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A Female Arcanine is just starting out on her own and things don't get any better when she starts to think about the past. That's when she meets someone that she wish she hadn't! This is not my best piece of work by far! The story contains mild rape, so don't read if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

RE-EDITTED: (11/11/10) I fixed up the story so it doesn't seem like it changes moods as quickly as it used to.


There are many fish in the sea but only one very special Dratini for a very lucky Vaporeon whom literally runs into her.

Dev Dawg inspired this story in a dream I had and I just had to write it down and show it to the world.

This is the alternative life for Dev-Dawg.


Prequel to Rukario Romance, the series involving Ash and Ruby. In the distant past, there lived a wealthy knight who adopted a young Lucario. They quickly bond and she becomes a new member of the family.

Story complete