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Arbor Day Contest 2010. The year 2015. The world is dying due to global warming. But two Legendaries won't let it happen as they are prepared to save Earth, through DANCE! The day where the spring solstice occur, they must perform this ritual or risk the extinction of their species. And of course, there's a catch. THEY MUST BOTH LOVE EACH OTHER!How could this ritual push through? Rated XXX for lemon. (CelebiXShaymin ship)NOTE: If you don't know how to speak Japanese, Sakura means "Cherry Blossoms."

Story Notes:

Note: Shaymin Land Form - Female Shaymin Sky Form - Male Celebi - FemaleThis would be a 3-4 chapter fic and I intend to finish it.

  1. Prologue (1247 words)

  2. Plan of Salvation (1499 words)

  3. Ritual Insertion (2133 words)

  4. Kiss of the Sakura (1143 words)

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