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Pokemon are released into the real world. The only problem is that they're not very friendly.


Set around the time of Episode 61.  Ash, Misty, and Brock are at a gathering of trainers outside of Cerulean City.

Charizard wins a battle, reminisces to raping Brock’s Vulpix, then, through a mishap, gets to take Misty away and have some time with her to himself.

Quadruple-tap, 2X each:

M/F (Charizard/Vulpix), M/F (Charizard/Misty)


This is the story of a Blaziken, Blazer Incinasius. Join him as he is thrown into a swirl of Weird Events, Trouble, Mishaps, Girls, Sex and Drama. This is not his vacation, I'm sure it isn't heaven or hell either as his Life will be turned to the fullest.

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First chap revised with more plot

Rated: XXX


A Gym Leader's son finds himself taking care of his father's team of six when he leaves for the night. Unbeknownst to him, the Pokemon have 'other' plans for the young adult.


After losing in the Unova League Ash's spirit is crushed. He decides to train in isolation, leaving behind all his friends and family.


5 years later a new tournament forces him out of his self-imposed exile, leading to renewed friendships and unforeseen romances as Ash and the gang reunite. Events unfold and it seems that the Battle of the Champions tournament not just revitalizes Ash’s career, it lays the foundation for the rest of their lives…


The Arceus bloodline is far from an ordinary line of humans. For generations, this bloodline chosen by Arceus herself has been keeping watch for the return of ancient evils and to help keep balance. Serving as the eyes and ears of Arceus, they have many gifts. Follow the story of Thomas and his chosen path in life to help keep the balance in check and protect Arceus. Along the way, he will be tested in many ways before he realizes what it means to be a Watcher of Arceus.


Ability/advance/pearl/Morpheus/Negai/Firered shipping. Now that Ash has found out about his aura powers and the fact that he's got four instead of one girlfriend, he now heads to the Unova region and a new challenge. Morsome,M/F,Whip


A beloved holiday icon in the world of Pokemon is kidnapped by a group of evil trainers, and two teams of young Pokemon explorers take up the task of rescuing him before something treacherous happens.

Give a Gift Contest Submission - 1st Place

Original Finished Date - Dec 27 2009
Featured Story - 01/03/10


This is the sequel to Marine Flowers of Passion. Ash and Marina find themselves caught in an interstellar war between two warring robot factions. This is a Pokemon/Transformers crossover so don't turn away as this is a good long fanfic.


Its a story where a kid is dragged into a strange world where humans and strange creatures called pokemon. With the help of a Larvitar named Sanagirasu he blends in and tries to find his way home. A lot happens. Read to find out what happens.

Current teams:(for easy reference, for me and you) This list will update as the story does.

Mech: Sanagirasu(Tyranitar), Subomi(Roserade), Darunia(Charizard), Erureido(Gallade), Guma(Linoone), Ruto(Lapras)
Rouro(Larvitar) Bella(Buisel), Ben(Buisel), Ziggy(Zigzagoon), Rarutos(Ralts)

Bob:Naetoru(Torterra), Mukkuru(Staraptor), Shio(Luxray), Kan(Gastradon), Nabooru(Riolu), Impa(Frosslass)

Ganty: Kyukon(Ninetales), Plusun(Plusle/Minun), Buoysel(Buisel), Farore(Gallade), Nyctea(Noctowl)

Gardie(there are more but I'm lazy): Saria(Maganium), Jess(Chickorita/Growlithe)Sorry. This series is dead and I have unfortunatly lost interest. I will make a formal post on this later.