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A Gym Leader helps prepare his town for a grand celebration in the middle of a sweltering Summer.  He makes sure that the event is going to be a cheerful one, despite the somber reason behind it.  He has one night left to spend with his companion before she has to leave until the next frost.  This is how they choose to spend it.  


My entry for Changing Seasons.  I may expand on it, because I loved these characters.


The Arceus bloodline is far from an ordinary line of humans. For generations, this bloodline chosen by Arceus herself has been keeping watch for the return of ancient evils and to help keep balance. Serving as the eyes and ears of Arceus, they have many gifts. Follow the story of Thomas and his chosen path in life to help keep the balance in check and protect Arceus. Along the way, he will be tested in many ways before he realizes what it means to be a Watcher of Arceus.