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A boy and his poochyena run away from home, and are joined by a young riolu also running away from home.
After several years living out in the wild they are suddenly thrust back into civilization and the machinations of the wicked leader of Team Helix, Doctor Icarus Hector.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~edit: Anthro and nonanthro tags added because both types of pokemon can be found in this story, ie melissa, and is unrelated to any sort of *cough* activities that may occur within these chapters.

Story Notes:

This is the "other" Runaways story, the long one with more characters, plot, and some other stuff too.Okay, *clears throat* I do not own pokemon, or any of those characters. the events and characters of this story are all fictional and any resemblance to persons live or dead is purely coincidental, and not meant to be insulting.Also, the inclusion of Lucario and wave guidance is all Felix's fault. Go read "Luca"... it's good and it inspired some of this story.Also, categories will be updated as necessary. They will changeAlso, I will be changing the categories as they need to be changed. the main characters are all a bit young at this point for sex, but it will probably show up in some form or another later.Also, if you can guess what the title is talking about I'll give you a cookie! (And maybe a story request, if you want)

  1. Ch. 1 Runaways (3334 words)

  2. Ch. 2: Brothers (3098 words)

  3. Ch 3 Hired help (4095 words)

  4. Ch 4 Changes of Winter (4808 words)

  5. Ch 5: Behind masks of Blind Sight (5946 words)

  6. Ch 6: Reemergence (5099 words)

  7. Ch 7: Island Aftermath (1794 words)

  8. Ch 8: Dignity Lost (3261 words)

  9. Ch 9 (3654 words)

  10. Chapter 10: Settling In (4073 words)

  11. Chapter 11: Improbable Improprieties (9370 words)

  12. Ch 12: Bottling (4576 words)

  13. Chapter 13: Sweet Dreams (3637 words)

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