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    One domino sets off another, and another, and another - So how many dominoes can one Glaceon knock over, while she's on heat? Particularly when she shares a room with three other girls and four boys - Things get a little heated up, a bit messy, and overall quite stuffy.

    Well, you'll find out what happens here. At least.

    "July Bring the Heat Contest 2010"

    (Only mild M/M. If this story gets entered as one of the top 3 I will write the second half! Which will be twice as long as this one. ;D)

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    Whats the first thing you'd do if you woke up in the Pokemon world? Would you skip around and frolic in the grass, or just sit around, not knowing what to do, regreting your decision to come there? Well, destiny un-ravels itself upon two humans who, despite all odds, managed to make it into the Pokemon world - What they decide to do, is their choice.

    Short story written as a commission trade for : Treacherous Vixxen. Contains M/F Pokemon Sex, Feral Lucario and Umbreon. Read and enjoy pplz!

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    Description : After a quiet, relaxing afternoon Lou takes his girlfriend out for a stroll. But when an Vaporeon comes along and gets a little too friendly, things start to become a little more interesting...

    Contains M/M Luxray Vaporeon
    Warnings: Contains Gay sex, Uh cheating I suppose, Hyper Cock, Water play (Not water sports, so the sex is set in water basically), Lust, Eon's and a big healthy dose of Luxray.

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