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    A Sceptile who loves the world, and a Blaziken who sees the meaning of existence, an unlikely pair is thrown into the truths of love and pride; come into the aftermath of what some may call freedom and others the beginning of it all. When the sun sinks beneath the oceans and the day dies young, throw your dreams upon the shore and leave it to the waves.

    Songfic 2010 Theme Submission

  • Rated:XXX


    Beneath Araelis thrives a metropolis of perpetual daylight, where the last vestiges of a forgotten sanctuary lingers. Where the light has reigned and the people have abandoned their memories of conflict, a darkness is freezing over once again, unearthing a ethereal force long forgotten. When the shattered chains converge, an ancient brotherhood will resurface from the endless shadows after its centuries of slumber, and the genesis of a new era.

    in remake

  • Rated:PG-13


    Having left behind her tragic past, Laree is a private psychiatrist at the age of nineteen, living with her mate together along Sherrom. One Autumn day after that terrible night exactly twelve years ago, she receives a case; a Lucario who seems to have no problems at all.

    As the darkness descends the Lucario will be the least of her problems.

    Halloween Theme submission

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