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A shiny Vibrava finally makes his desired evolution into a Flygon, and proceeds to have two experiences that he'll never soon forget.

July Bring the Heat Contest 2010 Submission - 4th Place

Original Finished Date - Jul 28 2010
Featured Story - 08/05/10

Story Notes:

A story done for the "July Bring the Heat" contest theme at AGNPH, in which all the stories would be graded on the smuttiness. So I used it as an excuse to write some serious Flygon porn, which a little Garchomp thrown in for hotness sake. Not a terrible amount of storyline or character development here, since it IS just written for the smut, but that's not such a bad thing sometimes, is it? ;) Flygons, people. Gotta love em.

  1. Dragons of the Desert (6425 words)

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