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A story about a bad boy out trick-or-treating, who meets a sweet ghost...

AGNPH Halloween Theme 2009 Submission

Story Notes:

Aerosol By Sharamore PantheraPikachu, Arcanine, Mewtwo, Delcatty, and Pokemon all belong to Nintendo.All other characters belong to me.Happy Halloween~This is dedicated for all of the gifted artists of aerosol. The gifted artists who painted my neighborhood with grand titles, and bold portraits. They could fill a canvas with millions of works, and make you appreciate each and every one. They would make you take the train twice. The first time, you'd catch a glimpse of their soul. The second, you'd return to consume it. They spoke for a whole generation, fighting the power and rebelling against all forces that opposed them. Arguing with clouds of scarlet, and debating with swirls of tangerine. Over time, they became synonymous with titles like, "Neer'do'well", or, "Defacer". Shara doesn't care what they call you, sweeties. You're Shara's Heros.Spray on.

  1. AGNPH Halloween Theme 2009 Submission - Aerosol (3367 words)

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