AGNPH Stories


Riftwalkers, Crimson Warriors, The Chosen, whatever you call them, they are most powerful beings in existence. That does not mean however that they can't fail. Follow the story of Hellstorm, the next Riftwalker. He has already failed to save the planet once, but thanks to the pokemon gods, he was given a second chance. Now he must learn to master his gifts and save the world he knows, but he can't do it alone. Knights, ninjas, demons, magic, love, and hatered are just a few of things found in this story.

  1. Meeting an Ally (7003 words)

  2. The Gap Between Time (7507 words)

  3. The Darker Side of Evolution (6307 words)

  4. Return to the Lair (5178 words)

  5. The King and Queen (4948 words)

  6. Let the Tournament Begin (5448 words)

  7. Let the Battle Continue (2719 words)

  8. The End of the Tournament (7257 words)

  9. A Night of Doubt (5800 words)

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