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Hiro is a new student in mystery academy,his life is calm and quiet rather boring until a female espeon comes in his life and changes all that forever.


After losing in the Unova League Ash's spirit is crushed. He decides to train in isolation, leaving behind all his friends and family.


5 years later a new tournament forces him out of his self-imposed exile, leading to renewed friendships and unforeseen romances as Ash and the gang reunite. Events unfold and it seems that the Battle of the Champions tournament not just revitalizes Ash’s career, it lays the foundation for the rest of their lives…


It began as any other ordinary night: Sam and his trusted Flygon friend Morena had gone out for a pleasant evening in the heart of Eterna City. But the unexpected occurs when the city is overrun by carnivorous, genetically altered creatures. With no help in sight, Sam and Morena must look death in the eye as they struggle to make it through the night alive. Prequel/ sequel to Biohazard.

Rated XXX for language, disturbing content, and blood/ gore violence

2009 Halloween Submission (Repost)


A shiny Vibrava finally makes his desired evolution into a Flygon, and proceeds to have two experiences that he'll never soon forget.

July Bring the Heat Contest 2010 Submission - 4th Place

Original Finished Date - Jul 28 2010
Featured Story - 08/05/10