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It felt like my life had hit an absolute low... my mate cheated on me, lied to me, and broke my heart... This is the second half of my story. It is the point when things start getting better... Now that I have a new Trainer -- a Coordinator, nonetheless -- and one that really cares for me... things will be better.

Waxing Moon tells the story of a Clefable who has a haunting past, but now has a new future as a Coordinator's Pokemon. But he and his other Pokemon, a Charmeleon named Scotch, are both friendly and supportive to her. Will it be enough for her to win a place in his heart and emerge victorious in her contests?

Also, this story is the second half of Waning Heart, but it should be enjoyable to read even if you have not read the first half of the story, don't worry! Read them in whatever order you would like (but let me know in your review if you haven't read Waning Heart so I can see how this half does as a standalone story :3).
Note: There's not really any XXX action until the later chapters, don't go in thinking that you'll see porn right away. Sorry. ;-;