy's grip on her as she made her way onto his lap, hugging him tightly. Tommy reacted by wrapping his arms around her so their bodies were held tightly together. Tango's face was now tucked into Tommy's chest.

The Buizel was quite snug up against her mate. She let out a contented coo into the chest of Tommy to signal her happiness. But lurking just past that contentment was desire; a desire to mate again.

She started to rub her bottom along Tommy's lap, moistening his lap and pubic hair a bit as a product of her arousal. Tommy felt this and could sense that she was a lot more ready than he thought she would be. She obviously remembered how to do this.

"Okay, you," said Tommy, "Let's give you that belly rub I was talking about!" Tommy released his hold on Tango and grabbed her hips, then he proceeded to turn her around so her back was against his chest. She instantly noticed her needy pussy closer to his member, which made her happy. In fact, it was directly beneath her lips, although not yet fully erect.

In this pose, he then started to rub Tango's belly using one of his hands, rubbing lower than he had any other time, now fully aware of his current limits: none. It reached far down past her creamy-colored underbelly down to her groin; the middle finger just barely clipping her clitoris.

"Buuuu..." murmured Tango as she continued gyrating her hips around, becoming even more wet and aroused by his treatment to her belly and hood of her clitoris.

He wouldn't stop just there, though. Tommy then took his other hand away from Tango's hip, leaving Tango fully resting back on his chest and on his lap and free from the support of his hands. Then, while still rubbing Tango's belly with his left hand, he used his right hand to stroke her chest.

She was quite receptive to this tender treatment as evident by the deeper moaning produced while he rubbed across it. Tommy was looking for her nipples, which he was pretty sure that she would have. Although Pokemon are egg-bearing creatures, they still are able to produce milk for their young as needed. He was unsure, though, if Pokemon nipples were as erogenous as he had heard human nipples were.

At last, he felt a nub of skin on her left breast. That must be her nipple! Now that he'd found his target, he started to cup her breast to see how it felt. Unfortunately, there wasn't really much 'breast' to speak of, although it did feel like it came out at least a little bit more than being entirely flat; far from his expectations of a human breast, but he'd put up with it.

His hand proceeded to make its way back to her small nipple and gently bat at it with his fingers. He started by rubbing his middle and index fingers across it, back and forth, letting them glide right across her fur and over that supple little bump.

Each flit across her nipple sent a tinge of unusual, yet highly erotic discomfort through her body. She couldn't believe it, but she was getting extremely turned on by this. In her mind, she was trying to comprehend how it was possible for Tommy's rubbing across her nipple -- a part of her that seemed pretty pointless up until now -- to provide such a satisfying feeling that affected her all the way down to her sex organs. All she knew for sure was that she didn't want him to stop and that she was looking forward to having him inside of her, although her anxiousness for that was quelled for the time, being more interested in this newfound 'pleasure.'

Tommy was glad to know that it looked like his partner was enjoying this. He looked down to see that Tango's eyes were closed and she was panting and cooing a little more frequently than before. In addition to that, every flick across her teat caused her body to lightly twitch.

His left hand had been left idle during his recent distraction. But he then remembered it and decided to make even better, more productive use out of it rather than simply rubbing Tango's belly. He wanted this to be a rub that she would remember.

Tommy brought his left hand back up to Tango's stomach and then gradually rubbed down to the area below her cream underbelly once more, although purposely going right down to her genitals and stroking his index finger tantalizingly right above her clitoral hood.

That was driving her mad. She was wondering why he was playing with her like that rather than just going ahead with it. He suddenly halted all rubbing, both upper- and lower-body, leaving Tango utterly confused. "Bui...?" she asked longingly.

To her surprise, he immediately started rubbing both her nipple and now her clitoris quite rapidly. That sudden shock caused her to elicit a loud "Bui!!" from the surprise attack that Tommy had executed. It felt great, now being rubbed in two erogenous zones at once. She arched her body a bit, leaning her buttocks in towards Tommy's stomach while leaning her chest right up to his right hand.

Her gyrating also came to a halt due to Tommy's now-erect phallus brushing up against her belly. When she had repositioned herself, it must have come up and was now locking her in place. Looking at it from this angle made her wonder how on earth she was able to fit all of that inside of her vagina and live to tell the tale, but it also made her proud having a mate that was so well-endowed.

The presence of Tommy's erection made it a little more cumbersome reaching Tango's clit effectively, though. He would wind up hitting his own meat with his hands while reaching down for her. Between this and the soaked fur near Tango's vulva, it was a clear indicator to Tommy that it was time to get down to business.

Rather than asking, Tommy opted to surprise her yet again by slowly moving the hand that was pleasuring her lower nub up to her chest to meet the other hand, which was being moved to the opposite breast as not to cross with the incoming hand. Then, grabbing her by the breasts and lifting her up using her arms for support, he carried her up a few inches in the air as she became curious as to what his intentions were. She was hoping it had something to do with that six-inch phallus beneath her.

Fortunately for Tango, she was right. He lowered his hands from her chest down to her hips again to provide extra control for inserting himself into her as he was planning. His boyhood met with her furry folds and slowly spread them apart, sliding right into her slick vagina.

It was still tight, but it seemed much more willing and eager to accommodate to his girth. He found himself able to push in most all of his rod inside of her in just his first thrust. At least four inches went in without too much resistance.

Tango was relieved that it didn't hurt or anything. In fact, it felt more satisfying than the last time due to had badly she wanted it now. Her arousal was driving her crazy; the sensations of having her nipple and clitoris rubbed at the same time was still fresh in her mind, which only made the current sensation of vaginal pleasure all the more enjoyable.

"Oh god, you feel so good inside, Tango..." remarked Tommy. The feeling of her walls greeting his cock with a hearty grip felt fantastic to him. This new pose was also pretty fun, because he could raise and lower her down onto his cock with ease. And unlike his first attempt from last night, if he got tired, he could easily rest his arms while remaining comfortably inside of Tango. She could even pick up the work while he recuperated if she wanted to.

"Bu- ui- bu- uiii!" moaned Tango with each thrust Tommy made into her. It felt so amazing having him inside of her once again, pounding his boyhood into her deepest regions, splitting her apart in a pleasurable way.

She turned her head up to the sky; Tommy reacted by moving his head so it was resting on the sea weasel's flotation sac, right beside her head. He gave her a kiss to the cheek which caused a giddy smile on her face. Tango really enjoyed mating this way, because since Tommy was sitting down while mating with her, his legs were essentially out of the picture, making it seem more like they were both the same height as long as she rested on his lap.

Tommy looked down Tango's body, shaking his head with each thrust due to his raising and lowering of Tango, and had a much nicer view of him fucking her. He could see his penis slide right into her opening; right into the tiny pink slit concealed in her fur. Having sex in the sunlight allowed for full visibility of all of the details -- something that Tommy had overlooked the first time. Now he could actually see her cute little cunny in action, uninhibited by the darkness. He liked the looks of it and knew that what he was seeing was way hotter than any porno he snuck a peek at. Plus, it was with a furry Pokemon, which he was finding more and more hot now.

Tango's appetite for pleasure was growing. She started to crave the feeling of having her nipples caressed again. Although she was aware that Tommy's hands were a little preoccupied lifting her up and down, she knew that he could use a break and knew just how to signal it.

The Buizel took her paws and started rubbing her breasts with them. Somehow, it just didn't feel quite the same. In fact, it didn't feel like anything special at all. She kept trying, but to no avail. Desperate, she looked up at Tommy with a pleading look on her face.

He got the message. "You want me to-... uhnnnn-... rub your boobs again?" he asked. She wasn't exactly sure what 'boobs' were, but she figured that he probably had the right idea nonetheless and gave a nod in approval.

Tommy rested Tango on his cock, leaving it completely sheathed by her warm body, and then relocated his hands from her hips up to her chest, placing his hands under her arms and his thumbs on her back, allowing his fingers free roam of her front. Then he started tickling her breasts using his fingers. His middle and ring fingers were providing most of the strokes across her tits.

This brought the Buizel a lot of relief, but she was pretty greedy and demanding and couldn't stay content with just that for long. She started gyrating her hips like before, but this time having most of her vagina completely filled with the boy's penis. It felt great doing this while Tommy worked his magic on her sensitive nipples, although it was a bit more hassle than she was thinking it would be and was torn as to which she'd prefer: having her nipples rubbed or having her vagina penetrated. The former just seemed more new and exciting and felt like it would make her arousal last even longer.

It actually felt pretty good on Tommy's end having Tango rocking around on his hilted cock. It felt deep and far into her while at the same time felt like it was being tugged all around, almost as if pulled by a hand; a very moist, snug hand. Screw it, it just felt good. Even though he wasn't really pushing himself in and out of her, it was enjoyable, as was pleasuring his partner's nipples.

Another minute of 'breast massaging' passed and Tommy was becoming rather restless. "Tango, is it alright if I start picking you up again?" asked Tommy, eager to get back to the feeling of inserting himself in and out of her.

Tango really didn't want to let this moment go. She shook her head and let out a discontented "Bui..." in response. But she did want to make sure that Tommy was having a good time, too... Not knowing what she could do to have both in this pose, she decided she'd just give in and remember she's not the only one receiving pleasure out of this.

While keeping Tommy's member engulfed by her pussy, she started to turn around so she was now chest-to-chest with Tommy, as if they were hugging. It was not a foreign pose, although they haven't been like this sexually before. It felt pretty good.

The Buizel took this opportunity to take charge. She gripped her arms tightly to the sides of Tommy's chest and started pulling herself up and down on his length, taking full control. Her humping was quick-paced and left nearly all of his length inside of her at all times.

Tommy was surprised to see that Tango decided to turn into this pose, but she seemed disappointed at first about giving up having her nipples stimulated. However, it looked like there's another possible option. The boy took his hands, which were now free, and placed them so he was holding onto Tango by the chest again, although this time he could place a thumb at each of her teats while using his fingers to keep hold of her and direct her onto his cock. Yes, this was a much more suitable pose, indeed.

He quickly resumed his lifting of Tango -- who was still continuing her own rocking -- while pleasuring her breasts. His thumbs each twisted around her nipples cylindrically again, providing Tango just the sensation she craved. Additionally, he noticed that her nipples were a lot more pronounced and firm than they were.

It was perfect. Well, almost perfect. Tango saw one way to make it even better. Now that she was facing him and in range, she reached her head up to Tommy's and gave him a tender kiss upon his lips, which he was more than eager to return.

The two remained lip-locked while both working to provide each other incredible sexual pleasure. Tommy's thumbs were rolling around even faster while Tango continued her attempts at slamming down onto his cock.

They were both growing so overwhelmed with pleasure that they knew neither could last for too much longer. Deciding that they were both ready, they picked up the pace of their humping, rubbing, and kissing to a new level.

Tommy could feel it in his penis. It felt hot, burning, and so very desperate for a release. In retrospect, his accidental spurt earlier was probably for the best, otherwise there's no way he would have been able to last as long as he did. It was just building up to an uncontrollable amount of pleasure and he felt that both he and Tango were ready to give in any time now, so he relaxed and held back his restraints to allow his climax to happen.

He held onto Tango tight as it started surging through his boyhood like a rocket, then blasted off and into Tango's vagina. Load after load of his sticky, gooey cum shot into her, providing him the relief he had been waiting for. Some of it started to drip out of Tango's tight pussy and down onto Tommy's lap.

However, he knew that Tango wasn't quite done yet. He could tell she was almost done by her rapidly increasing contractions. His hard-on was quickly fading, though, which would provide Tango a problem if she didn't act quick. Weak as he was from the aftermath, he tried to rub Tango's nipples more vigorously than ever, knowing that her time was limited.

Tango realized this and was desperately trying to let loose and hit orgasm. She tried thinking vividly about their last night together and how amazing it felt, as well as how amazing it felt right then. She finally felt it start to hit her. The sensation worked its way from her clit all throughout her vagina and felt burning and intense.

'One more thrust,' she struggled to think, believing that's all the more it would take. And she was right. She slammed down for a final time on Tommy's shrinking member to give it one more tight squeeze as her orgasm hit and her juices squirted out from her pussy. Her ejaculate flooded all over the place, soaking the sand and mixing in with Tommy's semen to form a beautiful unison of their inner fluids.

"Ah, Tango... that felt... great..." spoke Tommy through numerous breaths.

"Buuuuiii... bu, buii...!" answered Tango, who snuggled up close to Tommy's chest. It felt so good being able to mate like this -- random and spontaneous. She was now certain that whenever she had the urge to mate, all she had to do was just give a little tug on her prize.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Tommy and Tango, their experience was not left unnoticed. Someone watching from afar had been enticed by a certain 'fleshmating' session.

"Wow... that was just so... different," remarked Jazz, who had left a stream of his own jizz trailing in the grass by where he was sitting and watching, hidden inside of the small forest.

He had always been fascinated with humans, perhaps even more so than Tango was. As such, he would often follow track ships and watch the humans behavior on the shore. He'd seen battles between Trainers and sometimes talked to the Trainer's Pokemon in secret while their Trainer wasn't looking. Hearing their tales was always fascinating whenever the Pokemon he spoke with were willing to share them. But not all Pokemon speak highly of their Trainers, hence Jazz's general caution around them. However, that was not enough to deter his curiosity and desire to know.

But now, to actually witness a human and a Pokemon mating... In the past, he could only visualize it in his mind based on some of the tales he'd heard. This time, he was able to watch it happen for himself.

Sure, he did feel a little guilty spying on his sister, watching her and her mate share an intimate moment together, but it was easily justified in his mind. "I'd say we're even now, sis."

End of Chapter 6
Woohoo, fun stuff. Looks like even Jazz has a bit of a dirty side. Don't worry, it's not really that he enjoyed watching his sister mate... it's just his fascination with humans that made it so intriguing to him.

I guess this one didn't end with a cliffhanger, so I'll just shut up, since I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said. :p

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