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David's life is nothing but boring and being lonely. But that all changes when he watches a movie, and that movie will change his life forever! Chapter 22 now updated!

Ch.22: Getting A Girl's Advice

OC (own character): David Cheng
Characters Not Categorized On This Website: Grovyle/Treecko, Latias, Latios

Story Notes:

Hey everyone! I'm TripleX and I've been reading on AGNPH for a while now, and the stories I've read are awesome. Even though I love reading fanfics, especially Pokemon fanfics, I would like to write and publish my own ideas of pokemon stories to AGNPH. But I was too afraid that they were not good enough or too amateur for you readers out there.Anyways, as I was reading some of my favourite author's stories, I've notice that the some of authors are updating their stories less and less, or slowly and slowly, and/or even sometimes to the point that they have to postpone their stories for a long period of time. I and many others understand that they are too busy doing other important things, or having huge writers block. But it gets frustrating for me and other readers out there to have to wait and wait for the authors to update their amazing stories, and it has come to the point that I can't wait any longer for the authors to update their stories.So I bravely decided to write and publish my stories out to AGNPH and other fanfiction websites to see how good my stories really are and how well you readers like my stories. So please comment or give me a good review of my stories, and rate as well. Also if you have time, comment on my stories on how to improve on my stories better to other readers out there so that they would want to read more and more of my stories. I will try to do my best to write and publish my stories as fast as I can, but also try to make them as great as possible. It's going to take awhile for me to write and publish my stories, but I got ideas going and they come fast, so please bare with me with the whole waiting part and see if my stories are excellent for all of you readers out there. :)I'm going to be starting my first pokemon story; it's called, "David's Start of a New Adventure". Rated XXX for Romance in later chapters, OCxPokemon. WARNING: there is yaoi involved and probably some more of it, so try to bare with it. If not DON'T READ IT!! But there will be a lot of friendships in this story and heart warming events. So I would recommend you at least read some it and I also think it's worth reading.If you want more information about me or more info about my characters of my stories you can click here, TripleX's Profile..........

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  3. Getting To Know Each Other (1991 words)

  4. Big Plans (2563 words)

  5. A Start of a New Adventure (4910 words)

  6. Realization and Unexpected Surprise (6061 words)

  7. A Close Call (1681 words)

  8. Awww, So Close! XD (2549 words)

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  16. Detective Latios On The Case (2518 words)

  17. Fighting Against Your Fears (4865 words)

  18. All Hell Breaks Loose (6761 words)

  19. Can We Actually Work This Out? (3346 words)

  20. Taking Drastic Measures (6684 words)

  21. Having A Rough Start (4372 words)

  22. Getting A Girl's Advice (3352 words)

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    Reviewer: eeveechamp
    Date:Sep 24 2013 Chapter:A Boring Life
    Dude that pokemon movie is my favorite I would give anything to meet latias and latios their in my top 5 favorite pokemon after eevee of course