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Submission for FETEP 1, Sep 2010.

Last minute collab effort between Pokegirl, Matt, and I. Bit of foodplay, Grovyle femdom, and bondage all going on up in here, so be warned!

Pokemon not owned by us, original characters and concepts are original... moving on.


A story written for round 1 of the 2011 FETEP contest, reuploaded here.

A wandering Lugia comes across a spunky Typhlosion held captive by humans, and is enticed by his compassionate nature to intercede for her protection. However, he might end up as the one needing protection. From her.


Quick last-minute story done for the FETEP 1, Sep. 2010 contest.

A genetically deformed Buizel and Pikachu have been friends for as long as they can remember. However, one night, the Pikachu decides to tell the Buizel about her long-time feelings for him. How will things go and will she get what she's been after?


A soon-to-be freshman of the PCA meets another freshman & agrees to meet for a private bit of fun, not knowing just what he's getting himself to.

FETEP 1, Sep 2010 Contest Submission - 3rd Place

Original Finished Date - Sep 30 2010
Featured Story - 10/03/10