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Middle of Nowhere by zephyr_paws


Chapter 7: A Refreshing Dip

Chapter 7: A Refreshing Dip

After a pleasurable time together, Tommy and Tango take a swim in the ocean to help clean themselves off from their recent romp. But a certain sea weasel Pokemon's sexual appetite can never be quenched, although things don't turn out quite they way they expected...

Warning: This chapter contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual acts between a human and a Pokemon. If you are under 18 (or 21 where appropriate), you mustn't read this lemon, because it is apparently very bad for you and will inflict massive psychological damage that will scar you for the rest of your life. The moment you turn 18 (or 21), you can come back here and read it, because you then are invincible from such scarring. Silly youngins and their laws.

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After sharing another tender moment with each other, Tommy and Tango remained cuddled up by each other on the shore of the island the boy had learned to call home.

Tommy was rather quick to notice that their intercourse had left them a bit messy down there, so he suggested that they wash up in the ocean. Tango couldn't object to that and happily got up from where she was sitting and started running over to the water.

The human chased after her in a playful manner, feeling a bit anxious to clean himself. Not that he minded Tango's juices all over him, but he knew from experience that his own sticky cum could sometimes become rather uncomfortable if left unattended to in his lower hairs, so it would be best to wash it all away.

At last they both reached the ocean, jumping in and enjoying the tranquil, warm water flow around their bodies. For being on an island, Tommy thought he would have spent more time swimming. He remembered having several pairs of swimming trunks in his luggage aboard the S.S. Virgo for his visit to Poketopia.

While relaxing in the water, he pondered exactly what life would have been like had his ship made it to Poketopia and none of this ever happened. After staying on an island for nearly a week with only Tango -- and recently, her brother -- to keep him company, everything just seemed so surreal. Although there wasn't as much for him to do in comparison to the life he used to live, it was much more simple: eat, sleep, and drink some water from the spring, and now, cuddle, play, and have sex with Tango!

It meant his dreams of taking on Poketopia's colosseums were dashed, sure, but this simplicity was very relaxing and calm now that he'd gotten used to it, and having a relationship with Tango provided even more of a feeling of completion than just winning badges, perhaps.

"Bui?" asked Tango as she noticed Tommy floating idly, knowing that he must have had something deep on his mind.

"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about things. But hey, let's get you all washed!" he suggested, swimming closer to Tango.

"Bui!" cheered Tango, content with the idea. Although the salt water wasn't really ideal for cleaning, it was still refreshing, and that's all that really mattered. She was curious, of course, to see just how a human would go about cleaning her body as she doubted he would use his tongue.

"Alright, then," said Tommy as he started rubbing her back rigidly, taking her by slight shock due to the force behind it. He slid his hands rapidly up and down along her orange-furred back, with the exception of a single large cream-colored spot running down the center. It was surprisingly smooth and frictionless, yet he certainly felt like he was rubbing it thoroughly.

However, something more surprising to him was the fact that, while applying this treatment, she remained buoyant and immutable on the water. When he slid his hands down, she remained completely afloat thanks to her air-filled flotation sac.

"Wow, this thing does a really good job as a life preserver," he remarked, causing Tango to smile with pride. Interested in the yellow ring around her neck, he stopped his rubbing and placed his hands on it to see how well it could keep him afloat. It was quite sturdy, able to hold him without any effort.

Even if he applied some pressure to it, such as trying to push it down a bit, it remained firmly rested on top of the water and refusing to submerge. "Man, it really is strong!"

"Bu bui, ibu-ibu," answered Tango with eyes closed as if proudly agreeing.

An idea suddenly hit him. It was a Farfetch'd idea, but still a possibility. Perhaps it would be possible to use that flotation device as a way to swim back to civilized land. He figured that Poketopia couldn't be too far away, since they were only a few hours from it when the storm hit. If she could just swim him there, he could return back to civilization and show Tango the world of humans.

"Hey, Tango... you know, I just had an idea," Tommy hinted, "It might be possible for you to swim me to Poketopia, where I was going in the first place, with this thing!"

The thought may have just crossed Tommy's mind, but Tango had been considering it for a few days now and was hoping to surprise him like that. Oh well, she had to give him credit for figuring it out on his own. But what if he decided to return to being just a normal old Trainer after getting to this 'Poketopia' and paid her no mind? After all, from what he said, it sounded like it was pretty bad to mate with a Pokemon where he was from.

"Bu..." Tango whined, nodding her head in agreement but clearly showing hesitation. "Bu bui, bu bu... ibu, bui-ui, ibu-bu!" she exclaimed, followed by a pause, then another depressing "Bu," realizing that trying to tell him her feelings was foolish due to the language barrier. Now, more than ever, did she want to go to the sheltered land to find a suitable psychic to finally help them communicate with each other.

Of course, now that he was suggesting using her to travel, it might make it all the easier to bring him right where she wanted him: the sheltered land.

But now wasn't the time for this; she wanted to have some fun before going on with her plan. Without notice, Tango shook Tommy off of her buoy and turned herself around so she was facing him, then used her paws to splash water at him with a sly chuckle.

"Hey, you! Now you're gonna get it!" he threatened, retaliating by splashing more water back at her. It soaked her head, but she seemed a lot less phased by it than he did. Water-repellent fur tends to do that.

"Bui, bui!" taunted Tango as she used her two-pronged tail like a propeller and quickly swam around in circles around Tommy.

"Ha, get back here, you!" Tommy tried catching Tango as she circled him, but with little luck; she was just going too fast.

He finally managed to grab hold of her and lifted her up and out of the water, held by her arms. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed, proud of his catch.

"Buii," said Tango coyly before leaning in to give him a disarming kiss on the lips, causing him to lose focus and loosen his hold on her. Using this opportunity to her advantage, she teased him with a playful "Bui" as she slid under him and dropped underwater, deflating her flotation sac on the way down.

"Hey, that's not fair!" he shouted, surprised that she'd trick him like that. She was more playful than he gave her credit for -- and he gave her credit for a lot of playfulness.

Tommy dove underwater to search for the Buizel. Unfortunately his eyes weren't used to saltwater swimming, so he quickly resurfaced while rubbing his stinging eyes. "Ah, man! Now how am I going to find her?"

She was very adept at swimming in the ocean. A lot of her time was spent doing this as it's always been something that she enjoyed. There was a certain freedom to it. Playing in the water with Tommy only added to the fun. What could she do to make this even more entertaining? Well, she did have one idea in mind for something to catch him off-guard.

The devious sea weasel swam unpredictably around Tommy's legs, darting back and forth and making occasional circles. During one revolution, while she was facing the frontal side of Tommy's legs, she stopped her darting and became stationary with her sights set on her prize.

She then remained very still and silent in hopes of becoming completely undetected by Tommy. He was still looking all around for her, turning his torso in various directions. Her ploy worked. Now for the real twist!

Using her tails to move very stealthily, she inched closer to Tommy. Finally, his flaccid boyhood was just an inch away from her muzzle. She licked her lips and then opened her mouth to take his member inside of it.

A sudden flinch on Tommy's part knocked the cock out of her mouth as he reactively shifted his body back out of shock. "Wha-!!" he shouted above the water, although it was inaudible to Tango's ears. She giggled and swam forward to try again, not wanting to waste any time. She succeeded in teasing his member with her tongue some more and this time noticed hands reaching down to try and grab her again. Her cover had been blown, so she made an attempt to swim away. Unfortunately for Tango, Tommy managed to grab hold to her tail and pulled at it to lift her up.

Floating in the water, he wasn't really able to lift her up without pulling himself down into the water, so he had to grab her by the stomach using his arm. He was successful in lifting her out of the water and back up where he could see her.

"What were you doing down there?!" asked Tommy, emphasizing on the word 'doing.' Tango felt concerned by his seemingly angry response to her actions. She didn't want him to get mad at her. "If you wanted to have sex, you could have just said so rather than wearing me out trying to catch you, silly!" he added with a cheery smile on his face, making Tango feel a lot better. It relieved her knowing that he wasn't mad at her in the slightest and it was all just part of the game they were playing.

Tango nodded with a happy "Bui" being spoken. She then wriggled around in Tommy's grip and leaned in forward to give him another kiss, although this one was sincere and not just a trick. Tommy was still cautious, though, just to be sure.

Their kiss lasted for a good ten seconds before Tango's libido started kicking in again. It felt ravenous and insatiable. She could hardly believe herself, mating not more than twenty minutes ago and already eager for more!

She was a bit unsure about how they would be able to do it in the water like this, but was more than willing to figure a way for it. First things first, though, she knew that Tommy needed some serious attention before they could go on any further. The slippery weasel wriggled around a little bit and then slid back down into the water, resuming her sights on Tommy's cock, which was showing signs of arousal.

The Buizel licked it tenderly while underwater. Now that Tommy knew what was going on, he was fine with it, although it was starting to get a little difficult for him to keep afloat. He kept wanting to stiffen his legs as a result of the pleasure he was receiving for the submerged Buizel's tongue.

Tango coaxed Tommy's cock right out into the open so it was erect enough to work with, but she didn't want to just settle for that and thought it could use a little bit more work. Remembering just how effective it was in the past, she took it into her mouth and suckled on it as she first did last night.

In order to remain underwater and able to keep up her mouthwork, she had to grab hold on something. She decided that she'd be able to still suck on his boyhood if she grabbed hold of his legs, so she did that, reaching around and holding onto the backsides of Tommy's knees.

Tommy lost his balance for a second as he felt the underside of his knee be touched by the furry Pokemon's paws, sending a ticklish sensation through the boy's body. As well as ticklish, he found it fairly erotic as well. There was something about having this sensitive part of his body touched that turned him on. Perhaps it was similar to what Tango felt when he rubbed her nipples? Maybe it's something about the touch of another person or Pokemon that makes it feel especially good.

Whatever it was, he enjoyed it, though Tango didn't realize it was such a turn on for him; she was too engrossed fondling his meat with her maw, bobbing up and down on it while flicking her tongue around the tip of his rod.

Now that Tango's treatment had produced a fully-erect phallus, she stopped her sucking to contemplate exactly how on earth she could mate with him in the water. If he were a Buizel, Floatzel, or nearly any other type of water Pokemon, they could mate underwater, swimming around freely.

Perhaps Tommy was on the right track, though. That flotation sac of hers could be used to help keep them both afloat. 'Well, when in doubt, let the male figure it out,' she figured, knowing that he'd probably think of something so she wouldn't have to bother trying to tell him.

She inflated her flotation sac and shot back up to the surface, causing a large splash in the water and surprising Tommy. He didn't exactly feel prime for sex, but he was erect and would be willing to give it a try if that's what Tango wanted -- and knowing Tango, that's exactly what she wanted.

"Buuu..." moaned Tango. She was hoping that he would pick up on the message. To give him a friendly reminder to her needs, she reached her dual-pronged tail down towards Tommy's boyhood and brushed the two tips across it a few times.

"Heh, ohhh, ah, alright, let's do it..." said Tommy in response to Tango's teasing. He grabbed hold of the Buizel's flotation sac with both of his hands and tried use it to gain some support. It worked exceptionally well and he was physically unable to be brought into the water by his weight, regardless of how much he pushed down on it. Perfect. That was exactly what he was hoping for.

While holding her 'life preserver' tightly, the boy started assuming more of a sitting position, trying to steer her cock closer to her bottom by bringing his hips in closer and bending his knees. He spread his legs a bit and arched his back slightly to allow himself to draw in even closer. It was a little awkward, but if it got the job done, that was all he wanted.

He finally felt the head of his penis poke against the fur of Tango's bottom. He couldn't see where it was, nor did he have much of an idea as to exactly where on her bottom he was prodding, but at least he lead it to Tango.

He shifted his body around, rubbing his penis all over her fur in search of her little slit. Tango felt very aroused being poked in such a way. She was getting antsy, but knew he was doing the best he could. At least she was right; he did take action and figure out a way to get it done.

Tommy finally felt the opening into Tango's tight body. Not wanting to lose his position and just wanting to get inside of her to make things easier, he made a quick thrust to penetrate her vagina.

He noticed that it went in with a lot more resistance than usual and felt uncomfortably tight. It wasn't until he heard a loud, screeching "Buuiiiiiii!!" did he realize that he made a mistake. He got the wrong hole!

The pain of having two inches of cock shoved up her virgin tailhole had Tango nearly in tears. It was stinging, burning, and unrelenting. 'How the hell is this supposed to feel good?!' she questioned in her mind.

"Tango! Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I think I, uh, got the wrong hole..." Tommy apologized as he pulled himself out of her ass. It did feel pretty good thanks to the water and his own personal curiosities, but it was clear that Tango was in pain from it.

Just to rub salt into the wounds, the salty water began to cause the lightly-bleeding rim of her tailhole sting even more. This was not what she had in mind when she wanted to mate with Tommy, but she couldn't really blame him. She was curious about anal sex anyway and that knew she'd want to try it sometime. She also knew that it might hurt. But, ouch, she didn't think it'd sting like this, although it was still less of a painful sting than when she first mated with Tommy.

"Do you want me to try and find the right hole, then?" he asked, embarrassedly putting an emphasis on 'right.'

Although she was still hurting a bit, she wasn't about to let this moment go, so she nodded her head a bit. She could only hope that the pleasure would outweigh the pain.

"Alright," said Tommy as he resumed his previous pose, trying to locate the right hole. He prodded around her rump some more until he finally found what he believed to be the right hole. Again, he thrust himself in rather quickly, not wanting to lose his position.

"Buuiiiii!!!" Tango screamed. Wrong hole, yet again. Tommy's aim wasn't too good, although to her surprise, it felt a little bit more arousing being penetrated there for the second thrust. Now that it was on her mind a bit more, it started feeling painfully intriguing. She remembered Jazz's words: "It stings at first, but Blues tells me that it gets better and feels amazing after a bit. You'll either like it or you won't, although you won't know unless you try." Well, she actually didn't remember them as well as she thought, but she had the right idea nonetheless.

"Fuck!" shouted Tommy, not meaning to swear in front of Tango, but finding himself powerless to contain his frustration. "Tango, I'm so sorry!" he apologized once more, quickly pulling his length out of her anal passage. He felt like such an idiot.

Now she was regretting screaming. Her never-ending curiosity was getting the better of her, as it commonly did. She was certain it hurt a lot less that time. 'Blues loves it and Jazz must enjoy doing it a lot, too... "It stings a lot at first," yeah, fine, "first" is over. If it starts feeling good...! Bui, why did I have to scream?! How am I going to convince Tommy to... wait, I know how,' thought the Buizel, who had started to come up with a cunning scheme. She actually warmed up to the idea of trying this and was getting anxious to see what it was like after the painful part was through.

She shook Tommy off of her flotation sac, deflated it, and then submerged back into the salty sea. Her butt did still hurt, but now that she was convinced that this might actually be alright, she was a little more eager to try it.

The Buizel swam between Tommy's legs and around to his rear. She looked right at his butt-cheeks, a sight she didn't too often observe, and then mustered up the will to proceed with her plan. She slowly reached a paw up to one of them, rubbing it gently and causing Tommy to wonder what she was planning. All of a sudden, she took that paw and quickly thrust it forward into the crack between Tommy's two cheeks. Her aim was dead on; the paw ran by his sphincter as half an inch of it was effectively jammed into his ass.

"Whaaaa!!" Tommy yelled as he felt his ass suddenly violated by her paw. It was a painful feeling, especially due to the size of Tango's paw, but somehow he found it to be rather stimulating, in a rather gross way.

Tango showed mercy and released her paw from his anus. She couldn't believe that she just did that, but she did, and she could only hope that this would give him the right message. She then swam back up to the surface and up so she was looking Tommy in the face. The Buizel then nodded with a nervous smile and turned herself around so she was in the same pose as before. "Buuuu..."

"I promise I'll get the right hole this time! I'll go nice and sl-"

His words were cut off by the Buizel. "Bu! Ibu bui, buuuu... bubu, bui!!" she insisted, shaking her head profusely.

"Wait, you don't want to continue?" he asked, still unsure by her message.

"B-... bui!? Bui, ibu-bu-bui! Ib-bui!"

Tommy wasn't exactly sure what to make of her reaction, so he figured he would ask a rather silly question, realizing that there was a chance that it was what Tango was trying to tell him. "You don't want me to put it back in there, do you?"

Now he got it. He couldn't see it, but her eyes lit up. "Buii!" she exclaimed, seeming much more eager in her tone this time than her last messages.

"But it hurt you, Tango!" said the worried boy.

She nodded, but only lightly. "Bui! Bu-bui!" Regardless of the pain, she was anxious to go through with this, at least to try it.

"Are you absolutely sure that this is what you want?" he asked, having to know for sure, just so there was no miscommunication.

"Bui!" answered the Buizel, energetically nodding her head up and down. That was definitely what she wanted.

"Then Tango, if it hurts so bad that you want me to stop... just scream loudly three times in a row. I can't tell you not to scream, because you make it sound like you want to try it even if it hurts, but I need to know if I've gone too far. I'll understand you if you do that," said Tommy in an attempt to help reassure her that he cares. "Just give a 'Buiiii buiiii buiiii!!' and I'll stop," he added, trying to imitate a Buizel's sounds.

She chuckled a bit at his silly imitation and gave a nod in consent. That plan sounded fine by her and she really appreciated that he cared so much about her to both make it clear how she should tell him to stop, as well as allowing himself to go through with this in the first place.

"Here it goes..." Tommy gulped. He was nervous about doing this knowing that he might injure Tango, not to mention that it seemed a bit on the gross side, inserting his penis into her butt and all. But it was what Tango wanted, and that was all that was important.

He grabbed hold of her flotation sac once more and shifted his body back so he was poking her rear with his dick. He felt around for her tailhole, figuring that to make sure that he got the right -- err, wrong? -- hole, he would be best to start trying to feel for her tail first, as her tailhole would logically be... right below it.

His penis slid against the base of her tail and this was his signal that he was close. Tommy slowly slid his cock down her rump until he felt it resting on the sphincter of her anus. Just resting there, it felt incredibly teasing to Tango. Her sphincter was highly sensitive and added to the sensation of anal stimulation.

Tommy then gripped tighter on Tango's flotation sac so he could pull his hips up closer to the surface and right into Tango's anal passage. It slid right into her tailhole, although much slower in comparison to the first two mistakes. Going in slow like this, it actually felt more pleasurable than painful to Tango; just barely, though. It might have had something to do with her anticipation for this, tricking her mind into accepting it, but whatever it was, it felt alright, although still a little weird.

"How's that feel?" asked Tommy out of care.

"Buuu...!" moaned Tango, realizing that it felt pretty damn good for now. Although it was only in about as much as it was in last time, about two inches, it was still pretty deep in consideration of her body size. But she knew that she still had to fit three times that in if Tommy was going to hilt her.

Tommy continued to push his member into her tight ass, meeting with a considerable amount of resistance and a lot less lubrication than there would be in her vagina. At least it was fairly wet, thanks to the ocean. He managed to fit another two inches inside of her.

As the human pushed his third inch in, it seemed to prod against that same something that was deep inside of her vagina that was overwhelmingly pleasurable the first time they mated: her g-spot. The feeling she felt as he went over this bump in her vagina -- although now from inside of her anus by rubbing against the anal walls near the spot -- started to replace the pain she felt in her ass with the pleasure being felt in her vagina and all throughout her groin. It still hurt in her butt, but her mind was more focused on the pleasure of it all.

Not wanting to get too far in on his first thrust, Tommy started sliding himself out of her by relaxing his hold on her flotation sac and lowering his legs. He kept an inch of himself inside of her to make sure he didn't lose this position and then pushed his meat back into her tailhole.

The feeling of having her g-spot stimulated by Tommy sliding his cock back and forth over it proved to be amazing. Tommy kept this up for several more thrusts, each being less and less painful than the last as her body started to become more and more accommodated to his length in her anal passage.

Tommy then began to get ambitious and tried to slide the remainder of his boyhood into her tight tailhole. It took a bit of effort, but he pushed and pushed up into her until he finally managed to hilt her ass. It felt so much tighter than her vagina did, almost to the point of overwhelmingly tight, but it was a comfortable fit, all snug in her Buizel booty. It did feel weird, to both Tommy and Tango, being joined in such an unusual way, though.

She was beginning to see why Blues enjoyed anal sex so much. Although it wouldn't be her first choice, it reached the point where her anus was numbed and fully accepting Tommy's cock into it. The pain that she once felt from this form of penetration was entirely erased. It was now just a very odd pleasure that she could feel crawling in her ass coupled with a considerable amount of pleasure in her vagina.

With every thrust she received into her ass came a flit of sharp pleasure in the depths of her vaginal canal and, for that matter, all throughout her body. It felt as if each insertion, both on its way in and out, provided a half-second mini-orgasm, all while the feeling of her anal walls squeezing Tommy's cock gave a highly erotic anal pleasure completely separate from this feeling.

Tommy certainly couldn't complain; it was very pleasurable pushing himself in and out of her tight opening. It was definitely different than vaginal sex, that was certain, but it was enjoyable in its own way. Additionally, the feeling of doing something 'abnormal' gave him a guilty sense of enjoyment.

Due to Tango's anal walls being so tight, Tommy wasn't easily able to slide his entire length in and out of her with each thrust he made. Instead, he was only able to thrust roughly the head's worth up and down in her ass. Although the pre he was secreting helped make his thrusts a bit more slick, it had nothing else to assist him other than the tiny bit of seawater that had accumulated in there. This was of little problem to either of them, though, as they both believed it was the most enjoyable place to be down that far in.

However, Tommy's arms were starting to get quite tired after continually lifting himself up and down on Tango's flotation sac. Hoping she wouldn't mind, Tommy relaxed his hold on her life preserver and then briefly let go of her, only to wrap his arms around her chest, squeezing her and preventing her arms from moving, so that he could still stay afloat and able to thrust.

In that position, Tommy could thrust even faster, as Tango's flotation sac always ensured her head would be above water. He had no hesitations of pulling her under now. It did feel a bit more painful, though, having the human squeezing her rather roughly, but she would put up with it and still only elicited gratified "Bui" sounds with every thrust he made into her.

To further pleasure herself, Tango decided she would take her fairly long tail and direct it to her belly. She then lowered the two tips of the tail down between her legs and rubbed them back and forth across her clitoris. Between this and the ecstasy Tommy's member was providing to her rear, she could hardly contain her rapid chirping and drool that were both escaping her mouth.

Tommy was starting to get closer to climax. He could feel it start to build in his loins with each thrust he made into her. "Tan-go... mmmmmn... I'm gonna cum soon..." he moaned, knowing that he could hold on for only a minute more perhaps before giving in.

Of course, she was already well-aware of that and hoping he was close, as she, too, was nearing orgasm. The mixture of some of the most intense pleasures was proving to work her senses wild and stimulating her far beyond what she thought she could feel. She could feel all of Tommy's length inside of her anal canal, pushing itself in, then pulling a little bit out, only to continue the process. It continued to provide intense stimulation to her g-spot by rubbing against that thin layer of lining separating her two passages. And then there was her masterful tailwork, which was usually all she needed for relief anyway.

With a loud screech that couldn't be confused for pain, but only pleasure, Tango started to feel an intense warmth and sharp pleasure build in her depths. It was all-encompassing and quickly spread throughout her entire body, filling it with an indescribable amount of bliss and excitement. Stranger yet was the feeling of all of this pleasure while leaving her vagina completely untouched throughout the whole experience.

She wondered how it could be as her orgasm hit her at full force. "B-uuuuu-uuuuiiiiiii-iiiii!!!!" screamed the Buizel in ecstasy as she finally hit her release. The continual pounding into her rump had at last driven her over the edge. Every muscle in her body tensed up; her anal muscles squeezed Tommy's boyhood firmly, halting his thrusts as his cock was practically being milked by her inner walls.

With a second blissful wail, Tango released a large gush of vaginal ejaculate out from her depths and into the blue sea. Wave after wave of her sweet cum fired out from her with nothing interrupting its way out of her. Her whole body was trembling because of this and it quickly went limp. She nearly passed out from the exhausting feeling of such intense sexual gratification.

She wasn't the only one to hit her peak moment, though; the repeated squeezing and 'milking' provided by Tango's ass was enough to send him over the edge as well. He felt the feeling of orgasm grow in his loins; the sharp, burning pleasure started from the sensitive head of his cock and then traveled to his brain to trigger the ejaculation sequence. It complied and routed the flow of pleasure all throughout Tommy's body, feeling most strong back down at his crotch. His shaft welled in a near-orgasmic bliss as the semen flowed from his testicles, through his tract, and finally ejaculated six inches into Tango's tight ass.

Pulse after pulse of the sticky fluid dispersed from his penis and all over the walls of her anal passage. His orgasm nearly flooded her inner rear with his spunk. It was amazing and infinitely better than he expected it to be.

Finally, both of their orgasms finally subsided. The two panted rapidly, both trying to catch their breath after greatly exhausting themselves. Tommy's cock remained nestled into her tailhole, although it was growing more and more flaccid with each passing second.

"Uhhn... wow... that was incredible," voiced Tommy through shallow breaths.

"Bu-... ui-... buuuu...!" said Tango in agreement. She could feel Tommy's gooey ejaculate all the way inside of her ass. It did feel a little weird, but it felt equally satisfying knowing that she tried something new and actually enjoyed it. She'd have to thank Jazz and Blues later for telling her about this, otherwise there's no way she would have gone through with it.

At last Tommy's now-flaccid phallus slid outside of Tango's tailhole. As it did so, she felt the sensation of another brief wave of pleasure sweep through her body as her sensitive sphincter was stimulated once again. However, it was short to last as it was quickly replaced with an empty feeling, which then turned into more of an achy sensation in her back and bum.

The exhausted Buizel wanted nothing more right then but to lie down and sleep. She signaled to Tommy and then started swimming to the shore, letting him hold on to her flotation sac so he wouldn't have to swim. He was pretty tired and worn out afterward, too.

They made it to the shore and both took just a few steps forward before collapsing onto the sand. Tommy rolled over onto his back while Tango remained passed out on her belly, each with their eyes already closed and ready for sleep.


Five minutes passed before Tango heard a familiar voice call her. "Taaaanngo... Hey sleepy, get up!" She didn't want to comply. "Hey, come on, aren't you forgetting something? Get up, already!" Why was he being so persistent? Wait, she did recognize the voice, but... "Sis, rise and shine, you can do it! If you don't get up soon, I'm just going to go back to Blues by myself..."

"Jazz...?" she asked in a daze, not bothering to move or open her eyes to confirm it.

"You're really pooped, there, sis," he spoke. She had wished he would have chosen a different adjective than the one he did. Of course he had chosen those words for that exact reason. He knew exactly what went on; the scent of mating remained in her tailhole, more protected from being washed away by the sea than vaginal mating would have been.

"Tell me about it... why are you here...?" she asked, wondering exactly why her brother just had to see her right now.

"I said I'd be in the area. We were going to go back to Isle de Jazz and get Tommy some grub before swimming him over to the sheltered land."

She completely forgot about that and felt so stupid. "Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that! I feel... so stupid, haha," said Tango out of embarrassment, still not moving or opening her eyes. Wait, 'I'd be in the area?' she thought. Oh no! What if he saw she and Tommy mate!

As the thought crossed her mind, she shot her eyes open and quickly lifted herself up, noticing that the ache in her back was pretty strong and making it more cumbersome to get up.

"Wait... how long were you here? Like, watching?" she asked nervously.

"Oh," he paused, trying to think of he should tell his younger sister just how much he saw or figured out, "I just got here." He wasn't one to lie often, but he felt that it would just make Tango feel more uncomfortable if she knew that he had been watching both of their mating experiences. 'I'll tell her later,' he thought, hoping that she'd understand.

"Okay..." said Tango in relief.

"So are we going to get going or what?" Jazz asked, eager to get back to his own mate.

"Yeah..." She was a little unsure about how well she'd be able to transport Tommy, yet alone swim for half an hour just to get to Isle de Jazz. "Hey, uh, bro... do you think you could, uh... maybe carry Tommy for me?"

He understood her hesitations and was more than willing to accommodate to them. He didn't need to see his sister suffer or feel uncomfortable, and he didn't really require her to explain why it was that she wouldn't be carrying him. Just as long as he could help. "Of course I can. Better yet, though, sleepyhead: how about I carry you as well? You can just grab hold and I'll swim the two of you there myself!"

She loved this idea. That way, not only would she not have to worry about carrying Tommy, but she wouldn't be overexerting herself trying to swim with an aching back and booty. "That sounds wonderful, bro!" she said, now fully standing, although a bit uncomfortably.

"Well, do your stuff and wake him up so we can get going!" he ordered.

"Uh huh," answered Tango, walking over to Tommy and gently nudging him. No luck. She tried again, rubbing his arm with her two paws, although still not having any success in waking him up. He was out like a light.

Tango then walked up to his head and got down on her belly, leaning forward and bringing her lips right up to his. She kissed him tenderly, using her paws to rub the side of his face. He felt this and kissed her back, humming under his breath. "Mmmmmmn..."

Jazz found her means of waking him up to be quite cute. He was glad that she felt so comfortable around the boy to do this. It was something that she really needed: someone to care for and to care for her.

Using his hands to push himself up, Tommy then sat up and brought Tango on his lap, giving her another kiss before noticing that they had company. Knowing the Floatzel standing in front of them was Tango's brother, he quickly broke the kiss and nervously set her down beside him, rubbing the back of his head out of embarrassment.

"Oh, heh, hi there, Floatzel," he said skittishly. "It's good to see you again."

"Floa, flo," chuckled the Floatzel. He then beckoned both Tommy and Tango over to him, followed by tugging on the flotation ring that encircled his body.

Tango pointed at it as well, trying to point it out to Tommy. She then walked over and joined in on the tugging. The human was quick to follow and walked over to the Buizel and Floatzel, giving a tug on his flotation ring to follow suit. He didn't know exactly why they were doing this, but it seemed like they wanted him in on it or something.

"Zul," barked the Floatzel as he shrugged to break Tommy and Tango's grip on his flotation ring. He then beckoned for them to follow him, followed by walking towards the ocean. He got into the water, making sure not to go in too deep, but he allowed himself to float on his flotation ring like an innertube, showing Tommy that it could be used similarly to Tango's flotation sac.

Getting the picture, Tommy ran over to the sea along with Tango, then proceeded to hold on to the Floatzel's flotation ring. Tango held on tightly as well. Tommy wasn't sure where he planned on taking him, but any change of scenery would be a good thing. Maybe he'd take him back to land!

The Floatzel gave a nod and then started swimming towards Isle de Jazz, taking Tommy and Tango along for the ride. With Jazz's superior speed, they'd be there in no time, even with the added resistance of the two passengers.

End of Chapter 7
It was a lot harder than you'd think writing an anal scene in the water. Thank goodness for that buoy, otherwise it'd be a lot harder to do in the sea, heh heh. Tango, you silly Buizel... just can't get enough. :3

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