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Quick last-minute story done for the FETEP 1, Sep. 2010 contest.

A genetically deformed Buizel and Pikachu have been friends for as long as they can remember. However, one night, the Pikachu decides to tell the Buizel about her long-time feelings for him. How will things go and will she get what she's been after?

Story Notes:

Okay, this is based off a recent rp done with a buddy of mine on here. Was a lot of fun, so I just had to make it into a story for the contest.

11/5/2010 Edit: seems the particular person in question asked me to change it a little, cause they wanted to remain anonymous. Just a note to anyone who may have read this before and noticed a change with names and mentioning who it was on here in particular.

  1. A Hypnotic Night (7068 words)

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