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Johnathan Ogami is an orphan saiyan child whose life has been filled with nothing but misery and death. All caused by pokemon. He is ignored by the people that live around him. One day on the outskirts of town he found a massive amount pokemon unconscious and dying. The pokemon are neglected by the people on the island so he decides to take them in. But to his dismay the pokemon only unleash the inner demons that haunt his mind. But he needs them in order to destroy the demons as well. Will he keep the pokemon and risk losing his sanity the only thing that keeps him alive or will he release them and go down the dark road of loneliness.

Update: 4/12/09
Been taking a while to post the next chapter. To tell the truth I haven't even started writing it yet. Been helluva busy with school. I'ma try, emphasis on 'try', to post the next chap later this month. At the moment I'm editing my older chapters. Found a lot of nasty spelling and grammar errors that I want get rid of. Kind of laughed when I saw them. Right now I fixed chapters 1-3. Some dialogue was edited and changed and I altered one scene and deleted another in chapter 2. Now working on chapters 4-6. If you read this and decide to read the chapters I worked over, please tell me if you see any errors and review as well please. Holla Back.4/28/09All chapters have been edited and re-posted. A good amount of dialogue has been changed. John's personality has been altered in a way that is more satisfying to his character. But the plot of the chapter has remained the same. Only some of the content, spelling and grammar issues have been checked, corrected, and changed. Remember, if you're reading this shit and decide to check up on the chapters. If you see any errors notify me on them by reviewing or send me a message. I'll try to write chapter 7 soon. But it will take awhile with finals coming. Holla back.8/7/09Decided to change the name from Johnathan Ogami to J.O. cause it sound cleaner.

Story Notes:

From now on i'm not going to say "standing on hind legs". It's annoying. For know on all pokemon with four legs shall now be standing on two legs. The only time they'll convert back to standing on four legs is when they run. This applies to everyone with the exception of, all of the grass pokemon starters(except treecko, chikorita and their evolutions),rhyhorn, mareep, phanpy, donphan, lotad,torkoal, trapinch, metagross, shieldon, bastidon. I also have this at the end of chapter 1. I decided to place it here as well to fully stress out the point. Yes i coulda just edited the chapter but im too fucking lazy for that so deal with it. Holla.

  1. Introduction- Truths, Lies, and Assumptions (1470 words)

  2. Chapter 1- A Suicidal Mind (7777 words)

  3. Chapter 2-Beachful of Devils (10179 words)

  4. Chapter 3-Many Enemies, Few Allies (18940 words)

  5. Chapter 4-Breaking Point (15698 words)

  6. Chapter 5-John vs. Jason/John's Past Revealed (20263 words)

  7. Chapter 6- Assassination/The Fatal Three (25180 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Reviewer: cjdragon
    Date:Sep 3 2013 Chapter:Chapter 6- Assassination/The Fatal Three
    Are you going to continue this?
    Reviewer: cjdragon
    Date:Nov 10 2013 Chapter:Chapter 6- Assassination/The Fatal Three