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Another entry for the 'Changing Seasons' contest, squeaked in just under the wire! 


A researcher in a remote station searches for answers to a global problem, but, perhaps they might be right under his nose. 


I consider this a rather odd story--it doesn't do most of the things that a story should--but it's an idea that had to find its way out of my head. It's a bit sappy, but hopefully in a  good way. Most importantly, it features a species I thought to be a bit overlooked in regards to the contest, but one that emobodies its theme by its very nature


A bit of a different take on the theme of the 'changing seasons' contest, and also a commission story for Guri.

A certain pyroar's trainer has things all planned out: he's picked out a match for her and set her up at the best daycare in the region. But, she wants no part of it, and will go to some unusual lengths to ensure she gets her way of things.


A Gym Leader helps prepare his town for a grand celebration in the middle of a sweltering Summer.  He makes sure that the event is going to be a cheerful one, despite the somber reason behind it.  He has one night left to spend with his companion before she has to leave until the next frost.  This is how they choose to spend it.  


My entry for Changing Seasons.  I may expand on it, because I loved these characters.


A short story that I wrote for the "Changing Seasons" contest. A Larvesta makes a long journey, heading out on a trip that his kind has made for countless generations.