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Many things about the entire situation remain confusing, even to this day.


As an example, after the initial fallout following their arrival had subsided, where did the creatures go?  Given only speculation remains as to their eventual fate, was the government involved, or had they simply vanished as mysteriously as they arrived?


Or are they living amongst us still, hidden from the prying eyes of the general populace by those sworn to protect them?


Perhaps we'll never know, just as it's as unlikely we'll ever be told the real truth as to their mysterious presence in our world.  The government has covered it up, the people involved remain mute, and the creatures themselves; these pokemon; are the biggest enigma of the lot.


At least their presence here has answered one important question that's plagued humanity since the dawn of its creation.


We are not alone.
Perhaps we never had been.




Pam the Typhlosion discovers his sexuality in a hot shower of fellow males who are more than willing to help a fresh, confused virgin and a new friend with his personal problems.

Contains full male gangbang.


After losing in the Unova League Ash's spirit is crushed. He decides to train in isolation, leaving behind all his friends and family.


5 years later a new tournament forces him out of his self-imposed exile, leading to renewed friendships and unforeseen romances as Ash and the gang reunite. Events unfold and it seems that the Battle of the Champions tournament not just revitalizes Ash’s career, it lays the foundation for the rest of their lives…



It felt like my life had hit an absolute low... my mate cheated on me, lied to me, and broke my heart... This is the second half of my story. It is the point when things start getting better... Now that I have a new Trainer -- a Coordinator, nonetheless -- and one that really cares for me... things will be better.

Waxing Moon tells the story of a Clefable who has a haunting past, but now has a new future as a Coordinator's Pokemon. But he and his other Pokemon, a Charmeleon named Scotch, are both friendly and supportive to her. Will it be enough for her to win a place in his heart and emerge victorious in her contests?

Also, this story is the second half of Waning Heart, but it should be enjoyable to read even if you have not read the first half of the story, don't worry! Read them in whatever order you would like (but let me know in your review if you haven't read Waning Heart so I can see how this half does as a standalone story :3).
Note: There's not really any XXX action until the later chapters, don't go in thinking that you'll see porn right away. Sorry. ;-;