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“Everyone knows human and pokémon have been friends for a long time, but few actually wonder how it all came to be. And almost no one knows. But I do. So let me tell you a tale. A tale about the first trainer."


Well then, this use to be a story about a Growlithe/human hybrid but I got bored so it went out the window. This is a collection of chapters that go between chapters in my other story. There will be a few featuring Gardie and none that I plan to feature Mech as the main character. Oh and the XXX rating is well deserved.


This is a very generic story. Some of the names might seem familiar from my other story. This is intentional but the two are not related. Its set in the future of the pokemon world but roughly modern times for us. Its about a soldier who learns the truth about a war that has been waging for all time.
UPDATE: THIS STORY IS ON HIATUS like my other one, but for much longer. I will work on this one once I finish book 1. There is a reason for this as you will discover. You'll just have to hold on and wait.
General disclaimer
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners; Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc, and Pokemon Inc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author, me. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Its a story where a kid is dragged into a strange world where humans and strange creatures called pokemon. With the help of a Larvitar named Sanagirasu he blends in and tries to find his way home. A lot happens. Read to find out what happens.

Current teams:(for easy reference, for me and you) This list will update as the story does.

Mech: Sanagirasu(Tyranitar), Subomi(Roserade), Darunia(Charizard), Erureido(Gallade), Guma(Linoone), Ruto(Lapras)
Rouro(Larvitar) Bella(Buisel), Ben(Buisel), Ziggy(Zigzagoon), Rarutos(Ralts)

Bob:Naetoru(Torterra), Mukkuru(Staraptor), Shio(Luxray), Kan(Gastradon), Nabooru(Riolu), Impa(Frosslass)

Ganty: Kyukon(Ninetales), Plusun(Plusle/Minun), Buoysel(Buisel), Farore(Gallade), Nyctea(Noctowl)

Gardie(there are more but I'm lazy): Saria(Maganium), Jess(Chickorita/Growlithe)Sorry. This series is dead and I have unfortunatly lost interest. I will make a formal post on this later.