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    Requested by Salamando a while back. It still stands as one of the most disturbing things I have written due to the content. There is no blood and gore thankfully, but there is plenty of Distension. This was on AGNPH a while back then removed, but here it is again as part of my Christmas present to you all.

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    Straight sequel from Macabre Pleasures 1. This time around it becomes ever worse than Necrophillia. Anything sick you can think of is in this story. Obviously the gore is unmatchable as I wrote this. And again this was on a while back but removed, and now it is back as a kind of Festive gift to everyone.

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    This is seriously sick. Yeah, its Ash/Misty, but who could have thought of sex when Ash is dead? Err... Me. This story was posted ages ago then removed due to a bit of a fallout on the forums, but its back in time for christmas. Call it my present to all of you.

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