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The Birds and The Bees Theme Submission.

Sting is a Beedrill who serves in an odd hive. She never questions the queen's orders and does her guardian job. But as a new season begins, she tastes betrayal from the ones she swore to protect.

Includes Pokémon being killed and eaten, but not described too explicitly.


An investigative bird and his sidekick take an adventure in the pursuit of knowledge, and get into something completely unexpected in the process.

"The Birds & The Bees" Contest Submission - 1st Place

Original Finished Date - Aug 1 2009
Featured Story - 08/02/09



Birds and the Bees Theme submission.

Peace and quiet. That's all I've ever wanted, but I don't think I'll ever get it. Especially not with such an energetic trainer and the recent addition to the team who just happens to be a tad crazy. It's more than one Spearow can take, sometimes...



Birds and the Bees Theme Submission


Beedrill lost her trainer and thinks her life is going to end too. But she will soon learn nothing is as bad as it looks to be.



This is my Birds and the Bees submission. Its a story about how a Starvia risks everything to save his best friend a Combee.