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Chapter 8: Bittersweet Affair

Chapter 8: Bittersweet Affair

After arriving on Isle de Jazz, Tommy is reunited with an old friend thought to have been claimed by the wrath of the sea. However, a certain sea weasel Pokemon is not too keen to the concept of sharing Tommy's affection...

Warning: This chapter contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual acts between two Pokemon. It also briefly contains sexual scenes of homosexual nature (kind of) as well as intoxication and semi-NC. If you are under 18 (or 21 where appropriate), you mustn't read this lemon, because it is apparently very bad for you and will inflict massive psychological damage that will scar you for the rest of your life. The moment you turn 18 (or 21), you can come back here and read it, because you then are invincible from such scarring. Silly youngins and their laws.

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"Thank you, Blues. That was a good salad," the Typhlosion complimented on the Azumarill's cooking. He couldn't remember what he liked or disliked, so he essentially had nothing to compare it to, but he did know that what he just ate tasted very satisfying. It also helped to quench his ravenous appetite. It felt like he hadn't eaten in a week! Of course, he hadn't, so maybe that was why...

"Well I'm glad'jya liked it jus' as much as I knew 'ya would! It's world-famous, 'ya know! Yep indeed, Pokemon'll travel all over for som'ma this stuff!" she boasted.

"Really?" questioned the Typhlosion in disbelief.

"Well, ah, nah, not reeeaallly, but it shure sounded good, din't it?" she laughed. It was really only a dish that she made for her, Jazz, and sometimes Tango, but they all seemed to enjoy it. Well, at least she did.

"Mmm, well it was good."

"I'da made a lot more 'ad that rascal of a mate gotten 'is booty back 'ere a li'l bit more sooner than now! Jus' takin' 'is leisurely ol' time out there, yep, I bet. Oy, I'm shure that yer mate, if 'ya have 'un, prol'ly is a right better takin' care of by 'ya, huh, yep yep?"

"Oh... well I don't think I have a mate..." the Typhlosion answered, still not having any luck recalling any details about himself.

"Well, a good way ta' check it yerself if 'ya don't remember would be ta' give yerself a good shake down there an' see 'ow it feels," she suggested.

"I beg your pardon?" Her suggestion to him seemed rather forward and direct. He was only hoping that she wasn't talking about what he thought she was talking about.

"Oh 'ya know, yer li'l friend down there. Giv'it a good shakin' an' if it feels reeeaaaallly good'in, then 'ya prol'ly din't 'ave a mate in the first place, 'cuz 'ya tend ta' notice the dif'rence after 'ya've mated by shakin' an' thinkin' ta' yerself, 'Oy, this dun't feel like the real thing!' "

Again, her dialect was a little tricky to understand for him, but he believed he had gotten the gist of it, and couldn't believe that she was serious. "Are you serious? I'm- uh, wait, no, no, I'm not going to 'shake' myself right in front of you!" After speaking, he realized that he may have come across a bit more hostile than he would have preferred.

"Well is up ta' yerself, hun, I ain't gonna force 'ya ta' 'ave some fun with yerself! But give it a good try sometime when 'ya feel in the need fer it, 'cuz is a blast of fun! An' I could help 'ya out if 'ya needed a hand jus' as long as hubby dun mind."

The Typhlosion's face was tinted red out of embarrassment from the Azumarill's words. She was really sweet, but way too open about things that he felt should be kept more private. "That's great, yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Anyway," he said, trying to divert the conversation away from discussion of shaking himself, "Shouldn't your 'hubby' be back by now?"

" 'zactly what I been thinkin' fer awhile now! Where the blue blazes is that lug about anyway, eh?!"

As if on cue, the Azumarill spotted something in the ocean heading toward their island. As it drew in closer, she immediately recognized it as her mate, letting Tango ride on his ring, but there was an unfamiliar creature accompanying them; it was a tall, white creature with a mop of fur on its head. Wait, she knew what it was now -- it was a human!

"Oy, there 'e is, right about time, too! Hey 'ya lug," she shouted over to him, "What kept 'ya! I thought 'ya was gonna be right there an' back like it was nothin'! An' 'ere ya' go bringin' over all this company after we jus' 'ad a big meal waitin' fer 'ya!"

The Floatzel landed on the shore and stood up tall. Tommy and Tango stood up as well and observed the angry-looking Azumarill head towards Jazz.

Blues tugged firmly on the Floatzel's tail, causing Jazz to yelp. "Now wha' do 'ya think yer gonna do now, 'uh? Did'jya even bring the seaweed like I asked 'ya to or did'jya up an' forget it like 'ya always do, 'uh 'uh?"

"It's okay, dear, I brought it." He handed her a patch of seaweed. "I hope you don't mind that I brought Tango and the human I was telling you about, Tommy, as guests. He could really use some food."

"Waid'da sec, did'jya say Tommy?" the Azumarill looked surprised. She looked up at the human inquisitively. Tommy looked back at her, wishing he could understand what they were saying. "Wai', wuh, waiiiit, 'is name's Tommy, too?! Hub, 'ya know who jus' finally woke 'imself up jus' a li'l bit ago, 'uh?"

"Um...? That Typhlosion?" he answered, remembering that they had an unconscious Typhlosion left in their care.

"The Typhlosion I saw earlier?" interrupted Tango, remembering seeing a Typhlosion earlier, when she stopped by in search of Jazz. She hadn't paid it too much mind then, but if Blues said he called himself Tommy...

"Are you talking about me?" asked Tommy the Typhlosion as he walked over to see what the commotion was all about. It sounded like Blues was pretty upset with her 'hubby.' The Typhlosion looked down at both Jazz and Tango, then finally noticed the human off to the back. He stared the human, who was roughly his height, right in the eye, confused and interested by him... there was something about him...

Tommy the human returned the stare in utter disbelief; he could hardly believe what he was seeing. It had to be a dream. It surely must be a dream. "...Waltz?" he asked the Typhlosion. Everyone became silent after that and watched the human's reaction to the Typhlosion staring at him.

Somehow, that name... that voice... it triggered memories that had been buried inside of the mind of the Typhlosion. Memories of battle, victory, and defeat all flooded through his mind like a dam had broken in there. He remembered training, fighting, and being around this human. He'd share human dinners with the boy, curl up by him when he looked cold, and struggle trying to get out of being bathed by him.

He had never seen Tommy completely unclothed like this before, but he could never mistake Tommy's face or voice. It was him. Everything was starting to come back to him now. All of the badges that he assisted Tommy in winning... all of his partners in battle... their excitement before boarding that ship to Poketopia... and that storm; that horrible, dreaded storm.

Tears welled up in his eyes. But his eyes weren't the only ones teary; Tommy, too, was teary-eyed and rendered speechless seeing his Typhlosion, Waltz, alive. After spending time on the island, he was genuinely convinced that he had lost absolutely everything from his old life and that he had to come to grips with the fact that the Pokemon he trained for the last five years of his life were all dead, washed away by the cruel ocean. But somehow, miraculously, it appeared that his Typhlosion managed to survive the storm just as he did. He didn't know how, especially because the Typhlosion was deathly afraid of water, but that wasn't important; the only thing that was right now was having his first Pokemon and best friend, Waltz, back by his side.

"Waltz!!" "Typhlo!!" shouted both Tommy and Waltz as they jumped into each other's arms, hugging each other tightly, both relieved that the other was alive.

"That's Tommy's Pokemon?!" exclaimed Tango in the Pokemon language, unsure of exactly what to make of the fact that the Typhlosion was Tommy's.

"Waid'da sec, so 'is name isn' Tommy, but Waltz? 'ow strange! I jus' can't figure out these ones!" Blues remarked.

"Well, here I would have felt pretty guilty if I ate him... boy, am I glad I didn't," said the Floatzel to lighten the mood.

"Jazz!" Tango scolded, causing both her and her brother to chuckle at his statement. Somehow, meeting Tommy and hearing that he was her mate seemed to cause her brother to lighten up a lot more than she ever remembered him being.

The three bystanders remained silent as Tommy and Waltz continued their long-overdue hug. Tommy never remembered Waltz's fur being so warm and soft, although that's probably because he never hugged him without his shirt or pants on before. It was pleasantly comfortable, not to mention warm.

A few minutes later, they finally released their hold on each other and looked into the other's eyes with a sincere look of happiness.

"Azu, azuma-rill, azu!" spoke the Azumarill as she waddled over to Tommy, bearing an unusual look on her face.

Tommy looked down at her then back to Typhlosion. "What's it saying?" he asked Waltz.

"Flo, typhlo, sion!" he answered, which Tommy understood as, "You need to eat right now!" Sometimes, when Trainers spend a lot of time with their Pokemon, they'll grow an understanding for what that particular Pokemon has to say. It's more of an empathetic bond than an absolute understanding of the language itself. Tommy couldn't understand what just any old Typhlosion was saying, for instance; just Waltz.

The human looked back down at the eager Azumarill. "You have no idea... What's on the menu?" he asked.

Tango was extremely intrigued by this. It was as if Tommy understood Pokemon for a second while talking to this Typhlosion. How could this be? And, more curiously, how could she learn to do this?

"Waltz," she asked, looking boldly up at the Typhlosion. "Did you just talk to Tommy?"

"Sort of," he answered. "I'm not really sure how, but he just seems to understand what I'm saying for some reason. At least, most of the time."

She couldn't believe it. The whole reason she was going to take Tommy to the sheltered land was so he could understand her. If this Typhlosion was able to do this without the help of a psychic Pokemon, she absolutely had to know how.

"Do you think I could do it?" asked Tango again, this time even more forward than the last.

Waltz wasn't sure. Of course, he wasn't even sure who this little Buizel was in the first place. Why did she seem so interested in talking with Tommy? And who was she? "Uh, well, it depends on how well he knows you and how much time you've spent together, I think. And I'm really sorry if I should know this and don't, but... who are you, exactly?"

"I'm Tango, Tommy's mate," she exclaimed with pride, only afterward realizing what she just unwillingly blurted out. "Ah, I mean...! I'm his Pokemon!"

But by that point, Tango's covering up was ineffective. Waltz was genuinely shocked at what she just said. Silently, he looked back toward Tommy, then down at Tango and thought about it. They couldn't be mates. They just couldn't. Besides, was it even physically possible for a human to be mates with a Pokemon so small?

"Oh, I see... I- I need to go..." he said sheepishly, walking away from the crowd and over to another part of the beach where he sat down.

"Waltz?" asked Tommy, wondering where his Pokemon was going. He looked sort of depressed. Tommy looked down at Tango, who clearly must have said something to upset him. "Tango? What did you say to him?"

Tango's face drooped as she felt shamed. Her tail dropped down to the ground to accompany her guilt. Her feelings were even more hurt when she noticed Tommy walking over to his Typhlosion rather than trying to patch up her feelings.

"Ah so wait, yer mates are 'ya, 'uh? Well, he certainly is a big 'un, ain't he," commented Blues to the saddened Buizel. " 'Ow the blue 'ell did 'ya get 'im ins-"

"Blues!" interrupted Jazz, trying to get her to stop.

"I'm just sayin'! I can't even think a' 'ow it could fit-"

"That's enough..." Jazz could tell that this was making Tango feel even more uncomfortable.

"Fine, fine." The Azumarill finally stopped.

"Why don't you go make up some of your salad while I try and talk to my sis, okay?" suggested Jazz, trying to get his mate out of Tango's fur.

She took the hint. "Right, yeah alright, I'll go do that right now, yep." She headed off into the shrubbery to pick some of the local berries for her salad, leaving Jazz and Tango alone while Tommy and Waltz were down the beach a bit, sitting down next to each other and apparently talking.

"Here I was, having a great day, and when we get here... that stupid Typhlosion comes along and ruins it," pouted Tango to her brother.

"How did he ruin it?" he asked, interested in hearing her version of the story.

"He... he's Tommy's Pokemon! He can talk to Tommy! And look, Tommy's over there with him right now rather than by me! It's like he doesn't care about me!" Tango wasn't exactly hip with not being the center of Tommy's attention.

"Tommy thought Waltz was dead. Think about how you'd feel if you thought Tommy was dead only to find out he wasn't and that he had another mate."

"That's not fair! Waltz and Tommy weren't mates... they're both males! And you overheard what I said to him, didn't you?!" At this point, Tango was starting to get pretty frustrated. She just wanted to be alone with Tommy right now and forget about that stupid Typhlosion.

"It can happen. Some males are perfectly happy mating with other males, or both males and females." Although Jazz considered himself to be straight and loved his mate as such, he was also an opportunist and was open to the possibility of mating with either gender should the moment present itself. During his travels, he had met several male couples that seemed perfectly happy together and he didn't find it disgusting or wrong. "But," he added, "I don't think that they were mates or anything like that, don't worry, sis."

What he said helped a little, but not much; he was still choosing Waltz over her. "Bro... I just don't think I want to talk about it right now."

"Fine, if that's what you want. Just remember, there's nothing stopping you from going over to those two and sorting things out."

The Buizel sighed. She just wanted to be alone right now. Well, what she really wanted was to be with Tommy, but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. "Just go..."

Jazz accepted her wishes and headed back into the shrubbery in pursuit of his mate to see if he could lend her a hand with preparing some salads, leaving Tango by herself.

She looked over at Tommy and Waltz and grew more depressed and upset. Her seething, unexplainable jealousy of that Typhlosion was making her so upset that she just couldn't deal with it. Not wanting to be disturbed, she slowly walked along the opposite side of the beach, found a good looking patch of sand, and then curled herself up so she could take a nap to take her mind off of it.

Her eyes closed yet her mind stayed awake; it was sad, lonely, depressed, angry, and upset over everything that happened in the past hour. Eventually, her thoughts cleared up enough for her to drift off to sleep, although it would prove to be far from a restful one.


Tango's dreams were far from settled. Exaggerated visions of Tommy's Typhlosion spoiled her tense slumber. In her dream, they were in a foreign land in what appeared to be a human city with other humans walking around in clothes similar to those that Tommy first wore. At his side was his loyal Typhlosion.

She was running behind them, trying to keep up with their pace. She shouted and yelled but with no response from the moving pair. Finally, they both turned around to look down at her and gave her a scornful leer. The Typhlosion stuck out his tongue at her and then licked Tommy across the cheek. Tommy blushed and wrapped his arms around the furry Pokemon, embracing him in a tight hug followed by a tender kiss.

The scene then appeared to jump ahead -- as dreams often tend to do with little or no warning -- and she was back at the island with just Tommy and his Typhlosion there on the beach. It was night out; Tommy was unclothed and sitting down beside his trusty Pokemon. Tango was looking at them from a few feet back towards the ocean, almost as if she was standing on the water itself.

Then, Tango witnessed Tommy pet the Typhlosion gently across the head, followed by moving his hand down the Pokemon's furry chest. He continued to glide his hand further and further down until he saw it rub past his stomach and down by his groin. Almost instantly, the Typhlosion's cock became fully erect; it must have been at least ten inches in length!

Tommy proceeded to stroke the Typhlosion's member with his hands, rubbing it vigorously up and down. This was making Tango feel very unsettled, watching her mate pleasure not just another Pokemon, but a male. It was like a slap across each cheek. It was like not only was she not good enough for him, but females in general weren't.

The Typhlosion moaned loudly as he shot an unbelievable amount of cum far up into the air. Rather than falling down onto the sand, it just continued to spray and glide all through the air. Before long, the entire phantasmal sky was streaming this glowing blue semen throughout the air.

Yet again, time seemed to warp ahead. She now saw the Typhlosion laying down on his back as Tommy knelt down by his feet, stroking his own cock forcefully in anticipation of another pleasure.

"No... no... He can't..." she muttered to herself. She couldn't believe what she was about to watch Tommy do. He leaned in closer to his Pokemon with his member fully erect and ready to take his Typhlosion's ass for himself.

"No! Stop! Tommy, don't!!" she screamed, running over to them to desperately try and get them to stop as if her life would end if they proceeded, but they completely ignored her. Not only that, but she somehow was able to see right through Tommy's body -- with the exception of his cock and anything above his torso. She saw his penis pressed right against the Typhlosion's pucker and slowly press inside of it.

Just then, time seemed to stop entirely. Tommy's length was now entirely inside of his Typhlosion. The streams of blue semen zipping around in the air now took on a bright, eerie red hue to them. It felt horrible. This entire scene felt horrible and unrelenting. All she wanted was for it to end. Everything. She collapsed to the ground in this time-frozen beach and broke out in tears, crying and screaming to herself. "Tommy!!"

She then felt as if she was being shaken by something. She got up and looked behind her to see that it was Tommy's Typhlosion in front of her with his ten-inch cock prodding up against her, causing her to lose her balance. "Come on," he taunted.

"No! Stop! Don't!!" yelled Tango as she felt the Typhlosion take a firm grip on her. She struggled to break free, but it was no good. Nothing could stop this Typhlosion from taking her just as he took Tommy. While suspending her in the air, he continued to shake her even harder, as if receiving some sort of sick enjoyment from it. She begged and pleaded, but it was no use. She was beyond saving at this point.


"Tango, are you alright? Tango?"

"Stop!! I hate you, let me go!!!"

"Tango... you're having a nightmare... come on, you have to wake up..."

"No, you'll never make me do this!!"

"Oh... uh... what do I do...? Please, you have to wake up, come on... Tango... Tango..."

Slowly, Tango began to fade out of that horrible nightmare she was having. The streams of red semen turned more pale and everything she saw in this bizarre dream world became dark. The shaking wasn't ceasing, though.

"Tango... Tango, please wake up...!"

Suddenly, Tango sprung up from where she was sleeping. Her eyes were wide open and she was panting heavily. Sweat appeared to be pouring down her body. She was frightened and disoriented. She turned her head behind her and saw the Typhlosion from her dreams down on his knees.

"Get away from me, you creep!" she scowled, scared shitless of that fearful monster.

"I didn't mean to startle you, but... you were having a nightmare. That's all," he spoke nervously.

"I said get away from me!!" threatened Tango, firing a Water Gun directly at him. To her surprise, he whimpered loudly after being hit by the Water Gun and cowered down by the sand. He did seem infinitely more docile than in her dream, assuming that she wasn't still having it.

He now seemed almost pitiful down there, shaking and worried. Looking up at the sky and seeing that it looked to be just a normal cloudy night with no signs of jetting jizz rockets flying around, Tango understood that she must really be awake now.

The Typhlosion finally got up after he felt it was safe from any more jets of water. He was a lot more on-guard, though, remembering that Tango was indeed a Pokemon of the water. Waltz had a huge fear of water and particularly disliked having to fight against water Pokemon.

"I'll let you get back to sleep if that's what you want," he said, adding, "But I was actually hoping that we would have a chance to talk for a little bit."

'Talk?' thought Tango. 'What on earth would a Pokemon like him want to talk about? I have nothing I want to discuss with him!' "Tough, I would rather sleep, thanks," she said as she turned around and lay herself back down.

Without saying a word, the Typhlosion started walking away, respecting her decision.

That was it? No fight, no effort? No trying to convince her or make her feel guilty? Now she was getting curious about exactly what it was that he, of all Pokemon, would want to talk to her about.

"Wait!" she exclaimed as she got up and tried to stop him. "Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing what you had to say..."

He looked back to her and gave a light smile. "I don't really have anything in particular to say... I just wanted to talk to Tommy's mate so I could get to know you better."

"I was... I was just kidding about being his mate, you know that, right?!" declared Tango.

"You don't have to lie or defend yourself... Tommy told me about it," said Waltz, catching her lie.

Tango took a step forward. "He did?" she asked.

"Yeah... I wasn't really expecting that, but he wanted to tell me about everything that happened after the storm. He told me all about meeting you and how cute you w- I, mean, those were his words. He kept saying them over and over. He also said how he felt so horrible after hurting you and causing you to run away..."

Tango blushed. She was relieved to hear that Tommy had a lot to say about her. "Did he say anything else?"

"Well, after talking for awhile with him, he finally told me that you two mated... well, 'had sex,' according to his words, but I know what it meant."

The blushing across Tango's face became even more noticeable after he said that. "Heh... we did, kind of..."

" 'Kind of?' " asked Waltz.

"I mean we did!"

"I know... It was strange listening to Tommy talk like that. I've never really heard him talk about anyone like that before. The only other time I heard about some of the things he was saying was this one time we were at a hotel and he had us out of our Poke Balls but locked himself in the other room. I heard strange moaning voices that sounded like a female human, but there were no females in the room, so I figured it was just the T.V."

Tango chuckled at both the story and the fact that the Typhlosion was able to remember it in such clear detail. "You sure have quite the memory..."

"Yeah, I guess... and to think that just a few hours ago, I didn't even remember who I was. I can't believe that Tommy survived that storm... you have no idea how thankful I am to you for saving him." He wanted to hug her as a sign of gratitude but decided against it as not to make her feel uncomfortable.

"I'm pretty thankful for it, too. I just couldn't let him drown!" She was having flashbacks to the scene of the sinking ship and finding him plummeting to the bottom of the ocean. "I really think it was meant to be, me saving him and all."

"Yeah..." He let out a forlorn sigh.

"But how did you survive? You got all freaked out when I just squirted you with a little bit of water. I can't imagine what you'd do out in the sea!"

Waltz let out another sigh, this one more prominent than the last. "It was horrible... I watched Tommy fall down into the sea. I knew I couldn't swim, but I had to do something, not being able to imagine a life without him, so I jumped down to try and save him. I was so scared that I was going to die when I hit the water.

"By the time I hit the water, I had already lost sight of Tommy. The powerful current started to pull me under as well. While underwater, I thought for just a moment that I saw him, so I tried running over to him but couldn't due to the water -- as I said, I can't swim. It was just pulling me around wherever it wanted to.

"Then, I saw my friend, Mambo, a Piloswine, crash into the water. He sank like a rock... it was just so sad watching both of them slip away into the murky depths of the ocean..."

Tango couldn't believe that all of this happened. In fact, she wouldn't have if it weren't for the fact that she, too, was at the wreckage of the ship. But to have all of what happened explained in detail like this... it really put a spin on what Tommy had to go through. And not just Tommy, but this poor Typhlosion, as well as Tommy's other Pokemon.

"I couldn't breathe," he continued. "I struggled and struggled but wasn't getting anywhere. I finally ran out of air and started to suffocate. My heart was beating fast... I knew that I was going to die... But right while all of this was happening, I saw this gigantic swirling black... thing... swim effortlessly through the water right towards me.

"I didn't know what this was -- in fact, I still don't -- but it looked like it had wings or giant flippers or something stretching out from the side of its massive body. It almost looked like a Wailord except for those wings... and it wasn't quite that big. And the last thing I remember before waking up here was the thing swimming under me and rising rapidly back up to the surface."

"So you don't even know exactly how you survived?" asked Tango, quite engaged by his story.

"Nope..." he answered, personally wishing that he could remember.

"Wow..." remarked Tango in awe of his story.

"But here I am, alive and back with Tommy," he said with a smile.

Tango's hostility towards Waltz slowly started returning after he said that, seeing him as a clear threat to her relationship with him. "Yeah, whatever."

He looked over to the jealous Buizel, now having a better understanding for her feelings for Tommy and why exactly she was acting so cold towards him. "Hey, Tango... you don't have to worry."

"Huh?" she asked, wondering what he was talking about.

"I mean about Tommy... he loves you, not me..." he admitted with a sigh.

She blushed again, but was also wondering what was on Waltz's mind. He seemed to take a plunge in pep just then. Something was bothering him. "He doesn't love you?"

"Not the way he loves you, if even at all," answered the Typhlosion in a depressed tone. This delighted Tango, knowing that he wasn't as much of a threat as she first considered him to be. But she was a bit nervous about why it was that he was so down about it. "Sure, I'm his Pokemon and all... we have been through so much together... but maybe he just sees me as a Pokemon to help him win badges, in comparison to how he feels for you..."

"Waltz... that's your name, right?" she asked, earning a meek nod in return. "Well, Waltz... do you think you love Tommy?"

He remained silent. He couldn't quite understand his feelings towards Tommy. Tommy has been his best friend throughout his whole life. The only time they were apart was when he was first raised by a human named Professor Elm, but those memories were so faint that he could hardly recall them.

"I... I'd do anything for him. I don't know if that's what you consider love as, or if you just consider wanting to... uh... mate with him... as love... but I just don't know what I'd do without him. That's why I risked my life trying to save him."

His answer actually made Tango question her own reasonings. The way he put it was with a very fine distinction between two concepts of love.

"And don't you think Tommy would do anything to protect you or keep you happy? If that's what you think love is, don't you think he loves you, then?"

Her question caused him to release another sigh. He wasn't sure if Tommy had the same loyalty that he had. And after hearing Tommy speak so highly of Tango, openly proclaiming he'd do anything for her and that he enjoyed mating with a Pokemon, he started to genuinely feel that their friendship was being replaced by his supposed love for Tango.

"I really don't know... I used to think so, but then... then you came along," answered Waltz with an almost bitter tone in his voice near the end. He was not the type to become bitter or hold resentment, but the little sea weasel really was threatening to him.

"Me?" she asked. "What's this have to do with me?" Now it was getting interesting. And to think, she was afraid to admit that she was the jealous one. Perhaps it was quite the opposite.

"How long have you known Tommy, Tango?" asked the Typhlosion in a straightforward manner.

"About a week," she answered honestly.

"Do you know how long I've known him?"

She really wasn't sure. "No...? How long?"

"Almost all of my life... right around five years..."

"Wow, that's a long time," she remarked, knowing that she was only about one year old herself. Although Pokemon can live for upwards of thirty years and still stay healthy, they grow extremely quickly in just their first few weeks of life and typically reach adolescence around one year old while full adulthood six months later. It varies from species to species, though, but that was the case for Tango's species.

"And I've always been trying to make him proud of me... nearly my whole life... and he was proud of me, I believe that, but... but... he already cares more about you in just the one week he's known you than he cares about me. All of the battles we won and the times we shared together... it's like it just didn't mean anything compared to what he feels for you."

For fearing water so much, the Typhlosion sure was quick to produce a steady stream of tears running from his eyes. It looked so familiar... that exact feeling was how she felt in that dream of hers, watching Waltz mate with Tommy.

Waltz continued lamenting. "And it's all because you mated with him... it's like that changed everything." The fire Pokemon's sobbing and tears became even more apparent. "If- if... if I were a female... maybe he'd have fallen in love with me... maybe I would have actually had someone to- someone to-... someone to love... but no...! I was born a male! A male!" He broke out in tears, overwhelmed by sadness and jealousy -- particularly the former.

"Waltz..." whispered the Buizel, not knowing what to say to him. She couldn't believe what he was saying, crying about being born a male and having no one to love.

"I- I-... I have- t-two options... it's eith- either I become gay and- a- and... and hope he can feel the same and love me... ... ...or I sit b-baa-aaack... annndd... watch as the only person who- who- ever c-cared about me... ...slowly forgets about me!"

She never would have guessed that he was so troubled. He was completely broken up about this. It was apparent that he cared a lot for Tommy, but was so confused by everything going on and particularly by Tommy's feelings for Tango. It confused him to no end.

He managed to hold back his sobbing long enough to say one last piece. "Really... I think... it would have been better if I just died back there..."

"Stop it!!" shouted Tango, silencing the Typhlosion's sobs. "Listen, Tommy cares about you! Just because we mated doesn't mean he suddenly wants to completely ignore you for the rest of your life like you're some unimportant piece of rubbish!"

Waltz looked back down to Tango to see that she was sincere about what she was saying.

"You know what I was having a nightmare about, huh? It was about you and Tommy! I was the one that felt unimportant and tossed aside now that he was with his older and more important friend: you. He chose to go see you over me after I blurted out that we were mates even though I really wanted him to come up to me and make me feel important!

"And for Mew's sake, he can actually understand you! Do you know how badly I wish he could actually understand me? He doesn't have any idea what I try to say to him! Not only that, but you two shared so many adventures together... you got to travel in a world with humans. You got to fight Pokemon to impress Tommy! You spent five years with him! He's not going to just forget that... I don't even know if he really loves me for me or just for the mating... I don't think he even knows. But with you, he's always going to have those five years in his mind. He can't just forget that time with you..."

She walked over to where he was sitting and crying, then hugged his stomach. Her belly rested against his own and her head nestled into his chest. The thick fur of the Typhlosion was warm and very soft. It made for a very comforting -- albeit, awkward -- hug.

"Tango... I wish I were you... it's no wonder Tommy likes you..." muttered Waltz, almost regretting saying that last part. Almost. As much as he was thinking about Tommy, he was also beginning to see just how sweet of a Pokemon Tango was. She was jealous of him at first and yet she still tried to cheer him up after he was feeling down. Of course, he did the same, but it still felt like she cared, if even just a little. He almost felt a little envy towards Tommy for having such a compassionate mate.

"What?" she asked, looking up at him and curious about both parts of his statement.

"I mean... well, then I could mate with Tommy and cheer him up... and I'd be good at making people feel better."

"Hey, cheer up. You're a big sweetheart, did you know that? Tommy cares about you and I know you care about him, but you'll find a mate that not only cares about you but loves you."

The Typhlosion blushed. It really was too bad for her that Tommy couldn't understand her, because she really did have a knack for having heartfelt talks.

"That's easy for you to say... you have a mate. You don't know what it's like... even talking to you now feels awkward..." he grumbled.

"Huh? What do you mean 'I don't know what it's like?' " she asked him.

"To have gone so long without a mate... I've... I've never mated..." Waltz felt almost ashamed to say. Throughout all of his travels and his four years of age over Tango, she was still far more experienced than he was in that department.

"Shut up! You say 'I don't know what it's like' to have gone without mating?! Hey, you have no idea how frustrated I was before I met Tommy! You have no idea how badly I wanted to mate! Every time I tried to mate with a Pokemon, it ended in disaster!"

"I do know exactly how frustrated you were and how badly you wanted to mate!" he snapped at her, emphasizing strongly on 'do.'

She looked up at him in silence. He was right. He knew exactly how she felt, feeling for feeling. Just one week ago, she lived her life in constant frustration over her curiosity towards mating. She was so desperate for it but was denied at each attempt made. It was so frustrating... and that's exactly what the Typhlosion was feeling right now, except rather than being taunted by random Pokemon that he didn't know, he was taunted by his best friend. And worse yet, adding insult to injury, Tommy was openly discussing his time mating to him, driving him even more mad tonight.

"I'm sorry... you're right, of course you know," she answered apologetically. A funny realization crossed her mind. Had she saved Waltz instead of Tommy during the storm... there's no doubt she would have ended up mating with him during their first night together. No doubt at all. She wasn't sure what came over her, but she felt like telling Waltz this. "Actually... you know what's kind of funny?"

"No, what?" he responded, interested in her sudden change of expression on her face.

"If I would have seen and saved you instead of Tommy during that storm... who knows, maybe we would have ended up becoming mates?" she said with a smile, actually blushing a little bit.

Waltz's face turned red as well. He was trying to avoid admitting the fact that he actually was charmed by the cute Buizel. But having her say that they might have mated... oh wow, what a thought.

"R-really?" asked Waltz out of disbelief.

"Yeah, I don't see why not. You're sweet, handsome, and male! A lot like Tommy, actually..." she confessed, although not saying the other thought on her mind. 'In fact... you're probably even sweeter than he is...' she thought to herself, although felt embarrassed for thinking that. But it was true; this Typhlosion was far more modest and compassionate than Tommy.

"T-thank you... it's just too bad it doesn't matter now. ...Ah! I mean, I didn't mean that...! Thanks!" Waltz was getting very embarrassed. It seemed like everything he was saying was making it more and more obvious that he liked Tango. That was exactly what he was trying to avoid...

Tango looked up at the Typhlosion, who in turn was looking right back down at her. She was thinking to herself just how much she enjoyed carrying on a conversation with Waltz. Unlike Tommy, she was able to talk and receive an intelligent response. He was quite intelligent and articulate, so receiving responses from him was a lot more engaging than what Tommy was saying. Tommy's speeches were priceless, but Tango knew that any responses she gave to them went unheard and any speeches she could ever hope to speak would suffer a similar fate. Waltz, however, was able to communicate to him just fine, it seemed.

She also felt so incredibly sad for the Typhlosion. Seeming so selfish earlier, her jealousy had passed like a lingering cloud on a sunny day. How could it possibly compare to the dejection Waltz felt? She thought that it was eternity waiting a whole year before she mated, but Waltz had to wait five years and he still didn't know what it was like... How could he not experience that pleasure?

She remembered before she met Tommy, when she had no real drive or motivation other than mating. Nothing seemed to matter to her on the big scale. Then Tommy came along and she gained someone to care for. She learned what it was like to not only mate, but to genuinely care for someone as well. It was clear that Waltz cared for someone unquestionably, but it was never reciprocated in quite the same way... It just made her feel so sorry for him and wished that there was something that she could do to make him feel better about himself.

Much to the chagrin of the Typhlosion, he felt a certain problem arising. He has been trying to hold an erection back for several minutes now, but it was becoming harder and harder to control his feelings at this point. Where the Buizel was hugging didn't make it any easier on him; she was hugging right up to his chest and he could feel her belly passively and unknowingly press against his sheath.

"I'm, uh... getting tired... maybe we- I mean I should get some sleep. I mean, you should, too." As Waltz spoke, he tried nudging Tango away while backing up slightly. Tango wasn't releasing him from her hug, though, and this turned against Waltz as he lost his balance and fell down on his back, bringing Tango down with him and resting up on his chest.

She had fallen forward a bit more and was closer to his face than before. The Typhlosion looked very nervous and unsettled. "Something's bothering you, Waltz..."

Fortunately, it was bothering him a bit less now; when Tango fell forward, she was no longer pressing her belly against his sheath, but this more intimate pose may have made it even worse. The Buizel was looking him right in the face. He saw what Tommy meant about her smile; there really was something to it that made his heart aflutter.

"No... it's nothing... I'm fine..." He felt ashamed at himself for lying to her, but he also felt equally ashamed for what he was feeling toward her. It was wrong. She was Tommy's mate; his master's mate. While thinking that to himself, he let out an involuntary sigh.

"That's not true. I can see it in your face. Now tell me, what is it?"

Waltz closed his eyes in shame. He wished he could tell the Buizel what was on his mind and what he was feeling towards her, but he could hardly explain it himself. All of Tommy's Pokemon that he spent any time around were all male. Tommy rarely let him play with other Pokemon and the only female Pokemon he ever played with were all either mean or cold towards him.

He'd constantly be tormented by seeing happy couples of Pokemon. That was all he wanted: someone to love. Although Tommy was unaware of it, even some of the Trainer's other Pokemon were involved in a relationship with each other; Tommy's Scizor and Ursaring -- Ska and Boogaloo respectively -- both gave up on finding females when they realized that they enjoyed each other's company more than they did waiting around for a mate. Tommy never found out about this, but Waltz did, and it made him a bit uneasy, but also consider that maybe he, too, was never meant to find a mate for himself. It's not like Tommy made any effort at all in trying to get him a mate...

And here he was, laying on his back with a female Buizel eager to know his feelings, yet even then, he knew that it could never happen, as she was already taken by Tommy. Had fate worked out just a little bit differently, she could have been his mate instead of Tommy's. She said it herself. She also flattered him with compliments. Why did life have to be this tough?

"Well... if you're not going to tell me... then I guess I'll just-"

Her words were interrupted by Waltz. "Wait. Don't... I just don't want to offend you."

"Offend me?" she asked curiously, wagging her tails behind her. "What do you mean 'offend me?' " She had a feeling that she knew what he was talking about, though. That worried her, because she wasn't sure what she would say or do if it turned out that he did have feelings for her like she was beginning to suspect.

"I..." he started, getting distracted by Tango's tail, which was accidentally brushing against his pink member that was starting to poke out of his sheath. "Umm... I... I'm sorry, I just can't..." The embarrassed Typhlosion turned his head on its side in shame.

"It's just because you don't want to be disloyal to Tommy, isn't it?" she asked him in that same blunt way Jazz usually used.

"What?" answered the Typhlosion, looking back up to her in confusion over what she meant.

"The reason you aren't saying how you feel about me. The reason that you aren't trying to mate with me. It's because of your loyalty to Tommy, isn't it?" Tango knew that she was taking a gamble saying that, but she had a strong feeling that's what was bothering him.

"Wait, I never said anything about how I feel about you! Or that I wanted to mate with you!" he exclaimed, amazed at how she could possibly assume such things and be so right. His face was practically burning red.

"You didn't have to say it... your body told the story," she answered, knowing something left oblivious to the Typhlosion.

"My body?" responded Waltz, again confused about what she meant. He then felt her accidentally wag her tail over his sheath once more. At least, he thought it was accidental...

The Buizel then sat up on his chest and turned her body around so her feet were running off his chest. She then laid back down, although this time facing Waltz's groin. That alone made the Typhlosion feel nervous and excited, but her scooching even closer to his now apparent member was what really made him wish he'd just fall off the earth right now.

She poked at it playfully, noticing that it really looked eager and anxious for attention. Waltz was twitching and completely pale over what the Buizel was doing. He knew that she knew exactly what she was doing and that's what worried him. It also excited him in a very guilty way.

Tango sat up again, still facing his member, but turned her head around to look back at him. He was as red as a tomato -- it looked so cute. "You know, you could have just said that you liked me..." she called back to him.

Waltz was mortified. He couldn't believe what was happening. He felt embarrassed to no end, uneasy, sick to his stomach, and like he was going to pass out from panic. All he could do was just stay silent, hoping that the problem would somehow go away.

Scooting back up the furry body of the Typhlosion, she crawled back up so she was able to look him in the face. His eyes were shut, his head turned, and tears were running down the poor Pokemon's face. She'd never seen a Pokemon as sad and embarrassed as the one beneath her.

"You're real sweet," she spoke, leaning up to the side of his face and lightly kissing his cheek.

Waltz opened his eyes and looked over at what she was doing to him out of utter amazement. She wasn't mad? She wasn't upset? She didn't want to kill him for his unwilling display of arousal? " aren't disgusted?" Waltz muttered sheepishly, closing his eyes again as if to shield himself from her response.

"No! Of course I'm not! You're a wonderful Pokemon! Stop kicking yourself for how you feel!" She couldn't believe just how shy he was, but what else she couldn't believe was just how much she liked that about him. "Would it help if I said what I felt right now?"

"Huh?" he asked, looking right up at her intently.

"I really meant what I said... I know that if I saved you instead of Tommy in the storm, we would have became mates... but I didn't; I saved Tommy, and that's what makes this so hard..." Now it was Tango's turn to get teary-eyed. "We mated, and it felt amazing, but it also made me feel like he was the only thing that mattered to me in my life... like he'd be the only one I'd ever want to mate with."

Waltz was still very confused, although extremely curious about where she was going. Was she having second thoughts about her feelings towards Tommy?

"But now, right now, I don't feel that way. You're as anxious to mate as I was a week ago, except you had to be put through even more of that constant anxiousness than I did... and actually, you made it sound more like you were looking for someone that you could spend your time with, aside from the mating.

"When I think back to that night that we first mated, I might have only done it because I wanted to feel what it was like to mate. I thought it was because I was madly in love with Tommy, but even now I'm not entirely sure if I did it because I wanted to know what it was like or if I really do love Tommy. Sure, I liked him a lot... but maybe even that was only because he was male and nothing more. I just don't know...

"And then there's you... I was so cold to you over something stupid like being jealous for no reason. Even then, you still came to see if I was alright... You put up with me and shared your pains. I never really thought about how you would feel after finding out that we were- I mean, that I mated with Tommy, and then finding out that you never mated before, ever, just like me before meeting Tommy...

"And look at you right now! You're wallowing in embarrassment for having feelings towards me. It's so sweet... you're so modest and considerate... and I guess what I'm trying to say is... I like you, too, Waltz..." Tango ended her speech by leaning her head forward up to Waltz's while placing one of her paws on his cheek and then kissing him tenderly on the lips. She couldn't believe that she was doing this. Part of her felt that she was cheating on Tommy, but another part of her felt that, of all Pokemon, Waltz deserved all this and more for going through everything he had to.

Waltz's eyes lit up. He couldn't believe it. He absolutely could not believe it. Finally, someone cared about him on this kind of level. He was so excited and thrilled by this revelation that he could hardly think about just how amazing his first kiss felt. Feelings of bliss and glee raced through the mind of the smitten Typhlosion.

After what felt like an eternity of joy, the kiss ended, and Waltz landed back on earth. "Tango," he spoke quietly, "What about Tommy...?"

That was the question she was hoping that she would never have to face. "I... everything I just told you... I could never have said that all to Tommy. I can't speak my mind to him or tell him how I'm feeling. Of course I care about him... but I'm not even sure if he's the one for me, especially after meeting you."

That made the Typhlosion blush even more. "Still, you mated with him. That creates a bond."

"I could have more than one bond, right?" she asked him directly, looking a bit nervous.

"I'm not sure..." he answered truthfully. "Would you need more than one bond? Shouldn't one bond be all you need? Shouldn't you just try to keep it strong and healthy?"

Tango was growing increasingly frustrated. She was being torn between her feelings for Tommy and her newfound feelings for his Pokemon, Waltz. She didn't want to be put into this kind of position. There was only one thing that she wanted now... "Waltz, stop!" she exclaimed. He looked her directly in the eye, silent and attentive. "I want to mate with you..."

He was completely shocked by her forwardness. Sure, if he were totally honest with himself, he was anxious to mate with her as well; not mate with just any Pokemon, but with her. He cared for her enough for that, but he also cared for her enough to know that she would end up regretting it and how much his Trainer would feel betrayed. As much as he would have loved to quell his five years of sexual curiosity, he just couldn't bring himself to say, 'Okay!' Instead, his only response was, "No..."

"What do you mean, 'No?!' " she scowled, taken completely by surprise from his answer. "Don't you want to see what mating is like?"

"I do... I really do... But-"

"Then why don't you mate?! Come on!" Tango's sexual luster was kicking in at an accelerated rate. She was completely taken over by the thought of mating with him. It was as if she became another Pokemon entirely, as she did every time thoughts of mating entered her head.

"I care about you, Tango! I care about you and I care about Tommy! That's why I can't mate with you... even though... I do want to..."

Tango was getting desperate. She had a feeling she knew exactly what could sway Waltz. The little Buizel hopped up so she was now sitting on Waltz's chest and then scooted herself forward so she was nearly perched on his neck. She leaned forward and reached both of her paws down to her lower regions. "See this? Do you know what this is?" asked Tango as she poked at her exposed slit.

Waltz was awestruck by the sight of the fully exposed female just inches away from his face. He had never seen a female's genitals up close before; the only exposure he'd had to them were just passing views of ongoing females and the occasional shot of one's rear while fighting it in battle. As such, he was clueless as to what this foreign mound of skin with what seemed like a scratch in the middle was called. The male Pokemon simply shook his head in shame.

"You really are hopeless! This little mound here is called my vulva, although I just call it my slit because it's easier to say. It's kind of like your sheath back there, except it goes in rather than out!" explained Tango with a devious cheer. Fortunately for Waltz, her analogy was pretty good and helped him understand... more or less. He knew what a sheath was and what it was called. Ska and Boogaloo would talk about 'sheathing' all the time, which he never figured out the meaning of.

"Stop... please..." he begged, knowing that he could only take so much more before giving into his throbbing curiosity.

"Oh no, I'm just getting started! You see," she said as she started parting her outer labia, "It's all kind of pink and weird inside! Don't you want to touch it and see how it feels?"

Boy, did he. He wanted to accept the female's proposal so badly. No... he couldn't succumb. "Stop, Tango..."

Tango released a wily grin, knowing that this was torturing the Typhlosion's ability to resist. He'd give in any moment now. "Nope, not before I give you the tour..." The Buizel then reached one of her paws over near the top of her 'slit,' rubbing across what seemed to be a little flap of skin covering a small little nub of flesh. "This thing here feels g-great to touch," stammered Tango as she moved her paw across it some more. "It's my clitoris, or clit for short. You know you want to touch it... come on, go ahead... it feels so good when it's touched!"

It really was torture. In addition to having a front-row seat of watching the female Buizel literally play with herself, he was also having to endure and resist a very powerful poison that failed to affect Tommy: her pheromones. Her scent was having an extremely powerful effect on his sex drive. Tango was emitting a smell that smelled sweeter than the sweetest fruit. It was so incredibly tempting... but he had to... resist... "Please..."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to say please. Oh well, knowing you, you weren't going to do it yet anyway, so let's move right along," she said to him as she slid her paw lower down her vulva region, opening up her inner labia and exposing more of her fleshy pink sex. She pointed at a little hole positioned a bit lower than her clit. "This is... actually I don't remember what it's called. I just call it my 'pee hole,' because that's where the pee comes out of. But this big hole right below it... that's my vagina, and that's where you're going to stick your penis in!" she exclaimed with a giggle, excited for when that moment would finally get around to happening.

The Typhlosion saw her spread it even further open. It looked pink, wet, and it was emitting a little twitch every second or so inside. That was right where that intoxicating smell was coming from, though; his judgment was being blinded by that powerful scent. Although blind, it still had just a little more left to it; just a little more was all he had left...

"Tango... stop and listen to me for just a second... ple-eeeaa-asee... think of Tommy..." moaned Waltz.

"I'll listen maybe after you've jammed that thing down there inside of me! Sound good? Great!" Tango wasn't ready to hear anything that might ruin this for her. She didn't want to think about it; she just wanted to go ahead and satisfy her cravings.

The Buizel rubbed herself a few more times before scooting her body right up on Waltz's face. Her girlhood was placed directly over the Typhlosion's mouth. "But first, you look like you wanted some. Come on, I know you do..." Although Tango was far from a right state of mind, she did enjoy this sense of dominance over the sexually tormented Typhlosion. She knew that she was pushing his every button trying to coax him into submitting to her. It was like a game to her now. A game that was hopefully about to get a lot more fun!

At last, Waltz's willpower finally ran dry. He gave in to the overbearing power of the female's pheromones and his own deep desire to mate. The Typhlosion used his tongue to tenderly lick Tango's wet snatch, running across it and lapping up her accumulating juices as if it were the dew of the Pokegods. The texture of her fleshy pink sex was so interesting to him, but it paled in comparison to the intoxicating taste and scent of her girlhood.

"There we go... ooohhh..." moaned Tango, squealing with delight with each pass the Typhlosion made around her entrance. His snout was prodding against her sensitive clitoris; she was getting very excited from this. The lust she felt was overwhelming. It was as if everything else was just completely irrelevant. She could see nothing else but the Typhlosion submitting to her whim and pleasuring her. Her memories of Tommy were quickly falling to the back of her mind to be forgotten about until the deed was done. All she wanted was to mate with Waltz.

Waltz craved more of her tantalizing juices, so he started driving his tongue into the source -- her vagina. His tongue teased the entrance to it before dipping inside, sending he and Tango both into a world of delight. It was quick to enter her, feeling the textured walls of her vagina firmly squeeze at his tongue as it made its way in.

His reward was more of the pungent fluid that he loved so much. It was warm and wet, sweet and sour. The taste of it couldn't be described with simple words; even complex words would have a hard time explaining just how incredible this whole experience was. The Typhlosion had no idea that another Pokemon -- or anything, for that matter -- could taste so good.

Wanting even more and completely hypnotized, Waltz used his paws to grab hold of Tango's hips and pulled her down closer onto his face, allowing Waltz to snake his tongue throughout Tango's insides even more limberly. He flicked it around, tapping against her walls in pursuit of more of the sweet flavor. He had to have it all, every last drop, but he also had a primal sense that it was just the appetizer to his sweet dessert and that he could only get the final treat if he did a good job.

The feeling of having the Typhlosion's tongue poking around inside of her body was particularly enticing to the young Pokemon. Tommy had never done this to her before. The only other time she experienced something even remotely similar to this was that one time with a male Totodile, but he never used his tongue to actually go inside of her vagina.

The difference she could distinguish between the feeling of tongue and the feeling of cock was the tongue was a lot more flexible and unpredictable. It would reach parts of her inside that a penis would only just slightly rub against. But it was less firm, which was both disappointing as well as slightly intriguing.

Greedy for more pleasure, Tango remembered the capability of her own paws and slid them down towards the Typhlosion's snout so they could help out down there. She rubbed one of her paws down to gently pet Waltz while rubbing the other cylindrically across her clit the best she could without hitting Waltz's face. This greatly enhanced the amount of pleasure she was receiving, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

They kept this up for several minutes. Waltz was completely engrossed in eating her out while she was left euphoric from the sensations her partner was providing. At that point, Tango's climax was imminent. She could feel the pleasurable heat start generating in the region Waltz was treating. From there, it flowed all throughout her vagina and then through what felt like her whole body. It was building up for a powerful release, much to the anticipation of the Typhlosion, who was feeling the innards of Tango grip and squeeze tightly on his tongue as her vaginal muscles contracted.

Tango nearly screamed from her orgasm, although she stayed silent to avoid waking up the entire island that she started to remember she was on. She leaned forward, relocating her paws onto Waltz's forehead to prevent her from falling ahead and onto him, and with a final tight squeeze, a burst of mesmerizing liquid gushed out of her and poured right into the mouth of the eager Typhlosion, who merrily swallowed up as much of the overpowering ejaculate as he could.

Finally, her orgasm subsided, leaving Waltz scrambling his tongue both in and out of her in search of every last drop of that delicious drink. Worn out and void of energy, Tango fell forward onto Waltz, landing her belly on his face and groin resting on his snout. Her feet drooped to the side of Waltz's mouth. He couldn't see a thing. Of course, having the Buizel covering his eyes didn't really make a difference; his intoxication left him drunk with pleasure and blinded by a pheromone-induced love.

It was a good thing that it was a much larger island than the one Tommy was on; between the island's size and the strong breeze rustling the palm trees, they remained together undiscovered.

Tango slowly started to come to. 'There's no way that Waltz had never done that before! He was a pro at it!' she thought to herself. Waltz felt her rustle slightly and responded by snuggling his face deeper in against her furry belly, licking it and nestling into it in a giddy manner.

She crawled off of his face and then stood up a bit uneasily to look down at him. He had the cutest smile on his face. The fur around his maw was soaked with her cum, but his eyes didn't exactly look right. They appeared to be rolled back and lax. "Waltz? Are you okay?"

"Mmmmm Tango... I luh-ve you," spoke the Typhlosion in an extremely disoriented manner. Tommy never acted like this after they mated. She hadn't even pleasured him yet! Wait, Tommy also never did this to her... there couldn't be anything poisonous in her juices, could there? 'That's ridiculous!' she thought, knowing that to be untrue, although she was getting concerned.

Her concerns quickly fled her mind as soon as she looked down the Typhlosion's body. Down past his chest and stomach, she saw a mighty pillar of phallic might protruding from his fur. It stood perhaps six -- maybe seven -- inches tall. He was definitely fine and, from the looks of it, eager for a little action of his own.

Waltz may have been a bit loopy, but he sure looked horny and ready for her. She hopped on his chest and then started walking down his furry body down to the magnificent piece of malehood. It was shaped quite differently from Tommy's, being fully pink and possessing a pointed tip with a more pronounced base. That wasn't a surprise to her, but she had forgotten just how different a human's cock looked. The real surprise was that his length was indeed larger than Tommy's, making her very excited about mating with him.

She looked back at the Typhlosion's upper half and pondered to herself if what she was doing was wrong. She remembered him adamantly resisting her advances, claiming it was because he cared about her. That didn't make any sense. Sure, he brought up Tommy's name, but Tommy spent five years with him and didn't let him mate, or, for that matter, teach him anything about mating? Anything at all?

It then hit her: the reason he was avoiding mating with her was to not make Tommy feel the same jealousy that both she and Waltz felt. He truly was a loyal Pokemon, resisting the most primal and divine temptation. She pushed him over the edge of his restraint, though, which she felt rather guilty about, but also satisfied knowing that she was sharing a passionate moment with her newfound friend. Tommy would understand. If he cared at all about either of them, he would understand. Perhaps when they made it to the sheltered land and found a suitable psychic, she would be able to explain it all to him.

Shifting her sights back on Waltz's member, her passion for sex was quickly starting to return as she thought about how pleasurable it would be to have that mighty phallus deep inside of her. She wasn't even fully sure if it would fit. An extra inch in the case of a small Pokemon like a Buizel could make all the difference between possible and not.

She decided to give his member a brief stroke, gently sliding her paw down its length and right to its base. She took note of his body moving slightly from the sensation; he was highly sensitive down there. That excited her.

After giving it a quick lick across the tip, she felt ready to take it on and to give Waltz a mating experience he wouldn't forget. It made her feel all the better knowing that he, too, longed for sex just as she had. She knew just how great she'd make him feel for that very first time... to encompass his malehood inside of her tight opening... oh, she could hardly wait!

Tango loosened up her legs and then raised one up over it, using her tail and paws to help her keep balance while she tried aiming her anxious vagina to slide down onto it. She felt it take hook of his penis, so she then tried pulling his member down far enough for her to get the other leg over it. She was successful in straddling his rod and proceeded to clench her thighs together to give it a hearty squeeze as it entered her.

That immediately roused the Typhlosion as he got up to see what the little Buizel was doing to him. He didn't believe it; he was losing his virginity right before his very eyes. As he saw her wedge three inches of himself inside of her, he started feeling the waves of pleasure strike his body hard, never feeling something so incredible before in his life.

Waltz was still on his pheromone high, and although it was starting to lift ever-so-slowly, he was just so amazed at the feelings he was feeling that he could hardly think of anything else. She had managed to fit another two inches in, so he was almost completely inside of her, able to feel her inner walls squeeze and grip his sensitive member just as they had clenched his tongue.

"You know, you could help me out rather than make me do all the work," hinted Tango, hoping to get him to reposition himself so they could mate a little more efficiently.

Waltz obliged and started sitting himself upright, holding onto the Pokemon straddling his cock to ensure she didn't fall backwards. It felt pretty good. She was effectively resting herself on both his cock and his lap, hugging his chest and holding on tightly to the sturdy Typhlosion.

"Tango... ohhh... uhhhnnnn... this feels... goooood..." moaned Waltz, enjoying the intense sensations running through his member.

Tango started to grab onto him to lift herself up, loosing several inches of his cock from her opening, only to slam back down onto it. She did this three or four times until she was eventually able to fit his entire girth inside of her. She couldn't believe how deep he was in -- way deeper than Tommy ever was. It felt like he was poking right against the entrance to her womb.

The Typhlosion wrapped his arms around the Buizel, gripping her tightly in his arms, then he assisted her by sliding her up and down on his member. This helped tremendously and allowed him to slide himself into her even faster than he was before.

For just half a moment, Waltz's high lifted and he realized where he was and what was happening to him. Everything up to now just felt like a blur, but the Buizel mating with him was real. Very, very real. "Tango! Wha-..." He was about to yell at her for what she somehow led him to do, but just as he started, he caught a whiff of her sweet, sweet scent, and it instantly lulled him back into his previous, mating-intoxicated state.

"Mmmmn, what now?" she asked him while riding up and down on his length, enjoying the great pleasure it was bringing to her body.

"Ohhhh... Tango..." His train of thought as well as the tone of his voice seemed to change from just a moment ago. Oh well. She didn't want to pay it any more mind.

The satisfying feeling of having the Typhlosion's pink member penetrate her again and again was filling the Buizel with glee. Mating with a Pokemon was proving to be just as fun and exciting as mating with a human! She was almost sad to admit that. There were certain things that she preferred about when she was mating with Tommy. For instance, the bulbous head of his member seemed to more effectively rub against her deeper regions and more often hit her g-spot than Waltz's more pointed member, but Waltz had all of that really soft fur to cuddle against. She wished Tommy had some fur to cuddle against. Additionally, Waltz was also just a little bit more endowed than Tommy, which provided an even deeper penetration.

As she held the furry Typhlosion in a tight embrace while sliding up and down onto his length, she couldn't help but think about Tommy. She had been trying to avoid it, knowing that she'd have to deal with it anyway... but she just couldn't help but consider again that what she was doing was wrong. Part of her felt that she and Tommy were the only ones that each other needed... but if that really were true, why was she growing feelings towards Waltz?

Maybe she was just an obsessed nymphomaniac and only cared about those two for their sex... In comparison to Waltz's story, she seemed to be so much more desperate for it than he was. He longed for more than just the mating, he longed for something lasting; something she didn't have the same desire for at first. She wasn't even sure if she loved Tommy or not, and that's after mating with him three times; Waltz spent five years with him, risked his life to save him at least once that he'd said, and never once for the hope of mating with Tommy, but did so just because he cared so much about him. Did she care that much about him? Apparently not, not if she was here, mating with Waltz instead of Tommy... Well, now was just a great time to finally understand what Waltz was trying to say earlier. Just great.

"Waltz... maybe we should-" To her surprise, he spun her around mid-speech, repositioning her so her back was now placed against his chest rather than being chest-to-chest. Again, she was surprised when he started to lean forward, down to the ground, leaving her beneath him. He remained completely inside of her this whole time, although at the end of it, left her supporting herself under him while he was on all fours. The Typhlosion then resumed his fucking, pounding his member into her Eevee-style. She tried to support herself the best she could, somehow managing through the combined feeling of the heavy body above her and the increased sexual pleasure introduced from this pose.

He was now running purely off of instinct. The intensity of Tango's pheromones coupled with the intense pleasure of mating were just overwhelming to the Pokemon and caused him to go wild.

Tango could hardly believe how good it felt to be dominated like this for a change. She lost support of herself with her front two paws, causing her to crash down on her chest in the sand, arching her back and putting extra support in her rear legs. With every buck the Typhlosion made into her tight crevice, Tango slid forward in the sand. Her legs were spread far apart, allowing the Typhlosion uninhibited hammering into her tight vagina. Their pose also allowed his thrusting to prod at her g-spot much more frequently, drastically increasing the volume of pleasure that Tango was receiving, and, best yet, she didn't have to do any work other than focus on keeping her back legs steady.

It was a guilty pleasure, though. Now, more than ever, she was starting to realize that it was really going to change things between her and Tommy. He could feel jealous towards Waltz... but if she went back and mated with Tommy to make him feel better, then Waltz might get jealous... any way she looked at it, she was both Tommy and Waltz's first mate; they would forever remember that and she knew that it wouldn't be fair picking only one of the two or even trying to pick both.

Why was she regretting this so much? The feelings coursing through her body were amazing! For now, that was all she wanted to focus on. She'd settle things in the morning. It would be unfair to Waltz if his first experience with mating was cut short out of her own regret. She really did care about him. He was so sweet and deserving of a good mate, and boy could he treat that mate right!

"Uhn! Oh, Waltz!" she blurted out, quickly forgetting about her woes and worries and becoming totally focused on the moment. She enjoyed every forceful thrust the Pokemon above her made into her needy body. He was so much larger than she was... their pose must have looked so awkward had anyone have been watching.

The intense pleasure that had been bottling up inside of Waltz's cock was starting to become too much for him to handle. He was desperate for release. He was so anxious for this moment that he could hardly control himself any further... The Typhlosion began picking up the speed of his thrusts, pushing his member into Tango's tight body at a rapid rate. Her head and chest were sliding back and forth across the sand as he continued pounding into her.

He could then feel an intense mixture of pleasurable pain build in his loins. It felt boiling hot and incredibly strong. The incredible feeling started flowing through his legs and groin, causing them both to become highly heated and burning sharply. Without any further alert, he gave a final thrust deep into Tango's insides and let loose a loud scream of bliss as his hot seed blasted out of the tip of his member and shot right into the farthest depths of Tango's vagina, right down by her cervix. Round after round, pulse after pulse, it seemed to never end. He held himself tightly inside of Tango and allowed every last bit of his milky spunk free itself from his body.

As he became light-headed and panting heavily, he felt his cock squeezed tightly. Waltz's explosion of cum inside of her was just what Tango needed to send her over the edge. Her innards clenched against Waltz's shrinking member, making sure to squeeze anything left inside out of him to greedily soak it up and send it to her womb. He felt an increased feeling of wetness around his cock as he heard a 'sploosh' noise from under him. Tango gushed her juices all over his retreating member and on the sand beneath her.

Both exhausted, the two Pokemon fell to the ground. Waltz's weight was a bit overwhelming, so Tango hastily slid out from beneath him and proceeded to slip under his arm, resting right beside the panting Pokemon. She gave a light lick to his face, noticing that he'd already fallen fast asleep. It really took a lot out of him...

As she started to drift off to sleep once more for the evening, thoughts of both Tommy and Waltz danced around her mind. They were both amazing... How could she pick if that's what it came down to? Tomorrow, before leaving to the sheltered land, she will have to face judgment with Tommy. She would have to tell him about her experience with Waltz; if not directly, then through the talented Typhlosion. But would he have it in his heart to understand and forgive her? And then what of Waltz... she couldn't just abandon him after leading him on like that.

She was nearly as unclear about her feelings for Waltz as she was for Tommy now, and it frustrated her tremendously. The feeling of mating was such an amazing feeling that it left her blind to what her heart was telling her. Before Waltz came along, Tommy seemed like the only mate she'd ever need, but his adorably innocent yet highly compassionate personality quickly grew on her, as did the fact that she was able to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him, realizing that they really were more alike than they thought.

"Oh, Waltz... Tommy... what do I do?" mumbled Tango as her consciousness started to fade, completely exhausted after her eventful night with what was at one point in the evening her fiercest foe.


End of Chapter 8

Oh goodness, it looks like Tango's little nymphomania has gotten the better of her. On the bright-side, at least she got to meet and become "preeeeettty good friends" with Waltz, Tommy's Pokemon; on the bad-side, well, she did sort of cheat on Tommy. But that's what Pokemon do, right? What a predicament. She'll sure have a tough one in the morning.

Also, much thanks to The Tinkler for helping correct a lot of the mistakes I made in this looooong chapter! X3

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