AGNPH Stories


Just another story of a treasure hunter and his Lucario. Original, yeah I know right?

Story Notes:

I am by no means a good writer. This is my first attempt at a story ever. I wrote it at 3 in the morning cause I had nothing better to do and I've always wanted to try. Grammatical Errors? Continuity Errors? Tell me Ill try to fix em.Well I'm just gonna say it. Since I dont know how to go on with this story I'll just call it done. It was meant as a oneshot anyway >.> So unless you have some fantastic Idea that can keep the story going Imma call it good. Im not turning this into an epic adventure.

  1. The Beginnings (1141 words)

  2. The Voice (3724 words)

  3. The Past (2550 words)

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