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The date is December 21, 2012. The day of supposed Armageddon according to many. It's the afternoon. People have lost their fear of anything bad happening. Suddenly a large meteor passes over and hits the ground. Earthquakes and tsunami are started worldwide, dust is thrown miles into the air and spreads out starting a nuclear winter. People then realize it truely is the end of the world. Many die, few survive. Hector and his family are one of the few survivors. What happens when Pokemon and Humans, who have been at war with each other for years now, are forced to work together to survive?

Most Recent Update: Last chapter to this story is complete and posted. Enjoy!

Special thanks to: jurgenwulf for being the cure to my writers block and also for being my goto guy for some ideas and info.

Story Notes:

As this is a meteor impact Armageddon there is going to be blood and gore.

  1. The Day the Earth Died (2238 words)

  2. The Day the Earth Died Lando's POV (826 words)

  3. The Hunters (1424 words)

  4. Revenge (2560 words)

  5. Into the Afterlife (2782 words)

  6. The Savior (2345 words)

  7. The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend (2913 words)

  8. The Execution (3490 words)

  9. A New Beginning (3462 words)

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