AGNPH Stories


Ash ands Misty are back. This time, they face their greatest challange yet. With the help of a boy name Jeremy who is part pokemon, they set out to discover Jeremy's forgotten past. Little do they know that Jeremy was once involved with Team Rocket and they will do anything to get him back. All I can tell you is that some friends and villians will die, some master minds cause way too many problems, and our heros are in over their heads this time.

  1. The Beginning (5924 words)

  2. Meeting Melody (7435 words)

  3. The Trip to Cerulean City Part 1 (5567 words)

  4. The Trip to Cerulean City Part 2 (6504 words)

  5. Ironhide, Friend or Foe? (5054 words)

  6. Misty's Gift to Ash (3067 words)

  7. The Monster Within (5183 words)

  8. Melody's Love for Jeremy (2912 words)

  9. Brock has a Girl (4201 words)

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