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Arc the morphic Raichu, in a fight for the memories of his previous life, tries to lock his mind back into focus. It finally works, and slowly, he begins to remember his life, growing up as a science experiment.

Warning: Contains minor depictions of violence, suffering, and death.

Original Finished Date - Nov 26 2004

Story Notes:

A request from buddy netsune KuroFeuer, for part of the backstory of his RP character Livewire Arc the Raichu. Both he and I are nice and satisfied with how it came out, and I was happy to write another non-sexual story. ^^ I need to do more of these.

  1. A Spark of Rememberance (4217 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    Reviewer: harukasumi
    Date:Aug 13 2013 Chapter:A Spark of Rememberance
    It seems you may be a victim of plagiarism -
    Author's Response:

    Hahahaha, wow. Thanks a lot.