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    The glamorous Devon Corporation. Here, gadgets and technological breakthroughs have been made or thought up by the brightest minds Hoenn has to offer; from the all-purpose running shoes to trivial Pokeball modifications.

    But there are some ideas that should never have seen the light of day. Ideas that test how far one can stretch the line between human rights and advances in technology before breaking it altogether.

    Many a hopeful trainer are drawn to Devon Corp. in hopes of becoming a beta tester for the company, only to be turned down. Alex Rennwood is lucky because his father happens to be one of the top R&D scientists Devon has to offer.

    Being a beta tester for Devon Corp. has its perks. When experiments head toward human involvement you might consider it isn't that glamorous after all.

    For the sake of keeping true to the rating, this story will stay 'PG' until further notice.

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