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Sorry I didn't get around to posting this to a more convenient location. This was my submission for AGNPH's 10th Anniversary Story Contest. The requirements were that it had to be AGNPH-themed and 1000 words or less. You'd be surprised how tough it can be keeping something at 1000 or less words! Anyway, this is just a quick second-person story involving you and a Charmander. Yeah, that means you, the reader, are in it. Figured it'd get more in with the spirit if it was second-person, plus it's a nice change of pace.

It might be a good read if you like a quick fap and Charmanders! ;D
(If you're expecting a lot of plot or character building or anything, don't bother, sorry. 1000 words... :( )

  1. 10th Anniversary (997 words)

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