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Another entry for the 'Changing Seasons' contest, squeaked in just under the wire! 


A researcher in a remote station searches for answers to a global problem, but, perhaps they might be right under his nose. 


I consider this a rather odd story--it doesn't do most of the things that a story should--but it's an idea that had to find its way out of my head. It's a bit sappy, but hopefully in a  good way. Most importantly, it features a species I thought to be a bit overlooked in regards to the contest, but one that emobodies its theme by its very nature


A young boy named Luke who has the ability to talk to pokemon, meets a Zorua named Mina behind his school. At the age of thirteen, he and Mina set out on their grand adventure. However, all is not well in the Unova region as an evil crime syndicate rears its ugly head.
With a seemingly limitless amount of money at their disposal, they have their eyes set on making life difficult for just about everyone.