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    This is my official birthday story for exclamation man! It is about a rebellious Charmeleon who, at one point, decides to do something against the oppressive rules of the society he is forced to live in. (rated "X" for a scene of sexual intercourse, also some violence) (13176 words)

  • Summary:

    A young Cubone named Tomu suffers from his violent and hateful environment. Always trying his best not to hurt anyone, he is taken advantage of and abused until in the end, things become too much for him to handle and he needs to find the necessary conclusion of his worries. (Rated "X" for a short scene of sexual intercourse; WARNING: contains rape) (18017 words)

  • Summary:

    An Umbreon named Pharion tries to do whatever he can in order to please his mate, but she apparently doesn't feel this kind of love and devotion for him in return. Moon, their daughter, hates to see her father suffer and attempts to help him somehow. (rated XXX for sexual intercourse)

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