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One of the largest schools in the world: Halcyon University. I've studied up on this place but as you'll see there are some things you can only learn through experience.

Join Calvin Lee in his quest to kick ass, take names, and deliver the mail.

Mannnn there are gonna be a lot of combos in this story. I really wish they would add more character tags >.>

I come from the future. Do not read this story. It is shite.

Story Notes:

Rated XXX for constant rape. As you might have guessed I'm a large fan of rape stories.Sex and Rock n' Roll. I wish I could say there will be drugs but drugs are for casuals and I'm hardcore. Don't do Drugs kids.This story was partially inspired by The Breeder by Vidmaster. I F-ing love that story.

  1. Subtle Begginings (2837 words)

  2. Curse of the Mailman (2774 words)

  3. Mailman's Curiosity (4265 words)

  4. It Begins (4623 words)

  5. Epic Rescues (3759 words)

  6. Arcade Decathalon (5057 words)

  7. Weekend Adventures (8999 words)

  8. Peace and Tranquility (4131 words)

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