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    This Fic is based off and directly conencted to JOLT AND ASHLEY'S FORBIDDEN LOVE...and details of A ashleys path to find Jolt and help him on his quest to defeat Chris

  • Summary:

    This is my first ever attempt at making stories with characters while their paths are sperate are still connected to one another. I will be working on"THE CHRONICALS OF ASHLEY KETCHUM" soon make sure you pay attention in my stories and you might notice certain sitches seem the same but from the character's point of view are different....i hope you enjoy this series! i will start on it soon. also i should note this series is drectly linked to "JOLT AND ASHLEY'S FORBIDDEN LOVE" and it's simply a mini-series i am making...once i am done with each mini-series they will both connect directly back to Jolt and Ashley's Forbidden love. i will still be writting Chapters for that fic as as you can probly guess...i got my work cut out for gureentees of how long between each update but i hope you enjoy both of these mini-series as i do...i sometimes amaze myself with the idea that come to mind in my fics...good

  • Summary:

    Ashley one day stumbles onto her brother Jolt fucking a Vulpix and blackmails him into being her slave but as time goes on Ashley developes forbidden feelings for her brother that goes beyond a simple sibling's love...

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