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    Many say that the legendaries were the highest essence of power, beings that couldn't be touched by human hands or skill. This however was proven wrong, man's greed and ambition did far more than touch the gods, and this, in turn frightened the gods, for mankind was always advancing, without pause or rest. And so, it was decided, that someday mankind would face judgment. It would not matter if they were old or young, rich or poor, righteous or fiendish. All would perish, leaving only those the gods saw fit to take care of the world humanity would soon be forced to leave.

    Now, that day has come, judgment day, and humanity will be pushed to the brink of extinction by the creatures of great power and the forces of nature. There is one boy, Nick, whom is not like others, far different than many would consider from first look. Now, he must discover what he truly is, and what he will ultimately become.

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    PokemonxBleach crossover. You don't like crossovers then kindly turn around and walk away )

    Their world is gone, torn apart by an unspeakable force. The two survivors believed they were able to destroy this force completely, but they were wrong, now it has set its sights on another world, only they know how destructive it can be. New allies will fight, old enemies rise
    again, eternal bonds will be made, all of them connected by the Twines of Fate
    (Rukario Romance belongs to XD385 and Cameronjc. Bleach Belongs to Tite Kubo. I dont own pokemon) (Chapter 2 editted due to the fact I realized Ashton deserved more credit.)

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