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The world of Pokemon, 50 years after the time of Ash. The world of Pokemon Trainers & Masters is more advanced, and we follow the trail of a mysterious trainer known only as Draco. Strange glances and scattered memories follow him as he pays a visit to Olivine City, idly remembering the events that occured. And he meets someone else who also remembers them.

Warning: Series contains some depictions of violence and suffering.

This story has been discontinued.

Last Updated Date - Feb 5 2004

Story Notes:

I've been a writer for a long time, and this was my first fiction I've published since I decided to stop lurking in the world of furries. I got the idea from some Dungeons & Dragons games I've played with friends, trying to establish some Pokemon rules for it. I had a neato character idea once, and I adapted him into Draco.

  1. Chapter 1: Olivine Memories (2585 words)

  2. Chapter 2: A Trainer's Anger (2065 words)

  3. Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted (1550 words)

  4. Chapter 4: Unwanted Guests (2257 words)

  5. Chapter 5: History Lesson (1445 words)

  6. Chapter 6: The Origin of Skyfire, Part 1 (2508 words)

  7. Chapter 7: The Origin of Skyfire, Part 2 (2835 words)

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