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Zulio, the easygoing Floatzel, and Ven, the shy and timid Typhlosion both recently left their families to go out on their own, then wound up meeting and sharing a place together. Though as Ven reminisces over a rather surprising time they shared together since moving in with each other, Zulio sees a perfectly good opportunity waiting...

Nothing like a relatively short story that gets to the point fairly early on. ^^; Nothing too epic here, wrote it for a friend, but it should be rather enjoyable and makes for a nice quick read if ya know what I mean. :3

  1. Caught in the Moment (2571 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    Reviewer: stardustparadox
    Date:Feb 8 2013 Chapter:Caught in the Moment
    Aww, this was really wonderful and cute. I hope there is a second chapter ^^ You're a really good story writer.